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Project PUSH

Maria on Project PUSH and other comments

Maria speaks out on Project PUSH

Comments Updated 9-13-13

And some of the comments we have received

At last!

At last we can do something!

A lot has happened since December 21, 2012. The financial situation has worsened even further. The inequality has risen up to new heights. A number of whistleblowers have told us things that happen behind the scenes. Politicians are still pretending they are seriously working hard for us. The last disclosure was that the West German government was providing doping for athletes as a standard procedure. No shady Spanish doctors with unknown clients, just medical teams funded by the government as “support” for athletes and coaches and of course many guarantees that nothing could be detected. The people who found this reports have not yet been able to give any names for fear of gigantic damage claims. Ouch!

Many athletes from the former DDR are battling damaged bodies thanks to many medical experiments. They still are not receiving any help from the government. They still are not allowed to know what poisons were fed or injected into their bodies.

For Lightworkers these disclosures are emotionally stressful because they see that in spite of everything most people still look the other way and are not demanding a complete disclosure of the facts. They feel that “these things should not happen, but there is nothing you can do about it, it is just the way things are”.

I am happy that God – as CEO of our Universe – has taken the initiative for project PUSH.

A few weeks ago during meditation I spontaneously left my body and started to dance to very vague music. I made all kinds of movements with my hands. I made vortexes and long streamers. It was a very weird experience. When I asked Celest what had happened, she told me that I was forming energy with my hands and was helping the planet. Apparently I pulled the energy out from the Universe.

Anyway it was a good preparation for project PUSH. The plan is that on September 20, 2013 local time 7 p.m. (or 19.00) we are going to manipulate the energy around the Earth. We are going to remove the suffocating black layer that still covers the planet. It has to be done by beings who are actually living on the planet, but it will be supported in a huge way by beings from outside of the Earth. The darkness that we push away from the Earth will be collected by the Universe and I assume will be cleaned and recycled.

My only objection against this action is that you can only do it for 5 minutes! There are so many things I would like to remove from this world, that I could be doing it for much, much longer, at least an hour, but apparently 5 minutes is enough!  Really? Really? Maria at


We are adding a few of the email comments; sorry we do not have time to add them all. We would love to hear from you though. And PLEASE keep spreading the word.

Remember, two days before Project PUSH (September 18 th) we will be adding additional information on this Project so please check back.


Note from Celest and David: We have heard from many different people who are having their friends over to their homes to do “PUSH.” Some we have heard from will be gathering in groups as large as 30 people. Some are crossing state lines and traveling distances to be with others of like mind for this event. And we are so grateful that many many people have chosen to be active participants by sharing this information with all they can think of. They like us understand the importance of the gridline intersection occurring on the Autumn Equinox and the relevance of the Full Moon at this time. It really is quite remarkable the response we have received. From our hearts to yours we say THANK YOU and WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!


I plan to join in project PUSH and at least 9 of my friends are also. I am grateful for your work. Debra


Hi David and Celest,

It strikes me that I have learned nothing if not that we are all one and the power of collective intention must be stronger than many singular conflicting intentions. I began thinking of us using one intention that honors and respects all beings, this is my suggestion, of course open to alteration if any of it is inappropriate, see what you feel! I feel strongly that I need to add NESARA IS NOW! to my collective push intention to anchor the Christ vibration, by the way in my last email, I forgot to thank three of my teachers, so a big thank you to both of you and Blue Star for the inspirational and transformational shifts I have felt since reading Blue Stars last book and Beyond the Journey, Life in the Hereafters. I gave my permission to publish my intention in the hope it is respectful and inspires others to be non judgmental. I am preparing for Friday with great intention and excitement. My thanks for the video as I find it difficult to visualize instructions!!

”It is our collective intention to push away the energies which promote the growth of fear, hatred, disrespect, cruelty, slavery, abuse and dishonor out of the energetic fields of Gaia. We thank and honor Gaia and all those entities who Created awakening and soul growth opportunities for all in earth school. It is our hopeful intention that the power of light and love each being receives in the push will once again awaken the living principles in their galactic heart so each may choose to return to the consciousness of love of Prime Creator, who never left them. All are one, NESARA IS NOW!, so be it!”


