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The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

Message To My Children

Message #20

Some of you know that I am a man who is in his early 70’s. In the past I have had health issues that I have had to deal with that at times became serious. It was some time ago that I decided to write a letter to my children that related a number of matters that I wanted them to know about. Even though there was nothing going on health wise that I knew of, I felt it was better to write the letter too early rather than too late. (The original version of this article was written one year ago. I am now revising it on October 13, 2015 because I got the results of a CT scan showing no tumors in sight. This one makes four clean CT’s in the last two years. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way I will continue.)

People write letters like this at different points in their lives in an attempt to explain some of their actions that they performed or some of the beliefs they held during their lives. These letters can be written to a spouse, children, friends or anyone who may be a significant person in your life. My letter to my children contained information that related the beliefs and truth that I live by. This information is not an attempt to get them to think my way or to change their beliefs. I recognize that they have their own paths to follow and I am not to interfere with their choices. It is only a declaration of how I lived my life so that any questions they may have had and were hesitant to ask about might be answered for them.

As I wrote the letter I beganto think that maybe it could be a good subject for an article. A portion of the letter contains information that was directed to my children who do not follow the same path that I am on. In fact they are following a very different path that is very much tied to religion.

Much of the information comes from what I have read and what comes from inside when I spend a little quiet time. I am well aware that this is “old information” to almost every reader of this article.

There are two sections in the letter that are titled, “things I want you to know” and “things I wish you knew”. The first section contains personal thoughts for my children. The second section contains the thoughts that are in italicsthat I wrote into the letter. (The information that is not in italics that expands on these thoughts was not included in the letter.)

  1. “God loves every Soul that He has ever made — Love is the greatest gift of all, including love for yourself”.

God loves all Souls regardless of how evolved they are or conversely, how unevolved and dark they are. He never ever abandons us no matter how much He may dislike how we conduct our lives. No one but the Soul knows if the conduct was in accord with the Soul’s life plan or if the personality representing the Soul was exercising its free expression. Either way God loves us.

God has said that we should love one another, but in order to truly love another you have to be able to love yourself. Now regarding “love one another”, I believe God is not only talking about our families and friends, but that He is also talking about all Souls in all reaches of the Cosmos. Forget about the “qualifiers” of who to love such as race, economic status, nationality, etc., as these qualifiers have been programmed into us by the world of illusions. Love one another means to love all personalities who are representing Souls. And love ourselves? Why not? The Soul we represent designed this present incarnation that we are on, for us to experience whatever life brings to us in the way of challenges. We should all say we are satisfied with who we are and get on with it! It is what it is!

2-“You have a direct connection to God whenever you choose to use it – He is always available.”

The shadow riders, or if you prefer the Children of the Lessor God, or the dark side, have endeavored over the millenniums to separate us from our direct connection to God through the use of various religions and requirements to go through intermediaries to reach God. Additionally all kinds of paradigms were erected such as politics, money, disease, war and civil strife, racial prejudices, economic differences, social orders, etc. in order to get us to forget about our direct connection to God. When we are busy worrying about these paradigms we forget to talk directly to God.

Some may be saying why would God have the time to listen to me? I’m just a simple person out here in the wilderness. WRONG! You represent a Soul and God loves you! (See 1. Above) And as far as God having the time to devote to listening to you, I would describe God as being the most proficient multitasker that you can imagine in your wildest dreams. He is available and on call.

3 -“Thoughts are Power, think positive and it will turn out positive if it was meant to be.” “Think negatively and it will turn out negative even if it wasn’t meant to be.”

Throughout my life there were many periods when I wasted energy worrying about something negative that might happen. Many times it never occurred. This was one of the most difficult aspects to overcome. It took me almost 50 years to finally believe in myself and know that I was good at what I did. I know there are those in my family and my friends who suffer from the same thing.

Thinking in a negative vein, I believe, is similar to expressing fear. And we know that the shadow riders are pleased whenever we go down that path. Sometimes I think they even can have an impact on something turning out negative even it wasn’t meant to be.

Now the real important theme of this item is that “Thoughts are Power”. We each, every one of us, has the ability to use our power to create what we want this world to be in the future. Using a sincere intent that comes from the heart, we can send thoughts out into the Universe that will join with other similar thoughts and come back to our world as a powerful force to make the desired changes. Does it happen overnight? Don’t know. But it could. But I believe that over a period of time things that need to change will change and if we are conscious enough, we will be able to detect when the changes occur. Sometimes we have to look back a long ways and then we can see that things really have changed.

