How Long to Evolve?

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How Long To Evolve?

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Seems like a silly question doesn’t it?  Why would we try to put a time estimate on such a monumental task?  I just wrote these two questions and so therefore I believe that it could take hundreds and maybe thousands of lifetimes for a person to evolve to a point of being an EVOLVED PERSON.  So why do I often wonder why it takes me so long in this present lifetime to learn a few lessons that keep coming back time after time.  Now I am not going to describe the lessons in question only that the issues seem to come up repeatedly.  Even after I think that I have put everything in its proper perspective and place.  And then, BOOM, there it is again.  So it’s at that point that I sit back and say, “Will I ever evolve and get past this lesson?”  Then the question comes to mind, “How long will it take to evolve?”

There were times that I used to “blame” the shadow riders for these repeating issues that kept bugging me from time to time.  It was easy to take the easy way out and blame them for my slipping backwards and then having to relearn the lesson.  And maybe there were a few times that it really was the case of intrusions from the shadow riders.  But then I came to realize that they probably would not take that much time to bother with me.  They could, but I think they also knew that I could produce enough of the triggers to bring back these issues myself which would free up the shadow riders to spend more time on tougher subjects.

I read recently that it might be my own intellect that was doing the triggering for the issues to reappear.  I wondered about that and then found that the intellect could very well do such a thing when it thought that it would be protecting the personality in certain situations.  Now the lessons involved are “reintroduced” to the mind by triggers that have been developed during a lifetime of “just living”.  After 75 years of living there are a lot of issues that have been seen, heard, thought, acted upon, spoken about, etc.  And since they are always in your memories, the intellect can call upon them without you consciously wanting the issue to appear.  Now what I don’t understand is why the intellect would want to do such a thing.  The only thing that I can come up with for a reason for the intellect  to do such a thing is maybe the intellect is indeed working with the Soul to test the personality to see if the lesson is truly learned or not.

So in that scenario the Soul knows better than the present personality and just keeps testing and testing the present personality.  And the Soul may know that it needs to do this because in the previous lifetimes, the same issues have always come up and the personality never truly whipped the problem.  Does it take a lot of effort to finally leave the issue behind?  Yes it does!  I was in the Navy for four years and developed the smoking habit.  I smoked for about five to six years and was finally able to kick the habit.  It was a matter of quitting cold turkey one day and never picking up another cigarette.  Not an easy thing to do and for the next ten years or so, I had dreams where I was smoking again and I would chastise myself in the dreams for doing so.However quitting smoking was child’s play compared to resolving to leave some issues behind and never again to respond to the trigger.

Now some readers of this article may be thinking that the writer surely doesn’t have much of a connection between his personality, intellect and the Soul and the reader would be somewhat correct.  There are times when the relationship is good and then there are times when things seem to go haywire.  I have tried to analyze (intellect talking here) the situation and I believe the relationship is much better when I am grounded by reading articles and books that refer to spiritual concepts.  I have recently found a book that clearly lays out how understanding the Universal Laws and how they work can greatly impact a person’s life.  The book was given to my wife and me by a friend.  My wife had started reading the book and then put it aside and I picked it up about six months later.  The information contained in it is very important for a person who wants to understand how to be a spiritual person.  Will reading this book speed up the process of evolvement and shorten the time to evolve?  Well now that is really another silly question and really doesn’t deserve an answer.

So why do we have a propensity for wanting to get things done fast?  Is it just our competitive self that we have to accomplish a task quicker than another or is it just that we want things now and we don’t want to wait.  After all, a shorter time usually equates to having to put in less effort and we are all about wanting to get the most with the least amount of effort; or at least some of us seem to operate that way at times.  Why not relax a little bit and enjoy the ride to being a spiritual person.  Yes we don’t want to take the position of being lazy and waiting for others to spoon feed us, but sometimes hurrying and scurrying about can waste time.  So do a concerted effort to find the best sources that pass your discernment test and devour the material for all that the material can provide to you.  The God Books are sources that are a must to reread a number of times to really get all of the understanding that is contained in them.  God tells us in a later book that He purposely wrote them that way.

God has mentioned from time to time in the books, a phrase that goes like; “Little by little, My works will be done”.  Let us take that phrase and talk about it a little.  Maybe that is why the word evolution is use instead of revolution.  Both words have a meaning related to change but the word evolution has a connotation of taking a long time and the word revolution has a much shorter time period.  Then take the word evolution and use it to make the word evolving.  And using the word evolving we can understand that to evolve will take a very long time.

However using the word revolution we make a word like revolving.  And the word revolving brings up the vision of a person going around and around in a revolving door and virtually getting NOWEHERE!!  And that folks is not a place that we want to be stuck in.  I am afraid that I must add that it would appear that a lot of humanity may be stuck in a revolving door and have no idea that they are in that predicament.  But that is the path they are on and we should just accept that and not pass judgement on them and help them only when they ask for help.

Now I will hazard a guess that there may be an entity somewhere in the Cosmos that could have originally made evolution a much shorter stint of time, maybe with a flick of a finger, but I believe that was not done because then you would have the question, “Where was the experiencing?”  Evolving takes time and I believe that was so because then we could experience all the hills and valleys, twists and turns, anguish and euphoria, and all of the other descriptors that one can come up with to describe life in the physical.  Our physical bodies, personalities, and intellects must travel the LONG road each and every time we incarnate.

So why am I worried about a bunch of triggers that recreate lessons that I must learn in this lifetime.  The answer is not to worry but just buckle down and get the job done so that I don’t have to take these issues with me to future incarnations.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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