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New Light Messages June 2015

New Light Messages

June 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Know this: There is indeed a rare opportunity of convergence of forces uniting at the solstice of this your summer season. We do see three elements coming to union at that time. A fourth does join this trinity, as well: You do have celebration of Fathers Day upon that day while the moon is in that which represents purification, cleansing, correcting of earth matters (Virgo); while your Sun, representing the masculine principle, does enter Cancer, which is reflective, you see, of the feminine, soul force. There are indeed symbolic messages contained in this convergence, for you do see the conscious will of the mental principle, the masculine has sought complete dominion, control over all earth forces’ expression; dominion over that which is the feminine, the soul. Opportunity presents itself to correct, cleanse, realign, you see, the relationship between conscious will and elemental force (the Earth’s natural energies) to the physical plane, you see. Many more in your world do now become aware of the need for such realignment, for such reassessment of the relationship between will and nature’s way of the creative force. The way does unfold from within the creative force. Yes, now will many learn to sublimate the desire to dominate all the forces of nature by allowing the mental will to discern and choose the WAY; the way of the Heart, the way of Nature, the way of Soul, indeed, the way of Grace, Grace, we do say. For in this time it is seen that karma, consequence, results from dominance. Human will is a reality and does indeed generate much imbalance, much suffering. For with each layer of concrete, with each dam constructed, with each forest destroyed, the Way is lost.

And so you do have a rare opportunity as you move toward this solstice, to prepare the ceremony of the Sacred Pipe for those who do not recognize this opportunity or the need, for those who have forgotten the true role of the mental will. For it has become extremely clear in your world that imbalance has been created by those who refuse to follow the way and who seek to impose their will. It is for this reason that the Elder Brothers,* and elevated beings from beyond this world, the Masters of The Way have returned to help in this time to awaken and restore an awareness within the multitudes of the need for the feminine role of Grace, intuition which plays a role in the natural expression of the Way. It must be allowed, indeed, encouraged to become a guiding force within your world. Thus may the soul return to its critical position; thus may the creative force of human beings be allowed freedom to realign itself with the Spiritual element of existence.

And so, in preparation for your gathering to honor this convergence, we do say, inquire within as you prepare; inquire within self as to the balance between that which is conscious will, mental choice, you see, and that which is the way of the soul, of nature, of, indeed, Grace. For it is Grace that recognizes that which will elevate the soul, that which would cleanse and prepare the way for higher expression, emotion, intuition, and soul. Do think about these things, so that as you come together you will attain, not only for yourself, a balance that reflects your spiritual path, but also a reinforcement for others of the way to assist in realignment of will and the Way. In this manner you may help refine the choices and affirm the direction you have chosen, thus strengthen the Light of One within you and within the world.

Know this: It is your PURPOSE that is sacred in all things, all things created and given unto you for your sustenance, for your guidance, for your elevation and your growth. All things serve the Higher Good if your purpose is aligned with Higher Good – that which strives to express the highest manifestation of soul force. Know this and be at peace. We do say: As you gather together in the three-day period approaching solstice, pick an opportunity to go out into nature, to be in the world created for you, to commune with the Way; and in humility ask that you be shown Grace, that karmic patterns may be cleansed, and that you may find a higher relationship between conscious will and the creative Way, that you may reflect the harmony and beauty of your world as it was given unto you, and so indeed serve the Greater Good in achieving this new relationship. Do recall: As you establish a frequency of energetic flow from WITHIN, it does go out into the world and does strengthen that flow for multitudes. As it is within, so it is without; as above, so below. Go forth with this knowledge and do that, do that which you came to do; BE that which you did come to BE.

We are with you and stand ready to assist in every way needed. Call upon our assistance. Go now in the knowledge that the Light of the Holy One dwells within and all around, and shall guide you now and evermore on the path of the Prince of Peace with, indeed, the Lady of Grace going before you. We are with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Difficulties with wind will not abate soon.

Continuing earthquakes.

Many more dangers in the waters, excess waters, and more difficulty with ships.

Counter intense energies with laugher, laughter, laughter, smiles, smiles, but don’t lose sight of reality.


Dance in the morning,

dance in the evening,

dance at noontime.

Any time you dance it’ll be a prime time.

Roundhead is here, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.

Dancing, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.


Note: A contingent of the Elder Brothers (the Kogi tribe of Colombia) came to Colorado in late May to work with the indigenous peoples of the Four Corners Region.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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