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PUSH: A New Collaboration

Leaping into the Void

Leaping into the Void

 Greetings everyone, first of all we want to let all PUSHers (Project PUSH and PUSH: A New Collaboration) know how deeply we feel about the wonderful work that you accomplished both individually and collectively. What we witnessed ourselves during the entire PUSH collaboration was a magnificent MASSIVE unbroken wave of pure Light, sometimes tinged with gold and silver and other times so white that we can only call it “white on white.” It is vitally important to you each that you understand the utter magnificence of what you have achieved!! Your hearts, minds and Souls were in wonderful alignment this time because your confidence factor and your initial qualms in the Autumn were either completely subdued or in many cases, (we know because we could see you all) people achieved a highly elevated state of pure sentience and the feelings/thoughts, “nothing will stop me now.” Although you each bear an individual spectacular Light beam which is your own personal energy signature, it is part of your indelible thumbprint, your lights coalesced with the other members of the collective consciousness who were also PUSHing, and oh my! What wonders we beheld. We had the opportunity and the ability to perceive you all transcend the mundane and shine as the Children of the Stars you truly are. Whether you were able to feel it or not your Souls intertwined as Soul Clusters merged with other Soul Clusters, thus enabling the Clusters as well as your own indomitable Spirits to soar as you never have before!

You each “glittered”: it is the only way we can describe this to you; it was the glittering effects which also enlarged the limitless effect of your PUSHing and sent it all literally blasting through the higher dimensions and actually reaching the Crystal City. It then splintered into all directions and we could see those effects lovingly touching all other Universes! We watched as God gathered what was being sent and as you each sent yourselves into 2014 AND beyond, He instantly Created a Golden White ball so huge we can not give you any dimensions for it and placed inside of it with incredible swiftness, a type of carbon copy of everything you were sending. He then suddenly moved beyond ALL dimensions with the most incredible speed and finally hurled this globe so far that we could no longer track it. Except for the incredible whooshing sound we heard as the globe traveled accompanied by the harmonics of the Universes, all else was silent but remarkably peaceful.

We can not tell any of you how long the entirety of the PUSH lasted; we know it continued FULL BLAST through Christmas Day and we can still see the glittering effects PUSHing themselves through the density which was on Earth. As we stop for a moment now and look beyond this world it is amazing and so endearing to see other parts of the glittering now moving in a type of synchronized fashion. It is all swirling as concentrically formed circles of all your intents still wrapped and bathed in the glittering effects are steadfastly Creating an entire new momentum. Yet these “circles” have what you would think of as “spokes,” these spokes will definitely elevate all that you each prepared and PUSHed into a new and better reality. This reality is NOW part of The New Earth and will guide the New People. You see, these “spokes” are extensions which carry magnetic currents which draw to the senders their Souls’ desires while at the same time repel the desires of lesser minds, lesser intentions as well as prevent any dark minded or unilluminated people from attempting to use a Sacred Tool for the wrong reasons.  Be aware of another fact please; we watched many more young children accompanied by their families performing “PUSH – A New Collaboration,” than we had before. Also, many young adults participated for the FIRST time. Some cynics tried it too, so whether or not they change their attitudes is of course up to them. However it does not change the fact that at least they took that first step.

We would ask that each of you strive to have at least one good thought each and every day. Then gather that thought with other thoughts you have “suddenly” had day in and day out since you first began preparing for the PUSH projects. Send those thoughts out by performing your own private PUSH, and visualize them conjoining with the other thoughts previously sent out. Thought is energy and energy in its purest state is unstoppable; especially when it is done for just cause. From this moment on you can consciously continue to be an important aspect of the solution, of organized chaos, by continuously adding to what has energetically already been Created.

The PUSH technique you have learned, that you have integrated with, will never become archaic or obsolete… USE the tools you are being gifted with. Whether you know it or not, you have each integrated with PUSH and now not only are you walking your talk, you are walking The PUSH.

