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When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day.

If you wish to re-visit or have not read last years wondrous event please go to

“The Gift” A Christmas Day Event

Updated 12-23

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If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The Coming” you might wish to read/re-read

“The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics AND The Quietude”

We ask that we all dedicate this day (today) as “Christ Consciousness” Day. And since each and every day, every moment of every day is “NOW” as it exists within the Continuum of The Creation and “The NOW,” each and every day from here on will respectfully, honorably and most favorably, be celebrated by us as “Christ Consciousness” Day. Now … let the celebration of Life continue!

Approximately ONE YEAR AGO we were all Gifted with “The Ancestral Procession” spearheaded by The Creator Himself. The Luminescents (Gods and Goddesses from all of the other Universes) and so many of the most Ancient of “The Elders” from each Universe entered into this realm. They entered this world as was agreed upon at a predetermined time, to continue to expand upon and enhance the good works each of us has begun with our unified commitment to BE, To BE of Service to The Light of ALL Lights, to the greater I AM, to make a difference by BE-ing the difference… remember? This was promised by all of us long, long ago per our Soul Contracts with “the promises made promises kept,” agreement. It also included the amendments and addendums contained within our individual as well as Collective Advocacy Agreements.

We wish to send a special “Kudos” to all “The Gatherers” who participated in The Creation of the Dimensional Doorways which interconnected THIS world, THIS Universe and all other Universes through the Matrix. This Matrix was lovingly tended to, nurtured and Created by Gwendonela and the other Avatars within “The Valley of The Ancients” as well as the Starkeeper forces from all Universes. This included  all of The Luminescents, those from The Angelic Realm, The Spirit Realm and all other aspects of The Creation Processing. Working in unison we Created and birthed into manifestation an Event once only dreamed about by fertile minds. Fortunately, The Creator in His infinite wisdom saw to it that there would be ample amounts of hutzpah contained within The Matrix of each Soul.

For those of you who have noticed as well as those who STILL have not, Planetary and Celestial Events are occurring in rapid, well-organized and definitively unqualified fashion and synchronicity right now. Terra (Earth) has regained most if not all of her Soul momentum and is guiding and gliding serenely, meticulously, methodically, peacefully and decisively at times, maneuvering Her Self within the depths of Her new Galaxy, Her NEW Universe. The Golden NOW has peacefully, albeit painstakingly at times, replaced the former Linear times we Earth-walkers were out of necessity living with as a means of buffering or limiting the human races until such time as they could function without a regulator reinforcing their lives.

Remember, it was not all that long ago when the 60’s permeated this world with its unsustainable peace, love and flower power. It was not that long ago that the dreaded Y2K (year 2000) came and went without much fanfare. Then so many were waiting for 2012 to come and sadly Light Workers found themselves experiencing futility because of what they perceived would be the outcome of this Mayan prophecy. WOW, we lost many a good Soul and many dedicated Light Workers when the Continuum did not SHIFT overnight and make everyone’s dreams come true.

SO, in the present NOW yearend each of us has a decision to make, or not make, about the Gift you want to send to all other Good Souls, all other true Advocates for Justice on world and off world as well. Why not think carefully and consider what the best Gifts are that you can share with others and remember to share all your good thoughts, your inspirations, your aspirations to all those who given so much and ask for so little. Even if you have not walked a mile in their shoes… yet, surely your empathic abilities and your role as part of the Collective Consciousness will direct you to give from your heart this year while being mindful that we are “All Related.”

Open your hearts, clear your minds and have the foresight to see beyond the veils of illusion so that you may share your joys and love others without condition. Think of it this way, if you were in the place of others, of walking in their shoes, what feelings, what compassion, what understanding would you need the most? Do not judge others by your perception of their shortcomings. After all you have each had to learn many lessons yourselves. What does The Christ Consciousness mean to you? Why not send those wonderful feelings you may have to those less fortunate?

This is the time to hone your telepathy. You formulate your thoughts and then direct the Power of the Mind to send them out for you. For those who may have trouble visualizing the power of the mind try this; imagine that a beautiful, highly evolved four-year old child is waiting in the power of your mind to send forth all your thoughts and your wishes to others.

God said “Think of it like this; A Child will lead you.”

Our wish for all of you is – the arrival of the day when none of you have any more wishes.

 No go and celebrate your life and all life.

And Merry Christmas and Merry Consciousness to One and All!

Salude, Celest and David


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and we will post them. Put the word “Christmas” in the subject.


~ Other Remarkable Peoples Gifts ~

Updated 12-23

Dear Celest and David,

Thank you for that wonderful Christmas Season message!

Wishing indeed all the Light and Love in everyone’s heart to shine and burst forth to action.

The Jesus the Christ Consciousness in us to spread, and spill over into this world.

Defeating the darkness, and overcoming insecurities and fears as witnessed around us.

Wishing for Terra to keep the course and more people to be mindful of her Soul.

Sending healing energy to all Earth’s residents and may there be more awakening taking place.

May more people be led to Godumentary and the Awakenedhearts websites

With God all is possible as we traverse along in the progress of The Golden NOW.

Looking forward to good health and continued well-being in the next New Year!

