Stone Triangle

Stone Triangle

Author: Steve Outhit

167 pages (E-book version only)

Long ago, in a time before humans civilized this planet, something very big took place on Earth. Something which has until now gone unnoticed. The result of this event changed the geophysical landscape of Earth and we, humankind, have been living on a planet that is not in its original condition.

A chance employment on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, led the author to make the rather significant archaeological discovery that the world is mapped with boulders. Because of this and additional discoveries made there is no return to classic Earth history as we know it and now must look again at our world and us, humans.

This is the story of the discovery.

For historians and archaeologists this is a must read book for it presents subject matter never before considered and gives the reader the necessary tools with which to verify this discovery.

(Note from Celest and David: Steve has recently been doing further research in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and now Columbia South America. And yes, this is an aspect of his mission for this lifetime. He like all of humanity is looking for answers. We look forward to hearing more about his discoveries and revelations.)

Steve Outhit