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New Light Messages June 2016

New Light Messages

June 2016


Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet we would have you know this: In [these] days great challenge does come for many, many – most of your world are subject to these challenges. You will find unusual pressures, difficulties, challenges, you see, that do manifest in every portion of this world. It is indeed a trying time, yet one that does promise growth, you see, GROWTH. There will be a deepening of the separation between those who follow the shadow and those who are of the Light of One, and that deepening, strife, chaos, does extend into every corner. You may have peace only if you hold true to that Light. You must be true to your Spiritual commitment to the path of the Way of the Heart, and not allow your energies to be drawn off by any, any component of the shadow. We do say, a great many more shall find unusual conditions to standard at present.

Those elements (of your military’s and governments) that do proceed to toy with the forces of nature shall not be easily dissuaded to end their efforts at dominion soon, you see.

There will be great need to remain, remain on the path you have chosen; not merely for Spiritual growth, but for the physical, you see. IT IS CRITICAL to heed that which you do take into your body, critical to heed those energy forces that you subject yourself to. It is so in instances even where it cannot be avoided, there is the power of prayer. You must understand that we await to serve your greater good in every moment, every instance. You have but to CALL. It [help] shall be provided.

Know this: many do have difficulty believing that the body, that which is given to serving the Light of One, may be at risk due to unexpected, unusual events, may be. It is not only an individual peril but Soul-group peril that is at risk. It would behoove you to be constantly, constantly aware and in direct contact with that aspect of your consciousness that does generate the higher brain functions, such as INTUITION, RECEPTIVITY, OPENNESS, that would allow information to precede an event. It is far easier to avoid peril than to extract self from same. Yet in these times of challenge and difficulty, The Light still is the ALL of your existence. Your life still remains to be enjoyed. Yield not to fear, yet remain aware of the resources you have that are available to you. WE are such a resource.

As you do approach the solstice, know this: It is a most, we do say, most critical turning point. Much will be decided and put into motion that will impact most of your world’s population. Prayer, holding forth in the Light of One, expanding the circle of those who serve The Light of One, and living from the Way of the Heart will be your greatest strength to impact choices made by those in power. Direct choices toward peace, healing, healing, we do say, and compassion. More information is forthcoming about the solstice, but we must now take our leave. We do so with this blessing: reminding you we walk beside you in the path of the Prince of Peace and the Way of the Heart. We are your steadfast companions, guides, upon this path — resources to aid you in times of difficulty; you have but to call — for we serve The One, The One Source of Life, Light, and the greatest balm, LOVE. Be at peace. We are with you.

The Lady of Grace

The children. Blue Light, send them Blue Light everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. The children are in need. A single moment in prayer can save thousands.

Roundhead & Message

No time for Roundhead; eat chocolate instead.

“There are those who hear, but will not listen; there are those who look, but will not see.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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