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New Light Messages May 2015

New Light Messages

May, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see. Yet be it known that we do assist this one, as we do assist each one, each one. Indeed, these are difficult times to be in physical body – yes, this we do acknowledge. It is as well a time when one can do much, much to effect the direction that life does unfold while in physical body. This is the time that the shadow forces unfold in full measure. Many souls do in this time heal and cleanse ancient wounds. It is a time of reckoning for many. Yet it is also a time of the awakening, you see, the awakening of a great many. You do see awareness, awareness of the work of the shadow forces coming to the forefront of consciousness for multitudes. Yet it is not known by enough that many, many innocents are caught up in the cleansing. Some are souls who have chosen this time that their sacrifice may assist in awakening of those who slumber in their comfort and distance from the agony. Many are the innocents, indeed.

Know this: As you do witness day after day the unveiling of the extreme abuse of power, of knowledge, of the earth-plane itself, you shall aid in the awakening and in the Earth’s transition by undergoing within self that which will serve the Light of One – by holding within and without your commitment to be the Light, not merely to see or speak of but to BE the Light in these challenging times of the Purification. You may serve the Light by BEING the Light within the world, within self in each moment. Choose, we do say, choose that which would further, that which would indeed uplift and bring to all situations a healing and understanding. By uplifting, you become the harmony, the Light, indeed, the spiritual wisdom that you do seek.

We do say this: The challenging days have not come to an end. There shall be in this month (May), opportunity for caution, opportunity for awareness, indeed, much opportunity for prayer. As co-creators you do bring about much in the way of transformation, but you must indeed recognize your role and do bring it into manifestation. For we do urge: From the time of the fifteenth through the twenty-second, caution and alertness for each opportunity to BE the Light, for each opportunity to serve the Light.

Yes, we do close with information. Indeed, there is greater stress upon body in this time. It does involve efforts, you see, to control your atmosphere, your environment, your weather. It also does involve greater radiation within your atmosphere. This one is not alone in experiencing symptoms, you see; each one, each one is affected, for each one of you has been exposed to radiation without your knowledge, though it is not in the same manner nor degree; there are nonetheless receptors in your body, in your nervous system that do respond to increased radiation as a physical challenge. In another time together we will share with you how it does manifest, and indeed how you may alleviate, we do say, physical reactions. Most important to know is that your spiritual attunement, your unwavering spiritual focus is your strongest aid in this time, as in all times, more so now than ever. Yield not to old habits, old thinking, old doubts. Know that much does depend upon you and others who bear the Light – going forward in the face of any and all difficulties, any and all challenges. It is far greater than you know, yet it may not appear so.

The energy waves, as you do say, that we sent through this body is an assistance, difficult to see yet powerfully healing. As given, we do assist each. You have but to call. We do stand with you in the Light of One. Together with you we follow the path of the Prince of Peace. May the blessings of the Holy One surround you, fill you, and go before you in every step. Know this and rejoice, rejoice, we do say, rejoice.


(chuckles) Sings:

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

Just look and see;

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

And me!

Asparagus and potatoes; oh what a combo, don’t you know. Oh, they do help your heart to glow. Yes, put a sparkle in your eye, and see all the reasons why gratitude *is* the attitude. Asparagus and potatoes, what a combo; he can’t wait.

Shamaan’s earlier vision – Children in trembling earth, earth cracking (followed by moans, tears). Something happened. [Her later comment: I think it was Nepal’s earthquake.]

Roundhead says, “Leave the tragic, get back to the magic.” He says it’s the only thing that can beat the shadow force.

Roundhead made an appearance; he says, “Not enough chocolate.”He waves a stalk of asparagus dipped in chocolate.

Shamaan continues – Sky people. Star Nation was also known as the “Sky People” (and Eloheim).The Sky People will help us.

Roundhead – He’s waving asparagus; it’s important for now, not just because it’s spring, but because there is too much chemtrails, toxins, etc.

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