Earth Changes and Humanity Changes

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Earth Changes and Humanity Changes

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings is also an active participant in “The Gatherings.” You can find his contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send him an email and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.)

We have read in various sources that there will be Earth changes of undescribed severity because Terra needs to rid herself of negativity that has built up in different locals.  You can have your pick of how severe the changes will be from differing weather patterns that cause problems in certain locations to earthquakes and erupting volcanoes in other locations and maybe even land masses rising in some areas and falling in other areas.  No one knows where the changes will be.  I would guess that there are those who could make a guesstimate of the locations but I believe it would only be a lucky guess at best.

We have also read about changes that are occurring where humanity is acting out in very different ways; at least much different than that observed in the past.  These changes were also mentioned in various sources and the changes may be occurring because of the increasing amount of Light that is being beamed at the Earth.  Basically the shadow riders and the dark get agitated because they don’t like the Light and the large amount of Light is giving them problems.  Again, as in the earth changes you can speculate on how severe the acting out will be and in what form it will take place.

We have seen in America that the political environment has greatly changed with the new administration coming into power in January, 2017.  We view the various events that have occurred and we get much of the information from the newscasts, stories on the internet and the newspapers of the world.  Again, as we see in the earth changes, we don’t really know all of the details because for hundreds of years the media that we depend on to give us the true story has been controlled by the shadow riders.  So we really don’t know the TRUE story about anything that occurs.  Much of the media newscasts and the stories that are reported on the internet are meant to create fear and anxiety in us because that is what the shadow riders want to accomplish.  Even the horrific stories in the past about tsunamis and earthquakes in the Far East and other parts of the world were not told in truth according to those who have studied such occurrences and have found discrepancies in the reporting.

So how are we to approach these events and not become a victim of the false reporting and then how do we really understand what is going on regarding the Earth Star planet?  We must use our observation powers to record, for the lack of a better word, the various events without investing any personal energy into the equation.  This is not an easy thing to accomplish because this is the world we have to live in during this lifetime that we are experiencing.

And therein lays the crux of the matter.  We live in this world!  Another way to put it, we agreed to be here during this time period did we not?  I believe our Soul Contract with the God of this Universe specifically states that we will be here and we will do whatever we can to help humanity and the Earth Star planet heal herself in any way that we can.  That knowledge alone should make it a tad bit easier to make ourselves observe the events occurring on the planet at the present time without expending a great deal of personal energy in the process.  Again, this is not an easy thing to do.

Now back to the first two paragraphs of this article.  We have read that events in the future will become much more troublesome before they get better.  Let me repeat; changes will get much more troublesome before they get better.  Both earth changes and humanity changes will follow that scenario.  This is not the writer of this article saying this.  This information has come to us from sources where God has stated this.  Now I ask you the question.  “Did you believe that one tsunami and an earthquake in the Far East that destroyed a nuclear plant would be the extent of the earth changes?”  Or “did you believe that the political environment that we have experienced in the first few months of 2017 is the end of that and we will soon see everything come together and we can live happily ever after?”  No, upon further deliberation on these matters, many of us probably believe that these events may only be the beginning.  As a side note, there are those who believe that the events in Japan were also really more of a manmade event than that of Terra doing her thing.  Someday in the future the historians will write about the truths of what has really occurred on this planet over the last few hundred years or so and then we will finally have a disclosure for all to learn about.

So what do we do?  We must reach inside of ourselves and follow what our heart says that we must do.  We will have to observe the events that will take place in the future.  We must use all the weapons that we have in our possession to help alleviate the effects of all the events to the best of our ability.  That means for most of us, who are not in any great position of influence, that we must use the gift that the Creator and God gave to us and that is the Power of Thought.

We know that one can never predict where any event will occur from political turmoil to earth changes so we must be in readiness to act when the time comes.  I said act and not “go into fear” when the event occurs.  Of course an earthquake near us will initially scare the daylights out of anyone nearby, but after the initial surprise (Ha!) we must gather our wits and help those who may need help.  And this help does not just concern injuries but we must also work with those who are not awakened to let them learn about how this was foreseen.  We don’t want to convert them to being a spiritual person on the spot, just tell them enough to assuage their fears so that they can become an asset in helping others.

Later when things have quieted down and they ask for more information then we must use our intuition and discernment to determine if we should go ahead and give them enough basic information to answer their initial questions.  Don’t overload the questioner and don’t go into the scenario of attempting to defend your beliefs if they don’t believe you.  God has told us on many occasions that we should never follow that path of defending our beliefs.  We all have a “knowing” and that is “All That There Is”.  If someone wants to debate you, just walk away from them and go on to help those who truly want information because they have reached a grid line and feel the need to talk with you.  Place the event into your memory banks for future reference.

I know that there are readers of this article who are now saying that the writer always comes back to the idea of using our Power of Thought.  And some may be saying that they don’t think that this is enough.  I agree that it may not be enough to make the immediate change that we always like to see because we are not very patient at times.  Well actually, most of the time we are not patient.  But that is life on the Earth Star planet at this point in time.  Get used to it and do what you can for changes to be made for the long term.

