Light and Love

Light and Love

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Recently I have read where there may be some incorrect usage of the two words in the title of this article.  That could occur when people use third dimension logic to come up with the understanding that some people have.  So maybe we should not use such logic but instead look within to determine what the correct usage of the words is for us.  Writing such an article on a subject like this may be foolhardy for the writer but this is the nudge that I got some time ago before dropping off to sleep.  Before I could get to sleep, I had to get up and write myself a note to start writing this article.  So here we are.

Now I have a little hesitation in laying out what my beliefs are but then the readers can see if they have the same idea or maybe they will deduce that I am 100% off base.  Either way the writer and the reader will have thought about how they each interpret the two words.

The understanding that I have is that Light and Love go hand in hand but they are not the same.  I think many people may believe that the terms are interchangeable and that used to be my understanding also.  Then when I read that humans don’t have a correct understanding of the two words I began to re-evaluate what my understanding is and if it needed to be changed.

Let us take Light first and see where we may be going.  As people grow in their knowledge through reading and remembering what they may have forgotten since incarnating, they have been just living life and experiencing.  And as they go about living a spiritual life they evolve to higher and higher levels of spirituality.  And many people believe that Light is the quality that more evolved personalities have in abundance.  It is also believed that the “more evolved people” may be those who are able to ascertain such things as another person’s aura and can see the large amounts of Light that are emitted from such a person.

However I don’t think that we should judge how “evolved” a person is, just that we should only be concerned with our own evolvement.  I believe everyone has some quantity of Light even those who would be considered as being “children of the lessor god”.  These individuals may only have a small spark left and would have to make a very drastic change in their behavior to increase their Light.  God has said in the God Books that it is possible for such individuals to do so, but only a few do make the change.

I believe that the Light that each of us possesses from time to time will be used as a tool to influence others that we come in contact with.  That doesn’t mean that we do such action consciously but that our Light is always present and others will unconsciously be impacted by our Light.  Now if the other person is of the Light also, it will be a pleasant unconscious experience for them and us.  However if the other person is not of the Light they may have an adverse reaction to us and will not know why they do.  So as we ride public conveyances or walk down busy sidewalks or drive on the interstate, we are spreading our Light to all we meet.  Will we run out of Light?  Not a chance!!  I believe that the level of Light each of us possesses stays constant no matter how much Light we send out on a daily basis.  We only reduce our Light when we take any action, speak any words or have any thoughts that will cause us to devolve.  We can however increase the amount of our Light by just living a good life in a spiritual manner.

The Luminescents and the Creator emit such gigantic quantities of Light that very few beings are able to be in the same area with these entities unless these divine beings “tone down” their light for short periods of time.  I have never had such an experience in physical form that I know of, but my understanding is that such occurrences can happen when we are discarnate and back in Nirvana.

There are occasions where Light has produced magnificent results such as that event that started seventy some years ago when the God of this Universe received a request for help from Terra.  God sent out an “all hands on deck” request to the Cosmos for help and ALL sent massive amounts of Light to Terra on a continuing basis.  This ongoing receipt of Light has proceeded to help Terra to stabilize her orbit and help Terra to deal with the vast amounts of dark energies that abound on this planet.  In doing so Terra was able to leave the third dimension and begin the journey through the fourth dimension and on to the fifth dimension.

This is an event that not many inhabitants of Earth know about because they are ignorant of the fact.  Now labeling someone as ignorant is not really as bad as we make it sound because the term just means that a person doesn’t know a particular fact that is available for knowing.  And so someone is either ignorant or stupid depending on their individual knowledge.  Being ignorant is really not that bad because it only means a person just does not know about something and this may or may not be a serious situation.  However being stupid is when a person does know a valid fact and does not utilize this knowledge or chooses to ignore the knowledge for whatever reason.  Ignoring a nudge from a personality’s Soul to take the road less traveled and begin down the path to awakening and becoming a spiritual person, might be considered an act of stupidity.

Now I believe Love is a feeling that comes from the heart.  Love is what a Soul feels for any other Soul in the Cosmos.  And by this I mean any Soul whether they are animal, plant or mineral.  There are personalities and their Souls who do feel just like that and they are truly blessed to do this on the personality level.  However there are many more personalities who limit their definition of love to love for family and close friends and that is it.  And while that is surely good to love like this, these persons are missing out on a great opportunity to expand their horizons.  I used to be something like this and then many years ago I seemed to change and I now look consciously for those occasions to love others.

Even though my wife and I raised two children, who are now in their forties with families of their own, I only enjoyed being around other children when the children were those of family or friends.  That changed the day I was waiting to see my oncologist at the cancer center that I use to go to for periodic testing.  We were in a seating area waiting for our appointment along with other folks who were doing the same.  A little girl about two years old came up to me as I sat reading a book and just touched my arm.  I smiled and said hello to her and she smiled and went back to her mother and grandmother who were telling her not to bother me.  A little while later she came back and again touched my arm and then raised her arms up to me so I could pick her up.  I picked her up and she hugged me around the neck and then just slid off my lap and went back to her mother and grandmother.