Holding on to The Eye of the Storm,


NOTE; Wiesje is the author of “Kids Corner” on the Godumentary website


My Christmas Gift is the promise of my complete acceptance of, and unconditional love for, each and every Being currently living in the illusion of separation, including at times myself.
Love Lyre




The Gift – A Christmas Day Event

“The Gift”

A Christmas Day Event

When: 7:00 P.M. in all time zones on December 25th., 2017

  • (Note: Another submission was posted on 12-19 and one at 6.30 p.m. on the 25th)

NOTE” The newest submissions listed after the others

On November 10, 2017 as we were preparing to sit down and log in to the “Pacific North West Pipeline Gathering” conference call, God and all the other Luminescents appeared and said They would be listening intently because there was information They wanted us to share with the people on the call. They announced that They wanted to have a Special Event that would spread across this world and touch the hearts and minds of all good people. They said, “It will Create a wave with a crescendo that will be heard and felt around the world and throughout all Universes; the result will be remarkable and will be aligned with a special conjunction in the sky that will also take place.”

This spatial event is the conjunction of Venus and Saturn. “Venus” has long been called “the planet of love;” she is actually a planet of such serene beauty and uncompromising pure love that when she appears aligned with another Superior planet, they combine as a force to be reckoned with. “Saturn” is known as “the planet of Karma” and “The Great Teacher.” He is a planet whose energies assist in separating the energies of the wheat from the chaff. This truly is a magnificent GIFT in and of itself which will spread their combined energies across this world … especially on Christmas. When Saturn enters into a conjunction that is only separated by 1 Degree from Venus, this is when the Great Teacher begins to issue final homework assignments to some people and yet assists other people in climbing the spiral staircase which shows them their DESTINY.

Those who are a part of the Collective Consciousness will benefit greatly by participating in this “Gift” event.

The Luminescents went on to say, “Peace on Earth is a rite of passage. Those who truly want this passage must first find peace within themselves. A truly magnificent way of finding this is to inspire yourselves by inspiring other people.”

Realistically define to yourselves what thoughts and inspirations you can send to other people that will inspire others’ minds to free themselves from the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sorrow, lack of motivation and dismay. We wish to remind each of you that when we work together for a committed goal it is a win-win situation. Here is what we are asking each of you to do. We ask that each of you listen to your hearts and your minds and find the words that resonate with what you are going to “Gift” to other people. The Luminescents then said, “Remember, every thought you have during this Gift Event is being transmitted to the minds of others through a spiraling force of telepathy.” For some reason very few people understand that sending their thoughts out to others whether they know the other people or not, IS a form of telepathy. Telepathic thoughts will connect with open-minded people; they can not connect with close-minded people.

Remember the “Power of Thought” is what you are gifting to other people. Define to yourselves what are the most relevant, most wonderful loving thoughts, you would like to bless others with. Keep your mind clear and use as many words, as many phrases, whether it is a sentence or a paragraph, in order to relay that to people across the world. The more people who participate in this special event the greater the success will be at the end of the event. And we are being reminded to tell you that all the Luminescents, the Masters, The Creator, every one of them will be working alongside all of us at that special time. We would like you to know that all the good thoughts each person has during Christmas will be combining with all the thoughts we will have at the appointed time of 7:00 P.M. in ALL time zones December 25th., 2017. We suggest you may want to recite “The Christ Consciousness” prior to the event to assist in paving your way.  If you do not remember this mantra we are writing it here: “I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity, any energy, that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then they are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. “

You can visualize your thoughts and send them out to combine with all the others who are participating. You can perform a “PUSH” movement or “The Golden Force” movement if you feel this is the best way to send out your Gifts to others. You can spend one minute, ten minutes or one hour doing this. This is completely up to you. Please connect with everyone you can and share this information with them. Use your social media, email lists and whatever other means you have of spreading the news of this event.

We also wanted each of you to know that this “Gift” event is being aligned with all the other events which will take place in 2018. God and the other Luminescents spoke about these other events in, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients.”

The message we ourselves are sending out on Christmas is: “We are sending you unconstrained, uncompromising, unconditional love and healing energy to your hearts and your minds and directing it to bring you enough measure of calmness and tranquil thoughts to allow you to see beyond the veils of illusions and deceits. It will allow you to have a better understanding that no matter how difficult things may seem to be to you, there are millions and millions of other people who are in more dire straits than you are. We are also sending you energies of empathy which are empowering reminders to each person that whether you understand it or not, “YOU are all related.” Live as a true human Being and you will do no wrong. Though we may never meet in person we will never stop assisting you.“

Remember, the greatest Gift of all is happening to you. Don’t be selfish – share the Gift. Also remember you are each a conductor of telepathic energy; yet most of you do not realize this.  And PLEASE, do not forget to Re-Gift this to others.

“Everybody is invited, it IS a party of an Infinite Kind!” … God

Salude … Celest and David


Here are some of the Gifts that are the heartfelt thoughts that some other “Gatherers” will be sending out across this world on December 25th 2017 at 7 p.m.


We have grown exponentially, individually and collectively, as we have shared our thoughts and ideas with each other to expand the consciousness of all of us throughout the study and practice of these books and words given to us by the Luminescents of the Universes.  Once obtained the brotherhood Creates within us feelings of belonging to each other as a collective of like-minds and hearts.  We feel free to be, You and Me.



