Viewing our Evolving Selves

Viewing our Evolving Selves

The Gifts of Experience

Message #24

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their latest posting on “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their ongoing trip in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with other “Gatherers” of like-mind.  

Blue Star the Pleiadian mentioned them and their venture in his current “Blue Star Transmission” “In the Ears of the Beholders.” 

Warning!! This may be a little convoluted because I really don’t know how to judge how evolved I am or how advanced others are or appear to be to me, or not.  Five to ten years ago I would have said that I was just a “newbie” on the journey to becoming awakened.  By that time I had read a number of books including the “Matthew Books” and the first few books of “The God Book Series.”  I would read about many issues that were new to me and they somehow resonated with me and encouraged me to continue down the path of learning more to become a spiritual person.  But was I one of the personalities that were mentioned in the books as being an important entity forthe hope of the future of mankind and the Earth Star Planet?  Back then I didn’t view myself as such even though I now think that I may have been a “person of interest” on some level or another.

But when you really think about it, how important is it to have a label attached to you designating your spiritual progress?  Everyone, and I include EVERYONE, is on a different path of evolvement and as they say, you are what you are, so get over having a label that some might think would make them better(?) or more advanced than someone else.  We all should be working together to achieve that level of evolvement that the Soul we represent had designed into the present life plan that we are experiencing.  And we should be working to help all others to achieve their goals also and not be just a taker.  As a very spiritual person once said, it is better to give than to receive.  And I believe that really applies to helping others achieve the very best level of evolvement that they can.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with others and you may find that both of you will learn and advance.  You can’t continuously expect others to feed you forever.  You must extract yourself from their coattails and venture out on your own to help others and by doing so you will learn even more.

How does one know if they are evolving at a pace that is satisfactory to the Soul that they represent?There is no way that I know of, consciously that is.  This is a good question and so maybe one should take the temperature of the mental mind so to speak.  Now that does sound convoluted doesn’t it.  But consider how you feel from day to day.  Are you satisfied with your general mental wellbeing or are you a little off balance and that there may be something missing and you should have a more relaxed attitude from day to day.  That is the way I feel sometimes and then I believe that my mental mind temperature is a little off kilter.  So how does one get to feeling better in their mental state and more importantly in a spiritual state?

I find that I need to read books or articles that deal with spiritual matters.  It seems to ground me and then the feeling that I am off kilter seems to go away until that period of time when I again slip back into the habit of “not reading enough”.  So why does reading about spiritual matters do the trick for me?  I think that the Soul that I represent “likes it” when I read about spiritual matters.  Now some may be saying the Soul does in fact know a great deal more about spiritual matters than the personality will ever know, so why does the author think that the Soul likes hearing such things.  It may be just an indicator to the Soul that the personality is working at establishing a better connection to the Soul and even if it seems to take an extraordinary amount of time, the Soul is “happy” that this is the direction that the personality is taking and not another direction that leads the personality away from the Soul.

Sound crazy; well maybe so but that is the only thing that comes to mind as I write this article.  I have said before that I can start an article with some heading and then a somewhat different subject matter comes out of my typing and appears on the paper.  I have learned to trust such occurrences and just not question what shows up on the paper.  Some may now have stopped reading this article because they think the author may be getting a little daft.  And that is okay with me.  Someday they may begin to write and find out how therapeutic such a task can be.  Just let it flow from somewhere in the back of your mind.

I seem to have gotten off course so let us return to the subject at hand.

So how do you view your spiritual self?  Are you an advanced person and could be considered someone as described in the God Books as a Light Weaver, a Light Worker or some other descriptor.  I suppose there are persons who take the approach that they are very spiritual and consider themselves to be very advanced in their evolvement.  Then there are those who may take a different approach and consider themselves as “a newbie” just like I do at times.  And that could also come from the lack of confidence that we may have in common.  I guess I just don’t want to be perceivedas something I am not and having an ego trip about what level of evolvement I presently am at.  I just am what I am and that’s all there is to it.  I will help anyone who has a question that I can answer but it will probably only be a plain vanilla answer.  It won’t be some esoteric answer that involves a great deal of technical spiritual data that some people seem to have at their beck and call.  I‘m not denigrating them because they are doing what they can do; it is just in a different manner than I would do it.I am just an average person that wants to learn from others and in the meantime if I can help teach others about some things that I may know and they don’t then I am happy to do so.

Let us now approach this matter from the viewpoint that God has mentioned in his God Book Series.  He stated that we all are a lot more than we consider ourselves to be.Now I am not saying that we should all do a one eighty and end up with having a “big head”, but just to consider this different point of view.  We are all reading this article on a website that is extremely accomplished and knowledgeable about how to become a more spiritual person.  So we should give ourselves credit for doing something right just because we visit this website and read much of what is contained therein and read from the recommended list of books.  We are doing something right and maybe we don’t view ourselves as Light Workers, but we are surely on the path of becoming one if we continue to work at this task.  Yes, it may take a while to achieve that status and maybe we don’t get there in this lifetime, but we very well will be a Light Worker in some future lifetime, maybe not on Earth, but somewhere else in the Universe that we live in.  And that is a good feeling to have.

Whenever you are in a place where other spiritual people are together, do not be intimidated because you think you may “bump” into someone who is indeed a True Light Worker and you won’t know how to act.  Whether Light Worker or newbie, we are all representing Souls that God has made.  We are just on different paths and have different timelines and different grid lines that affect our respective paths.  Just be your honest and straightforward self because you may have something that they are seeking and you will find a common ground to start a friendship.  And that friendship will be part of advancing both yourself and the Light Worker to whatever spiritual goal that the two of you may have.

Now that some may have changed their minds about their spiritual opinion of themselves, you should remember to just continue to be your humble selves and work toward that goal of helping others and the Earth in any way that you can.Take a chance and be more than you consider yourselves to be!  Find others in your area that you can talk to and meet with.  Some may be saying that they don’t have the time to go to a meeting without knowing anyone there and then worrying about wasting their time. Just consider how much time the Soul that you represent has experienced while reincarnating a thousand times or more prior to this lifetime?  Then these meetings with others will only take a very minuscule fraction of time compared to the time that the Soul has spent on itsSoul’s Journey.  This time spent meeting with others could very well be the most important moments spent in the last thousand years of lifetimes you have experienced.  So I know we all have the time to meet with others and give ourselves a chance to branch out.  Yes, you will probably be the student at times but also you may very well be the teacher at other times and that is why we are here.

Every personality on the Earth Star Planet represents a Soul that was birthed by a Luminescent of a Universe located somewhere in the Cosmos.  Yes some of the Souls are from the dark side but that is their issue to have to deal with.  Just be cognizant that these dark Souls exist and then concentrate on those personalities who represent Souls that are of the Light.  We were always meant to work together for the common good and we are all here to work toward reestablishing that end.  Some Souls are old Souls and some are younger Souls and all Souls have varying levels of evolvement, but working together we can all advance in our evolvement and turn the Earth Star Planet back into the Garden of Eden that she was always meant to be.  Work with others and become a catalyst for change.  We all agreed with God to be here and do our part in this endeavor.

Until next time, Phil

Note: you can find out more about “Phil” and his wife and their dedication to be of service as Co-Creators on “The Gatherings” pages on this website.