Sandra Roche.


“Now tell me, how exciting is this????  I feel so blessed to participate in this collective conscience movement.  Together in love, we will as one change the world.”

Sending you much love, protection, energy, and the best of health.


“To push the old away and welcome the new. To honor Gaia, myself, my children, for my friends, for my wife and all others who wanna create a new and better place for all beings. Hi Golden Now!”


“Thank you for making the video…it helps us to “get it“ now I can do the process without wondering if I am doing it right…I know I am …”


“Oh, Thank you so much for that video. That helped me so so much. Now I feel I won’t have a problem.” Love you always


Dear Lightworkers,

I have some questions about the intentions on this PUSH project. My basic intention is to have healing of mother earth. Is it possible to send intentions to stop negative things, like marshall law, greedy oil companies, etc? Not sure how I would send the intentions in a positive way. Thanks (name withheld)

(David’s response) Greetings.. so happy to hear you on board with us to go forward with God’s Project PUSH… first of all, your intentions are wonderful and keep on pursing them.. However there in all likelihood will not be any martial law in this country and if there is an attempt it will be short lived or stopped cold.. Second, the Light, the Jesus the Christ Consciousness, and all of Divinity, including yourself efforts, your intents of your thoughts, as a Light worker.. are pulling up all the ‘weeds’ the Dark have implanted on this world, evidence of this is all around. And we all need to keep reinforcing those efforts.

If you re-read what God had said in project PUSH you will see that this effort, this PUSH, is to COLLECTIVELY “PUSH” the remaining dark energies from this Earthly Realm and it our combined efforts that will accomplish this.. so we would suggest you focus on that concept for this event, and continue with you other efforts whenever and where ever you feel the need.. do you understand?? If not, please let us know, this is too important! This event is one of the many reasons we are all here now…  our love to you… David (and Celest too of course)


Count me and Jack in! I will post it on my FB too. Thank you! Jean


Hi there guys, here it is..Im going for it…lets try to see the light, but not from lack of breathing right 🙂 let them ride OUTTA HERE… in peace.

One of my thoughts to the NEW NOW is the expansion of awareness towards every visible and nonvisible energy present in our ongoing connection with the realm of vibration of the existence that it is. Samuel


Thank You David and Celest, I love you both, and you all! bye

Send your comments to

Project “PUSH” /


Defining INTENT of Project “PUSH”

Defining INTENT of Project “PUSH”

Since project PUSH has been published online there have been a lot of reactions from people who wanted to participate. We have also received many suggestions for things people wanted to remove from our lovely planet. Yes our lists are also getting longer and longer.

Some lists were OK, but some lists also had a small problem. So we decided to add some examples in this article.

Here is the main problem we encountered: it is not the intention of the project to attack anyone – not even the meanest criminals. When you attack anyone you automatically, place yourself in the 3rd dimension – the dimension we are leaving behind. We have been attacking criminals in the 3rd dimension for ages. We have had prisons, gallows, death sentences and it has not helped to create a better situation.

What we are doing now is to push the energy off the planet. Although we still have the same goal we have to be cautious to express it different, so the Angelic Kingdom, many Beings from other planets and all the Luminescents (the Gods and Goddesses of all the other Universes) can join us. And yes, they will all be present and doing their collective part during Project “PUSH.”

Let me show you the difference.

“We want to get rid of all bankers” will not be supported by our crew of helpers, but if we express it differently “we want an end to financial slavery” they can wholeheartedly support us.

The same goes for this one: “we want to get rid of all rapists” will not be supported, but “we want an end to all sexual exploitation” will or “we want an end to all forms of rape”.

So check your list, check how you expressed your goals so we can receive all the support we need to accomplish this.

Try to define your intent in simple language: “repressive energies, removing all lower based thought forms.” These are examples.

You can cover many different types of energies that are not good for the planet using fewer words, but words that are all encompassing.

Looking forward to Friday, September 20!

Celest, David, Maria

Remember, two days before Project PUSH (September 18 th) we will be adding additional information on this Project so please check back.