Go within your heart and find one thought. JOY for example. Thoughts are like a pebble being thrown into water. It Creates one circle that turns into another and yet another. Just like our thoughts one is connected to another. We are all connected through our thoughts. A joyful thought can Create a smile, a memory. A feeling of gratitude. What we think about matters. We are all connected one thought at a time.

May you be filled with Joy, Peace and Gratitude.  P.M


The Love and Light of God fills the air with a sparkling that is seen with my heart. As I consciously fill my lungs with this sacred, sparkling air: all that is left inside me is Peace… Love… Joy… Harmony… for All… is One.

I Am in God’s Love and Light! Katherine Louise


This is my strong “knowing” since I learned this as a song in Dutch

“Nu daagt het in het Oosten, Het licht schijnt overall, Hij komt de volken  troosten die eeuwig heersen zal”

So often the words popped in my mind. Here the best interpretation/ translation.

Now this Christmas:

The Day is breaking in the East, The Light is shining everywhere, It comes to comfort all Earth’s Nations.

It comes to reign eternally, the darkness will disappear from this centuries long night.

A new day of unending days will glow with unspeakable splendor.

The sun’s rays, to which the nightly darkness yields, shall triumph in Christ’s eternal Light!

Already day is breaking in the East, The Light shines everywhere, It comes with Love to reign for ever and everywhere in all folks and all nations’ heart.

Namaste, Wies


The Gift that I am sending to all those in need is FREEDOM. Freedom from fear. Freedom from hate. Freedom from the lies long told. Freedom from the feelings of loneliness and sorrow. The gift of freedom in your heart from the knowing that you are not alone, not now, and not ever.

Like the Golden Beacon of Light shining from the treasured shores of home, shining ever so brightly and calling to those long lost in the dark murky seas of fear and loathing… Love, Light, Truth and Freedom will set you free and light the way home for one and all.

Love and Light, Travis


There is a saying that is used around Christmas time that goes like: “It is better to give than receive.” This Christmas let us change that saying to: “It is better to give AND receive.” And the Gift to give and receive is LOVE.  Love is the greatest gift that a person can give to another. God has given everyone an unlimited supply of Love; you just can’t exhaust the amount of Love that exists in the Universe(s) that is available to everyone to send to another. This Christmas use your Power of Thought to send out Love to the four directions, to all people everywhere in the world. That Love will circle the world many times and be re-gifted to you. Love is the greatest Gift that can be given and received, so be a part of the Giving and Receiving this Christmas and every day beyond. Through giving and receiving Love, WE can change the world.

I send my Love to All, Dave B


“I just want people to know how awesome it is to love yourself. God loves us all. No matter how you feel about yourself or how you judge yourself. Love is always there. So let your light shine. Just BE. Be thankful, Be kind. Be who you came here to Be. Let your star shine! “

For quite a while now I’ve been hearing a little bit of the song, “Good Morning Star Shine” and I wasn’t sure why.

Now I know! Thank you Celest!! I love you guys.



I Am joyful and most grateful to send each and everyone a healthy meal (through POWER OF THOUGHT), with ingredients and a recipe card to assist you in Creating your –

Step by Step Foundation Layer Cake:

#1 Energy (supports health and well-being)

#2 Calm (supports emotional stillness during storms)

#3 Focus (supports ability to direct attention to desires)

#4 Vitality (supports Creativity, Spirit, passion)

Mix these in Equal portions and snack on throughout the day. By the Power Of Thought they will replenish if you keep using or sharing them.  We are each here as an expression of God, when we make peace within our own cells, we can embrace our other selves around us and unite as ONE.  This is Self Empowerment.  Thank you for taking your power back.

Janet Zimborski


I remember a song from childhood that goes like this:

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine,

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

My gift is for everyone to let their Light shine. When babies smile, giggle and laugh, they are letting their Light shine as they exude a love to everyone around them.  Let us all once again become like children and let our Light shine as we freely send our love to everyone both near and far.  And, may the love we send be re-gifted back to each of us and out to all of humanity.



I wish to Gift a new world, one where all people recognize each other for their Divine selves.  Where we hold all people dear and worthy.  Where we strive for justice, peace and equality.  Where all people are cared for and all needs are met.  A world in which all people and animals communicate and work together with good intent. A world in which all people hold the Earth Star planet in sacred love and respect.

All people Create beauty and love from the heart.  Love is our guiding principle and our relationship with God, Jesus The Christ and all the Illuminaries (Luminescents) is as normal as breathing.  This is the Gift I wish upon humanity.



You have never been alone and you never will be.  You have always been loved and you always will be.  Because we all are ONE and because we all are God, there is nothing that we all cannot overcome.  So cast out your fears and dry your tears.  Let’s all work together through love to get God’s good works done.

John C.


We are infinitely grateful, overflowing abundance, eternal compassion, freely forgiving, ever-expanding joy and love. ONE.



Know that you are a gift. So love yourself and trust in God. Don’t rush, just go with the flow while enjoying the present moment. Be still while living gratefully. Bring God’s Golden Light to you and let the energy lead the way to your Soul’s journey.



Through all the heartaches, tough and hardest times that you have endured and or maybe going through right now, know that it shall pass. You are never alone in facing anything. You are given love, guidance, and protection each and every day. Ask for help and it shall come. Have kindness and compassion for all living Beings as you would want for yourself because we are all ONE.

Merry Christ Consciousness, Starlight


Submissions added 11-30-17

Let kindness prevail! It lifts up the hearts of the giver and receiver.

