The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


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(Note: Phil (Dave) and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their latest posting on “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their long journey in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with other “Gatherers”.  

Blue Star the Pleiadian mentioned them and their latest venture in his “Blue Star Transmission” – “In the Ears of the Beholders.” 

This word is simple enough and I expect that most people would have a quick definition for the word.  The word, truth, is used in multiple ways that would yield only limited interpretations of the word.  “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” is heard in the courtrooms all over the country on a daily basis.  Not telling the truth on the witness stand could lead to trouble for the witness in the form of a perjury charge filed against him or her if it is proven that their testimony was false.  “Truth or Consequences” was a game show program that was on television a number of years ago.  I don’t exactly remember the gist of the program only the title.  Little children are told by their parents to tell the truth when the child is asked how the lamp was broken.  Now the child may be looking for a way out of a spanking and is thinking up a good story to tell Mom and Dad and hence the admonishment being directed at the child to tell the truth.

But the characterization of truth that I am looking for is more complex and not as straight forward as the examples given above.  The truth that one establishes throughout his or her lifetime can be more complex if the person truly understands the meaning of the word and has developed such a belief for themselves.  I believe that most if not all awakened persons have developed a truth that they live by.  Conversely a person who is tied to the third dimension world of illusions may not have given a thought as to why they should have a truth to live by.  At best any thought process in this direction would be just how much can I get for me before everything is taken and I am left out in the cold.  In other words, they have an “I, me, my” type of truth; if you could even call that a truth.

I wrote an article earlier that was posted in Gifts of Experience that stated that I had a truth that I lived by for most of my life.  One might now ask, “Why not for the writer’s whole life?”  Well there were times when I wasn’t at my best in this lifetime and didn’t have a thought about having a truth or adhering to such a concept as a truth.  But that is in the past and I now only look forward to being the best that I can be in the future.  Some might be saying that this is a cop-out statement by the writer and an easy way out for past behavior but that is my belief and therefore I am what I am and I will leave it there.

A statement I made in that article is that from time to time I changed the truth that I lived by.  Again I speculated that some might have an argument to put forward that if one has a truth to live by, then that truth would not be valid if one changed it.  However I believe when one gains new knowledge, experience and understanding, there is the potential to change one’s truth.  AND here is where the definition of truth that we want to talk about really differs from the examples given above in the first paragraph regarding testimony, game show play and the child with the broken lamp.  The examples in the first paragraph really don’t provide an opportunity to change truth and still comply with the definition of truth as used in the examples.  Let us look at what some of the components that would have to be taken into consideration when developing a “truth to live by”.

When a person breaks out of the hold of the world of Illusions and starts to ask questions that can’t be answered by this world of illusions then the person can begin the journey down the path to becoming an awakened person.  As this person gains knowledge and wisdom, I believe they then have the need to develop a truth to live by.  As the pieces of knowledge begin to be acquired, the truth that they hold begins to evolve and take shape.  As new knowledge is found, the truth changes as each piece is acquired and put into place.  How long does this process take?  It could take a lifetime or many lifetimes, or as someone once said, “It will take as long as it takes.”

Now some may be asking, “When will this breakout from the world of illusions occur”?  Will there be sirens blasting to get your attention or will someone come up to you and say “You need to become a spiritual person”.  These two examples could have occurred but I think that for most people it will be a very quiet steady process that begins with a nudge from the Soul that you represent to a point that it becomes something that stays in the forefront of your mind until you take action on it.  There are timelines or gridlines that the Soul designs into your life plan that provide opportunities to begin down the path to being a spiritual person.  I believe it is at these times that one begins to put together the pieces that will make up the truth that one lives by.

As one begins this process, one learns and acquires knowledge of how the world of illusions has led humanity astray by the programming we all have been subjected to by our elders or the “system”.  We learn how those who supposedly had our best interests at heart, really didn’t have the real truths to teach us because they themselves were led astray by those who taught them.  This process went on for generation after generation.  But once we break out of this confine we then can search for the truth and in the process we may be able to help others who are also seeking answers to the questions they have.  And we get help from others that many times we don’t acknowledge because the help is so subtle that we don’t recognize it but it is there and it is there for our benefit.  You might say it is like Soul “A” making contact with Soul “B” to impart information from personality “A” to personality “B”.  Sound a little farfetched?  Maybe but I don’t think anyone can say for sure that it doesn’t happen like that, so let us just believe that it does and be grateful for the occurrence.

As a spiritual person you would have a belief system that would be grounded in the fact that one has a direct connection with the God of this Universe and that we don’t have a need for an intermediary such as a preacher or a priest to help us make a connection to God.  Thus we have a change in the truth we live by that says that religion is not for us anymore.  We know that we can talk to God at any time and in any scenario because we know that God is always at our shoulder because God has told us that He is always with us.  We also know that His Love is unconditional and has remained so for as long as we have been and will be for as long as we will be.

