Why not Be Nice to People

The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

Why Not Be Nice To People

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(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

There is a saying that it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile. That would be just the physical aspect of the saying, but what about the mental aspect? What are the feelings inside of you when you are frowning versus smiling? Smiling with sincerity makes most people feel good inside. Depending on the source of interaction that causes the frown, it can make people downright ugly inside. How much of the ugliness that is put on display may indicate how well the person can hide their true feelings.

When someone didn’t correctly handle business, for the third or fourth time, I would get upset and contact them with words about their performance that weren’t always charitable. The person I contacted would react negatively to my tirade that was directed at them for something someone else in their organization had done. At the end of the day we both went home with negative feelings about the situation. Both of us would be rehashing the conversation and coming up with a lot of different things to say to the other that we wish we would have thought of at the time. In other words a lot of negativity was hurled out into the Universe. Some time ago I realized that a lot of unnecessary mental effort was being expended on my part and so I decided to change my side of the conversation.

A situation had occurred where one of our substantial customers was always taking deductions from our invoices due to perceived shipping errors. I made a trip to the customer and went into their distribution warehouse and observed the receiving methods they used. I found that they were using the labels on the cartons that our manufacturing supplier had used to identify the contents of the carton. I informed this fellow that we had to always remove and check the contents of each carton because of common shipping errors from the foreign manufacturer. However to save cost we reused the cartons when shipping to our customers. This procedure worked well with smaller customers because they would not generally order in case quantities.

So the problem turned out to be ours and not our customers. A simple contents label attached to each carton by our shipping department cured the problem for our customer and made life easier for every other customer we had. This example proved the point to me that if I approached a situation with the idea of being helpful, life would be much better for me and others I came in contact with.

Why do you think some people would rather go about their daily lives being nasty to others on occasion instead of being nice? They can use any type of excuse for their behavior, but the bottom line is that they would be in a much better frame of mind if they took the approach of resisting such behavior. Some reasons for the behavior are that “I am too tense, or I didn’t sleep well or my boss has given me more than I can do in the time frame that he/she requires.” That is a condition of the person being nasty and should not be a problem of the person receiving the abuse. Don’t make your perceived problems their problems. Folks, being nice to people is a win – win situation for everyone involved.

Now there are probably people who do not have a charitable bone in their body and have never been nice to anyone they have met. I don’t know why this condition exists; I just try to keep my distance when I observe this occurring. I just go about my day and try not to connect with these individuals in the future.

I am speculating that some may be saying that being nice to everyone means that a person can get run over on a frequent basis. Yep, that’s the chance you take when being nice. But do you ever think what the other person feels afterward when they occasionally replay the scenario in their minds when commuting home after work? Maybe your being nice can get them to thinking that maybe they should amend the way they interact with people. But you may never know when being nice makes a difference with a person that isn’t always nice. People do change.

Being nice is really an act of “free expression” on your part. Being nasty is also an act of “free expression” on the part of the person being nasty. As God has always reminded us, all actions, words and thoughts are recorded in every nanosecond of our physical lives. So why not stop and think before you act and then be nice.

Then there also exists a possible reason that some are not nice and that is the influence that the shadow riders exert on these individuals who may be susceptible to the shadow riders dark streamers. Do we have a chance in helping these individuals to rid them from this influence? Only if they want to be helped can we make the effort to assist. Our assistance can only be to educate how to live with love in our hearts. We cannot take the approach of trying to convince them of why we are right.

So this has been just a short article that some would consider to be a “fluff” type of an article. But ponder this. The next person you meet that you have the opportunity to be nasty or nice to, first consider who the person could be. Are they just another person or are they an Angel, a special messenger from God or maybe God Himself? I believe you won’t know by their appearance unless you are one of the very few who can discern this. And if you are such a person, then I suspect that you are always nice to everyone you meet. So, why not be nice to everyone.

Until next time, Phil

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