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The Gatherings Contact Information

The Gatherings – Contact Information

“The Gatherings”

Contact information

Contact list updated December 10th, 2017


11-2017 Special Update: A Radiant Collective “ARC” is now activated

Please Contact Janet for more information about these “Gathering” nighttime conference calls

Janet – Janesville, Wisconsin


 ~  Check back frequently for updates ~


NOTE: Scroll down to see the newest contactees who too wish to take part in “The Gatherings” The newest names added will be at the end of the list.

Note: We are “Issuing the CALL” for all Good Souls to Unite NOW!

These “Gatherings are for Earthseeds, Starseeds and Walk-Ins

Hello everyone, below is the beginning of the “facilitator” as well as “participant” list for The Gatherings. We have been contacted by many more but they are still deciding how to proceed so we will not share their contact information at this time. Please contact each other and introduce yourself and start connecting and aligning YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL ENERGIES and have fun being in the company of other “Advocates for Justice” like yourself. Send us your updates as you would like us to post them on the websites and we will do our best to connect you with others around the world. How fast this process will be of connecting this neural network of Advocates we now place fondly in the hands of all The Luminescents and Their Children from all the varied Universes. And yes, this includes each of you as well as ourselves. Thank you for BEing YOU. Salude… Celest and David


NOTE: Even if you are not on this list and are currently not sure if you want your information shared in this manner, WE DO encourage everyone who reads these pages on “The Gatherings” to go ahead and contact all the people who are on this list and introduce yourself. You never know, you may find the “best friend and ally” you have been searching for.

And please remember what we have said all along in many varied formats, “We are all teachers, We are all students in this blessed journey we call LIFE.” What we know we share with others in order to further their understanding, what we learn from others in return is invaluable. KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING this knowledge and putting this knowledge into everyday practical practice allows each of us to transform this knowledge into PEARLS of WISDOM. When wisdom is observed, honored and respected for all the trials and tribulations which we each undertook to acquire this wisdom, then the real fun begins. No longer are we simply Earthwalkers. We are our Soul Expression intentionally and intuitively contributing with purpose and just cause to “The Tapestry of Life.” We are exercising our birthrights as the Gods and Goddesses in-training we each are AND WHICH The Creator and all The Luminescents from each Universe entrusted us with this responsibility and expect us to BE.

Also, we will be temporarily holding off on having any more Online Walk-In and Starseed Summits until we have finished working with God and all the other Luminescents on the next “God Book” “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients.” We do however encourage each of you to continue submitting your questions for the next Summit. Please continue to put the word “Summit” in the subject/topic box in your email. From your exchanges with each other, as you GATHER, we trust you will have many good questions for the next Summit. Thank you.. Celest and David


4-12-2016 Special Note: It has come to our attention that many of our readers have questions or thoughts about certain things, which may be personal, political, environmental as well as many others which are forefront on their minds. And like so many they do not know who to talk to about these. They like you are looking for answers. With everything that is going on at this time with the “cleansing process” in full swing there should never be a time when there is not some topic which needs to be addressed. Take for example, the mass immigration which is ongoing and affecting people in every country whether it has become personal or still remains at a distance. If you are frustrated about something, if you are excited by some changes you see occurring that others may not yet be aware of, if there is just a need to hear from another on how things are, from their perspective, about what they see happening or are experiencing climatically, spiritually, etc than these are good topics to discuss. And who better to do so with than kindred Spirits who are in many ways aligned with you.

If you don’t do this than you are denying yourself and others of an invaluable tool from which you can all learn as you GATHER and exchange information.

Now, go forth and exchange.


Send us your contact information as well as any updates to be shared with other interested people to Celest and David at


Dave, Cyndi and Katherine in Texas and surrounding areas


Rita in Meridian Idaho and surrounding areas


Melanie – Tonasket Washington and surrounding areas


“The PNW  Gathering Pipeline” is activated! (The Pacific Northwest)

Please contact Rita or Melanie for more detailed information about these Gathering Calls which occur twice a month.


11-2017 Special Update: A Radiant Collective “ARC” is now activated

Please Contact Janet for more information about these “Gathering” nighttime conference calls

Janet – Janesville, Wisconsin


Etaoqua – New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts,

Dear Celest and David, I’m very interested in the gatherings and in possibly starting a group.  My area is from Rahway, NJ north to Plattsburgh NY and east to Boston Mass. Spend about half my time in the Greater Kingston NY area, centered in Rosendale NY. I’m already involved in several circles here with Neetopk Keetopk  [My friends, Your friends]  being closest in stated purpose to what you have in mind. Virginia Beach VA is another place where circles like this can take root. I’d be willing to travel to Texas [and places in between] at the right time. Thank you for doing this and all you. Light & love, Etaoqua

Note, “The Gatherings” have begun in Mid Hudson Valley, in and around Rosendale, in and around Independence VA, Virginia Beach and other Virginia areas.


