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The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

Thoughts For Change

Message #13

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Lately my wife and I have had discussions about some thoughts for change that we have identified. And although we certainly know that all of the readers have the ability to develop their own thoughts, we would like to share some of the thoughts we have come up with. My wife, Kaye, will also be adding her thoughts that she has and we will sign off the sections that each of us has written.


I believe that there is nothing that stands out more than Love when you are discussing spiritual and/or human concepts. Love is the most important aspect of how we must change. Humanity must get to a place where all, present and future, personalities of incarnate souls on Earth develop a love for one another regardless of what presently exists that divides us due to third dimension illusions. We are all equal Souls and as God has said, we were all created in perfection, but we are not perfect. How do we manage this change where all of humanity holds love in their hearts for all other Souls that are incarnate on the Earth Star Planet?

Adults must work at changing their present truth by which they live to incorporate and/or more fully emphasize Love. Those adults who are parents must begin or continue to educate their children so that the children incorporate Love into their truths that they develop as they grow. Will it occur overnight? The probability is that it won’t because it has taken many years to get where we are right now.   It could happen in the blink of an eye if all Souls who are incarnate would join together and make it happen, but that unfortunately is not probable. It will take time to get where we need to be. But we can’t wait for someone else to start; we each have to start now.

Think of the last time you saw a very young child. Remember how the child would smile at just about anything. There was pure joy in that little smile and the child was happy. Begin by noticing this and how it makes you feel. With me it causes me to smile back at the child. (I didn’t always feel this way – other people’s children were only to be tolerated. Some time ago I changed.) I believe smiling back at the child is a feeling of love. I believe we should all work at developing a similar kind of feeling for children of all ages and then work our way up to all adults. There doesn’t have to be any overt action or verbal communication on our part, we just have to do this for ourselves for however long it happens. At some point we may begin to feel that we could generally like most of the people that we meet in our everyday lives if we would just let ourselves do it.

I periodically travel to another city to undergo testing and treatment at a national cancer center. Recently I have begun to watch the people who come there from all over the world. I try not to look at the physical difference in the outward appearance, but to look at them as Souls, who like me, have come to this center for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease process they are dealing with. It is a different feeling to view people as Souls and not their personality and I would recommend everyone try it sometime.

A wonderful thing has often occurred when my wife and I are sitting in an area waiting for me to be called in for the appointed test or treatment. You begin to strike up conversations with the people in your vicinity.   It matters not what the outward appearance is, as you are all “in the same boat”. Either you are having the test/treatment or someone you are with is having it done. In a very short period of time you become friendly and sometimes you actually know that under different circumstances, you would be good friends with the other people. It makes not a whit whether they are rich or poor, black, white, red, yellow or brown, you still “connect”. Why should we be able to connect in this setting, where everyone is concerned about a loved one who is going through this disease process, and not be able to connect in our everyday lives with the same people?

Think about it this way. The disease process, most of the time, is something that the Soul of the incarnate personality, and the Souls of the other incarnate personalities associated with them, asked for in their pre-birth agreements. If every person who came through this cancer center had an understanding about re-incarnation and pre-birth agreements that I have, there would be a tremendous decrease in the anxiety levels of all involved. And if the medical personnel treating them also had this understanding they would also have decreased levels of anxiety also. There would undoubtedly still be a great concern for the person who has the illness, but they wouldn’t have to fret and worry about, “Why did this happen to me?” or wonder if they were being punished. They would also “know” that this lifetime is just part of the journey that all Souls are on and therefore should have an understanding about death. And when you consider that we have all had thousands and thousands of lifetimes, this situation we find ourselves in is in reality a very minor condition.

So since our pre-birth agreements contain these conditions, why can’t we also truly believe that the Soul structures pre-birth agreements to include an understanding that we should “Love others as we love ourselves”? This means love others unconditionally. No caveats as to whether they are of a certain nationality, race, sexual orientation, economic status, or whatever division that our third dimension illusions have conditioned us to have. Try an experiment and do as I have begun to do which is to view everyone you meet as a Soul who is having an incarnation. I know when I do this I have a different view of the people I meet.