The mother and grandmother were astounded at her action and said that the little girl had never done anything like that before.  I was overwhelmed with the wonder of the little girl’s actions and how was it that she could have performed such a nice action with someone that she definitely did not know.  To me it appeared to be an act of Love.  I now believe that the little girl was unafraid of expressing Love to someone because maybe the little girl’s Soul had recognized my Soul at the Soul level.  On a Soul level she and I may have known each other in past lives and she just wanted to comfort me in some way.  And being as young as she was at the time, she didn’t have the programming about not “talking to strangers” that an older child would have.

Now the example I just gave is truly an occurrence that actually happened.  And maybe this example should point out to us that there are many Souls that we meet in our everyday lives that we experience an instant recognition with even if it is just in passing at an airport or along a busy sidewalk.  Now think back to the many times you have had such an “instant recognition” occurrence.  Were these people all the same race or same gender as you are?  Were they of the same economic status as you are?  Were they all the same religion or spiritual belief that you have?  No, I don’t think that would always be the case.  So think a little bit deeper on this subject, could that have been a person that you shared a love with and I don’t mean romantic love.  If that is a possibility, then we potentially have “loves” all over the world.

Some may now be saying that the writer is really stretching this a bit too far because the reader may not have traveled outside of the country that the reader now lives in.  Guess what?  How about all of the thousands of lifetimes that you potentially have lived on the Earth Star planet?  Could those “loves” have occurred then and you are now maybe just starting to understand how these chance meetings (instant momentary recognitions) really do occur.  Isn’t that a wonderful thought?  We have potentially thousands of recognition “loves” all over the world.

So now I ask the question, “Why can’t we love everyone?”  Just add each of these new “loves” to the ever expanding list of those that our Soul has loved over the thousands of lives we have lived.  Wouldn’t it be nice to rid humanity of all the descriptors and criteria that we have been programmed with all our lives as to whom we should love and who we should not love?  Let us get rid of these programmed criteria and be free to love all personalities.  How do we go about doing that?  Use your POWER OF THOUGHT.  Put the thought out to the Universe that you want to be free to love whoever you want without having to bend to society’s dictates.  And yes, you can include even romantic love to this equation if that is what you desire.  Forget about society and be yourself.  Better yet you should be your Golden Self.

There may be people who have a difficult time expressing love for anybody, yet they do exhibit the ability to love when they dote on their favorite pet or animal.  Some people just are that way and it would appear that they don’t have the capacity to love anything more.  But we must not judge because we and they also, do not know what is contained in the Life Plan (Soul Contract) that they are experiencing during this lifetime.  Everyone is on a different path and some may only want to experience loving animals because their Soul wanted that experience during this lifetime.  And there may be some people who could be speculating as to why that would be.  But that is just foolhardy because it is virtually none of anybody’s business why people act the way they do, is it?

There may be many who believe that Love is limited to only the type of love that I call romantic love.  And yes romantic love is a part of the definition of love but it is certainly only a minor part.  Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you”, and this is the stance that we all should take in our lives.  Now Jesus did not restrict that statement that He made to only those who were like Him in skin color or religious belief or lived in the same country.  The statement that Jesus made was an unrestricted statement!  Why can’t we take the same position and not restrict our Love only to certain others.  It is not like there is a limited amount of Love that each of us has to send out to others.  I believe that there is an UNLIMITED amount of Love that is available to each and every one of us and that we can send this Love out to others all over the world regardless where that may be.

If some may have a hesitation about using their thoughts to send out Love to everyone in the world, maybe just sending out Love to all the children in the world would be a good way to start.  How intimidating would that be?  Small children are just so cute and the look in their eyes of wonder is a special event to behold.  Just visualize seeing those innocent eyes looking back at you as you send Love to each of them regardless where in the world they are living.  Then visualize the soft smile that they give to you just as the little girl did at the cancer center where I had the experience that I related earlier in this article. If you are like me that thought brings a smile to me every time that I send out Love to all the children.

Then as time goes on one can expand that statement of Love to all the children which would include all those that God talks about in His books when He refers to all of us as His Children.  Think about how this practice might be the way for all people in the world to change how they feel about all others in the world.  And that is just what we need for all of humanity to begin caring about all others in the world.  Use your Power of Thought to send a petition to the Universe that the Golden White Light will seek out those in humanity in all parts of the world who are ready to awaken.  And as these individuals awaken they will lead lives that allow others to observe their actions and inquire of these people how they made themselves into such better individuals.  Then these awakened persons can give to others who are inquiring, the information that may cause the Golden White Light to be effective on these people as well.  Then we shall see a snowballing effect begin and in time we will have the world that all of us desire.

Hopefully in the near future there will be no more time for wars or civil conflicts or political turmoil.  How long for this to occur?  Well it won’t begin to happen without your efforts to make it so.  So send out your Love to all others in the world and use your Power of Thought to make it happen.  You do have this POWER that God has told us many times that we have, so use it.

Until next time, Dave aka Phil

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