Nargiza – Australia

Also a facebook page ‘Terra EarthStar’


Joanne Lang – Australia


Starlight and Imun – Virginia

Anywhere in central Virginia like, Richmond, Glen Allen, Hanover, Goochland, chesterfield and surrounding counties.

Note: You may remember these two from their submission to the “Walk-In and Starseed Summit” website entitled



Fredrik – Norway


Inge – Drammen Norway

Hi, I would very much like to be meeting others in my area. I live in Norway outside a town named Drammen. Thank you for your effort in starting “The Gatherings”. It will succeed. With Love and Light, Inge


Janet – Janesville, Wisconsin

Dearest Celest and David, I am interested in having a group in my city and State Janesville, WI.  I would appreciate your ideas on starting and maintaining such a group. Thank you. Janet


Krinja – Nassau, The Bahamas

Hello, It is a very interesting story as to how I came up in your page and am now sending my contact information- a story I will tell at a later instance.
What? I will say is it started with a dream I had several days ago (after visualizing the opening of my 3rd eye/pineal gland). The dream left me with This phrase, “electromagnetic linear ascension.” I did a Google search and let my spirit lead me to the links I was intended to see. All I can say is my eyes have truly been opened and the veil removed. I am unfolding the truth of (so-called) reality, consciousness, how we truly exist and the entities and densities that co-exist as well. nuff said.
I live in Nassau, Bahamas, which I have always sensed is intrinsically important in the whole scheme of things.
I feel it is purposes that I was lead to your site. I look forward to walking this journey to ascension.
Regards, Krinja


Zsófia Nagy – Hungary – City: Budapest and surrounding areas

Dear Celest and David, Would you be so kind and add me to the list of ‘The Gatherings’ as I would  be interested in meeting others in my area or just have a nice chat with the others. Many thanks, Zsófia Nagy


Zakiti – San Diego, California

or @zakiti_seay (Instagram)

Hello, I am interested in being involved.  I live in San Diego, CA and I am honored to be a part of the Gathering. Kimberly

Bless you both for helping so many.  I have been following for years, I resonate with what I read and have had many experiences that I have learned from in this lifetime and can offer insight to others about things they may not immediately understand. Thank You, Kimberly


Cornelius Constantine – Morgan Hill California

Don’t know if you have a group in the area, but I would like very much to add my name to “The Gatherings Contact Information.” I will be very interested to contact a grouping in my area. I live in Morgan Hill, CA 95037, but any place in the Bay area, starting from San Francisco, down south to San Jose CA, will be fine for me. With love, Cornelius.


Added 6-17-2016

Hello, I’m interested in “The Gatherings.”  You may add my e mail to the group list.  Thank you!
I’ve seen green beings several times in a variety of ways.  I think they may be Arthurians but not positive.  Recently I’ve see little people from another place.  The little people are mischievous and feel like they live in the earth and are masters in the soil and plants.  Feels like they been here thousands of years.  Would you know where they may be from?

Blessings, Kim in the Portland OR area

Note from Celest and David: Kim, these wonderful beings are from The Devic Kingdom and they provide a valuable service to this planet. So yes, we encourage you to keep in contact with them and yes, they can be quite “Playful”.


Pam McNeil

Merida Mexico

I am interested in knowing where I can meet others in my area. Or if I have to, I’m willing to start a Gathering in my area. I would of course want assistance from someone to help me gather and disseminate information to other Spiritually awakening souls. I am a retired American expat living in Merida Mexico. I have been on a Spiritual journey for about 4-1/2 years. I am 61 years old. I am a yoga practitioner and a twice a day meditator. I have only recently been introduced to the Pleiadians via a Twitter follower. Although I have seen many articles on the internet about light workers.

Respectfully requested by Pam McNeil




Bristol and Winchester, England

Hi, I would like to take part in the gatherings, please send me a list of people who I may contact, so that I can introduce myself and locate others of like mind. I am living in Bristol, England, and have a good space where meetings can be held. Also based some of the time in Winchester, where some of my family live.

Many thanks, Will


Rudie Stoop

Johannesburg, South Africa

Good morning,

Please add me to your on line community. I look forward to communicate with people around the world and hopefully my area. I have been guided to your website and have been receiving a lot of information recently, mostly during periods of sleep. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa and not sure if you have any other people around this area on your list, I feel very lonely as I go through this process.


