Updates as of June 25th, 2019

Updates as of June 25th, 2019

“Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients”

Book 8 of 8 of “The God Book” series

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6-25-19 – Blue Star the Pleiadians current “Blue Star Transmission” is

 Balderdash and the Red Herring”

4-24-19 – Blue Star the Pleiadians “Blue Star Transmission” was

 Ethereal Transformation of Bioluminescent Light”

2-24-19 – Blue Star the Pleiadians “Blue Star Transmission” was

 2019 – The Year for holding yourselves to a Higher Standard And “Escapism

12-23-18 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

The Gloaming

10-24- The “Blue Star Transmission” (A must-read for everyone)

The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics And The Quietude

8-25-18 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Quid Pro Queue and Quantum Levels of Soul Magnetics”

6-24-18 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“The Movie and the Mind Field”

4-23-18 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“Expect the unexpected all the time NOW”

2-25-18 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“The Faces of the DECISION”

12-22-17 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“As Heaven and Nature Sings and Worlds Collide”

10-24-17 – The “Blue Star Transmission” was

“From your Vantage Point”

Note: Blue Star’s Transmission listed below which was posted on 12-25-2016 contains information everyone need to be aware of so we ask you to share this with everyone who has awakened.
“Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you”
“The Masters” Message #16
“Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind”
“We are calling for ALL good Souls to unite with us now…” and “While you were sleeping…”
“The Masters” Special Edition
(Due to the importance of this message it has been posted on all 3 websites)
Blue Star the Pleiadian’s 3 Books and “Book Chapter Excerpts”
(Note: All of Blue Star’s previous transmissions are in these books)


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12-23 “comments updated”- 12-11-2018 When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

12-19 NEW and  Welcome

Nutrition for the Soul – “Becoming: A Blending of Art and Science”

Stellar Message Board
Note: Both “The Gatherings” and “Project PUSH” have multiple postings in their individual categories. If this is new information to you we recommend starting with the oldest posting in the category and working your way through them. You will also find a video we posted to demonstrate how to properly perform “The PUSH movement.” You may also wish to familiarize yourself with “Project Golden Force.”
9-17-18 – “Past, Present and Future”
12-19 Submissions to “The Gift” updated and posted

11-18-2017 Events – “The Gift” – A Christmas Day Event

“Quantum Thoughts” “Symbolism from Visions”
Project Golden Force
Ethereal Transformation – All our books are available in Paperback and all the various eBook formats. Here you will also find the “Pleiadian Flagship Star Crystal,” “The T.A. Transfiguration Accelerator” and “Atlantean Wand” Blueprints so you may build your own.
The “New Light Messages” are now concluded.
 We wish to thank Shamaan Eagle for all the great assistance she has been to humanity. May she now enjoy her future!