A smile, a compliment, an encouragement or helping someone in need

May influence the receiver to be more joyful, peaceful and more positive.

It is a win-win situation for giver and receiver.

Christina M


That is awesome guys.

I will be there in mind and Spirit.

Thank you!

Steve. I am now in Columbia South America tracking the truth 😉

(Note: Steve is the author of “Stone Triangle.” Information about his book is located in our “Recommended Reading” section on the Awakenedhearts website.

Steve has recently been doing further research in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and now Columbia South America. He like all of us is looking for answers. We look forward to hearing more about his discoveries and revelations.)


12-11-2017 Dear David and Celest,

This is one of the emails I sending out …

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2017 at 7pm your local time, good people are joining together in offering the Gift of the Power of Thought.

United heart to heart, we will think of what it is we wish to see as our future with Earth. By joining together, what we vision as a group is what we get, what WE manifest. You may have heard “Mind is the builder”. Majority does rule, for by uniting in positive thought, we become the majority group in Creating our reality.

This is our gift to each other and Earth Mother.

Begin to think today of what you wish to see and work with stating this as positively as possible. Maybe you wish an end to war. This can be stated as seeing all people working together in peace, harmony and cooperation. Maybe you wish clean water. See the water as clean, clear, sparkling, free flowing, thirst quenching water. Maybe you wish an end to homelessness. See all people living in beautiful, climate appropriate, comfortable, pleasant, well maintained housing. Whatever you wish, state it in a positive manner. Feel free to add whatever you desire to see.

Join with all on planet Earth, and all of Creation who are helping Earth at this time, at 7pm local time, on Christmas Day evening. If you cannot physically join in at that time, set your intention to join in at 7pm, for third dimensional time is an illusion.

Share this with family and friends. Share with all you remember. Invite each and all to join us in creating a wave, a crescendo around the world as with “The PUSH.” (Project PUSH)

For more information, feel free to contact me and/or see

May you and yours have a blessed and Merry Christmas, the birthday of the one who showed us how to walk in Love.

Light & Love, Maureen

12-19-17  My Gift

What we experience is based on our frequency, literally. If your TV is tuned to a news channel, you see and hear news. When we tune ourselves to the higher frequencies of love and joy, then loving and joyous experiences come into our lives.

These high frequencies that more and more of us are emanating are helping raise Earth’s frequency, ultimately to the frequency where Heaven-on-Earth exists.

To go along for this ride of all lifetimes, ALL we need to do is be loving and joyful.

We ALL can do that, because we are ALL ONE. Rejoice!
Lynne C


12-25-17 at 7:00 P. M. Eastern time

 For anyone who is stagnant in a cloud of negativity, darkness, unsureness or unfaithfulness, or who just need a reminder, remember God’s Golden White Light is always with you, and it’s power is your command.

In times of duress or lack of motivation, call the white light to you. It is your compass, your all-seeing eye, and most importantly it is your guide. It is abundant as it is infinite, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself in a shield of golden luminescence…. JJ.


An aspect of the Gift I am  sending out to everyone, to every life-form, to this world herself is to infuse all the waters of this planet with The Light of ALL Lights, The Jesus The Christ Consiousness, and in so doing I will be asking everyone to assist in this process. In doing so all the water in and on this planet will be infused, this means every molecule, whether it be in the sky, the waterways or with the human body, all life-forms bodies. This also includes any thing that has any water particles within it. In so doing we will infuse the Light into all aspects of this world and we will show all the other Universes that we are still Standing!


If you wish to have your own “Gifting” thoughts added to this website then email us at


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Project Golden Force

Project Golden Force


Project Golden Force

Posted on December 31st, 2014

Part of the perception of the balancing of the scales of justice, is that each person has the ability to Create personal changes in their lives while still assisting the evolution of all Universes. Because of this wonderful gift of Divinity that we all bear, a special force known to the Creator and the Creation has been carefully formed and brought into manifestation in order to be the fulcrum which is known as “Project Golden Force.” This force was Created to augment, enhance and expand upon all the good works each of us has been involved in since the inception of Project PUSH. Project PUSH was the beginning of the shifting of the tides. Project Golden Force is and will always be the catalyst to ensconce even more firmly the Golden Child known as the “Jesus The Christ Consciousness” decisively throughout this entire Universe, thus affecting all future generations of children who will be born here. All the incoming generations will arrive with the conscious knowledge that they are each an aspect of Project Golden Force. Many of these children will be of course from your own home planet and many, many of them will be YOU in an upcoming life. Each will inherently understand and be able to use the Golden Force energies in a natural all encompassing way. This will enable them to walk with one foot in each world as a natural, peaceful state of being.

What is Project Godden Force composed of? Golden Force is an extraordinarily highly energized monad of the Magma Super Consciousness; this is the highest form of Super Consciousness that a Soul can attain and experience. Experiencing it both tangibly and intangibly. Once this Golden Force integrates with the Soul while the Soul is in mortal form, life become very different for the individuals who have been touched by this Force, by the Golden Force of God. By performing the technique which not only calls in the Golden Force this Magna Consciousness, this type of Super Consciousness, it not only causes this integration to be more subtle in some ways than in others, but it attracts other aspects of itself, which are being sent to every Advocate for Justice. Therefore this technique is vitally important. You first had to learn and finally integrate completely with Project PUSH before you could learn about this. And yes, Project PUSH must continue to be preformed for the rest of our lives. PUSH working in conjunction with the Golden Force will Create magnificent miracles for all. There will be a time in the near future when you will be called upon to perform Project PUSH while simultaneously being in an elevated state of the Golden Force. In this manner you will be combining all of Divinity within each of yourselves while you are still in mortal form. When the time comes when you are each called upon PLEASE waste no time in preparing yourself to immediately begin the PUSH project and remain in awareness that Project Golden Force is also working with you.

