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New Light Messages July 2015

New Light Messages

July, 2015


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, this one did inquire if indeed a stronger activity of the Sun during Solstice was a symbolic message. We do say, it is so. Many must learn the power of prayer, for we did indeed assist in stimulating such activity. It is crucial, you see, to understand the role of Co-Creators, and from that understanding does arise greater effectiveness, and greater willingness to fully participate as Co-Creators. Yet it must be that your will, your consciousness, and your soul be aligned with that which is the Creator, the Divine Source. For indeed, the message was intent to awaken others; it is so, as you yourselves have surmised. The Sun is indeed besieged by those who dare to have the arrogance to control by disrupting the natural cycles of life. Such intervention shall bring, and does even now bring, a heavy price for all life to bear. It must be recognized, and it must be transmuted, you see. Those who carry out these activities to control the very source of Light for your world must be brought to the altar of transformation, that there may be greater understanding of that which is indeed the WAY.

We have spoken of the Way, the flow of nature, of life. It is the Way of the Heart, indeed, it is a Way of the Heart as seen in recent days, an opening to the Light, to LOVE, that is before you. Will the multitudes step forward into that Light? Will they put aside fear, judgment of others, ignorance of the Law of Nature and embrace the Way of the Heart? Many, many do now come forward into the Light; yet others hesitate, believing they alone know the intent of The Creator, the Source, yes the Source of ALL, for all. Yes, Love is the law for all. Know this: Love is the intent; Love is the power, the manifest power of the Source. The Creator is indeed life, the giver of life. Those who hesitate to step forward into the opening to the Light provided must not be judged. They must be shown by your living; they must see the power of Love, Love in action. Only then may you be instruments of healing for those who are wounded, wounded you see, in heart, mind, and Soul. You who are in the Eye of The Storm may draw others by remaining focused on your intent to follow the Way of the Heart, to BE instruments of the Light, that it may shine through you to manifest the spirit, the Soul, motivated by Love rather than fear; motivated by Love rather than judgment; motivated by Love rather than hate. This is the sole power of the Co-Creator.

Know this: In coming days, weeks, there shall arise a great challenge to those who follow the Way of the Heart. Do not be dismayed; it shall dwindle of its own force; be weakened by its own stance. As in all things, the power of the shadow does devour itself, and so shall pass. Yet we would caution: Be aware; be aware and alert to each opportunity to send forth the Light, through thought, through prayer, through action; and do be conscientious in your movements, and cautious, we do say, without fear, yet with awareness. Know this: It is the way of one who holds steadily the Eye of The Storm.

All must be cautioned in caring for the body in the next eight to ten days. Do that which does support physical form, including, you see, attitude. Know this: You may have great impact through your vigils, your prayers, your attunement, your alignment to spiritual realms, as demonstrated by the solstice activity. Do not neglect to inquire within for the direction of flow, the direction the natural forces of life might require, and we shall continue to work with you to demonstrate what is possible. Stand always in the Light of One, Divine Source for all. As you follow the path of the Prince of Peace, we go with you, now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of the Light

She comes. She asks: Do not forget the young ones in every land. Your prayers do much to save many. Remember this: Fill your hearts with compassion, that they may receive Grace, healing, protection, Love. This She asks: Always remember the children, in every form of life. They are in great need in this time.(Shamaan appears to drink the Sacred water from cupped hands.) Yes, I see; thank you.

She sends blessings, blessings. “May the Holy One be with you.” Thank you. She asks that you pray that the Sacred waters be delivered to those who thirst so much, so much in this time. Pray that the Sacred waters be given to the children; so many die of thirst.


Roundhead has a message for all who are headed to the mountains: Trust, trust, trust till you bust. You will have what you must; but you will have to trust, trust, trust till you bust.

Not enough play; He says, not enough play.

He’s got to go.

Asparagus … helps make you happy. It filters what makes you savvy, so you are not full of sticky stuff.

Bye Roundhead. He says, okay, more play; even a little every few days. Every creature must play.

Trust in the magic, even in the midst of the tragic.

More Spirulina for everyone; a little every day for awhile. You’ll be able to keep your smile, if you do.

Visions Messages

The forests, the forests – they are losing their precious moss; without the moss, the trees are vulnerable to attack. Small but strong, the moss is strong and essential.

Be careful in the woods. Lyme, tick, woods – wear protective clothing. Be careful in the woods, for now.

I just saw Roundhead sitting at a table playing cards with somebody – don’t know who it was – it was a Light Being.

Transmissions received by Shamaan

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