Worth Mentioning: At the beginning of September we flipped the page on our calendar and the “header” above the image said one word “DESTINY.” Project “PUSH” is a key part of all of our Destiny’s. Its purpose, its intent is in a nutshell why we are all here now. And no, we do not believe in coincidence, this word on the calendar was placed there with Divine intent. Celest and David

Project “PUSH” /


Projeto Empurrao

Proect “PUSH” translated into Portuguese by Samuel in Brazil

Projeto Empurrão

Projeto Empurrão

Anuncio Importante – Isso é um delicado material de tempo

Esse evento  ocorrerá em 20 se Setembro, 2013 as 7 P.M no “seu” fuso horario

Trabalhadores da Luz e pessoas de bom coração são frequentemente ouvidas falando sobre o tão frustradas  elas estão, algumas estão bravas e algumas tem uma grande tristeza sobre o que eles querem fazer em relação a purificar esse planeta.Elas se sentem frustradas, elas querem fazer algo para ajudar o Universo, para ajudar Deus, durante esses dias da batalha final trabalhadores da Luz são ouvidos também a argumentarem um com os outros e enredados nos dramas alheios.Muitos estão simplesmente saindo do caminho. Eles desistiram. Deus nos disse recentemente. Isso é totalmente inaceitavel. “No dia 25 de Julho as 9:30 P.M na noite do aniversario de Celest, a entrante, enquanto nós tinhamos um grande amigo nos visitando do CO, Deus decidiu enviar a (Celest) uma alta e inesperada  mensagem. Isso é o que ele disse. “Eu quero que você crie o Projeto Empurrão. Ele prosseguiu dizendo o que é e o porque DEVE ocorrer. “Projeto Empurrão” é o titulo que ele deu a esse projeto. Eles disse ” O que Eu estou prestes a lhe dizer é o porque esse projeto deve ser um sucesso” O Autumn Equinox de 22 de Setembro de 2013 é quando tudo atingirá massa critica. Para a humanidade ser capaz de continuar como especie de vida que está realmente intencionada a evoluir, ações especificas; quais causarão certas reações DEVEM ocorrer. Por causa da Lei Universal de não interferencia e não intervenção, Nós tivemos que esperar um convite para ajudar vocês com essa futura missão. Nós mesmos, Estou falando de Mim Mesmo e todos outros seres Divinos extraterrestres, devemos aderir a Leis Universais. Então, Eu estou pedindo a Celest para iniciar uma missão, um projeto qual habilitará ela e o David a alcançarem a Consciencia Coletiva. Essa Consciencia é para iniciar um novo ciclo de grande mudança para as Novas Pessoas e a Nova Terra.Por causa que Celest protamente concordou, assim como David, e imediatamente emitiu o convite para NÓS se juntarmos a ele e o resto da Consciencia Coletiva, Nós estaremos lá trabalhando bem junto com vocês. Juntos, Nós podemos e irémos fazer a diferença. O Criador tomou uma decisão; e é para dar as Sementes estelares e Entrantes uma oportunidade de reunir e preencher o destino que foi escolhido por eles. Desde que Nós estarémos todos trabalhando em harmonioso alinhamento, um tipo de conversão harmonica ocorrerá. Todos da Divindade serão parte disso. Isso inclui todos os Mestres, Os Mensageiros, Minhas Crianças Guardiãs Estelares, Jesus, Maria, o plano Angélico, e todos os outros do mais Onipotente estado de evolução que assinaram em participar estarão trabalhando. Isso é parte do que a missão envolve” “A outra parte é quando cada um de vocês seguem instruções dadas para vocês por Celest e David em como fazer o Empurrão. A data escolhida de 20 de Setembro 2013 as 7 P.M, é quando o EMPURRÃO deve começar. quando todos vocês terminarem sua parte o Universo então, entra em cena e cuida do resto. Essa Tecnica de Empurrão é um método Pleiadiano qual Celestial trouxe com ela quando ela Entrou. Nós escrevemos o processo qual descreverá o os movimentos necessarios para fazer o EMPURRÃO e os colocamos no fim desse texto. Para aqueles de vocês que tem seguido As Mensagens dos Mestres como também os Mensageiros nas Novas Mensagens de Luz estão cientes que esse Equinox a caminho é o ponto de inflexão para a Terra e todos seus habitantes. O que é deixado do caos disorganizado nesse planeta deve ser mudado para caos organizado. O que Nós todos estaremos fazendo é um movimento energético qual será combinado com a mais brilhante das luzes que você pode possivelmente imaginar. As Luzes e Movimentos que você faz devem ser preenchidos com a mais pura intenção. Por causa da intenção de Deus e o Criador Seus desejos devem ser respeitados. Você pode desenvolver sua propria intenção de consciência; pense a repeito de quais sentimentos, quais pensamentos, qual energia você quer colocar o foco de sua intenção com também seu trabalho conosco nesse exercicio. Em tempos passados nós mesmos fomos chamados para passar por algumas missões que Deus nos pediu para passar por. Mas durante aqueles tempos foi apenas para sermos nós. Ele estava esperando a intersecção de linhas de rede de culminação de energias durante o Autumn Equinox qual poderia alinhar-se com a Consciência Coletiva, antes que ele pudesse dar o chamado  para todos vocês trabalharem juntos em unidade. Agora o chamado foi feito!