Another component of a spiritual person’s truth would be the knowledge that the Creator established Reincarnation that allows the Soul to design lifetimes that would provide experiencing in a myriad of ways for the many lifetimes that each Soul designs.  The fact that reincarnation exists and is included in a person’s truth is the most enabling concept that a person can have knowledge of.  It gives every person “freedom” in many ways.  To me the most important freedom is the fact that death is not the end but only the beginning for the planning for another lifetime.  There is no longer any fear of death, only that we all will pass over when our life plan calls for this action on our part.  AND EVERYONE’S LIFE PLAN HAS DEATH AT THE END OF THE LIFE PLAN!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!

The next important freedom that is contained in the reincarnation concept is that we can learn different lessons in each lifetime.  Now there are lifetimes when the learning is not very pleasant and at times downright horrific, but it is for the experiencing that the Soul wanted.  Yes at times we perish from lessor quality scenarios that are designed into the life plan.  But there are also scenarios where we flourish and gain great ground in our evolvement and provide help and service to others as well as to ourselves.  We know as we gain knowledge and our truth changes we can count on our senses to help lead us down the path that the life plan has designed into it.  We also know that when we stray from the life plan we know that we will probably have the same scenario designed into a subsequent life plan until we satisfactorily learn the lesson the Soul wanted us to learn.

Now if the truth that one lives by includes the knowledge from the above paragraph and such knowledge is applied to all of the family and friends that one has, such knowledge answers a variety of questions as to why some folks have different calamities occur in their lifetimes while others seem to have an “easier” road to follow.  There will be good times and there will be not so good times in everyone’s lifetime.  It will depend on the design of the life plan that the Soul that they represent decided for that life plan.  Now having this knowledge in the truth that one lives by will provide an explanation of the different scenarios.  But it won’t obviate any of the personal grief that a person can feel.  It is just after some time the knowledge will provide probable answers to why something happened.

In addition to the concept of reincarnation, the Creator gave the Universal Law of Freedom of Expression and a correlated concept of Non Interference.  So each entity can use their freedom of expression without having to worry about anyone stopping them because no entity can interfere with another’s use of their freedom of expression.  This sounds like a win-win situation for everyone doesn’t it.  But boy oh boy can we sometimes really get into a fix when we take the approach that it is always a win-win situation.  Yes we have freedom of expression and we use it daily I would guess, but there are times when we should back off and not use it.  How would we know if those times occur?  Well we have our intuition to “nudge” us that what we are about to do would not be a good thing.  And then if we disregard the nudge from our intuition we may get a nudge from our conscience that the thought, word or deed was not a proper thing to do.  Then we may have to make repairs to the thought, word or deed and this could cause us some anxiety until we have corrected the situation.

The knowledge of freedom of expression and noninterference adds to the truth that we live by.  We also know that thoughts, words or deeds by a personality can be part of a life plan or can be the result of using freedom of expression.  We don’t know which it is for us or more importantly we surely don’t know what it is for any other personality in the Universe.   And therefore we cannot and must not judge the thoughts, words or deeds of others.  This must also be a part of the truth that we live by.  Do we follow this part of the truth that we live by every moment in our lives?  No, I don’t think any of us always can say that we do.  But we have to try because that is what the Soul that we represent wants us to do.

I believe the truth that each of us lives by should also include how we relate to others in the world.  Do we have a truth that is allocated to only those that we “like” or “trust” or live in our area geographically?  And then maybe we have a different truth for all of the others who exist outside of our “territory”.  Well I believe that truth must apply to all of the Souls that the God of this Universe birthed, whether it is plant, animal or mineral.  If we have a truth that states that we should love all entities that represent Souls, then that truth must apply to all of humanity on the Earth Star Planet and all of the rest of the Souls, especially including Terra.  And if we love Terra, then why don’t we use our Power of Thought to change the environment to where we will have a conveyance in the future that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons as a source of power to “get around”.  We have this power of thought, but I will wager that few use it every day.  Many may not have the Power of Thought in the truth that they live by, maybe because it is a concept that they may not have thought about.  Well here it is folks, it is real and it is available to EVERYONE!  God said that we have the power of our thought.

My belief that the power of thought is a true concept comes from the realization that we know that we are a part of God and that God is a part of us.  God used His Power of Thought to form Gaia the Soul that incarnated as the Earth Star Planet known as Terra.  Since we are a part of God and God is a part of us and God used his thought to form Terra, then we should have the belief that our thoughts are power just like God told us they are.  So the only thing lacking from inserting the Power of Thought into the truth that we live by is us not taking that action.  People, please include your Power of Thought in your truth and use your Power of Thought every day for how you want the world of the future to be.  Don’t be shy about using your Power of Thought.  It can be part of your truth and if utilized for the greater good, will create the world that you want for yourselves and for your descendants in the future.

The content of the “truth that one lives by” is not limited to the truths stated above.  More than likely every person will have many more truths and each person will have a different set of truths than that of the next person.  It might be a fruitful exercise to sit down and develop a list of those truths that you would want to be included in a list for yourself.  And as you gain knowledge don’t hesitate to incorporate the new knowledge into the truth that you live by.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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