Why GO To Earth?

Why GO To Earth?

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Message #29

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings and his wife Cyndi are also active participants in “The Gatherings.

They are also contributing a message they received from God for the next “God BOOK” #8, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which is almost finished.

You can find their contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send them an email and everyone else as well on “The Gatherings” contact list and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Salude, Celest and David)

Strange question and a strange title for an article isn’t it.  But that may very well be the question that the Souls of my wife and I had to consider before our present incarnations on the Earth Star planet.  How do I know that?  Well in Blue Star’s transmission that was published on Awakened Hearts website on August 25, 2016, Blue Star made a disclosure of sorts.  In the last paragraph Blue Star mentioned the Texas GATHERERS who made a trip to visit with other Gatherers in the Pacific Northwest.  Blue Star used the phrase, “…each of yourselves for being a true human being, although you each originated on other planets”.  That type of statement certainly does get one’s attention.

A number of years ago when my wife and I began reading the God Books and found references to different origins for persons presently living on Earth, we mused about where we might fit into the equation.  Were we Earth Seeds, Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Born-Ins or just what were we?  We wondered also if we should make an attempt to find out our origins; you know go to some person who could take us back through our many incarnations to see “where we came from”.  We made the decision to just table that idea because we felt if our Souls wanted us to know then we would be told in some fashion.  And until that time frame appeared, we would not spend any more time asking ourselves the question.  I guess it would appear that we got a partial answer on August 25th in Blue Star’s Transmission without going to an earth bound person to provide the information.  Our Souls may have decided that we did need to know that we originated from a planet other than Earth.  (I would speculate that the majority of the persons reading this article also originated on a planet other than the Earth Star planet.)

Even though we have a portion of an answer to the question of where we came from, the knowledge has not changed anything about how we consider ourselves or how we continue to conduct our daily lives.  So to me this means that it doesn’t make any difference where you come from; you still have to conduct your lives in the best fashion that you can.  This knowledge is the very same as letting go of those events that have occurred in the past.  Let the past stay in the past and then make a commitment to conduct your life in the best way possible going forward into the future.  So with that said let us try to answer the question posed in the title of this article.

The first thought for an answer that came to me is:  “Why Not”?  I have read in the God Books that the Earth Star planet is the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos.  When one sees different pictures, or movie scenes or videos made from above the Earth, Earth is truly a sight to behold.  And the people making comments that accompany these types of media also express their awe of the sight of Earth from space.  Now I am not a world traveler but I did spend time in the early 60’s in the Navy and traveled to the Mediterranean Sea on cruises aboard an aircraft carrier.  The ship stopped in many ports and I took tours to see various sites.  I also had positions with companies that required me to travel to Western Europe, North Africa and Central and South America.  Everywhere I traveled, the varied landscapes were just a wonder to behold.  It was only where humanity had made its indelible mark on the landscape that the landscape was changed to something that was diminished in beauty.

I have traveled to a majority of the states and have always found the landscapes to be spectacular, even those that some might not think of as beautiful.  But when you look closely and see how the existing vegetation is working hard to grow and stay alive in the countryside of places like West Texas, it is still a thing of beauty.  And this has been going on in these locals for a long time.  And then you also have the landscapes that mankind has greatly changed by the harvesting of a lot of what grew in that area and this action has changed the landscape in this region forever.  Sometimes Terra can adapt to the actions that mankind has committed and sometimes the actions are to the detriment of Terra.

I try to thank Terra every day for all that Terra has given to mankind that day.  Regardless of where you buy or acquire what everyone uses on a daily basis, Terra is the one who has supplied the raw materials to produce whatever is used by mankind.  So I think that it would be a good thing from time to time for everyone to thank Terra for all Terra has provided.  Because Terra is the one who supplied it all to us; it didn’t come from outer space.  Maybe you might think that thanking Terra every day is a little much.  So let us look at a hypothetical scenario this way.  Let’s say you thank Terra every day for all that Terra has provided to you and your family.  But then one day someone says to Terra, “I can’t thank you today because I am much too busy”.  What do you think your reaction would be if Terra then said to you, “that is okay because I too am too busy cleaning up the messes you, humanity, have made to my body, so I’ll just skip providing you what you need this day”.