Deus nos pediu para postar isso para todos de vocês, pois Vocês realmente SÃO parte da Consciência Coletiva, Ele disse para dizer a vocês, “É HORA PARA TODOS NÓS EMPURRARMOS A ESCURIDÃO E PROCLAMARMOS A TERRA. Não é para vocês fazer por raiva ou odio e não faça para buscar vingança. Se isso não for feito por amor será em vão. Não faça pela gloria e eu vos lhes imploro para não pensarem em termos prejudiciais. Em essencia o que eu gostaria que vocês fizessem é construir um muro de pessoas através de corações mentes e Almas. Fazendo você será capaz de realizar o que você não pode possivelmente fazer sozinho. Embora eu esteje bem ciente que muitos de vocês tentaram anteriormente e foram geralmente sem sucesso e apenas durou por alguns breves momentos de tempo. Esteje claro de onde seu foco está direcionado para empurrar a escuridão. E então quando o tempo designado chegar coletivamente os empurre de volta a infinitividade e então deixe o Universo cuidar disso de lá. Nota. Nós encorajamos cada um de vocês a tomarem quanto tempo for necessario antes do evento data e horario para recarregarem sua energia e limpar sua mente o quanto possivel se certifique de beber diversos copos de agua por 48 horas antes que isso ocorra. Deus nos disse que sim, vocês podem praticar essa técnica por conta própria em privacidade uma vez que você se sinta confortavel com as formações de energias. Pense em qualquer coisa que você queira acrescentar aos pensamentos que você estará projetando e se sinta bem sobre o que vocês estarão fazendo. Enquanto você estão praticando os movimentos de mãos nós os sugerimos a pegarem um caderno ou bloco de notas que você possivelmente não possa perder, e enquanto você está ainda lembrando exatamente o que você quer dizer, anote. Não ache que você lembrará tudo que quer dizer, pois você não lembrará, por favor anote. então leia e re-leia quantas vezes for necessario. Mas ninguém é para fazer isso sozinho; deve ser parte do empreendimento coletivo. dessa maneira como Deus disse “será os corações, as mentes, as Almas das pessoas por todo meu mundoque serão capazes de ajudar, depois que todos voc~es disseram que queriam” Por causa que isso foi programado para as 7 da noite isso significa que 7 da noite no seu horario desconsiderando qual pais você mora. Isso irá se culminar como um efeito de onda Omnipresente enquanto se reverba ao redor do mundo. O fato que o Universo estará esperando para recolher tudo que nós jogarmos fora desse mundo deveria fazer cada um e todos de vocês alcansarem um sentimento natural, um sentimento de realização. Será interessante ver quantos Entrantes e sementes Estelares estão finalmente prontas para colocar suas energias onde suas verdades repousam. Carol Tyrell na nossa sugestão passou diversas horas enquanto nos visitava e usava seus dados astrologicos, maravilhosamente reuniu uma compreensiva, mas simples explicação da energia de todos os planetas qual irá ocorrer pelo tempo do equinox. Ao você ler, mesmo que você não entenda astrologia, todos deveriam ser capazes de ver a poderosa influencia qual nós todos recebemos dos proprios planetas qual estará ajudando nesse empenho. Vocês todos serão capazes de sentir que vocês verdadeiramente NÃO estaõ sozinhos. Entre em contato com as pessoas que estão no seu facebook, seu email, contatos do Skype, contatos de telefone, etc. E envie a eles um link para o Projeto EMPURRÃO. Sem duvida que terá que enviar um lembrete disso assim que o evento se aproximar. Se voc~e tem websites por favor postem o link. Escreva a data e o horario do EMPURRÃO no seu calendario. Vocês estarão alcançando o resto da Consciencia Coletiva estando cientes disso ou não. Haverá uma grande quantidade de telepatia em jogo. Você quis mudança, você quis ser parte dela, e você quis FAZER algo. Segure-se agora, segure-se na sua verdade Pois o tempo é agora. Por favor se certifique de imrpimir isso.