Celest and David – Hello Rudie, so good to hear from you. Yes, we do understand the “alone’ feeling, so do not feel as if it is just you. This is one of many of the reasons these “Gatherings” are so important. And, welcome to our websites, we have been sharing our teachings since 1989 so there are vast amounts of information on our four websites as well as all of our books, so have fun. If you have any questions ask. Most every one of the people listed on the Gathering contact page can also help you with anything you do not understand and if they don’t they will let you know and take the time to find the answer for you.. This too is all part of the Gatherings.

We would suggest however that you take the time to send an email to all those on the list and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. And NO, YOU are not now nor have you ever been… ALONE!


Mikal (Sanatâna Kumara)

Portugal, Europe

Hello to all… Pleasure this “First Contact” with all of you.

Yes indeed THE GATHERING OF THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS WILL COME. Good idea / initiative this “Gathering” Site -List of Celest and David.

My name is Alexander (Mikal) and I belong to the Creators called “The Michaels”. I am also one of the Four main Kumaras (Sanatâna Kumara) related with the Planet Venus and the ancient ascension of that Planet to the 8th Dimension. For now I live at Europe (Portugal ) on the shore- 50 Kms of Lisbon.

Yes. The Gathering. Exist a Divine Plan To Gather thousands and thousands of LightWorkers, StarSeeds, Indigo-Crystal-Golden Children, Groups, in the Communities-EcoVillages, Annoucements, Disclosures, etc.

Hundreds and hundreds To Gather in the First Stage. Again. Great pleasure this “First Contact” with all of you. IT´S TIME. THE TIME HAS COME  .

Divine Blessings !!! Mikal


Maria Nieuwenhuysen

The Netherlands, Europe

Hi Celest and David, Please list me as a facilitator. I am also on Skype. Greetings everyone, Maria


Wiesje Martin -East coast of U.S.

In the last few months I connected with new friends on my journey who are very well aligned with my own vibrations. I am able to share the truth of the God books with them. I am a happy healthy energetic free Spirit, loving life and myself on this Earth Star.

Loving greetings, Wiesje Martin


Amanda Letti
Melbourne, Australia

I have been reading on your site about the Gatherings.. I would so very much love to be part of that.. I have no one of like mind.. I don’t know anyone, other than my mother, that shares my beliefs and Spirituality..
I have always, always wanted someone to speak to about these things, or possibly even learn from.. ( I have so much to learn and I’m eager ) ..
However, I live very far from you..I am in Australia, Melbourne..

~ Welcome Amanda, you are among kindred Spirits now. ~


Nutu, The Comforter
In Canada and the U.S. or
my phone number is 760 608-6823

Hello my stars family brother and sister, David & Celest
I would love to be added to “The Gatherings.”
Hello everyone, I am Nutu and I look forward to working with each of you.

~Welcome Nutu, it is good to hear from you again~


My name is Norma in Sunrise Florida.

My email for matters Spiritual is now

I read about the gathering a couple days ago and my interest has been peaked. I live in sunrise FL. I am still thinking and wondering re starting a group. This I know; it would be good to communicate with souls of like-mind. My friend Mable would also be interested in participating as well.

Greetings Norma and Mable from Celest and David and welcome to “The Gatherings.”. We ask everyone to contact them and bid them welcome as the true Advocates for Justice each of you is.



Note: Names and updates will be added as they are submitted to us.

We will be breaking down these Gatherings by state as The Gatherings continue to pick up their predestined Spiritual momentum.


The Gatherings /


The Gatherings – Another First Step

The Gatherings 2

The Gatherings – Another First Step

For “The New People of The New Earth”

Contact Celest and David at

Hello everyone, thank you for your interest in “The Gatherings” we all, as a Collective, are bringing into manifestation. Please check back often and we will continue to keep you updated.

We encourage each of you to contact everyone who is listed on these pages. Each of you has something, many things, in common and something to share with one another and only you can figure out what that may be. The best way to do this is to INTRODUCE YOURSELF to one another. Now is not the time to be shy. Lifelong connections may be forged and rekindled friendships from all your many previous lifetimes of reincarnating may be renewed once again here in the present NOW Moments.

When a doorway opens… use it. When a window of opportunity presents itself… do not ignore it. This is one of those moments. This is the grid-line intersection we have all been waiting for, that we have all prepared ourselves for.