There are always sequential steps that each person while mortal must follow when being called upon to personally evolve and to assist in planetary evolution. Human minds can tend to override the Spiritual information. Particularly if the mind becomes too overloaded. So it is that we had to await this gridline intersection before God gave us permission to teach all of you about this major step of destiny.

This is one of those, “Just when you think you have learned it all you find out you haven’t” moments.

The song we will all sing will be in perfect harmony with this and all other Universes and multiverses. In your own way whether you know it or not you will be singing The Song of God.

Beginning January of 2015, will be a year fraught with many changes and not all of them will be good. This is also the time of the expansion of the new beginnings and what better place to begin than with God and the rest of Divinity.

This is how Project Golden Force is to be performed.

What we would like you to concentrate on is calling upon your past, present and future selves to merge and unite as one unified YOU, regardless of whether or not you have a conscious memory of them. This is not difficult to do, simply phrase the thoughts in your mind. State out loud or nonverbally, “I now call upon my past, present and future Selves.” No it does not matter if you in some of your past lives chose not to live an exemplary life. Your Souls would already have learned from the actions of your previous personalities and would have evolved to either a small degree or a large degree from those previous experiences and times. You are simply calling in the best of the best of your previous selves from the past. “Your future selves will also participate because Soul will know its own future, even taking into account the possibilities and probabilities, of anyone altering their destiny. Please remember that you Create your future selves based on how you are living your life in the present and how you have altered your past. Also, focus your thoughts on CONSCIOUSLY being a part of something greater than yourself, “Greater than yourself” in this sense is being decisive about living a Spiritual life free of constraints, being willing and able to telepathically connect with all Universes, all the Luminescents and all other Advocates in human form. It is not necessary that you know any of their names; by addressing the Collective Consciousness you will be linking your thoughts with all of theirs. Please use the words, “I call in my God-Rights; from this moment on I will exercise my God-Rights by understanding that other people who may not be Spiritual, but who may be judgmental, are still people expressing their right of passages even though I may not agree with their perspectives and choices.”

These people through their own God-Rights also need to have the opportunities to evolve or devolve as they so choose too. So, you may call upon their Spirit Guides and Star Keepers from all worlds and ask them to please do what they can to help these people open their eyes, unless they chose a life experience of not wanting to know truth. We ask that those who are still strong enough to walk away from illusions to now enable themselves to come to a realization of the errors of judgment they have made. In other words, we are asking for some glimmers of light to be given to them, in order for them to change their patterns. We suggest you also ask for assistance for the many Starseeds and Walk-Ins who have been floundering here because they have become filled with fear. Project Golden Force is non-invasive; its wisdom and intent is to locate even the smallest light that is still in activated motion within each personality and Soul who is currently incarnate here on Earth.

After you have read all of the above and realize what is expected of you and understand the expectations of the Golden Force and why this event is so pivotal in personal and planetary evolution, then please proceed to the information below. This is part of the rite of passage.

First, 15 minutes before you begin place a pinch of sea salt under your tongue. Please drink at least a half glass of water slowly. Take three slow deep breaths through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. This will help accelerate the natural electrical impulses in your body. As these electrical impulses accelerate they will connect with this Golden Force regardless of what level of personal evolution you are on. Preferably you should be standing while performing Project Golden Force, if not please sit in a comfortable chair. Quiet your mind and call the force to you by simply saying, “I am now calling upon the Golden Force.” The moment you have that thought this force will immediately begin to present itself to you. The Golden Force is composed of gargantuan sized golden spheres. Through the process of your own visualization you will be able to see the spheres. You are each calling in a sphere and each sphere is part of the collective of Golden Force.

Now take your hands, stretch them out in front of you. See if you can feel the sphere. Then move your hands up, envision encircling the sphere while simultaneously moving yourself closer to the sphere. If you cannot feel it yet then continue to move your hands in a circular motion while monitoring how you feel. Feel, sense, be an integrated aspect of this wonderfully huge sphere is round and like the Universe, forever growing, expanding and contracting as needed. The spheres are never static; they are always in continuous motion

You will soon begin to see translucent coalescing threads of energy floating throughout the sphere. We ourselves are performing this technique while we are writing this all down for you. In front of us we are watching this golden colored substance which each sphere is comprised of. Each of the spheres are of the purest forms of energy. Each is fluffy, mutable; we can feel its energy and see it moving ever so slightly. We are seeing so many little sparks, pixels, and every type of little electrical impulses and bars of light crossing one another.

As soon as you can see a sphere, reach out and place your hands on this golden wonder. Now, roll your hands gently through this great substance, as you do so you are giving it permission to enter into yourself, this is a mutual agreement. It will not enter without your permission.

