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New Light Messages March 2015

New Light Messages 

March 1, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle.  We must be exceedingly brief. Yet be it known that the experiences suffered by this one (negative physical reaction to chemtrails) presage that which will be a common occurrence for many millions, as the Purification does continue.  For the manipulators, you see, shall not abate for yet some time.  Would that the multitudes would awaken and understand what is being done to your world – to you and all life – for you as well as the creatures do suffer accordingly.  Know this:  several high-frequency radio beams that did burn through your atmosphere generated a tearing through your Earth’s shield and ionosphere.  For this reason this one was indeed impacted with a great force.  It is akin, we do say, to completely reversing the electromagnetic shield of the body as well as the atmosphere; and so, you do experience great disruption, disruption of electromagnetic flow throughout the system.

For some it is excruciatingly painful, as it will soon be for all, you see, if the manipulators are not stopped in their attempts to alter the destructive course your world is on.*  Know this:  It cannot be accomplished in the manner the manipulators do now apply.  Indeed, their approach does accelerate much that brings about the demise of your world and many species.  For it is the way of the shadow that is being applied by the manipulators, driven, you see, by greed; greed for power and abundance.  Greed shall bring about the exact opposite of that which is strived for.  All shall suffer the consequences, including those who are the manipulators and do visit destruction upon your world, you see.  They shall come to know the pain and the loss of many forms of life.  As was given in your time cycles years ago, we did say, “The sides have been chosen.”  Indeed, now you do see a clear schism of separation between those who seek power, control, of wealth at all costs, and those who seek harmony with nature, peace with their neighbor, and healing of the sickness that does grip your world.  This gap shall widen and continue to do so until the two groups are driven so far apart that they meet again.  When this does occur, those who follow the Way of the Heart, those who do serve the Light of One, shall be victorious and win over the remaining forces of the shadow.  Then true peace will be available to all, and restoration of the surviving elements of your world will begin.  We shall be there with you; we do offer to all, our assistance.

Know this:  Some will not survive the work of the manipulators.  Yet we do stand with you to assist the many Light-bearers now generating the path to the Purple Sun and seeking to continue the Way of the Heart, that the Greater Good, the Greater Circle might survive.

Yes, it is so, as this one has surmised:  These are the days of prophecies as given by many over the ages of your development. There is one prophecy not seen, nor can it ever be seen:  It is the outcome of that which does unfold, as there are yet choices to be made.  We stand with those who have chosen the Light of One, who have chosen to serve the Greater Good of all.  We do serve you in this time, for we have come, as you have come, for this purpose, for this time, indeed, for this offering of soul force.

May you walk in the Light of One upon the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore.  Blessings of the Holy One go behind, to each side, and before you.  Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We are.


Can’t stay, just came to say:  Put the music on, dance by yourself, he’ll be there.  Take your dancing shoes off the shelf. He’ll be there, he’s not square.  He’s Roundhead.  Always remember:

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you … and me!

Oh, such winds, such winds, powerfully, powerfully they’ll blow.  Most of them glow with radioactive particles, don’t you know.  Asparagus, asparagus helps to cut down the glow.

(Roundhead) Didn’t mean to drop me so fast.  Any, any, any kind of dance will do.  Just remember:  If you’re alone, he’ll be dancing with you.

Secret recipe:  Bake the asparagus with cheese.

Visions & Messages

Wild oceans coming.

Shamaan then places her right-hand fingers upon the crown chakra, and her left hand upon the 3rd chakra, and says, “An exercise to help restore energy balance.”


*From NLM January 18, 2015:  Melchizedek said: “Pray that they are taken to the altar of transformation, and all will be changed, changed.” It is in the future; it can be changed. Two or three years in the future.  They indeed are poisoning the sky – they can only be stopped on the altar of transformation.  That was the message that needed to come through.  It’s 2½ to 3 years.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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