Now, wouldn’t that be truly a “WAKE UP” call.  It would scare the pants off of you wouldn’t it.  I would venture to say that Terra skipping “one day” would create a really large problem for the world.  Without thinking too much about it one might think that just one day would not be so bad.  Okay, one day without water added to a day without reflective heat from the Sun (keep in mind that Terra’s atmosphere cancels out a lot of harmful rays from the Sun), would cause a very large problem that might take a whole lot longer than a day to correct.  And that is only the first thought that came to mind and I am sure there is other just as pronounced consequences if Terra “took a day off” from all that Terra does for us.

Terra taking a day off is not a good thing at all if the hypothetical scenario that I described truly is a probability.  Is this the writer’s fantasy or could it really happen?  I don’t know if anyone could truly say with a great degree of accuracy that it could not.  The world might never recover.  So why take a chance and just make a sincere statement that you thank Terra for all Terra has provided to mankind this day.  Now I am pretty sure that there are some readers that are thinking that the writer is really being way too melodramatic today.  But have you ever really thought before about how much Terra does for us each and every day?  Yea that’s what I thought!!

So getting back from hypothetical land, Terra has never taken a day off and wouldn’t because Terra’s love for all of mankind is as consistent as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  Terra knows every Soul that has ever incarnated on her surface better than the personality of the Soul even knows about itself.  Terra has watched an individual Soul reincarnate over and over multiple times and many times has sadly watched the personality make the same mistakes that have affected Terra’s body.  I have read that personalities most often take the same body shape and temperament and have gravitated to the same type of employment for their life’s work in consecutive lifetimes.  As this occurs over and over, Terra can only wait and hope that the next lifetime will be different.

Then again I am sure that Terra has greatly rejoiced when a personality on a subsequent incarnation has changed its impact on the planet because it followed a nudge that made the personality awake and take notice of the harm that had taken place to Terra’s body.  The present personality is unconsciously correcting the damage that the preceding personalities had done.  Can you imagine the feeling that Terra must have to see humanity waking up and taking stock of the devastation that has occurred throughout the life of the Earth Star planet; then see humanity taking corrective measures to undo the harm that was done in the past?  For a moment think about the news stories that reflect how protests by various groups have given the public an education of the environmental problems for various areas.  And then on the other side also remember how some in the media and others have tried to label these people as being crazy and that there is no such problem.

Well I believe the environmental problems are real and will become more evident even to the detractors as the earth changes become more severe in nature to correct the environmental problems.  When will the earth changes start some may ask?  Those asking this kind of question must not be aware that earth changes are occurring all around us and these changes are accelerating.  Some may also be asking why Terra would have to take the actions that are evident in the earth changes.  It is so Terra can rid Herself of the pockets of negativity that have accumulated over time.

At the present time we are seeing many changes in the weather patterns that have been occurring.  What changes some may be asking.  Well there are no predictable weather patterns anymore it seems.  We have a website that we scan daily to see what the forecast is and the site includes a ten day forecast.  This ten day forecast is pretty useless to count on the weather beyond the next day or two because it very seldom is correct for anything further out than two days.  The weather is also changing in many places where it is hotter during the day, unseasonable so, and colder at night in those same locals.

There will be more changes to come and one may ask what we can do about it.  One thing is to be prepared for those times when services may be interrupted and we can’t obtain all the necessities that we may need for the short term.  The other is to be prepared to help those who may need our assistance when a major earth change occurs.  So what can one do when these major changes occur far from us, like half way around the planet?  Well we can use our Power of Thought to send out Light, Love and Healing Energy to those who are suffering from the effects of the earth changes.  Now, are we interfering with the Soul Contracts of the people suffering?  We could be if we don’t also put a caveat into our thoughts that we only want to help to the extent of moderating the effects of the earth change.  Our intent should be to work with the Universe to help others.

We can be of assistance because we have the ability to help others with our thoughts.  And that is the reason I believe that the Souls of my wife and I chose to come to the Earth Star planet.  Our Souls were either asked by God to be present or our Souls asked God that we be present during this incarnation that we are experiencing at the present time.  Either way, we are here and we thank God that we have the ability to help others through our efforts to make a difference.

Until next time, Dave aka Phil

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