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New Light Messages October 2015

New Light Messages

October 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle.  We shall be exceedingly brief, you see.  Yet it is indeed crucial that this one, indeed ALL, who have come forward to serve the Light, ALL who have chosen the Way of the Heart; it is crucial to recall that it does require but a small deed that at times may yield a huge result that will serve the Greater Good, yes, that will serve the Greater Good.

We do remind that in this time there have been those who have been sent to assist, those who have come to serve the Light of One and hold the Eye of the Storm.  Yes, there is one who has come as servant and voice for the poor, for those oppressed, who does wear the white clothes and cap in service of the Cross.  Know this:  You were given the image to hold in vision of the dove in a tree shaped as the cross, while in the heavens above the crescent moon and star must shine forth as well. Bringing together these two worlds MUST occur, for it is indeed their coming together on the path of the Way of the Heart that shall save much of your world.

We do say:  This one must know that among the ancestors of this one are those of the Butterfly Clan.  It is not coincidence,* yet it is as well a reflection of commitment, you see, commitment to serve the Greater Good, the Way of Peace.  As each of you have chosen this path, SO YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN.  Yes, it does at times come hard, yet you shall see greater challenges do lie ahead.  The hand of the Great Awakener is not near to completion.  The Hand of GRACE is called forth by those who, like yourselves, join together to strengthen the Light and amplify the power of Love for, indeed, healing, healing of soul, of heart, yes, of body and mind as well, but soul first; later arises the Way of the Heart.  As given, many others shall come forth to strengthen the Way of the Heart, to carve the road of peace and to calm the powers of destruction that do foul your air, water, indeed, the very earth itself.  Many do come from beyond your world, for there are souls who have come into your world with many lifetimes behind them lived here upon the Earth.  Now is not the time to falter, nor to yield to the shadow, to yield to doubt, even, you see, despair.  You have chosen and have been chosen, not solely for your intent, but for your strength and courage as well.  Hold forth in the Eye of the Storm, even in the face of difficulties, even in the face of doubt.  Much has been given to assist; much more is to be given.  We do say, HOLD FORTH IN THE EYE OF THE STORM.  We stand with you and forever guide and assist at every step, however arduous it may be.  We commend you.  It is so.

The time that is celebrated as Christmas does bring grave dangers that begin to build in intensity even now.  The Angry Bear stirs much trouble and shall bring disaster if allowed to run loose.  The Descendant of the Pharaohs’ MUST find new strength, new courage, new commitment to his Higher Self, and his vision for future peace.

Know this:  It is well that you maintain your prayers and focus upon that which was, and is, the message of the Equinox just celebrated.  Let your prayers follow through as you approach the Solstice.  They may do much to disrupt, as you do say, the plans of the Angry Bear.  As you do see new Light and life before you, trust that the power of prayer may bring forth greater miracles. [A reference to the monarchs, Shamaan believes.]

We must take our leave at this time.  We do say, we walk WITH you the path of the Prince of Peace as we move inexorably toward the Way of the Heart and the Time of the Purple Sun.  Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

*… that the monarchs in caterpillar form were sent to this one to care for and bring to metamorphosis.


She leaves a simple message:  Pray, pray, pray for the children, and the dispossessed – pray that suffering may come to an end, and KINDNESS AND HOPE MAY BEGIN AGAIN.  By holding to the Light you can prevent much suffering.  Daily, light a candle briefly for those who suffer greatly, that their burdens might be eased and the Way of the Heart may open to them, and the children may know peace.  Yes, yes, yes.  (Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands; then hands over heart chakra)  Thank you.  Yes … thank you.


Fly little butterfly

Flutter, flutter

Flap those wings that

Look like butter.

Don’t let the good life pass you by,

Fly little butterfly, fly!

That’s why he sings that song.  Those wings are strong; eagles and butterflies have strong wings!

Oh, the dancing, the dancing, where ARE your dancing shoes?

You’re going to get the blues, and he’s not talking about the (blue) star [Supernova 1987A].

He’s wondering where your dancing shoes are!

You can dance to your own music; even if you can’t hear the outside music you’ve got it INSIDE.

Don’t let it hide.



Yes, that’s why, that’s why.  It [asparagus] helps flush what they drop from the sky.  That’s why, even twice (a week), because it helps you feel so nice.

Asparagus, asparagus …

Okay (laughs).  He’s says he’s through.  One more chocolate though.

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

And me!

Thank you, Roundhead.

Okay, alright.  Buckets are okay as long as you SING!

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

And me!

He’s riding off on an asparagus stalk like it’s a broomstick!

Never give up believing.

[Om’s – chanting]

He’s showing me why, but I don’t understand.  I don’t understand how potato helps the body function electrically.  Asparagus helps flush, flush the nasty stuff.  Why potato?  He’s sticking something into the potato – he’s doing something like an experiment.  It’s turns on a light (like a battery), it’s a LAMP!  Asparagus and potato are good for you.  In the spring is best of all, but you can’t neglect the fall. There he goes on a stalk of asparagus!!

Surround our butterflies with a circle of light, protective and guiding that they will MAKE IT ALL THE WAY, ALL THE WAY TO MEXICO SAFE.  They are going to help all, they are going to help all.  We’ll put circles of light around them [the butterflies – monarchs].

NOTE; I heard these words:  “If the butterflies survive, ALL will thrive!”

The moon, I feel it (just before the eclipsing moon became visible over the mountains).  There it is! (In remembrance of this year’s Harvest Moon,)

Transmissions received by Shamaan

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