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New Light Messages March 2016

New Light Messages

March 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, once again we must be brief, you see. Yes, you do experience this day that which is the expression of disruptive, discordant energies. That which does unfold, you see, is directed, indeed, deliberate frequency of electromagnetic energy emanating from within your sphere and beyond. These frequencies are manifested, you see, by that which is your technology, that which is known as wireless high-frequency radio signals. It is a dramatic increase of Earth being bathed, indeed invaded, we do say, by multiple sources. Those which do rotate within your spatial sphere as satellites and those that are manifested from that instrument, you do know as HAARP. There have been additional disruptive frequencies contributed by China and North Korea, as well as others.

There is a race, an accelerated effort to control circumstances, events, natural cycles, which began originally as attempts to manipulate and control these cycles but has become more effective in disrupting, /disturbing/ the cycles and continuing to do great harm throughout every level of life. Those which you do call the superpowers do generate forces that they cannot control, and these forces /exacerbate/, you see, that which is known as global warming, you see, climate change. Know this – far more than climate change is being affected. New lifeforms at the microscopic levels are being generated, and their impact shall be seen ever more frequently in coming months and, indeed, decades of cycles. There are aids that shall come into your sphere to assist in adapting, yet adaptation is not fully possible. Knowledge of these manipulating forces must come to consciousness throughout your world, that they may be terminated in time to prevent great disaster, you see.

As you do approach the equinox, you shall find great intensity in energy fields from within and without. And we do repeat: a time of stillness, quiet, in sitting daily – minimum of three minutes, preferably more – will be of great service. For there will be frequencies contributed from our resource to assist you in aligning your physical, mental, emotional energies to a higher, more harmonious frequency to override those that bring disruption, anxiety, contention, and conflict. We do say it is indeed as this one has surmised: Aberrant mental behavior is greatly influenced by these disruptive frequencies, and so you have circumstances of unexpected danger that do arise. Know this: You will find protection in the Eye of the Storm; you will find protection in achieving stillness; you will find protection in aligning higher consciousness with the frequencies we shall provide, and do even now. For know this: All, ALL, we do say, are affected, some more than others. You must stand firm in the Light of the Eye of the Storm and not allow mental despair, as you do say, to deflect you from your course.

You must be steady in the Eye of the Storm, *that you may assist others*. You may be a Light for others, as we are for you. Challenging times, yes, but not so much as shall be for the many who follow in coming decades. You may be an instrument to assist in alleviating the impact of these disruptive forces upon others.

We shall continue to assist, and we shall stand with you in the Eye of the Storm. As we will be there for you, so shall you be for others, for it will be the sole means by which a great many shall be saved, you see. Even now so many species do fade into nonexistence; so many future generations are distorted in their physical makeup by
that which does now unfold.

We do leave you with this knowledge. It is not too late to bring into awareness that which does unfold and may be stopped in time. It is not yet too late, we do say, though it is so that you do approach the point of no return rapidly. Remain steady; hold forth in the Eye of the Storm; allow the stillness to assist and help in bringing that which would heal, and help uplift.

(Pause) Yes, the frequency that shall assist is given. Remain RECEPTIVE within yourself and you shall be given same. As we do walk with you upon the path of the Prince of Peace, so shall we assist in times of need. CALL, (issue the Call) you have but to call to know that WE are with you. We do now take our leave.

May the blessings of the Holy One be felt by you as they do pour upon you, now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Many things to say, but Roundhead can’t stay.

Turnips, turnips, turnips and peas if you please.

More for coming time; the asparagus begins to climb to the sun.

Asparagus, yes, yes.

Dance, dance, where is the dance?

Keep your feet on the track; don’t turn back.

Asparagus, asparagus, lovely, lovely asparagus.

Does not allow toxins to remain.

Helps keep your light aflame, aflame; no poisons to darken the blood.

And keeps your thoughts out of the mud!

Yes, think asparagus for /breakfast/, too.

Yes, yes, it can help you. Delicious!

Lady of the Blue Light

The children need your prayers; */all/* species need prayers. They are slaughtering the buffalo; the mamas and the babies are being killed. No, no! (weeping silently, then hands cupped in bowl shape). Grace. Your Grace replaces karma with love. Your Grace could replace it with love everywhere.

(Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands and then places hands over heart chakra.)

Yes, my Lady. She says, “Be at peace, for those who carry the memory of the Earth as it once was – in beauty, harmony and balance with the way of life – shall return to help restore the way of life, of Grace and understanding of the One Source of life that serves all. Be at peace and pray for the little ones.

Messages, Visions

The light of the Blue Star (Supernova 1987A) still quickens the Spiritual evolution of those who have awakened, and it awakens those who still sleep.

I hear a single sentence: True love is suffering ended. Yes, it is Melchizedek (that I see); it is the Light of Melchizedek. “It’s my Light I see,” he says. Beautiful!

The mantle of the Earth! Big movements, big earthquakes coming. The mantle is destabilized, it seems, or shaken, or broken – big movements, coming.

Roundhead (again)

Roundhead is saying, “Hang on.

The ride is about to get interesting.”

He says, “More play, more play, makes it easier to stay with more play.”


Transmissions received by Shamaan

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