Now we have a word for you from our sponsor, our Mentor: “OK NOW, My Children! I want you all to know that Celestial, David and I wrote this message to all of you. We did so as ONE unified Soul. I suppose you could say We are a Trinity of ONE.  Because you each took a major leap into the void, not sure of what to expect at first, not certain of your own ability to hold the Light in a new fashion, yet did so and have truly surpassed your previous successes in past lives, you are ALL part of the ONE NOW, more so than ever before. You see Children, My Planetizens from all Universes, regardless of what happens to you while walking the Earth Star Walk, life will never be the same for you here again. You have changed and it is the changing that is causing the new energies to confront the former ones. It is a necessary confrontation. It could be no other way. I thank you, not only for My Self, but from all of Divinity. Walk tall Children, stand proud and hold on to the eye of the storm. I will be calling upon you all as events trigger other events and new forms of PUSH will be Created. You honor Me greatly!”

God, Celestial and David

Project PUSH and PUSH: A New


Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian and The Masters have commented on the progress of the PUSH movements in the following articles.


Your “PUSH” comments

Your “PUSH” comments


PUSH: A New Collaboration

Occurred on December 21st, 2013 at 7:00 P.M

Celest and David – The message we want to send out to everyone is “shine the Light that you are into the Universe and into the hearts and minds of all others who are also trying to help humanity and Terra. SHINE people SHINE with all your might and be comfortable with all that you are doing to assist ALL of Divinity as well as all people. Do not be discouraged because so many people could care less. Be ENCOURAGED by all the people who care MORE! We will always be by your side whether you sense us or not. Wherever you go, whatever you do, we too will be there with you.” Please try to spread this message as far and wide as you can and …. BEAM ON


After doing the PUSH on the 20th of Sept, I felt a mild goosebump feeling especially on my arms. This lasted for a few minutes. It was a gentle feeling of elation. After doing PUSH 2 on the 21th of Dec, I had tears of gratitude stream down my face for a solid minute. It was a releasing feeling with a lot of gratitude.


I am very thankful for the opportunity to do these PUSHES. In a time that feels very confusing, it is wonderful to know exactly what to do and how to do it. It is something concrete. Thank you and thank GOD.

With love and light, Katherine.


Hi people, It is 20.15 and I did PUSH at 7.

This time I was more relaxed. I felt a forceful wind in my living room, while I was doing it. I almost pushed me from my place! The wind was going West, so it may have been the force exerted by all the PUSH-ers.

Love, Maria


Thank you for this experience! I truly am blessed to be a part of this Push I finished the Push feeling a white glow around me and a huge smile on my face. Wishing and knowing that you both are wrapped in the loving arms of God always. My best to you both sincerely! Ron


Merry Christmas Eve friends! Thank you for PUSHing us all to be the very best we can be! We miss you!


Hello both of you I just did the PUSH, I missed out the first one in September, but this one I did not miss. It was a very special thing; my crown chakra is still very open and itching in a good way. I could really feel the energy in my hands, and my voice was a little bit strange when I said my wishes. I am really glad that I found awakened hearts some years ago. THANK YOU. Have a wonderful day, you deserve that, really. Love and light to you both. Fred


I really really REALLY enjoyed the song the Star Keepers and God chose for the end of this year on the project Push second round…I want to make clear that “I want to leave the sinking ship behind” as well


Thank you God , The Masters and the Star Keepers for picking this one up and relating it to the NOW we are… I needed that! Awesome. Samuel


“Thank you – it felt so good and so right and so wonderful to do the PUSH. Let’s keep it up!” Melanie


Hi Celest & David

Thank you so much for posting the guideline on your website. Never thought it could be a lot. ^ ^ that helps me figure out better. I’d like to show you my wishes but am not sure if I should say I Want or just go May like I usually do, wishing & asking for things to be manifested. I practiced the movement and saw what wishes came up. Here they are..

From Now on,

– may the Earth Star & her children of all life forms live in True Light & True Love from now on & forever more

– may people of all nations on Mother Earth let go of all conflicts, all sorrow, all illusions, for the highest good of the highest frequency

– may all kinds of true healing take place in everyone & for every life form

– may all kinds of corruptions be exposed & eliminated

– may all forms of pollutions be safely removed

– may all hidden agendas & all the fundamental truths about humanity affairs see the light & b learned & truly understood

– may all shadow works be removed from earth

– may everyone’s & my spiritual work, awareness & consciousness always rise to the higher & higher levels

– may my ability to explain the Universal Truth & help people see the light always increase

