The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


Message #21

There are a number of prayers that children are taught from a very early age.  Some of them are very short so that children can learn them quickly and move onto always saying a prayer before meals or at bedtime.  I have two granddaughters whose dad purchased a used popup camper that was about 15-20 years old.  He had to do some repair to the camper but got it into workable shape to go camping.  The girls loved to go camping and just thought their dad had hung the moon with the purchase of the popup camper.  These girls at the time were 5 and 3 years old.  When one of the girls was asked to say the blessing before meals she would include, along with thanks for family and food, a “thank you for the camper van.”  The younger was particularly thankful for the camper because she would sometimes add the camper van phrase twice during the prayer; I guess it case God missed it the first time.  They are an absolute delight to be around.

Now most people ask God to bless the food prior to mealtime with either a spoken prayer or sometimes a song.  I believe anytime anyone prays to God it is a good action and God hears all prayers.  Recently I have been thinking about who should also be included in the thanks for the meals that we enjoy as a method of maintaining our physical bodies.

The Native Americans always thanked the source of the food for giving up its existence and providing them with the ingredients for the food that was eaten.  Now most would think that this action only involved animals and fish and how they would stage hunts to supply the needed food to last throughout the winter months.  However I believe they also thanked other entities for food.  There were other entities such as the berry bushes that produced fruit that was dried for consumption later or used as taste enhancers in other foods that they prepared.  Of course the bushes were allowed to grow from year to year.  But there were plants that were used for medicinal purposes and plants that were harvested for their parts that were eaten as a meal.  These plants did not continue to live from year to year and the Native Americans would thank the plant for giving up its life for their benefit.

I believe the Native Americans knew that all of the sources of the food that they ate represented a Soul that was made by the Great Spirit (God) and they acknowledged this fact in their ceremonies and prayers of thanks to those beings.  I have read books that reflected that animals would even present themselves to the hunters when there was a scarcity of food in the area where the hunters lived.  Now these books were classified as fiction, but sometimes fiction is closer to reality than the world of illusions would have you believe.

The other thing about the utilization of the animal for food, it just didn’t stop with the meat, but the Native Americans used almost all of the parts of the entire animal for other purposes.  Skins were used for clothing, horns, antlers and bones for utensils, stomachs and intestines for other uses.  Nothing was wasted.  And the Native Americans never took all of the animals or plants in a setting, but left enough so that the animals and plants could continue to thrive and provide sustenance for them in the future.

There was a purpose for the ceremonies and prayers that the Native Americans used.  I wonder how many prayers are said today to give thanks to the source of the food that we eat.  I imagine the great majority of prayers being made involve asking for those items that would make life easier to tolerate if that is the situation of the individual praying.  Depending upon the life plan of an individual, they may be asking for the very things that would allow them to exist from day to day.  On the other hand the individual with a completely different life plan could be asking for those things that they don’t really “need” but only “like” so much that they now “want” the item(s).  Do they need it – no, but sometimes that doesn’t enter into their thought process.  So the prayer is issued to the Universe and I imagine sometimes it produces the item and maybe, because of intent, more times it doesn’t produce the item.  The Soul knows what is necessary for the personality to complete the life plan that the Soul designed.

So I was lying in bed this morning prior to getting up (it was very cold for us in this area of the country) and I began thinking about the content of this article.  The thought I had was trying to come up with prayers that could be taught to the young that would also include the thanks to the entity that was the source for the food that we eat.  Then that thought progressed into the idea of presenting additional phrases that would incorporate spiritual themes into everyone’s everyday prayers, or at least the spiritual themes that I am conscious of.  I’m sure there are many more folks out there who even now are including themes into their prayers that are more comprehensive than any I can come up with.

Maybe we could add phrases that give thanks to God for:

  1. The present lifetime granted to you and for the tasks that the Soul you represent agreed to perform prior to entering the Earth Star plane. Maybe some of the tasks aren’t pleasant and then there may be some that are extremely enjoyable.  It is all about experiencing and it really is nothing personal being directed at you.  It is what the Soul you represent decided it wanted to experience this time around.  And it could be, if it is not a pleasant task, one that you may have skipped the first time the Soul put it into a previous lifetime or lifetimes.  So it would be well to go ahead and buck up and get it done right.
  1. The other personalities who represent the Souls who joined the Soul you represent in performing the events that came your way, even though some of them were very unpleasant to endure. These same Souls could have been part of many previous lifetimes that you have had in a variety of scenarios.
  1. All the beings that make up life on the Earth Star Planet. Included in those that represent Souls are humans, animals, creatures of the seas, birds of the air, and trees, bushes, plants of the forests and plains.  Also the entities that are the land, rocks and mountains who are performing the act of being the most valuable of record keepers.
  1. The beings throughout the Cosmos who have continuously sent Light and Love to the Earth Star Planet in response to a call from the God of this Universe so that Terra could begin to heal herself and begin her journey from the dark third dimension to the fourth dimension and on to her journey to the fifth dimension.
  2. The Star Brothers and Sisters who are maintaining an unseen presence (unseen by most of humanity) surrounding the Earth Star Planet and who have mitigated much of the dire effects of the actions of the Dark Side.
  1. The Star entities who are now presently incarnated on the Earth Star Planet and who are performing roles that are helping to offset some of the actions of the shadow riders in various places in government and industry. Many of these entities may also be in positions of influence to assist in the new government leadership in the future.
  1. The Walk-Ins and Star Seeds who live among us and are helping us to learn (relearn) more about how we should all be leading spiritual lives.

As I mentioned earlier I am sure that many are be able to construct phrases that they have used and phrases that they would use in the future.

Until next time, Phil

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