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New Light Messages May 2015 #2

New Light Messages

May 2015 #2


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, once again we must be brief, you see. Indeed, there is a quickening, a great quickening that does stir awareness of that which does unfold. Many do now begin to hear the weeping of the creatures of the sea, the children who struggle for survival in many places. Many do now awaken to the trembling of the earth. The signs now begin to stir in the minds and souls of many. Opportunity does approach, the opportunity to assist in the quickening, you see. We do say: As your season of summer does approach, you shall find an intensification of the energy field, a greater trembling within the earth and in the ocean floor. Collapse of earth shall produce that which you call sinkholes; great caverns shall open as the imbalance in nature is intensified by the practices of the destroyer. The arrogant dragon does create alteration in the ocean current. This will arise from that known as the Ring of Fire and disturbances upon ocean surface. That which is being wrought upon the earth by those who attempt to manipulate the winds, harming both earth and sky, bring great imbalance, hastening flooding brought by the disintegration of ice.

Many more do turn away from those who claim to control the Earth and the patterns of life. Do know this: As the full moon does approach, you must maintain that which does strengthen immune system, for there shall come challenges, challenges that are carried around the world on the wind. It shall be of those caused by increased nuclear radiation. It shall stem not only from the island of the Rising Sun, known as Japan, where Fukushima burns. There shall come a different source (from China), but the arrogant dragon will not release the information reporting on this release.

Yes, do maintain that which is given to sustain body, mind, soul. As you approach and enter the first week of June (full moon is June 2nd) you see, use extreme caution in your movements. Awareness is crucial. Many within your world have been destabilized (mentally and emotionally) by the growing presence of radiation from many sources. Your own irritability shall come too easily with the full moon. Beware you do not contribute to the collective mind, another source of irritability. We do say this: It is so – that which is now experienced as extreme lack of water in many places has been greatly intensified by those who have chosen the way of the shadow. Yet legions of Lightworkers do awaken, and they will be coming to the forefront soon. Those who serve the Light, who have come to aid the suffering, shall be seen at every level, in every place, in every circumstance. As this does occur, note: there will be very intense attempts to suppress the awakening, Your voices, added to many others, may bring encouragement and strength, even validation to those who turn to the Light and begin entering into the Eye of the Storm, holding fast to that which may lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. This may begin healing the restoration and cleansing of the earth and all of life within it.

As given, you have chosen, and have thus been chosen to serve in this time. It is an honor given to those who have turned within and found the Light of One within the center of their being. Go forth then, carrying and holding this Light as a precious gift, for it does usher you into a new level of spiritual attunement. As co-creators you may serve the Greater Good with integrity and use the power given you by the source of life and Light to help turn the tide and move the world toward peace, hope, and indeed, a great cleansing.

Know that with summer solstice, and after, you shall see the flames of war grow fierce, more intense. They may be quelled somewhat. We do request you offer prayers to those who now feed the flames of war in multiple places. You who are within the Eye of the Storm may contribute a frequency that may encourage many to turn from war toward peace (even the warbird Netanyahu). Do make use of your spiritual gifts and contribute in that manner. It IS the Way of the Heart.

Yes, we do now take our leave. As we have assisted this one, so we shall assist you, upon request. We join you upon the path of the Prince of Peace, as we have in times distant past, and will again in distant future times. We stand with you and call upon the blessings of the Holy One to envelop and assist you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Not enough dancing, not enough chocolate.

No, no, not enough laughter either.

Even mice play in spite of their challenges.

Sometimes it’s the only way you can get through the day.

Oh, tummies; tummies being tilted, tilted they are.

But help is not far.

Yes, look to your feet, your toes, you see, yes, and the bottom, too.

What is a person to do?

He told you long ago – don’t forget your toes, especially at this time.

Roundhead teases. Just focus, focus on the dream, and its coming true. You must practice the way of the dance at every chance. If you don’t find one, make one; he’s waiting to dance with you.

Watch diet. Listen to your dreams. You know what you need even though it seems out of the blue and strange to do. Good to do; follow your dreams.


Protect your green cells. Every cell in body resonates with a color. Cheese helps protect the green cells. I’m seeing a flow of cells in the body, not just green cells, all colors. They’re flowing along very thin lines (like rutiles in a crystal); it’s like a network, and it goes to three special sites; the green cells go to solar plexus, heart, and brain.

Messages received by Shamaan

Note: from Celest and David: When The Messengers said “Yet legions of Lightworkers do awaken, and they will be coming to the forefront soon,” they are referring to The Winter People.

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