And please, remember to incorporate your PUSH movements and Golden Force into your Gatherings.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Believe us when we say “If you are thinking about something odds are others are as well.” So please ask… Celest and David


First of all we, Celest, David as well as all the Luminescents would like to thank you and applaud you for your interest in pursuing starting a “group” or as we are calling them, “a Gathering,” of like-minded individuals. We know that this is or can be quite a commitment and we will assist you in any way we can. We can help you with any questions you may have regarding these gatherings and help to contact others by using our websites to announce your intent to start a group as well as to attract others to you in the area you reside in. It will be your responsibility to decide how, when and how often to host these. We can tell you that there are no set guidelines or rules for these endeavors you are undertaking. YOU are the caretaker, the Co-Creator of all you will be bringing into manifestation. In other words, the Creation, the Creation Process, is yours to mold, shape, continuously modify and expand and ultimately breathe life into.

For so long we have all, out of necessity for one reason or another, had to spend quantifiable amounts of time “alone” and isolated and in some sense insulated from the disorganized chaos which has ensued on this planet for as long as time immemorial. NOW WE, all of us, have been given the green light to come collectively together and unite the Spiritual Islands of ourselves. This is a multipurpose design; the main reason is to give strength and unity through numbers. This is the time we have all prepared for throughout all our many incarnations. All our individual successes as well as all our try and try again moments have honed all of our skills to be the teachers as well as our continued roles as students, of what is highly regarded and respected as “The Gift of LIFE!”

All of us have something to share with others; what we encourage you to do while you are formulating your plans is to understand that you do not need to do everything for others; they too must take personal responsibility in their own evolutionary process. We encourage you to remember that it is not your responsibility to give them all the answers, yours is to prompt others to find the answers for themselves. In this manner they too will be able to turn knowledge into wisdom. You do this by asking questions at times while ultimately prompting others to step out of their comfort zones and share what they know, what their truths  are at any given moment. In this manner belief systems will begin to alter, redefine and refine themselves into higher monads of expression and clarity. The monads are reality and consciousness forming into one cohesive multifaceted indivisible, indestructible unit, which is not only the Greater I AM but ultimately “All That IS.”

Also, please remember that it IS OK to say “I don’t know.” No one has all the answers and this is why the sharing between participants is so vitally crucial. If something comes up that you yourself do not know the answer to then say so and then add “Let’s explore this for a moment.” This can be the catalyst which will stimulate a lively debate or exchange of fruitful ideas. Also, if the subject matter begins to veer off course it will be your responsibility to step in and alter the flow. We ourselves have had to do this many times as a means to refocus minds. Your (linear) time together will be limited so try to make the most of it.

Believe it or not an important aspect of your QUEST has been and still IS to fulfill your agreements. It is what you agreed to long, long ago when we held great council meetings and glimpsed into the future NOW moments in the timeline we are all currently living in. We all knew it would not always be easy. However we did know that if we united as one collective we would be unstoppable in our pursuits to exterminate the darkness. We could lift the veils of illusion which have hindered and stumped, and sadly in many cases brought the evolution of the human races to a temporary standstill.

NO MORE. In every moment more and more Walk-Ins and Starseeds, and yes Earthseeds as well, are awakening to their purpose here. More and more are incarnating all the time and replacing those who have decided they did not want to stay or they were not able to continue on with their journeys, their missions here. God has said repeatedly that it would not always be easy. He did also say that it would be worth it.

And this is where we are at; the pendulum is finally swinging the other way and yes, we are at the midnight hour. This is why it is so important for all the “Islands” of ourselves to come together and give strength to one another as we continue to forge the Collective Consciousness of a new and better world. Your new groups will be unique expressions of The Creation Process. We are excited to be a part of this process; we know you will be as well. You will find great satisfaction through humbleness in KNOWing the role you played was an important aspect of ushering in change through your Light infusions and contributions to the waves of organized chaos sweeping all over this world we call HOME.

Ask your questions, we are here for you. We can not do it all for you. Use your contact lists, use your social media outlets to spread the word about your gatherings and the need for others to begin their own. Mold these gatherings into Summits where the exchange of ideas and “The Freedom of Expression” The Creator gifted us all with can be brought into manifestation. Conferences are re-creations of the past. They served their purpose and their time of usefulness has come full circle and must evolve. This is where the Summits, ONE on One interaction comes into being. Be Creative and remember to have fun. And we thank you in advance. At times those of us who have been on the front lines have found our ranks seriously depleted. No longer though, NOW united OUR collective combined efforts will turn into a Spiritual tsunami the Shadow Riders have feared and never before witnessed.

In Service… we are!

We ask that you keep us updated on your progress so we ourselves will be better prepared to send others your way. Salude, Celest and David

Click on the link below to search for contact information


The Gatherings /