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New Light Messages April 2016

New Light Messages

April 2016


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle, although not complete in body (missing Roses & Sandra). It is complete in Spirit, you see. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know that the coming days of this week shall bring great intensity, as you do say. Those movements pertaining to the cosmos or heavens above (planets, etc.) shall be felt far more strongly by many, for the hand of the Great Awakener has been accelerated, indeed, intensified. It is necessary, you see, for those who do follow the path of the shadow, who do refuse to embrace the Way of the Heart, to embrace the natural world’s rhythms, and we do say, needs, have made it necessary to increase the activity, to increase the weight of the hand of the Great Awakener. Heed well in coming days a period of stillness, quiet, that you may not be caught up in this storm. It need not be extensive time; begin with three minutes. If done from a place of quiet and stillness, it will be sufficient to restore the balance within body, mind, and soul.

Know this: Upheaval, chaos shall continue to accelerate for those consumed by fear, fear and anger. They assist to create conditions in which the shadow force shall consume itself. Ally yourself with those of the Way of the Heart, with the path of peace; and when you do see those caught up in the storm caused by the shadow, use your Light to emanate compassion; offer your prayers to call for PEACE, COMPASSION, HEALING of the soul that karma may be erased and replaced by love!

We do conclude. You must see that those elements of your government who do stand staunchly in the shadow and refuse opportunities to embrace the Heart, are those who quicken the demise of the very thing they do seek – power, greed, arrogance. These things shall devour them. Remember your own path to compassion; do not celebrate their demise. Send forth prayers for healing and compassion. Send forth The Clarion Call that they be taken to the Altar of Transformation and awakened to their Higher Selves to experience the ecstasy, the beauty of an Open Heart. Do this and you shall */aid/* the coming of the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, as we have assisted this one, so we shall assist each one. Hold steady in the Eye of the Storm, even in the face of unpredictable circumstances, even in the face of SUDDEN CHANGE! Know that you are held in the Light of One, as you hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Go now upon the Path of the Prince of Peace. Know that the blessings of the Holy One shine upon you and are with you now and evermore. We do go with you, for in each moment we are present.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We ARE.

Visions, Messages, & More

The great cleansing is speeded up. Those who scar the sky do greater harm by speeding up the melting …

Roundhead wants us to dance. Just give it a chance. Yes, yes. (Pause)

Houses falling down. Cliffs collapsing. Flooding, flooding, flooding. Drying, drying, drying out in other places; faster, faster.

Beware, there are elements attempting to buy water resources from this region (San Luis Valley, Colorado). They are not from this country.

PRAY for the bears; they suffer so. Black, brown and white bears suffer so!

I see prayer flags fluttering in the wind. [It’s Tibet sending prayers to help strengthen the Way of the Heart.]

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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