Deus, “Esse é um bom método de fazer o que você pode e ensinar outros a fazer o que eles podem.No fim ficará tudo bem. Esse é o tempo que você tem se preparado para.”

Celest e David

Perspectiva Astologica do Autumn Equinox de 2013

A Lua e Uranos em Aries produzem rapidas  mudanças eletrificadas nos elevando do velho condicionamento cultural que nos manteve em escravidão devido a nossa percepção de grupo (Mercurio) do que nós acreditamos ser realidade. Nós temos uma oportunidade única para perfurar o véu. A mente superior e a inferior trabalhando em conjunto, nos permite a ver as Verdades Universais (Jupiter) por de trás das ilusões. As sementes de justiça social, consciências evolutivas, a verdade do amor e paz  plantadas em 1960 (quando Uranos e Pluto se reuniram pela ultima vez)   estão nos desafiando a esse ponto no tempo a colocar as coisas em prática. O tempo para linguagem retorica está a acabado. Como nós criaremos a proxima fase de evolução? O lado escuro deve ser reconhecido para ser largado, ao longo com a nossa propria responsabilidade por permitimos sua continuação. Nós fomos permitidos a entrar no nosso poder para banir aquilo que não serve mais junto com a força de empurrar a escuridão (Saturno-Pluto). O impressivo agrupamento de Netuno em Peixes e Jupiter em Cancer nos suporta através de profunda conexão emocional, junto com o opoio expandido de guia orientação superior para se dar conta das possibilidades infinitas a frente de nós que são criadas pelo poder de nossa junta agrupação.

Carol Tyrell Full Moon Magic/


 A Técnica Empurrão

Se certifique de desligar todos os celulares etc. Quando estiver compromissado com sua parte do EMPURRÃO. Você não quer ter nenhuma distração.

Primeiro passo – Mentes precisam estar totalmente limpas e focadas. Você pode ou sentar ou ficar de pé, embora sugerimos ficar de pé porque a energia eleva-se mais rapido. Não importa se seus olhos estão abertos ou fechados. Você não precisa fazer nada além de respirar folegos lentos e calmos durante o processo. Tenha um copo de agua fresca perto de voc~e e se voc~e tem sal de mar, mas apenas sal de mar, coloque uma pequena pitada embaixo de sua lingua aproximadamente dois minutos antes que você começe. Se você tem uma prece ou uma intenção ou seu proprio Mantra Sagrado use-o antes de ir meditar ou ir em ir em sua propria forma de contato com a Divindade, por favor diga isso depois que você tomar o sal. Isso lhe ajudará em ascencionar e imergir com seu proprio Ser da Alma e funcionar como um limpador de suas energia. Quando de pé nós sugerimos ficar descalso e que separe seus pés um pouco longe um do outro. Sim, você pode fazer isso ao ar livre, mas nos os aconselhamos fazer dentro onde há mais privacidade.