– may humans & all life forms & Earth Star communicate thru telepathy again

– may every life form & Earth Star feel safe & sound together forever

– may humans hear our true Soul Voice clearly & be uplifted by the Soul Voice

– may everyone’s heart on earth be healed

– may humans’ higher mind awaken

– may all governments, financial & military worlds be transformed for the highest good of all life forms

I need more sleep for a week now. 10 hours each night. It started from last week with the left side of my temple & face ached. Coffee, tea, chocolate are out of my life. They trigger the symptom. Then the need to rest more occurred. But it is kind of broken sleep, waking up every 2-3 hours. All the symptoms indicated as not unusual so I flow with them, just adjusting my life to accommodate them. Sorry if it sounds like reporting but I guess you’d like to know what is going on around the globe. Not that you have to comment on it if there is no comment or you are busy. I just want to show you how your post helps.

Thank u again. ^ ^ Good night, well, or good morning

Wimolrat J.(pu) in Thailand

Celest and David “Ok, here is what is happening. A lot of people are going through these things and they need to understand the cellular changes and that it is all happening at a cellular level which causes an individual’s frequency and vibration to be elevated in great part. These are also the people who are entering into a new phase of Super Consciousness and please do not underestimate the powerful currents of the ever-changing accelerating NOW (The Golden NOW) which can cause you to feel fatigued and sleepy. And diet changes are a natural/major part of the transformation. And yes, staying in the FLOW, remaining IN the Eye of the Storm and not resisting change is paramount to your integration with the new/higher frequencies you are experiencing and integrating with. And we wish everyone to understand that it is not imposing on us in the least for you to share your perceptions and your feelings and that keeping us updated on what you are becoming aware of in the locations, the countries, the environments you are living in is welcomed. This helps us greatly to be able to keep others informed so they do not think they are going crazy or not doing or feeling or sensing or dealing with changes correctly.

And yes PU, “Want” or “May” are both correct.

Now, Thank each of you for sharing… please pay attention to what we are going to tell you, …. We are beyond “the tip of the iceberg” we are NOW in the beginning of the completion of a major Earth Star cycle; expect the unexpected at ALL times now and BE AWARE of MORE weather changes! PLEASE remain strong in your faith, continue to LIVE your truths and allow nothing or no-thing to sway you from your destiny. We are with you always and in all ways.”

Salude… Celest and David.


Here is another good example of what someone is doing for her part during “PUSH: A New Collaboration” on the upcoming Winter Solstice.

PUSH –  December 21, 2013

I want

 The destruction of the Earth and the unnecessary killing of animals to stop

 The pollution of the air to stop

 The pollution of the water to stop

 That people stop doing it or leave

 That communication with nature, the Deva kingdom, the animals will be normal  again

 That everyone – humans, animals and Earth – can experience a feeling of safety and security again

 That walking in the moonlight will for everyone be a wonderful experience again.

I want

 The financial terror to stop

 The power of the oil companies to be constrained

 People to see the danger to their own lives by destroying the Earth

 Support for the development and use of renewable energy

I want

 To learn to communicate easier with the Earth, the animals, the plants and the elements

 To do my best to make the piece of land I have in my administration healthy and alive

 To contribute to the consciousness on Earth with my light

 To support the growing Christ consciousness by continuing to translate the God books

Maria Nieuwenhuysen –

Note: Maria is The Beautiful Soul who is translating “The God Book” series into Dutch.

The First Project PUSH

Occurred on September 20th, 2013

I have a question….can the “push” technique be use on a regular basis if we want to push dark energy away from us from time to time?

David and Celest: we were waiting for someone to ask!! Yes of course you can


I pushed in AZ and a group here did it also.  I hope God got the results He was hoping for!  xo Chako


Dear Celest David,

First, I want to thank you for all that you did for the Push and all the work you have done on God’s new book. I think that the Push was the most important thing I have done in this life. Wishing you all the energy, health and everything positive and beneficial for your optimal well-being. I am so grateful that you are here. “A”


No I did not participate in project push because of my own carelessness.  It was about two days before the actual event that I realized we would have to do an exercise manipulating the energy.  So I was afraid that I maybe would not have learned the way to do it and spoil it for myself (mess-up).  So I kept up with it, but didn’t participate.  I am looking forward to the new book Advocate for Justice.  At the present time I am re-reading The Code.  Again, thank you for your help.

