The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


Message #14

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

 Today is the birthday of a friend that I have known for 68 years. He is a little more than 3 weeks older than I am. We grew up on farms, in the upper Midwest, that were about a quarter of a mile apart. In the birthday card that I sent to him I talked about a song written by Roger Miller and sung by Willie Nelson called “Old Friends”. A portion of the lyrics go something like: “…Lord when all my work is done, …bless my life and grant me… one old friend, …at least one old friend…” I consider myself very fortunate that Gene is “the old friend” for me.

Now I have known many friends throughout my life and some are very good and close friends, but none have quite the history that Gene and I have. There were stretches of many years, in our 30’s and 40’s, where we did not make contact, but eventually as we got older we came back to our friendship that began so many years ago. Even though we live over a thousand miles apart, and have for over 50 years, we still get together at least once a year. I am blessed to have an “old friend” like Gene.

How many friends should a person have in a lifetime? I am not an outgoing type of personality, so I don’t consider myself to be the overly friendly type. I like people and seem to get along with many types of personalities, I believe, but I don’t make a lot of friends. I seem to adjust myself to the other person to get along even when I don’t particularly care for the other person’s personality. I guess you would say “I am flexible”, and I don’t worry about not having scads of friends. I am what I am. I also believe that those people who have many, many friends are okay too, and they are fortunate to be able to do so.

There are people who say a stranger is a friend who you haven’t met yet. And I believe there is solid truth to that statement. So if we deem that to be a “truth”, then everyone should all be willing to consider all of humanity as potential friends. Do you think the world believes like this? No, I guess I don’t either. But it should. We let all of the programming that is done to us from the time we are born to the time that we die to dictate who and under what circumstances anybody could be our friend.

And then sometimes when chance throws us together with someone that our programming says would not be a good choice for a friend, we find that we do like the person and we do get along with them. We can then delete the word stranger when referring to this person and consider them as a potential friend.   Why is that?! I believe it is because the Soul prompts the personality to realize that it would benefit from a relationship with the other personality who is also prompted at the Soul level. Just think if all of humanity had their Soul, their personality and their intellect working in unison with each other, what a world we could have to live in. Wouldn’t that be magnificent?

But it isn’t quite like that is it? More than likely one person or the other person would say some dumb thing afterwards like; “for a ______ he/she is a pretty neat person”. And I suspect that the respective Souls would be cringing and saying to each other, “when are these people going to learn”? Now for sure there are many people in the world who would never say such a thing, but I also believe that those folks are in the minority. This equation needs to be turned around. How do we do that?

Start viewing the people you meet in your everyday life as Souls experiencing a physical life instead of viewing them, and classifying them, as one of the various stereotype personalities that our lifelong programming dictates to us. I mentioned in a previous article that I have tried to do this when I visited the cancer center that I have gone to in the past. As I view other people in this manner, I make myself consciously think that, here is a Soul who has designed a life plan utilizing the personality that is being exhibited. Think of them as a perfect Soul who is experiencing their incarnation and wonder how this is working out for them. Is the Soul gathering the experience it desired when the Soul developed its life plan? And are the actions exhibited part of their life plan or a result of them using their free expression? Viewing people as Souls is a different experience that I would recommend that everyone try.

Here’s a whimsical thought from out in left field. What if having a friend had a monetary value to it. Let’s say you could get a tax credit for each friend that you could document on your tax return. Just how many friends do you think everyone would have? More than a few I would imagine. We would probably have guidance counselors completing our tax returns instead of accountants.

But if you really think about this, aren’t true friends worth more to you than any monetary value anyone could possibly place on them? There are times when true friends can be the rock solid foundation that you need to get through some of life’s situations that come your way. At other times they share with you the joy of some of life’s more precious moments. When you are in their midst, you can enjoy a quiet solitude of knowing that they will always support you and you will always support them when they may need your help.

What if we were to go on a crusade of making as many friends in this lifetime as we can? I’m not talking about the meet and greet gatherings that some partake in, but taking the time to develop friendships that last for significant time periods. Just think if everyone in the world would join in this endeavor. The number of strangers in the world would shrink significantly and there sure wouldn’t be room for many of the hostilities that abound in the world today. Could it happen? It sure would take a great deal of cooperation.

Now I believe this will be exactly the environment those living on the Earth Star Planet will enjoy 100 years from now. As all the various minions of the dark entities leave the physical plane of the Earth Star Planet, the remaining light filled entities will grow into the majority of all humanity. This belief that I have comes from what I have read over the years and just the feeling that I have inside of me. So if you believe the content of this paragraph as I do, then why don’t we become the “early pioneers” of this future great environment and make as many friends as we can with the time we have left to us?

Until next time, Phil

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