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New Light Messages June 2016 #2

New Light Messages

June 19, 2016

Solstice Vigil, Abridged Version

Note from Celest and David: “We apologize for not posting this before the solstice, however we did not receive it until now. We ask you to remember what we have taught (reminded) you of and that is you CAN still participate/contribute to the energetic movement being Created/Manifested and put into motion by others on the solstice. All you need to do is to clear your mind and “send” yourself to that timeline/gridline intersection. If time is an illusion, which it is, and everything happens in The NOW then you should have no problem “being in two places at the same time.” We ask you to also remember that every thought, deed or action attracts similar thought forms and energies so your contributions are adding to “collective” of the energetic waves which were/are already in motion.”


In this time period that you do now live through, it is one of the most crucial, you see, crucial, not simply for people but for animals, for your Earth, your air, your water. All that does sustain life is at an extreme crossroads, as you do say. With every such cycle there does arise points in the rhythm of time that allow for the creation, the coming into form of miracles, interventions, which you do deem miracles. Yes, we do intervene in every expression of your world, for there is need of that which would inexplicably overcome, transcend even, to clear all blockages to the Way of the Heart. These happenstances, these unfoldings that do transcend forces of the shadow, those forces that would seek devastation for the sake of comfort, for the sake of convenience. It is not efficient to come up against these forces, for coming into contact with them does risk uncentering and removing you from the Eye of the Storm. We do say, do not challenge by coming into involvement with, even testing, such forces; rather, transform self into a channel through which *miracles can manifest*, through which miracles can come into your world and can lift the shadow from the seats of power, and lift the shadow from the hearts of those confused by fear; lift the shadow from even the very soul itself. As you know, many others and all present are so willing, willing, /willing/, we do say, to become as a channel through which miracles, miracles of Light may pour forth into your world. You then become co-creator. As Co-Creator, you do not MAKE a miracle, you CALL FORTH and ALLOW a miracle to express through you. Yes, and so it is.

Solstice does present an opportunity to offer self as a channel, to allow miracles to flow through. Yes, it is abundantly clear that many, many miracles are needed, you see, needed. And so in celebration of the turning of the cycle (solstice), indeed in alignment with the turning of the cycle, we do request that you increase your role, your ability to offer self as a channel, an instrument, an opportunity to bring into your world the power of the Holy One, who is the Source of miracles. Call, call. What would you have – breathe in the Light of the miraculous? What would you have – the Source, the Holy Creator relieve, uplift, heal? For what would you have a miracle be performed? Begin praying out of the heart of pure love, for you have been shown many times, not simply once but many times, that you and others like you who would hold to the Light may be channels for miracles. Remain centered in the Eye of the Storm. Indeed, yes, we are among you. You have been shown that as Co-Creator you may be the doorway, the channel, a means by which a miracle may be passed into this world. One among you is in need of such a miracle. You have called us; your call shall be answered. Know this: though a miracle may be called upon, it must be willingly received, TREASURED, to extend her life. We do say that in this turning of the cycles of your world, how many, many needs a miracle would be a welcome intervention. Remain centered in the Eye of the Storm.

A miracle, you see, would be an appropriate means by which a transformation bringing healing, protection, hope, love, etc., may be /triumphant/, we do say, TRIUMPHANT. You may accelerate this triumph by healing self, honoring the path. Use well your Soul’s choice to become as a Co-Creator. Use well that which you have been shown. Let doubt and judgment be enveloped by the Light of the Holy Creator of your holy source of Light, of Life, indeed of Love, and offer prayers for all that exists. Give your full, /full/ commitment, we do say. Yes, it is well; this one shall provide details, we do say, as each one is able to participate. So it shall be. Do not concern self with exactitude. Know this: Each moment in which you apply your full conscious awareness of your role, you do honor the cycle and this time of your life in which your Soul does reside.

Lady of Light

Thank you my Lady (hands over heart chakra).Call also for many miracles for the children, She asks.


Asparagus, asparagus, asparagus. Fret not about your clock; take the whole day to pray. Gather, gather in the evening (7:00pm MDT).

Herb soup, asparagus soup.

Solstice Prayers for the World and All In It!

The hour will not matter; time itself will be the stream that carries your prayers. Each hour, pause. Attend to your focus upon the call. Miracles await, miracles await. Oh, you /can’t/ be late. I see. Don’t worry about being late before or after solstice. Yes, I heard we are to gather at seven to set in motion a Creating form – of the miracles you have called upon. At the close of your gathering, celebrate, for The Light has won.

Transmissions from “The Messengers” received by Shamaan Eagle

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