A Radiant Collective, ARC

A Radiant Collective, ARC

The start of a NEW “Gathering” group in November, 2017

A Radiant Collective, ARC, is the name of the new conference call Gathering group that will be meeting on a conference call on Thursday evenings.  The frequency of this calling group will be every two weeks similar to the present calling group known as the Pacific Northwest Pipeline, PNP, except that it will be on the off week from PNP’s call timing.  The time window for the calls is tentatively set for 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern time.

As some of you may know PNP has a schedule that meets on a conference call at 1 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific time.  The PNP group has been very successful but we have realized that not everyone can meet on a call in the middle of the day unless they were retired or had the ability to control their work day.  Hence the evening call group is being established. The middle of the day call timing seems to work for the PNP group when dealing with four time zones.  Four time zones will not work in the evening for the ARC group.  So the time envelope for the calls was set for their ease of participation.  However anyone in any time zone is free to call either group or both.

The mix of participants on the PNP group includes those that have a good familiarity with the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites as well as ‘The God Book series,” the Blue Star Transmissions and to some extent the Matthew Books.  In other words the participants have the ability to follow with ease any of the dialog s that can come up on any of the calls.

The ARC group wishes to explore the possibility that there are individuals who may regularly visit the websites to read the contents of the web sites but may not have the same knowledge base that the PNP group may have.  They may have limited exposure to “The God Books” and the other books mentioned above but they know that they desire to speak with like-minded people because they have no one near them to talk with about Spiritual concepts.  Therefore we would like to invite them to email any one of the following to discuss being able to participate on the Thursday evening conference calls.

The ARC group may develop to be more of an educational group that will catch up by beginning to read the God Books and the other sources of information found on the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites.

Please contact:

PNP – blessingsforthisworld@gmail.com

ARC – jzimborski@gmail.com

PNP & ARC – spiritualfriends16@gmail.com