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New Light Messages January 2015 #2

New Light Messages

January 25, 2015


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet, we would have you know that in the days of the coming full moon, we do suggest extra caution as you move about. Yes, we do say, two days before and two days following the full moon will be most intense. As you do say, the ‘energies’ will be somewhat chaotic, and taxing upon the body as well. It will be essential, you see, that you do maintain those substances given as support to physical strength, endurance. There will also be an increased need for intake of water, and for that which does provide for energy – protein, you see, protein. You shall find many around you, many who express irritability, you see. Do not be among them. Indeed, you may find self in short temper; quickly, you must tame it quickly. A smile will be a deflection of those tensions, you see. We do say this: Even prior to the two-day period before, and indeed after, practice maintaining an even keel that you may be prepared, for you will be called upon as the keeper of the Eye of the Storm. Yes, this is a great portion of your service in this time; do be prepared. Indeed, it is so.

That which does unfold in the land known as Africa is, indeed, karmic in nature, as it does spread conflagration into those lands which were colonized, subdued, and scourged by religious fervor in that period known as The Crusades. Even so, grace, grace may yet erase much of that which is karma, you see, but only to replace it with love. This you may assist in bringing about with your purposeful focus on the image of the Tree, Dove, Crescent Moon & Star of David, and Rose. And with your daily prayers you will find that in this time of the quickening of the shadow and the hand of the Great Awakener, many circumstances are rooted in karmic experience, for now is the cleansing. And in this time of the cleansing, grace, grace, you see, must play a strong role. Through you and through your prayers, and through your living in the Light, it may unfold in this manner: Grace may uplift and ease all the scars of karma. You do approach a time in which it will be clear that this is what does unfold. Remember that the active force of grace is forgiveness. Use it within your own life; use it and offer it, that it may go out and spread throughout the world as a healing balm for ancient wounds.

Be ever faithful to your choice, your commitment in this time. Stand as the bamboo in the wind, firm but flexible, you see, and willing, willing to carry forth, yes, as a servant of the Light of One, which does bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. Follow that path that does lead to the Way of the Heart and you shall guide many. For this is your challenge in challenging times. Yes, we do stand with you in the Light of One, together. We shall bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. Know this and be at peace. The blessings of the Holy One surround you and uplift you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Can’t stay, but needs to say: Such a dearth, again, of dancing; such a chance of being entrancing! I see. Are you being fussy and ready for a fight, when instead you could be prancing and dancing in the Light? It’s not just for the numbers, you know; it’s to help you maintain that special glow. Dance, dance, when you sing your songs; it’ll help you feel good as you move along. Especially dance with the full moon.

Remember: The fork ran away with the spoon. Remember, remember: The fork ran away with the spoon. You don’t have to jab. The fork will tire out, but never the spoon – during the time of the full moon. [He later explains that the spoon dips into the elixir – ecstasy of life – while the fork allows leaks between the prongs. Don’t leak out your life force by not celebrating life!]

Asparagus, asparagus …

Especially now, yes, you will need your asparagus.

Bye, Roundhead. He is skipping along, a fork in one hand, a spoon in the other.

Visions & Messages

Purple. I see the color purple; purple night sky with flashes of gold, and purple.

So many waterways being poisoned. Pray for the creatures of the water; pray for the cleansing of water, and for those who despoil the water. Pray for those, that they may see the damage they do.

I heard: Maintain your substances of immune support.

I heard: Those who linger at the threshold between worlds will learn much, much.

More danger for airplanes. Strange winds, strange winds.

One more thing I heard: A tight tummy responds well to wet heat.

I hear Roundhead singing:

Dancing in the morning, Dancing in the evening, Dancing at noon time.

Dancing in the morning, Dancing in the evening, Dancing any old time.

Transmissions from “The Messengers” received by Shamaan Eagle

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