Like, Want or Need

The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

“Like, Want or Need”

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(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

The title is just three words. But these words can have a life of their own. Take the word “like”. I would “like” to have a new car every year-model or I would “like” to have a bigger house or I would “like” to have a raise or I would “like” to have more children. Like is a word that we throw out sometimes to get a reaction from those we are conversing with to see how they would react. And in the case of a new car they may say; “yea, you should get you one of those new ___, because they are really fuel efficient or they really ride good or they are a great investment because they hold their value so well.”

Now let’s take the word “want” and use it in the same auto example. Notice how the intent has changed from just a casual “like” to a more definitive “want”. The person making the statement has seen the ads on TV and has probably done some research and really likes that model and is more than likely trying to figure out a way to get one. He isn’t really looking for an opinion from the person he is talking to regarding the model. Instead he is using his sales skills to convince the other person, and maybe himself, that he really “needs” the car.

Aha! Here comes the third word, “need”. You see there is some difference between “like” and “want”. But there is a whole lot of difference between the words “want” and “need”. We all like and want to have air to breathe. But the bottom line is that we “need” to have air to breathe. Some may now be saying they would really like to have “clean air” to breathe. But the real issue is that we should be saying that we not only “need”, but we “must demand” that we have “clean air” to breathe.

Now when talking about the new auto, some people use the reasoning that they must convey a certain “perception of success”. Maybe a better phrase might be an “illusion of success”. Using the latter phrase isn’t quite so complementary, is it? But millions and millions of us are tied to subjecting ourselves to the illusions we have been programmed with from the time we are born to the time we die. The auto is a means of transportation and a very polluting method of transportation at that. One car maker once told us that the air coming out of their exhaust is cleaner than the air entering the vehicle’s engine. I haven’t seen this claim recently, so maybe somebody challenged the statement. If it really was a true statement, then at best the car truly possessed a clean burning engine, or at the worst, it is an indictment of the air we do have around us and have to breathe. How do we change the air we have around us? We need to use our Power of Thought to achieve the changes in how we live so we can get cleaner air in the very near future.

The world of promotion and advertising has encouraged us to “want” to have a great many things. We are told to desire things from a gigantic array of material items. We are prompted to want to look like movie stars with perfect bodies. (Remember the Soul chose your body style for this lifetime and had a reason for doing so.) We are prompted by advertisements to request our doctor to prescribe medications for our perceived aches and pains and the illnesses that we may or may not have. Through watching many of the movies and soap operas, we are led to believe that we should all have a perfect mate and if we perceive that we don’t we should just go ahead and make a change.

But the problem with this bombardment of advertising and promotion is that after viewing some of this material, we begin to like the idea of whatever was promoted. And then this progresses to really wanting what the advertiser/promotion/movie has hinted that we should want. But the potentially destructive part comes when we convert this like/want to NEED. This is when we can make some very foolish decisions that can affect us and others in our life. There are very few, if any, of the items that are advertised that we really NEED. A re-conditioned vehicle is as capable in providing our transportation needs as is the most glamorous and expensive foreign or domestic new vehicle made. Thus the world of illusions has programmed us so thoroughly that we want to have all the latest material items to “look good” to those we come in contact with.

Consider people living in an impoverished land. Do they NEED any of the items advertised? They are just looking and hoping that they will find enough to eat in the next day to come. They are not looking to move to a newer or bigger house, they just hope that what shelter they do have will be able to last for the foreseeable future.

Consider the items that we waste or throw away after a small period of use. These were probably items that we thought we needed at the time we bought them. It may be that we need to scale back on what we think we NEED and begin to look at those basic necessities to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered in the future. From what I have read very recently, we may be forced to drastically change our buying habits. The basics for food preparation, the ability to always have safe drinking water and to have the ability to grow some of the food that we eat, will all be requirements to survive the coming events due to Earth changes in the future. It will be in the midst of the future times that we will really come to know the true meaning of the word “Need”.

Now in the past there have been statements made by some that all people should receive an amount of funds and share in the resources accumulated by the rich. Something like, everyone should or would receive some large quantity of money to “make us even with the ultra-rich”. Even if this were possible, the giving to each person of a large amount of funds should not happen. Instead any such funds should be used to repair the damage done by mankind to Terra. And only after humanity makes the personal behavior change investment should such funds be released to rebuild the many areas of the world. In order to make this behavior change, we must get past the many paradigms that we presently live with such as, financial, medical, power generation, labor, food production and political and monetary paradigms.

The idea of just giving everyone a certain amount of capital would only fuel the “wants” and “needs” that we all are presently obsessed with. In other words it would not be a “need” for every person to receive the amount of funds; it would only be a “want”. However the Earth Star does have a “need” to rebuild many parts of her body.

And the Earth Star has an even greater “need” for all of humanity to change its way of living. She will not continue to absorb the abuses that humanity has produced for however many untold years. Whether we wish to go along with Terra as she travels through the fourth dimension on her way to the fifth dimension is entirely up to us. Change and we may be able to be with her depending on our individual circumstances. Don’t change and I believe we will find ourselves during our next incarnation on another planet mired in third dimension disorganized chaos repeating and repeating the lessons not learned in this present lifetime. And I believe that planet will not be the beautiful Earth that we are now on.

Until next time, Phil

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