Do not be surprised if you see bright, sparkly lights and feel tingly in your arms and hands, some people will feel it in their hair. You may also feel it spreading throughout the inside of the extremities of your body as it moves its way into and through your chakra systems. Some of you will see “a band” around the sphere, it encircles the outside and adds strength and stability, so everything remains synchronized. The band like the sphere is among the purest of energies and the band helps diversify and disperse energetic matter from the spheres. You should know that the spheres are a part of “The Eye of the Storm.”

When you are ready see yourself entering into the sphere itself, in many ways it is how you would feel if you placed yourself inside a snow globe. The interior is a little like batting, yet is silky. The density of it is like a liquid but denser than water and golden colored. Some of you may see or feel gold rain. This is all an aspect of existing in the Golden NOW!

When you are securely inside the sphere, visualize joining hands with all the other Advocates and Beings who are there to greet you. Spend as much time there as you would like to. There is no time limitation. Learn to flow effortlessly with the integration of your combined energies. While you are together send out your thoughts to one another, names do not matter, what matters is the importance of your thoughts which will give an imprint signature to all those within each sphere. You will also be enhancing your own energy fields for your own good. You are permitted to do this, because you have earned the right and because so much is at stake. Each Soul of each Advocate will recognize one another. This may well trigger many emotional responses from you whether you can see the other Advocates or not. You should be able to sense their presences.

During this process you will be taking a massive step upwards; you are being upgraded to a higher level of yourself through this type of ascension process. This will occur every time you perform Project Golden Force.

When you are ready to return all you have to think is, “Thank You” and you will slowly return to the present reality of yourself. You may feel an airiness, a lightness about yourself. Many of your voices will seem different to you, not like you are hearing them from outside of your body, but more so from “within.” You will feel relaxed, perhaps a little out of body, and most likely a little tired. Be prepared to experience different vibrations that may emanate from your body. This is all perfectly normal.

It may take you a little while to master this Project Golden Force. And this is ok. The more you perform Golden Force the easier it will become just as PUSH has. When you are completely satisfied that you know Golden Force, then go ahead and while you are doing one of your PUSH movements, connect Golden Force with your PUSH. It will be easier than you think; essentially you will be going from one straight into the other. Through the Sacred Geometry of bringing these spheres into your lives you can visualize them at any point in the future. You can carry the feeling with you; it may feel to you as if you are in JOY.

You will have integrated in totality and now bear the mark of Golden Force. Just know you carry the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, which is also part of this Golden Event you are participating in. As you go through the rest of your mortality Consciously and Super Consciously you will be able to connect with many of the other Advocates and reunite within your sphere. You will know who needs help and you will be there for them on a higher level than the mere practical or physical. You will each do the same for each other.

Can you now feel what the Golden Force is doing for you? It is part of the expanding process; it is part of your personal evolution. It is you being a part of organized chaos. You will be able to revisit the sphere, although you will always be IN the sphere, you will find that you will want to bring in other thoughts, ideas and inspirations into your sphere.

Message from GOD – “Project Golden Force is part of a greater existence and unlimited assistance, that no human being, no dark thing can penetrate without just cause. So there is no mistake, just cause does not include dark energies for they have no permission to enter, they have no just cause. Just cause brought this into your lives, and I implore all of you to make the most of this precious treasure you have been given.”

From Celest and David – We ask to be given all that has been awaiting us in this phase of our lives, it is destiny unfolding. It will also bring in the other wonderful Advocates of Justice, who are part of our Soul Clusters. Together from this moment on we will function as one combined Divine Entity, while maintaining our own individual Soul Selves. For as it has been given; all of us who are the caretakers of this Earth have reunited again and again for this time and it will be of paramount importance that we remember that WE are “the last stand.”

Project Golden Force /




Project PUSH

Check back September 18th for important additional information.


”Project PUSH”

Important announcement – This is time sensitive material.

NOTE: please read the entire text below to better familiarize yourself with the hand technique.

This is a video on how to perform the PUSH technique

This Event will take place on

September 20th, 2013 at 7:00 P.M in “your” time zone

Light Workers and other goodhearted people are often heard talking about how frustrated they are, some are angry and some have great sadness about what they want to do about helping to cleanse this planet. They feel stymied. They want to do something to help the Universe, to help God, during these days of the final battle. Light Workers are also being heard to argue with one another, and are embroiled in others’ dramas. Many are simply falling off the path. They have given up. God told us recently, “This is totally unacceptable.” On July 25th 9:30 p.m. on the eve of (Celest’s Walk-In Birthday) while we had a good friend visiting us from Colorado, God decided to send (Celest) a loud unexpected message. This is what He said. “I want you to Create Project PUSH.” He went on to explain what it is and why it MUST take place.

“Project PUSH” is the title He has given this project. He said “What I am about to tell you is why this project must be a success. The autumn equinox of September 22nd 2013 is when everything will hit critical mass. In order for humanity to be able to continue as a species of life that is really intent on evolving, specific actions which will cause certain reactions MUST take place. Because of the Universal Law of Non-Interference and Non-Intervention, We had to await an invitation to assist you with this upcoming mission. We ourselves, I am speaking of My Self and all other Divine Beings off-world, must adhere to Universal Laws. So I am asking Celest to initiate a mission, a Project which will enable her and David to reach out to the Collective Consciousness. This Consciousness is to begin a new cycle of great change for the New People and the New Earth. Because Celest readily agreed, as did David, and immediately issued the invitation to US to join them and the rest of the Collective Consciousness, We will be there working right along with you. Together, We can and will make a difference. The Creator has made a decision; and it is to give the Starseeds and Walk-Ins an opportunity to pull together and fulfill the destiny that has been chosen for them. Since WE will all be working in harmonious alignment, a type of harmonic conversion will occur. All of Divinity will be a part of this. This includes all the Masters, the Messengers, My Star Keeper Children, Jesus, Mary, the Angelic realm and all others of the most Omnipotent evolved state will be working with all of you who sign on to participate. This is part of what the mission involves.”