Segundo Passo – Aprenda a Técnica

Coloque sua mão direita e esquerda na sua frente com as palmas de frente uma pra outra com os cotovelos dobrados e fique relaxado. Agora faça pequenos circulos com cada mão ambas ao mesmo tempo para que as mãos ainda fiquem proximas, palmas abertas e dedos separados e pense o pensamento recebendo, recebendo, recebendo. Apenas tres vezes. Você deverá fazer circulos com suas mãos em direções opostas, a direita pra direita, a esquerda pra esquerda ao mesmo tempo como se voc~e estivesse Criando dois vortexes separados bem na sua frente. O que você está fazendo é literalmente extraindo energia Super Consciente de dimensões superiores e a magnetizando para si mesmo.

Uma vez que você coletou a energia, mas lembre-se você apenas precisa fazer aquele movimento tres vezes, daí então vá para o proximo passo.

Agora coloque as palmas de usas mãos para frente longe de você, com seus braços estendidos com mãos e braços separados como se você fosse tentar empurrar alguem longe de você. Dedos não devem ficar juntos, eles devem ficar separados.

Então traga seus braços para cima em um movimento para cima para que eles fiquem levemente mais altos do que o topo de sua cabeça. Depois traga seus braços para baixo em um movimento circular como se você estivesse seguindo o contorno de uma lua cheia. Braço esquerdo indo para esquerda e braço direito indo para a direita, ambos ao mesmo tempo. Traga seus braços para baixo ainda permanecendo naquela posição circular da lua cheia até suas mãos estarem quase tocando uma a outra. Suas palmas devem estar de frente uma para outra e dedos ainda separados como se você estivesse completando um circulo ou se preparando para pegar algo. Nesse ponto seus braços e mãos estarão posicionados abaixo em um jeito natural enquanto ainda fecham o circulo. Você deve agora estar de pé com suas mãos de frente uma para outra em algum lugar abaixo perto da sua virilha, dependendo o quanto alto ou baixo você é. Agora vagarosamente começe a levantar suas mãos para cima com as palmas ainda de frente uma para outra, mas não tocando. As traga na altura de seu peito e então coloque suas palmas para frente e extendem seus braços em um moviemento definitivo como se você estivesse tentando empurrar alguém ou algo longe de você. Se você não ver a Luz Branca brilhante ao fazer seu procedimento então a visualize. Muitos tem a habilidade ve-la, mas nem todos. Ai é quando você começa imediatamente, não verbalmente ou verbalmente declarar sua intenções, tudo que você anotou e provavelmente memorizou que você deseja dizer. Todos precisam escolher suas proprias palavras. Dessa forma energia adere a energia para que tudo que você está declarando se torne a forma energética daqueles pensamentos qual está já conectando coma  matrix dessa aprte do processo. E essa parte do processo está também conectando todos da Dividade com seus pensamentos e suas ações.

Quando você sentir que você esta satisfeito que você empurrou a energia escura fora para o Universo colher, isso não deve levar mais do que cinco minutos, você irá querer sacudir seus pulsos vigorosamente para separar aquela conexão de energia para que você não fique sobrecarregado. Lembre-se que Deus e todos os outros Seres que Deus falou estarão acompanhando você e se compromissados em seus empurrões também. Deve ser um movimento da Conscinência Coletiva. Algumas pessoas pode de fato sentir a presença da divindade enquanto eles fazem isso. Alguns de vocês podem se tornar muito leves de mente e ter uma sensação de que ou você esta fora do planeta ou elevou-se acima dela. Muitos de vocês descobrirão que voc~es se sentirão extremamente emocionais e se sentirão com vontade chorar. Outros se sentirão como se eles estivessem temporariamente fora do corpo fisico. De fato, muitos de vocês estarão fora do corpo. Mas retornar vocês devem.

