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New Light Messages April 2016 #2

New Light Messages

April 10, 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we do see, it is not complete, though it is indeed a circle. (Several members of this onsite group were sick, so not present.) We shall be exceedingly brief.

In this time you shall find great need, we do say, to respond to the unexpected. It is a time of disintegration of the shadow forces. What might ordinarily be depended upon is dissolving. It is a time of upending, upending.

Much, much more is being done to your atmosphere than even you do imagine. It does disrupt much within and beyond your only home, your planet, you see.

Know this: In coming weeks, until the beginning of the following month, you see, much will be upended in this world. Many shall strive to maintain the ordinary, we do say; life shall not be ordinary. There will be a need for responding to the unexpected with grace, grace. It is indeed more than good humor; it is grace, compassion, and willingness. You must heed these ways if you would maintain the Eye of the Storm within these coming weeks, indeed months. It shall require an adaptation, a willingness to alter plans.

You must know the unexpected will challenge your bodies greatly. Remain focused on intention, intention; remain focused on intention and willingness. Though you may adapt to that which is called chaos, confusion, you shall find an easier passage in the end period of the coming month. You must maintain your commitment to the Light of One and maintain your position in the Eye of the Storm. The Way of the Heart shall be challenged, but it shall not be overcome. It shall appear as though the forces of the shadow will be victorious; IT IS NOT SO. Maintain your place; it is so crucial in this time.

We do say: Recall you are to merely ask and we shall be of service to each. We do now take our leave, and we call upon you to hold fast to the Light. Maintain in your heart, your mind, your steady focus on your Spiritual Source – it is LIGHT, it is Light of One emanating from the center of all existence.

We have assisted this one, as we shall assist each one. Go now on the path of the Prince of Peace, as the blessings of the Holy One shower upon you and go before you. Look to the unexpected, unusual within your sphere and sky within coming days. We are with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Visions, Messages

Upheavals. Tremendous upheavals.

I have these words: “Follow the Way of the Heart and you’ll follow Truth.”

Egypt, Egypt is drawn in.

Want to impress, not to forget the three moments of silence (mentioned in the March NLM). Even extend them, but don’t neglect them.

Bombardment of cosmic rays will cause confusion in coming few weeks.*

Deluge, rains, flooding.

The Great Awakener will be very active in coming weeks.

As you go about your days in coming weeks, be prepared to change direction if necessary. It may save much regret.


Remember to have asparagus. Radishes for stomach aid in digestion.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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