Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts


Celest and David have asked three people to spearhead the formation of gatherings as announced by Blue Star the Pleiadian in his Blue Star transmission for December 25, 2015.  Responding to the email address that is posted on the Awakened Hearts website will allow any interested parties to notify us that they wish to participate in periodic meetings to be held.  We ask that you provide a first name and city and state, but do not include an address.

The three people who will be heading up the formation of the group live in Texas; however participation is not limited to those from Texas.  Anyone can come from wherever.  Participants will include True Light Workers who wish to meet with other like-minded Souls.   Other participants will include those who are serious individuals who desire to have a conversation with like-minded individuals, but just don’t know how or where to find such individuals or venues.  Participation is limited to persons and any guests that are 18 years and older.

A general intent of the group is to provide a safe meeting place for those wishing to meet others of like mind.  The group will discuss issues that each one of us may want to become more knowledgeable about.   We all have an understanding of spirituality, but no one has all the answers.  Together we will be able to advance the understanding of those participating.  But the important aspect of gathering together would be the knowledge that there is someone in our vicinity that we can contact.  This could occur after we get to know the other people and we have used our discernment that they are okay to be around.  We visualize that this group gathering would provide a safe environment to explore new friendships.

The group will begin meeting on a periodic basis at a location to be determined by the geographical dispersion of those who respond.  There are many readers of the Awakened Hearts website that live in Texas, however we have been informed that other groups will begin to gather in other parts of the country as well as around the world.

We anticipate starting each meeting with a general “get to know each other” and then a presentation on a topic by one of the three organizers.  The topics may come from an excerpt from a book referenced on Awakened Hearts, an update message from the Awakened Hearts website or other sources that the organizers are familiar with as a place to kick off the discussion that would follow.  We anticipate issuing program content in advance to give everyone an idea of what to expect when attending a meeting.  Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience during the discussions.  There will be no charge for anyone to attend a program, so we don’t anticipate having celebrities to come and talk about their area of expertise such as you would find at an expensive conference.

It is important that we gather in a group to join our THOUGHTS together and form a much larger sphere of influence in order to assist the Earth Star Planet and humanity to get to that place where we all want to be.  We each have our “Power of Thought”, which is a very powerful tool for us, and by joining together in these gatherings, we create a force that is much greater than the sum of the parts.

An additional goal will be accomplished by just knowing that there are others that are like us that we would feel comfortable contacting on a periodic basis to just “talk”.  In other words, we have the ability to set up a supporting family.  On a Soul level we all agreed to be here and do our part, so please join us and be a continuing member in the upcoming gatherings.

Dave, Cyndi and Katherine, Co-Creators of

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts

You may contact the three of us by emailing us at:


NOTE: Please include: your first Name, your last Name (if desired), your city and State and an email address you would wish to receive updates at.


~ Let the Gatherings Begin ~

*** If you or your friends live in other areas, other states or other countries and are desirous of starting your own “Groups,” contact Celest and David and express your desire to have them share with you any details you may be wondering about which will assist you in you in starting your own groups. They will gladly help to promote your own gatherings. Please email them at:


Please write “Group Gatherings” in the subject line


To read in entirety the Blue Star transmission, “The Double-Edged Sword that accompanies the Gift of Life,” from “Blue Star the Pleiadian” which was the timed catalyst for the Creation of this gathering of Awakened Souls, please go to:

In this particular transmission Blue Star mentioned that Celest and David are putting together a plan that will enable TRUE Light Workers to meet with other like-minded Souls. In this manner the thoughtwave will always continue to expand in ALL directions and that highly evolved glorious Light will infuse all the Light-filled fingerprints and footprints that you each are leaving on Terra. This will enable Terra to re-nourish herself and further Create new life species who will fill her beautiful new garden of Paradise. All the Luminescents approve of their plan and have just stated that this event will continue into infinity. It can not get any better than that can it!?

All of this was predestined long, long ago when we all gathered together in the great halls with God and all the other Luminescents, all the Masters and others of Divinity and viewed this current “timeline”  in Earth’s history when all good Souls would be needed to unite once again for just cause and Take a Stand as ONE. It was determined that during this Spatial time of coming together, uniting the islands of ourselves, would be pivotal in swinging the scales of justice in its predestined direction. We all agreed to do our part in fulfilling our personal as well as planetary missions. Starting these gatherings and holding Summits IS what we each agreed to do. Will you do what you can to be part of the solution now when you are needed most? Take part in this group Dave, Cyndi and Katherine are starting. Start your own groups. Start a Spiritual tsunami; the likes of which have never before been seen on this world. It is time for all of our diverse selves to come together and unite as one.

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