Raising Spiritual Children?

The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

Raising Spiritual Children?

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(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

I am approaching this subject with great trepidation. While it is true that we raised two children, we raised them in a manner similar to how my wife and I were raised. We were both raised in religious families and continued that practice throughout the years that our children grew up. Without any other type of philosophical beliefs during this period of time, we raised our children in the same vein of thought. So what would make me think that Icould write about how to raise children in a spiritual manner? Good question. And I’m not sure that I have a complete or even a valid answer, but I am going to try to do so because of a “nudge” that I got a few days ago after reading some material that was sent to us by friends.

There are many times during the last 5 years or so that I wished that I had, in fact, been raised in a spiritual family instead of a religious family. But then I remembered that the Soul that I represent designed this present life time and the Soul did not want that experience. The Soul wanted me to be in my present position and I must therefore make the most of the time that I have in the present lifetime. So I will, “obviously”, concede to the Soul and do what I can to follow that life plan design and carry on.

God has mentioned in several books that He spends a good deal of time visiting with the babies after they are born and as they grow older. I recall Him saying that many times the babies will smile while they are asleep. The parents think that their baby must have some gas which causes the smiling. Not so according to God; they are just enjoying the telepathic communication that they are having with God. And to me that is an absolutely wonderful occurrence. It is as if the baby is finding something humorous while they sleep. I’m sure that I had the same experiences as a baby; I just don’t remember it, consciously that is.

How do you think the average parent would feel if they knew that their child was having a conversation with God and that such occurrences really do take place on a regular basis? I believe that they would view it as being the very best thing that they could ever wish for their baby. I know that when I observe a baby experiencing such interaction with God, it is like watching the whole Universe in action. You know that Love exists, that peace is present andthat everything is in the NOW. Just think about it the next time you observe a baby smiling in its sleep. Wonders are all around us if we only take the time to observe them and then furthermore understand them.

So how do we raise our children to become spiritual entities that can and will have a really good life? I don’t know for sure, but I believe that we as parents have to be very careful in how we start out to take care of the little ones. That sentence sounds rather ambiguous doesn’t it; confusing to boot. Raising children may be the hardest task we will ever perform. How many parents take this view when they decide to have children? Not very many and you can add this writer to the not very many. I now realize that there was nothing in the world of business that I dealt with that had as many pitfalls as occur for a parent while rearing a child. Just take the monumental subject of disciplining children.The child needs a discipline structure that they can depend on regardless of the condition of the parent’s mental state at any given time. Does that make sense? I believe there is a fine line between letting the children experience “having their head” and letting the “testing of the boundaries” get out of hand. And to make it more complicated, each child in a family may be as different as night and day from another sibling. So you run the chance that some may say that a parent is favoring one child over another. I know in my past dealing with business problems that I had to solve, I sometimeswould ask for assistance from the divine for help in solving various problems. I now have to admit that not once did I ever recall asking for divine help in raising our children. That is quite an indictment of my parenting skills, isn’t it? I somehow believe that I am not alone in this instance, although I wish that was the case.

In other words, humanity needs to change it priorities and in a hurry. Maybe having fewer children in a family would be a good thing. More time concentrating on raising a “Stradivarius” instead of just a bunch of cardboard fiddles could result in a more conscious populace. Some might think that I am being too severe in my descriptive narrative. My belief is that I am not. I believe future generations will have to be much more accomplished persons to lead humanity through the very tough times ahead. We will need great leaders who will have the discipline to make the choices to “right the ship” so to speak.

When do you start raising a child to be a spiritual person? You start right from the get-go. In other words every communication should be in a spiritual vein. But the baby doesn’t have the ability to speak or understand us, you may think. Says who? I am now of the opinion that all communication of whatever kind is understood by the very young prior to that point in time that they show us that they can understand or speak. Just because the parent has lost the ability to communicate telepathically doesn’t mean that the child can’t understand a telepathic message. Remember that the child is much closer to that point in time when telepathic communication was the norm. It’s just that as they age they lose the ability to communicate telepathically just like the parents did when they were young growing up.

So if this is true then it should follow that every action, or word or thought that is used around a child is making an impact on the child in some manner or other. Rather serious thought isn’t it? We as parents just thought that since the baby could not converse with us we could say whatever came into our minds and there would be no consequence to whatever we did. That may not be true! An argument between the parents in front of the child will have an impact on the child and it won’t be a good impact. A loving embrace between parents in front of a child will also have an impact that will have a positive effect, so be careful in how you demonstrate actions in front of children.

Now for the sake of argument, let’s say that we have established in this discourse that children do understand to some degree from the time they are very small and that understanding only gets better as they age. Why then, from the very outset, wouldn’t we want to “talk” to our children about spiritual principals and even read from books containing those principals? Read them out loud to the children at any age. (When my wife and I read something in a book that we think the other would like to hear, we read the passages out loud. I seem to get a better understanding of what I am reading to her, than when I read it silently for my own understanding.) The little ones may have the ability to learn verballyand they will benefit from our talking and reading to them.

One must always be careful around children who are able to understand on some “level” what is being SAID, or THOUGHT or what is being ACTED OUT. Remember what I said earlier – raising children will be the toughest task that you will ever perform. It is my understanding that on the other side (Nirvana) there can be no hidden agendas because communication is performed telepathically and all is known without speaking. Maybe we should raise our children with the same belief that they can understand everything that is going on. Just think of how this belief could change how we interact with all others. I guess you could say that we will be changing our way of conducting our lives if we do take on the challenge of raising our children in a spiritual manner. Not such a bad thing is that?