“The other part is when you each follow the instructions given to you by Celest and David on how to do the PUSH. The chosen date of September 20th 2013 at 7:00 pm is when PUSH must begin. When you have all finished your part, then the Universe will step in and take care of the rest.”

Celest and David – This PUSH technique is a Pleiadian method which Celestial brought with her when she Walked-In. We have written the process which will describe the movements necessary to perform the PUSH and we have placed them at the bottom of this writing. To those of you who have been following The Masters Messages as well as the Messengers in the New Light Messages you are aware that this upcoming autumn equinox is the tipping point for Earth and all of her inhabitants. What is left of disorganized chaos on this planet must be changed to organized chaos. What we all will be doing is an energetic movement which will be combined with the most brilliant Light you ever could possibly imagine. The lights and movements you use must be filled with the purest intent. Because of God and Creator’s intent Their wishes must be respected. You can develop your own intent of consciousness; think about what sentiments, what thoughts, what energy you want to put into the focus of your intent as you work with us on this exercise. In times past we ourselves were called on to undertake certain missions that God asked us to perform. But during those times it was to only be us. He was waiting the gridline intersection of the culmination of energies during the autumn equinox which could align with the Collective Consciousness, before He could issue the call to all of you to work together in unity. Now The Call has been issued!          

God asked us to post this for all of you, for you really ARE part of the Collective Consciousness. He said to tell you, “It is time for all of Us to push back the dark and reclaim the Earth. You are not to do it out of anger or hatred and do not do so to seek vengeance. If this is not done out of love all will be for naught. Do not do it for the glory and I urge you not to think in harmful terms. In essence what I would like you to do is to build a wall of people through linking heart, mind and Soul. In doing so you will be able to accomplish what you can not possibly do alone. Although I am well aware that many of you have tried to do so previously it was generally unsuccessfully and only lasted for brief moments of time. Be clear where your focus is directed in order to push back the dark. And then when the designated time comes collectively push them back into infinity and then let the Universe take it from there.”

Note. We encourage each of you to take as much time as needed before the event date and time to recharge your energy and clear your mind as much as possible. Be sure to drink several glasses of water for 48 hours before this occurs. God told us that yes, you may practice this technique on your own in privacy once you understand and feel comfortable with the energy formations. Think about anything you want to add to the thoughts you will be projecting and feel good about what you will be doing. While you are practicing the hand movements we suggest you take a notebook or tablet you can not possibly misplace and while you are still remembering exactly what you want to say, write them down. Do not think you will remember everything you want to say, because you won’t, please write it down. Then read and reread it as many times as necessary.

But no one is to do this on their own; it must be part of the collective venture. In this manner as God said “it will be the hearts, the minds, the Souls of people all over My world who will be able to assist, after all you said you wanted to.” Because this is being scheduled for 7 pm it means 7 pm your time regardless of what country you live in. This will culminate as an Omnipresent wave effect as it reverberates around the world. The fact that the Universe will be waiting to scoop up everything we throw off this world should cause each and every one of you to attain a naturally high feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. It will be interesting to see how many Walk-Ins and Starseeds are finally ready to put their energy where their truth lies.

Carol Tyrell at our suggestion spent several hours while visiting us and using her astrological data, beautifully put together a comprehensive but simple explanation of the energy of all the planets which will occur over the time of the equinox. As you read it, even if you don’t understand astrology, everyone should be able to see the powerful influences which we all receive from the planets themselves which will be aiding in this endeavor. You will all be able to feel that you are truly NOT alone.

Get in touch with the people who are on your face book, your email, Skype contacts, telephone contacts, etc. and send them a link to Project PUSH. No doubt you will have to send them a reminder of this as the event draws closer. If you have websites please post the link. Write the date and time of the PUSH on your calendars. You are going to be reaching out to the rest of the Collective Consciousness whether you are aware of it or not. There will be a great deal of unconscious telepathy at work. You wanted change, you wanted to be part of it, and you wanted to DO something. Take a stand now; stand in your truth for the time is now. Please be sure to print this out.

God, “This is a good method of doing what you can and teaching others to do what they can. In the end it will be fine. This is the time you have been prepared for.”

Celest and David

Astrological perspective of the Autumn Equinox 2013

The Moon and Uranus in Aries produces electrifying rapid changes rousing us out of the old cultural conditioning that has kept us in bondage due to our group perception (Mercury) of what we believe is reality.  We have a unique opportunity to pierce the veil. The higher and lower mind working in concert, allows us to see the Universal Truths (Jupiter) behind the illusions.

