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New Light Messages July 2015 #2

New Light Messages

July 2015 #2


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, this one does feel unprepared; yes, for we would remind you, it is not the mind that does prepare, not the body, but the Soul that prepares. For these times do present great challenges to the body. These challenges may be met on the level of Soul preparedness, you see, and for this the preparation has been indeed long.

We do say that these days may bring many unexpected turns. You shall find a need to practice patience and awareness. While it is so, many, many rely upon fear to achieve awareness for caution; we do say, this is not effective. Put aside fear and choose Higher Consciousness; for if indeed consciousness is rooted in Spiritual awareness, Spiritual focus, you shall be guided toward the appropriate direction. These days, indeed, these months shall bring for many, as given, unexpected challenges; and with those to come, as well, unexpected, unexpected opportunity. And so we recommend that you heed well to that which you do call intuition. Intuition is but the power of the soul guiding, that you may take one direction over another, one choice over another.

It is now seen by a great many that indeed the Earth does suffer great upheaval. The imbalance has indeed reached critical level. Fires shall continue to rage in many places, even beyond this continent. These are the fires of the Purification; they shall also rage within the Soul. It is also a time for the sacred fire to be strong. For this reason, again, we do say: Pay heed to the promptings of the Soul.

This one had an image of a bridge falling; indeed, the bridge was in danger and did fall. There will be others soon, in rapid succession. For the Earth, and all upon it, has become unstable. There is indeed more movement, even now, beneath that area known to you as Yellowstone.

Much more must be unleashed, for those who hold seats of power have yet to pay heed, you see, to that which does unfold. Too many still hold to the illusion that there may be convenient means of control for their needs of retaining the way of life enjoyed by few. Yet however powerful they are, they may not know the comfort of complete shelter from the storm. You and others who are committed to holding the Eye of the Storm shall be their only hope, as well as for many others.

In coming weeks, well into the next turning of the season [at Autumn Equinox], you must move about in your life with consciousness [the state of ‘mindfulness’ in Buddhism], prepared to alter course in an instant if need be. But we do say: May the path of the light-bearers BE of a light-hearted nature, and of reverence. Indeed will a great power expressed by the Creator, the Source, bring cause for gratitude. For you shall find solace in knowing there is an unbreakable link that allows you to know, to see what is needed in a given moment, as you will be shown. For the Great Awakener does reveal to those who have chosen the Way of the Heart, the Path of Light, the development of the soul, the needs for each moment, each circumstance.

We do say, celebrate, celebrate the union that you do share, as do all, with the Holy One. Celebrate each opportunity; and know that as you hold the Eye of the Storm, so you are held, so you are held in the Eye of the Holy One. As given, even now those who follow the Path of Light do stream into your world. Many among you have looked to see: Is there other life, they do say? We do say, ALL is life, and it does indeed come forth in this time to assist those who struggle, to assist those who are outside and within the Eye of the Storm.

In gratitude, know that you are among those who follow the Path of Light. It is not intended that your world shall pass completely away; how many and how much depends on an exceedingly few. Hold fast, hold fast, as we do walk with you the Path of the Prince of Peace toward the time of the Purple Sun; and the Way of the Heart shall join all together… as One. NOW IS YOUR HOUR; USE IT WELL.

Blessings of the Holy One shine upon you now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Okay. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Mushrooms, potatoes, and asparagus. Oh, that recipe is also with peppers!

This full moon Roundhead wants to dance.

There’s a good chance to get butts to glow and pick up anyone who’s feeling low.

He’s in the kitchen chopping up potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers; and in a pan next to it he’s steaming asparagus. He’s cutting pieces of red pepper – a dish to raise the energies and straighten that spine.


He’s saying, dance, dance, dance; but don’t forget your oxygen party.

Many will regret not being at your oxygen party. There are too many other things in the air besides oxygen. You must be aware.

Make it a party after the dance.

Bye Roundhead.

Don’t forget the oxygen. He’s off to his own oxygen party.

I thought I saw, “Welcome back.” He’s back.

He came to say, jokes and tall tales go well with an oxygen party.


I’m hearing this: It says, there are many in the world’s governments that are attempting to pave the way for the world to know that we are not alone in the universe of life… and never have been.

Blue, throat-charka blue. Focus, focus: This would be good for many to focus on throat-chakra blue.

The cleansing of karma must continue for the healing to come. Pray, pray, pray for those caught in the middle, and much good will be done.

I keep seeing airplanes, airplanes in trouble. Not unusual, but an unusual number.

Active volcanoes, becoming more active.


Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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