4 – “Stay out of fear at all costs whenever you can – worry and anger are forms of fear”. “Fear is what the shadow riders feed on and they do everything they can to instill fear.”

There are a great number of mind dumbing items in the news media that I believe are meant to instill fear in us. News of fighting in various civil conflicts, the cold war, failing world and national economies, national debt, virus scares, political infighting, etc. all are meant to instill fear, anger or doubt in us. Every time one of us does this, the shadow riders sit back and enjoy it like it was five o’clock and time for a beverage of choice. Yes it is hard to watch the evening news but we should at least be aware of what the “programmers” are trying to get us to believe. However we should endeavor to remain detached from the issue and don’t invest any emotional energy into the item. This is very easy for me to say, but very difficult to continuously maintain a detached attitude. But we have to try.

Then there are the earth changes that I believe are coming. I can’t say that I won’t be afraid the minute they may occur, but I hope that I will realize what is happening and be ready to accept whatever comes my way. As I wrote in a previous article, you will either survive or you won’t. If you survive, then be ready to help those who may need your assistance. If you don’t survive, then the Soul you represent will have a pleasant journey to Nirvana where the Soul will begin to create a life plan for the next incarnation.

5 -“Every entity that exists in the world is a representative of a Soul that God has made whether human, animal (land and water), plant or mineral, even the Earth Star Planet.”

Pretty self-explanatory and needs no expansion, right? Then why do we treat animals that are raised for food so dastardly in our slaughterhouses? We can change this type of activity if we were to remember the way the Native Americans treated the buffalo. They respected the food source with ceremonies prior to the hunt and then when the kill was made they thanked the animal for giving its life for their benefit. Now some might be thinking, “He’s got to be kidding.”

Well I believe there are some who are changing the way they kill food animals due to pressure from various rights groups. But even though we may not be in that sphere of influence there is an act that I believe everyone can perform. And that is to give thanks for the meal they are about to consume. Some believe that by saying grace prior to a meal,it means giving thanks to God for the food. Now we could changeour way of giving thanks byalso mentally and consciously giving thanks to the animal, plant or mineral (salt) that was the source of the food item. The act of saying grace doesn’t have to be verbal; it can be a thought that works just as well.

The animals who are our pets or who perform tasks for us that they are so well suited for should be cherished for the service that they perform. Not beaten or kicked out of our way because they are underfoot; maybethey only wanted to be near us to comfort us. View them as Souls and look into their eyes and you might see God, if you have the ability to discern this. Don’t acquire a pet if you don’t intend to invest of yourself in its wellbeing. And that includes providing the proper nutrition that contains ingredients that are good for the animal and not a lot of additives and by-products. Yes, it costs more, but you have the obligation to provide the proper food. You wouldn’t eat by-products now would you? Why should they?

6 -“Every thought, word and deed is recorded and known by God every nanosecond of your life – you will review it when you pass over – and you will be your judge, not God.”

Ever had the thought that you sure would have liked to know this fact a lot earlier in your present incarnation? Like from day one! Wouldn’t this be a nice lesson to teach the young children growing up at the time when they would understand? Still we all go off on tangents with thoughts or actions that aren’t well thought out because we have forgotten the premise above.Some people believe that what they do out of the public view is only known to them. They would be surprised to know that all was recorded and the Soul they represent will have to review the actions, and be the judge of such actions, when the physical body dies and the Soul returns to Nirvana. Many religions teach that God is your judge and that He will judge harshly. And this doctrine then is the way religion instillsa fear of God so as to separate us from our connection to God. God will not judge you, BUT YOU WILL BE THE JUDGE OF HOW YOU SPENT THE RECENT LIFE TIME!!

7 -“Every individual lifetime you have had is only a small blip among the thousands the Soul you represent has designed for experiencing. Therefore no one should be afraid of death because death is not the end. It is but yet another opportunity for the Soul to plan a future incarnation that will add to the Journey. The physical body dies, the Soul exists forever and ever.”

Isn’t this a wonderful lifetime that God has granted us to be incarnated into? You either asked to be here at the present time or God asked you to be here. Either way both you and God agreed that you would be here. I for one thank God every day that I am here and doing what I can.

Until next time, Phil

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