The seeds planted in the 1960’s of social justice, evolutionary consciousness, the truth of love and peace (when Uranus and Pluto last came together) are challenging us at this point in time to put our money where our mouths are. The time for rhetoric is over. How are we Creating the next phase of evolution?  The dark shadow side must be recognized to be released, along with our own responsibility for allowing its continuation.  We have been given the opportunity to step into our power to banish that which no longer serves along with the strength to push back the dark (Saturn-Pluto).  The impressive joining of Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer supports us through deep emotional connection, along with the expanded support of higher guidance toward realizing the infinite possibilities ahead of us that are created by the power of our joining together.

Carol Tyrell Full Moon Magic/

PUSH Technique

Be sure to turn off all cell phones etc. when you are engaged in working on your part of the PUSH. You do not want to have any distractions.

Step one – Minds must be totally clear and focused. You can either sit or stand although we would suggest standing because the energy rises faster. It does not matter if your eyes are open or closed. You don’t need to do anything more than take slow even breaths during the procedure. Have a glass of good drinking water near you and if you have some sea salt, but only sea salt, put a tiny pinch beneath your tongue approximately 2 minutes before you begin. If you have a prayer of intent or your own Sacred Mantra you use before going into meditation or going into your own form of contact with Divinity, please say that after you take the sea salt. This will assist you in lifting and merging with your Soul Self and functions as a clearing of your energy. When standing we suggest you are barefoot and that you space your feet a little bit apart. Yes you could do this outside but we suggest you do it inside where there will be more privacy.

Step two – Learn the technique.

Have your right and left hands out in front of you with palms facing each other with elbows bent and be relaxed. Now make small circles with each hand both at the same time so that the hands are still close together, palms open and fingers splayed and think the thought collecting, collecting, collecting. Only three times. You want to circle your hands in opposite directions, right to right, left to left at the same time as if you were Creating two separate vortexes right out in front of you. What you are doing is literally drawing SuperConscious energy from the higher dimensions and magnetizing it to yourself.

Once you have collected the energy, but remember you only need to perform that motion three times, then move to the next step.

Now place the palms of your hands, facing away from you, with your arms extended straight outward with your arms and hands spaced apart as you would if you were trying to push someone away from you. Fingers should not be close together, they should be splayed apart.

Then bring your arms straight up in an upward motion so they are slightly higher than the top of your head. Next bring your arms downward in a circular motion as if you were following the contours of a full moon. Left arm going left, right arm going to the right, both at the same time. Bring your arms down still remaining in that full moon circular position until your hands are almost touching each other. Your palms should be facing each other and fingers still splayed apart as if you were completing a circle or getting ready to pick something up. At this point your arms and hands will be positioned downward in a natural way while still completing the circle. You should now be standing in an upright position with your hands facing each other somewhere down or near or below your groin, depending on how tall or short you are.

Now slowly begin to lift your hands upward with palms still facing each other but not touching. Bring them up to about chest level and then slowly turn your palms outward and extend your arms out in a definitive motion as if you were pushing someone or something away from you. If you do not see the brilliant White Light as you perform your procedure then visualize it. Many have the ability to see it but not everybody. This is when you begin to immediately, nonverbally or verbally, state your intentions, everything you have written down and probably memorized that you wish to say. Everyone needs to choose their own words. In this manner energy coalesces with energy so that everything you are stating becomes the energetic form of those thoughts which is already connecting with the matrix of this part of the procedure. And this part of the procedure is also connecting all of Divinity with your thoughts and your actions.

When you feel you are satisfied that you have pushed the dark energy out for the Universe to gather, this really should not take more than about five minutes, you will want to shake your wrists vigorously in order to sever that energetic connection so that you do not become overtired. Remember, that God and all the other Beings God spoke of will be accompanying you and engaged in their push as well. It must be a Collective Consciousness movement. Some people may actually feel the presence of Divinity as they do this. Some of you may become very lightheaded and have the sensation that you are either off planet or have risen above her. Many of you will find that you will feel extremely emotional and feel as if you may want to cry. Others will feel as if they are temporarily out of physical body. Actually, many of you will be out of physical body… but return you must.    

In the most basic sense, this highly evolved energetic motion you have been engaged in is a process of collecting energy and then releasing it. In the downward spiral of your arms you are collecting energy, when you bring your arms upward you are essentially lifting the energy up much like a weightlifter does. Then when you are pushing your arms in the outward motion you are releasing that energy into a designated direction which has a designated vessel. That vessel is the Universe.

What most of you should be able to realize at this point is that during this technique, specifically when you are drawing the energy upward, is that you are drawing highly charged energetic particles of Spiritual energy from all of your chakras. The charka system will extend the totality of its energy thus enhancing all of the energy you are now Creating. Remember your thoughts are a vital part of that new energy.  A synchronicity will be birthed aligning itself with all others who are also using the push procedure.

In this manner, by all of us doing this at the same time and by having the purest intent and responding to THE CALL, Collective Consciousness as one unified force will deal a very serious blow to the dark. All of Divinity functions as Collective Consciousness at an extremely high level and exists in a constant state of organized chaos. Now so do you. You have entered into a state of grace, ONE that will never leave you.

This is what we are doing… can we count on your support? Now God is Saying, “We need to be a force to be reckoned with.” The shear numbers of people and your thoughts will indeed make a difference.

Please be sure to check this website on September 18th for any updates or additional comments from us.

Salude… Celest and David

All this material may be reprinted as long as it is linked back to the url above