Both earth changes and humanity changes will come, guaranteed.  So why are we so upset when these events do happen?  Again we let ourselves invest too much personal energy instead of just observing the event for what it is.  What is reported in the media may not be the actual reason behind the event.  And just because we don’t particularly like what has occurred, we do not have the knowledge to enable us to judge anyone who may or may not be reported as the cause of what has occurred.  We have read in the God Books that there are Souls who have incarnated as “Black Hats” for a very good reason.  Sometimes the Black Hats are not following the Soul Contract and are just utilizing their free expression.  That is something they will have to account for and then judge themselves when the time comes.  BUT, we must also remember that there are Souls who are incarnate at the present who are portraying a Black Hat so that the results of their activity will foster a change in humanity that is desperately needed.  These Black Hats are following the Soul Contract that the Soul made with God and whether we like their actions or not they are endeavoring to accomplish their mission.  Their mission may differ greatly from ours but it is a purpose just like we have a purpose that we hope to accomplish and which we also agreed to perform during this lifetime.

Now I believe that for most of us, we are constantly asking ourselves if we are doing enough or if there is something that we need to be doing every minute of the day and for some maybe even while they sleep.  And then we are reminded that God has mentioned many times in the God Books the expression that, “when you do nothing, you are doing everything”.  We recently had a conference call Gathering where this topic came up and I made some comments during that call.  I now wish to further comment after I have had more time to ponder the expression.  I may be going out on a limb here but that is what my heart says I must do.

I think that it is true that we all want to do whatever we can during this lifetime.  And I know for sure that I have felt this on numerous occasions and sometimes it seems that is all I think about.  There was an instance when I asked the question of Celest and David about what I could do to help.  I was thinking at the time that the help I could render would be physical work like helping somehow with all the tasks that they have to accomplish.  Their immediate answer was that I should write an article.  About what, I asked.  Anything that you want was the reply.  Furthermore they said they would post the article on their website.  Well we all know how that turned out.  This event occurred to one person who never had the slightest idea that he would be writing articles.  I don’t know why it turned out to be me but I guess the Soul that I represent knew and had inserted the activity into the life plan that I am now experiencing.

Now should everyone be writing articles?  I’m not sure that would be a practical thing for a great number of people to do.  Now the crazy thing is that I also wonder if I am doing enough at the present time because I see people who are helping a great many others with all kinds of spiritual activities that they have knowledge of and I don’t.  Should I endeavor to copy their activities and try to create some activity that I presently don’t know of?  I believe the answer to that question is no, I should do what I can and just admire all the others who are doing what they know how to do and just be appreciative of the fact that they can do all that they can do.  There are many such individuals that I know and some are part of the Gatherings Cyndi and I have been a part of.  We all have a purpose that we agreed to accomplish and should be satisfied that we are doing all that we can.

We are all doing everything every day just by thinking about the events that are taking place in the world.  And as the event is occurring we can also have thoughts of how we would want the event to be different in its context.  That thought of wanting the event to be different is doing something.  I believe that many of us believe that we must be doing something all the time that would be considered proactive and physical in nature from protesting in a gathering for some cause or working with others in a group to accomplish another different cause.  And maybe all of these events that we participate in are what we are to do, but I don’t know if that is required of all of us.  I believe we can also sit on the sidelines and send a thought that a protest or a gathering will be successful in its outcome and that is doing something even though we are not physically present and are doing nothing, so to speak.

But during those times that we are resting so that we can go another day, we are doing something because we are doing nothing.  It just appears to us that we are doing nothing.  I believe it is at these times when we view ourselves as doing nothing and may have a guilty feeling about it; that this may be a time that God may be referring to when He says that “to do nothing is to do everything”.  In others words TAKE A BREAK!  You will awaken tomorrow morning and begin your “doing something” when you have rested.

There is also another way to view the “doing nothing” times of our lives.  We are incarnate on the Earth Star planet which has been described by God as the “school house planet” for a really valid reason.  It is tough as nails to be here at times and especially during those times when events are occurring that we are loath to observe.  Among all the tasks that we are to accomplish during this lifetime, observing and recording these events is one of our prime tasks.  By recording I mean that the whole Universe and probably the whole Cosmos is getting a firsthand view of what we are observing.  To record something doesn’t necessarily mean that is has to written down.  Recall the expressions that once something is seen or heard, a person cannot un-see or un-hear it and hence whatever it was is recorded for all time.

Everyone reading this article should be giving themselves a modest pat on the back for even agreeing with God to be here.  You may have volunteered or God may have asked you to be here, but however you came to be here really doesn’t make the experiences any easier at times.  You are here and by sometimes doing “absolutely nothing” you are “doing everything” just because you are here on the Earth Star planet at this point in time.  You agreed to be here and during those times that you feel that you are doing nothing are the times that you are doing everything.  Congratulations!!

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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