Celest and David’s response… It is not too late to participate.. First of all your intent to do so put forth that energy to the Creation Process. Secondly, you can still do so, remember, we are living in the timelessness of the Continuum and thus everything is happening in the NOW. Yours or anyone’s desire to proceed with Project PUSH to voice your intent is still indeed timely. So have fun!!


 Dear David and Celest – I feel so high with love and joy – my third eye is throbbing but I feel so light and free – I want to cry tears of joy – I started feeling energized an hour before and fully focused on love – I loved the dark right off Gaia and asked for mercy on their souls – God bless you so much for all that you do to bring us into the light.

Please share how you felt – the Utube video was so helpful.  David, I felt your energy immediately – it was amazing –

I love you both very much.. D


Dear Souls,

The project PUSH sounded wonderful <3 I really wanted to participate but couldn’t as my son was so unsettled, he has Autism, Tourrettes, ADHD, and OCD (3rd dimensional diagnosis, i know, but he does not want to participate in anything like this and is very aggressive/angry of late, he is 16years old. His behaviors can be very unsettled, so I am not able to relax nor meditate 🙁 So does this mean that i have missed an important initiation process or will be left behind or am less than in some way? (I slightly feel like this) As i didn’t connect with the ‘supreme’ energies involved in “PUSH”. I’m thinking is it similar to what some religious people say that if you don’t believe or repent and connect with God (not my belief) I won’t get into Heaven? So if I didn’t align with the supreme energies of “PUSH” then I won’t be included with the beings who are assisting? I truly feel upset i missed this (crying a bit now)  I am attempting to work on my fears, especially as the energies/planets etc are very powerful right now, I don’t wish to manifest more negative, I am having moments in which i feel very afraid, I am doing my best and meditate and send out Love Light when i can. I would like some defined answers please. xxx Sincerely S. B. xxx

Celest and David – S. do not feel bad, your desire to participate added to the beauty of all that was accomplished, your thoughts were right there with the rest of us…. and no you are not being left behind,. that is your intellect speaking… and by all means, LEAVE FEAR BEHIND…. once you realize there is Nothing to fear you will feel much lighter and have an easier time living life… our Love to you..


Hello, it’s Nathalie who lives in Haiti.  So there are a lot of negative energy bands in Haiti but there are some positive ones too.  I usually go by the ocean to receive and send energy and there is a spot I love to go to.  Which is why i decided that would be where I would push from.  About 15 minutes before the wind picked up and the storm clouds came in and there was all this really loud thunder!  I smiled and said “you’re not keeping from doing what I’m doing so just deal with it” then I asked for protection as I was doing this.  At 7pm I did as we were instructed, the wind died down and the storm clouds gathered in the direction I was pushing and they were so dark that the street lights went on! The wind didn’t come back and all was as calm.

I am grateful to you for sharing this and for giving me the opportunity to do my part. In love and light, Nathalie


I Pushed and then I was free! 🙂 Thank you, Universe. after pushing I already could see it materializing on a form of disconnection from some energies inside third density experiences… WE PUSHED 4 real! 🙂 love from Brazil to you all everybody, thank You Celest David and all the Star Collective Consciousness. Peace out… Samuel


Felt like a lot was being accomplished.. Patricia from Norway


I pushed negativity out of Kentucky! Thanks all ! David


I was facing north barefoot with 2 big rock crystal on the floor (coils wrapped around them with electricity running through the crystals (from a small battery)), looking at a heart shaped light holder that was placed in my window with a lit candle in it. Felt right to do it that way. Hope it gave a little extra. Good luck to the rest of you. Love and light – oh and don’t forget the sea salt.. Inge

Celest and David – wonderful Inge and all others in Norway who are helping! We are already hearing from the Netherlands and Australia. Good job everyone, Kudos to you one and all.


Me and family had a wonderful time doing the PUSH together.. from Malaysia. :Maba


It was wonderful. My 7 year old granddaughter pushed also. We are so loved… victory of the light. Let’s keep on loving xo.. Linda


Once each to the four cardinal points, it just felt right. My cat followed the gathering energy on the last one and watched it disperse. Shay


All done here in UK.. felt very powerful.. Crystal


Hello.. I’m just writing to tell you how excited I am to hear about how the project push went. I of course have already done my push… Even though a part of me, kind of wants to do it again, I am happy that it is finally underway. I am looking forward to reading ( on you site ) about how we all did… LOL ..

