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New Light Messages January 2015

Note from Celest and David; we realize this message was time sensitive, unfortunately we did not receive it until just now. However, as we have been teaching all of you, time is an illusion. As such, you can be in two places at one time. By simply visualizing sending yourself to the linear time designated above, you may participate and add your collective thoughts and good intentions to this event. We suggest this would be a very good thing to do. As “Like Attract Like,” your thoughts will combine with all those of similar intent, thus enhancing the magnitude of the vibrations of the frequencies Created. Have fun and know that nothing you ever do is a waste of your time or energy if your heart is in the right place. Salude, Celest and David.

New Light Messages

December 28, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do share with you this sacred circle. Yes, we shall be brief, for there is a larger message that will be given on the eve of your new year.

We do address this one, for there is misconception, as you do say. Know this: There is no perfection, no perfection, we do say, in body. The preparation* is indeed misconception; the only approximation you may achieve as regards perfection, you see, is through intent, for it is intent, solely, that does point the direction of harmony, higher goal, higher manifestation as spiritual quality. So we do say, heed well your intent, for it is the foundation of all that you seek to complete, to manifest, to be in this world.

Yes, it is as given: Many factions do arise restless, and present grave danger. It must be seen and known by multitudes, that indeed your world is in grave danger, peril, as you do say. There is a way in which it is possible to escape the greatest destruction: That way is most in danger at this time, for it is the Way of the Heart, you see. Yes, in the very young, through to the very old, comes the determining factor which will alone, alone bring an end to the false rain, to the false winds, and to those things that destroy life. Harsh judgment does rule, not only this land but many others. We do say: It is possible, it is possible to transform that judgment into compassion, compassion. It is necessary that a great many come to awareness of their true origins, their true path. There is much, much more in your world than you do realize that does evolve from beyond your planet, you see. Yet at this time, at this time there is among the multitudes, spiritual amnesia, a forgetting, you see, a forgetting. You shall see in the coming year events that will aid in reclaiming memory, recall, indeed activation of those cells that shall save so much in your world. Yet for now, we do say: It is a necessary assumption that you learn to adapt to the forces that do besiege you. We do say, adapt; never accept, never accept. We do call upon you at this time to assist the multitudes that must awaken to the reality, you see, of that which does unfold, that which does, indeed, threaten your home world.

We would ask you to participate in that which is a world dream; yes, we do say, a world dream. For in every era, every time period there is a collective dream where the soul does use the voice of the subconscious to illuminate, illuminate the understanding of that which does unfold, that which does unfold in any given time, you see. Much that you do see unfolding in your world as conflict, threats, and indeed, actions of all, are events that did have their formation at (in) an earlier time. In this time you may impact the formation of that which shall unfold: 25, 75, 150 spans of time (years) into the future, and more, much more. And so we do say: Do not decry the role of the forerunner, though difficult, challenging it may be at this time. You are the architects of the future. Yes, we do say: It is indeed uncomfortable, painful even, yet know this: Those that follow you shall indeed suffer greater pain, difficulty, than you do now unless you attend to that which is the work in the Eye of the Storm. As holder of the Light of Peace, you may ease the burdens of millions who come after you in future years. Will there be enough of you? Will there be enough to awaken? This can only be answered by those who follow the path of the forerunner.

Yes, we shall provide this one with information that will aid each one, each one, we do say, in the role of forerunner. Yet we would have you put aside hesitation, demands of perfection which are obstacles to manifesting that which you can manifest in the world. We would ask you to participate in the world dream, that you may invite those healing forces that do eventually become manifest in the physical world. We shall give further instructions to this one prior to the eve that does end one year in your time frame and initiates another year.

We do say, prepare, prepare for the coming year three nights consecutively. Do inquire: As the mind does rest and the body does yield to the soul, you have the opportunity to see, to experience the possibilities that await in the coming year to be solidified. The world awaits the soul’s dream. It is for the world that you seek this dream. Know this: Go without hesitation; open your heart and mind that you may serve the future world. As we have served you from your beginning, so may you serve others.

Yes, we shall now take our leave. We do say: The blessing of the Great One, the Divine One, Giver of Life is spread before you, behind you, either side of you. You are assured of upliftment into the Light of One. Celebrate this; go forward now. Do that which does serve the greater good. In this time of darkness your Light becomes precious; use it well. Blessings of the Holy One go with you now and evermore. Elohim, Elohim, Eloheim – We are.


Not enough dancing.


Background, in the background there is a slew of information to come through, but it’s not coming through now.


Bridge, a bridge is falling. ________

* As in being better ‘prepared’ to be messenger

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