There are folks who do present a challenge to love. This could be an aspect of their pre-birth agreement and not just them expressing their free will. Many times the challenge to us involves what we feel is the “difference between us and them”. The differences that have been built up over the years act like a “Berlin Wall” and we are conditioned by the third density of illusions to go along and to not even think to question this existence. Now is the time to not only question this condition, but to tear down the wall that presently divides us.

Until next time, Phil

We often run into people, young or old, that are not that easy to love but we have been told to       “love our neighbors as ourselves”. Why are some people not easy to love? Well, maybe they have not been shown that they are loved by their parents, relatives or friends and thus present themselves as unlovable. Then it might be up to you or me to show them that they can be loved.

Many years ago, I knew a high school teacher that at the beginning of each school year would make a calendar containing the birthday for each student in her classes. Then during the school year she would give each student a birthday card with a special message just for that student. If the student had a birthday during summer vacation or some other vacation, they would get their card sometime during the year. Everyone got a card. I remember the teacher commenting that sometimes it was difficult to find something positive to write about a particularly difficult student. Then she would look for the most positive thing to write which might be as little as “I love the color of your eyes”. What did this accomplish? I believe that many students got a birthday card and a show of support to make them feel loved. For those few students who had never received a birthday card or had never received a positive complement, this teacher made a positive impression on him or her. You never know whose life you will change by your show of love. Isn’t making an impact on the life of just one person worth all of your efforts? I know that this teacher made an impression on her students because my daughter got one of those cards during the year even though she had a summer birthday.   This was definitely an act of love as this teacher had more than 150 students in her classes each day.

Thoughts which can lead to actions come in many forms. Some years ago there was a movie titled “Pay It Forward”. This movie depicted an 11 year old boy in a 7th grade social studies class. The class was given an assignment on the first day of class. This assignment was for extra credit and was to go on all year long. The students were to think of an idea to change the world and then put it into action. Some of the student responses to the assignment were “bummer”, “hard”, but finally the young boy says “possible” as there is “a realm of possibility in each of us.” Trevor, the young boy, came up with the “Pay It Forward” idea which involved his helping 3 people be it a friend, family member or stranger, and then they in turn were to each help 3 other people which would spread exponentially. The movie showed how different people would pay it forward and how many people were affected. Even though Trevor did not think his project was a success, the ending of the film showed how many people were affected.

How can you pay it forward you might ask? Think of all the possibilities out there!

When my daughter was a baby, I had a really good neighbor who had teenage children. She loved little children and would come over to our house and get my daughter and take her to her house so I could get some work done. Or she would send one of her teenagers over to play with my daughter. I needed a little free time but was not ready to just let anyone watch my daughter. Our husbands started carpooling as they both worked down town in the city where we lived and their offices were not too far apart. Sometimes on Friday the men would come home with plans for the four of us to go out for dinner and a sitter was always available. I often would ask how I could repay her. Her comment was that I should not worry how to repay her but to pay it forward and help someone else in whatever way they needed.

Many years later, we heard about a young couple with a child that was born several months premature. The baby weighed 1# 4oz at birth and spent the first 118 days in NICU. The couple was struggling financially because they were not able to both work and take care of the child. Due to the child’s fragile condition, only the parents were allowed to care for him so as to prevent well-meaning relatives and friends from bringing in unknown illnesses. During this time period we had received some unexpected funds. We decided to give some of this windfall to this couple through a mutual relative. The couple was amazed that strangers would help them. We have heard from them every year and have received pictures of the little baby boy who is now doing just great. The first thing they asked after thanking us was how they could ever repay us. Our response was that they should just “pay it forward”.

Are these ways of showing love? Yes! Does it have to involve money? NO! I think we show more love by not expecting to be repaid every time we do something for someone. Instead if they ask, tell them to help someone else and that spreads the love farther than just between the two of you.

Until next time, Kaye

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