Oh and I was very pleased to read about how so many people where going to participate in the push.. I really didn’t expect that so many people would know about it.. Even though I practically told everyone I knew, about it.. Oh and I think my mom is slightly upset with me, because I spent the day repetitively reminding her about drinking enough water, creating her own words to say and using the sea salt…LOL

I know your both so incredibly swamped with work, so I know you won’t reply, and that’s fine.. I thank you both (for like the 50th time) so much for the amazing opportunity you have given us all. Oh and thank you for the wonderful instructions you gave on your site.. Because of all your detailed instructions, I was actually able to feel as though I was participating correctly..  Amanda in Australia


The northeast kingdom of Vermont will be there. Kathleen

Project PUSH /


Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian and The Masters have commented on the progress of the PUSH movements in the following articles.





PUSH: A New Collaboration

PUSH: A New Collaboration

When: Winter Solstice December 21st, 2013 at 7:00 P.M (your time) in whatever country you are in.

We will be building on the momentum of the Winter Solstice as been suggested by God and desired by many people who have been contacting us. We will be working with the solstice to firmly solidify the continuous outpouring of the energetic movement originally Created during the Autumn Project “PUSH.” Together we can better help ground the coming year of 2014. With the original PUSH movement we started an energy wave effect that is still ongoing and picking up speed, so it makes perfect sense to keep the momentum going.

The difference this time around is we are asking everyone to have clearly defined concepts of what they want to bring into manifestation in 2014. No broad unrealistic ideas;  concentrate on what you feel are the most meaningful changes, which means personal as well as planetary, that you resonate with the most. Yes this will also aid in further removing dark energy streamers because dark cannot tolerate the Light. So, because of the massing of heart, mind and Soul of those who participate, you will be each shine a broad spectrum of Light throughout the planet and beyond.   

You each learned from the initial PUSH movement the hand motions, the composure you need and the dedication to make a difference by Be-ing the difference. We suggest that you spend quality time between now and then to read the original text which accompanies the video showing you how to perform the movements. This will ensure for you that yes you are doing it correctly and also allows you to flow more with the motions. This will increase your self-confidence and be a catalyst to expand your higher form of consciousness. You will not make a mistake and you can do no wrong.

We are asking everyone who participates to use your share button on Facebook, Twitter, your websites, your email contact list etc. and connect with others who also want to bring in the best of the best of changes for 2014 and beyond.

We want you to understand that this will accelerate organized chaos across this world which will also help to expose the dark people and dark plans, organizations,  places and events to the Light. Much will come into public awareness when the masses finally realize they have been duped for centuries and centuries. So you see, the purpose of “PUSH: A New Collaboration” is multifold.  

The difference this time around is that we ask you to use your PUSH technique to clear away any and all obstacles that you foresee which may try to dampen the impact. Once you have successfully PUSH-ed them away, THEN bring in your intents. You may take as much time as you desire this time around for defining what you feel is important to be added into this movement.

Be relaxed with what you do, there is no pressure being placed upon you. You are each the Masters and Mistresses of your own Destiny. So become comfortable with yourself. If you are in a public place at that 7:00 P.M. time, simply go to the restroom or some other quiet place and PUSH from there. One enterprising woman had her adult children and her grandchildren at her home during the initial PUSH so she closed herself in the bathroom and PUSH-ed. Be Creative!!!

While we were pulling together the information for this new project God and the Star Keepers began sending us the following song. After looking up the exact lyrics we see why it conforms to the purpose we are all coming together for. (Lyrics below)

To view the original Project PUSH info and video go to

Salude… Celest, David and all of Divinity

PUSH: A New Collaboration


Creedence Clearwater Revival “Up Around The Bend” Song Lyrics

There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ Just as fast as my feet can fly Come away, come away if you’re goin’, Leave the sinkin’ ship behind. CHORUS: Come on the risin’ wind, We’re goin’ up around the bend.

Bring a song and a smile for the banjo, Better get while the gettin’s good, Hitch a ride to the end of the highway Where the neons turn to wood. You can ponder perpetual motion, Fix your mind on a crystal day, Always time for a good conversation, There’s an ear for what you say.

Catch a ride to the end of the highway And we’ll meet by the big red tree, There’s a place up ahead and I’m goin’ Come along, come along with me.