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New Light Messages February 2016

New Light Messages

February 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yet we must be brief. We would have you know this: In coming days, and indeed weeks, there shall be a high tendency toward contention. We do see strong energy frequencies bathing your planet, as the Great Awakener does quicken the pace. It would be well that you do avoid yielding to the contentions-frequency which does now sweep across your planet. There are indeed massive changes that do now unfold beneath the surface of your Earth. Within rock and soil increased tremors will be felt. These destructive forces are brought into play by those of the shadow world, yet they may serve to awaken many, many who do yet sleep beneath the veil of comfort, the veil of complacency, you see. Yes, we would advise that you do use a small piece of copper or gold within your bodily sphere that the increased electricity and other frequencies may be shunted away from body.

Do maintain a daily period of silence for a minimum of two weeks. A three- to four- minute period of sitting in silence is that which does stabilize the electromagnetic field within and without. It may be done in the morning. In this time you shall find intense restlessness does besiege mind and body. We do advise placing spinal cord against a tree, allowing body to adapt to the flows that are within the earth and that do serve to bring harmony with same.

We do say: Those forces that would control every facet of government have now begun to quicken their effort to skew, to choose, as you do say, the successor to the seat of power. Those forces would be extremely detrimental to all life in your world. We do at this time remind each to hold steady the Light within and around self, to hold steady within the Eye of the Storm, so that Light may be an obstacle to those who seek by manipulation to claim the seat of power. The shadow must not be victorious. You are /needed/ to hold forth the Light.

We do take our leave, yet we do request that you – on the sixth day of the coming month (March 6^th ) – be very cautious in movement and in mind, for there shall be an intensity of energy that shall be very extreme. We have assisted this one, and have assisted each one. May the blessings of the Holy One pour down upon you now and evermore. We do walk with you on the path of the Prince of Peace. Know this and be comforted in these difficult times.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of Grace

She cannot stay, the Lady of Grace, but She asks prayers for the children. Pray for the children. (Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands.) Thank you, my Lady. (Hands over heart chakra) Each prayer will lessen the suffering for thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Your actions, your prayers HELP the suffering.

The dove, crescent moon and star, rose, the tree of life – these are the elements that will turn the tide. Use them *well*!

Visions, Messages

The passionflower and the poppy may be a combination to soothe. Two-thirds passionflower and one-third poppy.

Spring comes early, I smell it.

What is that? I see red, red underground, like moving lava, lots of lava. Powerful moving energy. It’s moving fast, rising and sinking and moving forward at the same time. Massive collapses of sections of Earth occur. I’m hearing that it’s too soon to tell what direction it will release. It will be powerful.

I hear this message. The one who spews invective shall not be elected … unless multitudes yield to the shadow.

I keep seeing something red. I don’t know what it is. I see the continental plates. It looks like I’m seeing from outer space one continental plate pushing against another, northwest. A powerful blast increasing the pressure enormously. That’s what sets the lava flowing. But, it also sets off the people who are not very stable. It feels like a jolt of a big land mass.


Some asparagus, he says. Got to eat it!

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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