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New Light Messages March 2015 #3

New Light Messages

March 22, 2015


Yes, greetigs, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet know this: A mighty stream of Light has been released and courses through the world carrying the seeds of hope, of healing, indeed, the seeds of peace. It shall take root in the minds, hearts, and souls of multitudes. Although there are many trials and tribulations that are yet to unfold, it is so, it is so – an acceleration has been achieved. In many instances you may wonder, for you have yet to see the cleansing continue. But the Hand of Grace, indeed as well the Great Awakener, shall move more quickly, for you are joined by many throughout the world who do gather in prayer to hold forth the Light, to hold forth in the Eye of the Storm, to assist in bringing about that which will bring healing and the end of the time of the shadow. Be not discouraged: As given, there are yet karmic patterns that may yet unfold, yet fall into grace and be lifted to a degree, some even transcended.

Yet know this: A great many have heard the call; a great many grow weary of the bloodshed and shall turn away and take up the cause, the cause for generating peace and the conditions, you see, that will allow the peace, allow the seeds that have been planted to take root. Even the great warbird Netanyahu does now know that he does not have full support, you see, of the House of David. Other warbirds shall feel the tide turn against them as multitudes take up the cause for peace, and for the healing of your Earth, the restoration, you see, of that which does nurture life rather than destroy.

You shall see in coming weeks a renewed commitment to peace, to establishing circumstances that will indeed alter much. Yet there shall be also those manifestations of karma that must be unfolded, that souls may be freed of burdens of the past – freed, you see, of pain. For them you may continue to hold the Light, to continue to send forth your prayers to bring awakening, to bring comfort, indeed, bring release, release that they may return to the Light of One, cleansed and prepared for rebirth. In the presence of Melchizedek, they shall remember their /original state /of being, which is indeed a manifestation of the Light of One, which is known and experienced as LOVE. It shall be so.

Know this: It is easier to see the elements that do contribute to destruction, to conflict; it is not so easily seen that which has been averted, as you do say, averted, indeed halted. For there are in motion forces prepared to release massive explosions within the land of the Great Pyramids; these are interrupted, defused (at this time), as you do say, turned in another direction and can yet be averted. Know this: As you go about your days recall (that) your task is to hold the Eye of the Storm, hold the Light within that center, and be a beacon in the time of great turmoil and devastation. You have indeed contributed much. Go forth in the knowledge that in many ways some things accomplished will remain unknown to you. You have made a difference in increasing the Light, enhancing the spiritual force that does yet move through this world; as given, carrying the seeds of the Time of the Purple Sun, carrying the seeds of that peace which is to come.

We do say: In this time send forth your prayers once again to the land of the Great Pyramids, as well to the land where the River Seine does flow, for there are yet others who will continue to carry forth the work of the shadow. Know this: They may be stopped even now. There are those in the land of the River Seine who have been found and stopped in preparation for greater chaos; they have been averted. Continue in your prayers; continue in your own growth, evolution, as you do say, as we continue with you.

We send forth to you our blessings, gratitude, as we do stand with you in the Eye of the Storm. May you know the joy, the presence of the Holy Creator with you, with each day, each moment, as you continue along the path of the Prince of Peace. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of the Light/Grace

She’s here. The Lady of Grace, The Lady of Light. She weeps. The children, the children. Your prayers can protect so many. For the children, pray. She asks for your prayers to go everywhere, everywhere; send them to the children everywhere. Her grace pours out to protect, as your love does pour out to protect.

Do remember: You can ease suffering; a few moments, a few moments of prayer She asks daily, a few moments for the children. She sends Her blessings, Her gratitude. Yes, yes, my Lady. Especially remember the children for the coming three weeks, the coming three weeks, especially in this time cycle of three weeks.

Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands) Three weeks, yes my Lady. I see, I see; thank you. Much suffering can be eased. Thank you. She spreads Her Light, beautiful Blue Light, throughout the world. Thank you.


So, soon you’ll be able to dance again, yes, and get back your famous grin. Yes, yes, the ship is coming in, slow, but you have to keep that hopeful glow, hopeful glow. A little more cheese, if you please. Oh, ho, looking Italian. Oh, he’s making spaghetti with artichoke hearts. He says, “Don’t give up hope. Yes, it’s a steep slope, but keep dancing, keep dancing. With every dance you improve your chance. Just keep dancing!

Don’t forget –

You’ve got Roundhead

You’ve got Two Bear,

You’ve got magic,

Who could ask for anything more.

He’s got his spoon and he’s making spaghetti with artichoke hearts.

I see Roundhead. Tomato, tomato – yes, for next two weeks, more tomato sauces and slices. He’s dancing around a tomato patch doing all sorts of things. Because the sky is not your true sky [believed to be a reference to chemtrails], they will be using more ash, oh, more ash, ash (coal ash). Don’t want your immune system to crash, so tomato, tomato. There are many kinds of ways to help you get through, to help you get by those nasty sprays. He’s dancing in a tomato patch. Bye Roundhead. He’s waving a spoon, sauce, sauce, so the best is not lost of your tomato, make sauce. Yes, he’s splashing it all over. (Laughs)He just appeared wearing a red tomato costume.

I (Shamaan) just heard that the Way of the Heart starts with the children and expands outward, for all species.


I keep seeing water, the oceans. Wild waters, not in just the oceans; it’s wild waters.

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