Over time there is also the real possibility that the future parents, who were raised in families who utilized the spiritual principles to raise their children, will also then develop more capability to communicate telepathically with their own children. This ability can then be passed on to generation after generation. Eventually we will have a civilization of humans communicating telepathically on the Earth Star Planet. Just like it was supposed to have been all along.

The real challenge is to develop a massive number of children’s books that are written on a large host of subjects that will be of interest to young readers. However these books must be written based solely on “truth” without any hidden agendas or programming that someone wants to force on humanity. Presently I am not aware of any children’s books that fit this description. So how are we to develop these reading materials? I have to say that we can only look to ourselves to accomplish this task. I have to believe that there are many readers in this world who have a spiritual commitment and who also have a good understanding of a whole host of subjects. So just step up to the plate and take a chance that you may become a writer who will make a significant difference. God has said on many occasions, that anything is possible and that we can accomplish anything that is of value if we wish to. So go for it and make a difference.

I have read that there will come a time when we will no longer work in a manner that we are presently kept in check by. There will be a lot more time for leisure activities. There will be more of a localized community and all will be able to perform the tasks that they like best to perform. This lifestyle should free us up to be better parents and this may be the time that we will raise more spiritual children who will go on to raise even more spiritual children of their own. However we can’t just sit back and wait for that day to come though because we have to do the work that must to be done so that this lifestyle will come into being. In other words we need to start now and do our part so that future generations can do their part and so on and so on. Some may be thinking that this isn’t fair, but you have to remember that we are the ones that made the present environment and we are the ones who have to begin the arduous task of putting everything right.

I have done a small amount of research on the internet on various sites that offer children’s books for sale. I found many that claimed to be spiritual in nature, but they all seemed to attach religion to the equation in some manner or other. It seems that the authors and publishers were concerned that customers wouldn’t buy the books if there wasn’t some sort of religious connection within the book. Many made the statement that “their book could be used by many different types of religion” to teach the young about being spiritual.

I just don’t think that is what is needed to really teach spiritual truth to the young. After all, if religions are the inspiration and the invention of the dark side to keep mankind separated from its direct connection with God, why would anyone write a book on spiritual truth that incorporated religion in the book? Maybe there are some readers who could give a valid reason for doing so.

As I mentioned earlier, discipline is one of the hardest tasks that a parent will perform. Why do you think that is? My take is the fine line that exists between too much discipline and too little discipline and then also what method of discipline that should be used.While trying to make this determination, the parent is also subjected to a host of every day pressing issues at the same time that discipline may be called for. How do parents detach themselves from these issues so that they can find the appropriate balance for disciplining the child? One such answer might be that we all should strive to live in the NOW.

By living in the NOW, one would not be concerned about the host of things that we daily spend time and energy worrying about. Forget about what happened yesterday or last year that caused you some sleepless nights. Forget about all those things that may happen in the future; 90% never come to pass. By living in the NOW, one should be focused on Love and its effect on all people around us, especially our little ones. By living in the NOW, some things a child does may not call for discipline. Children should be allowed to be children.They do have accidents and make mistakes just as we as adults do from time to time. Don’t force them to grow up too fast; let them be children for as long as possible. Now days we seem to want them to grow up quickly so they can take care of themselves. Remember you wanted children, now you must do your upmost to live up to the obligation you undertook. Create the environment that you had or wanted when you were young, even if the environment of your youth wasn’t the best or very nice. Don’t perpetuate an unpleasant environment from generation to generation. I know, easier said than done. But isn’t it worth it?

God has said that we should all strive to remember how we were as children. And then if we would just conduct ourselves as such, we would lead happier lives. Now don’t think this means that you can just throw caution to the winds and go off the deep end in your daily lives. I believe it means that we shouldn’t take everything so seriously. Laugh like a child as often as you can. Don’t they just look like they are having a ball? Why can’t we also follow in their footsteps and do the same. Children can also teach us, if we let them.

We have five grandchildren. The three youngest are girls and are the liveliest children that I have ever known. One in particular is never quiet, always singing to herself, or having a conversation by herself or always doing something. It used to drive me up a wall until recently when I finally understood that she just loves life and is exhibiting that philosophy. Her parents seem to have accepted her conduct much earlier than I did, which is a good thing. She appears to be the brightest of our grandchildren, but then she is also few years older than our two youngest granddaughters so you never know. We may just have a whole crew of lively granddaughters to keep us busy. It’s great!

I believe that many times when a child is acting out it would appear that discipline might be appropriate. However they may just want attention and are checking you out to see if you are still conscious of them. This again is something that makes raising children the hardest job you will ever undertake. Children can’t be ignored! The old days of “being seen but not heard” should be a thing of the past. I recall as a youngster that when extended families got together for holiday visiting, the young were always sent off to play by themselves. I sometimes liked to sit in on the discussions that the older folks had, but I knew that they weren’t seeking an opinion from me on “any” subject. I was to be seen and not heard. As I grew into my teens, they sometimes would ask a question of me. I never knew if it was to humor me or if they really had a desire to hear what I had to say. Then later as I graduated from college, the questions directed at me increased and I felt that I was really a part of the family.

I’m sure it never occurred to the elders that they had a great opportunity to teach if they had allowed the interaction of the children in their conversations. In those days it just wasn’t done. But why can’t we be in the vanguard of those who will raise our children to be spiritual entities and include them in all conversations of how to live a spiritual life. I’m sure the children would pick up on the concepts of these discussions, particularly if they had had the earlier experience of reading books aimed at children about simple spiritual concepts or had books read to them by their parents.

Can we make changes in how our children are raised overnight? I believe that would be very unlikely, but we can begin to make small changes that will develop into bigger changes that will ultimately get us to the place where we want to be. It just takes an effort on our part to get it done.

Until next time, Phil

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