No senso mais basico, esse movimento altamente energetico que voc~es tem se engajado é um processo de coletar energia e então libera-la. Na espiral para baixo de seus braços você está coletando energia, quando você tras seus braços para cima você está essencialmente levantando a energia bem parecido com o que um levantador de peso faz. Então quando você empurra seus braços no movimento para frente você está liberando aquela energia em uma direção designada qual tem um recipiente designado. Esse recipiente é o Universo. O que a maioria de você sdeveria ser capaz de se dar conta nesse ponto é uqe durante essa técnica, especificamente quando você esta extraindo energia para cima, é que você está extraindo particulas energeticas extremamente carregadas de energia Espiritual de todos seus chakras. O sistema de chakra extenderá a totalidade de sua energia, dessa forma melhorando toda a energia que voc~e está agora Criando. Lembrar seus pesamentos é uma parte vital dessa nova energia. Uma sincronidade nascerá se alinhando com todos os outros que também estão usando o procedimento empurrão

Dessa forma, com todos nós fazendo isso ao mesmo tempo e tendo a mais pura intenção e repondendo ao CHAMADO, Conscinência Coletiva  como uma força únificada desferirá um sério golpe na escuridão. Todos da divindade funcionam como Consciências Coletivas em um nivel extremamente superior e existem em um constante estado de caos organizado. Agora vocês também. Vocês entraram em um estado de graça, UM que nunca irá vos deixar.

Isso é o que nós estamos fazendo…podemos contar com seu apoio? Agora Deus está Dizendo “Nós precisamos ser uma força para ser contada com.” O grande numero de pessoas e seus pensamentos irão realmente fazer a diferença.

Por favor, se certifique de checar esse website no dia 18 de Setembro para qualquer atualização e comentarios adicionais de nós.

Saudações.. Celest e David.

Todo esse material pode ser reimpresso contanto que esteje linkado de volta a url acima.

Project “PUSH” /


Project PUSH

Check back September 18th for important additional information.


”Project PUSH”

Important announcement – This is time sensitive material.

NOTE: please read the entire text below to better familiarize yourself with the hand technique.

This is a video on how to perform the PUSH technique

This Event will take place on

September 20th, 2013 at 7:00 P.M in “your” time zone

Light Workers and other goodhearted people are often heard talking about how frustrated they are, some are angry and some have great sadness about what they want to do about helping to cleanse this planet. They feel stymied. They want to do something to help the Universe, to help God, during these days of the final battle. Light Workers are also being heard to argue with one another, and are embroiled in others’ dramas. Many are simply falling off the path. They have given up. God told us recently, “This is totally unacceptable.” On July 25th 9:30 p.m. on the eve of (Celest’s Walk-In Birthday) while we had a good friend visiting us from Colorado, God decided to send (Celest) a loud unexpected message. This is what He said. “I want you to Create Project PUSH.” He went on to explain what it is and why it MUST take place.

“Project PUSH” is the title He has given this project. He said “What I am about to tell you is why this project must be a success. The autumn equinox of September 22nd 2013 is when everything will hit critical mass. In order for humanity to be able to continue as a species of life that is really intent on evolving, specific actions which will cause certain reactions MUST take place. Because of the Universal Law of Non-Interference and Non-Intervention, We had to await an invitation to assist you with this upcoming mission. We ourselves, I am speaking of My Self and all other Divine Beings off-world, must adhere to Universal Laws. So I am asking Celest to initiate a mission, a Project which will enable her and David to reach out to the Collective Consciousness. This Consciousness is to begin a new cycle of great change for the New People and the New Earth. Because Celest readily agreed, as did David, and immediately issued the invitation to US to join them and the rest of the Collective Consciousness, We will be there working right along with you. Together, We can and will make a difference. The Creator has made a decision; and it is to give the Starseeds and Walk-Ins an opportunity to pull together and fulfill the destiny that has been chosen for them. Since WE will all be working in harmonious alignment, a type of harmonic conversion will occur. All of Divinity will be a part of this. This includes all the Masters, the Messengers, My Star Keeper Children, Jesus, Mary, the Angelic realm and all others of the most Omnipotent evolved state will be working with all of you who sign on to participate. This is part of what the mission involves.”

“The other part is when you each follow the instructions given to you by Celest and David on how to do the PUSH. The chosen date of September 20th 2013 at 7:00 pm is when PUSH must begin. When you have all finished your part, then the Universe will step in and take care of the rest.”

Celest and David – This PUSH technique is a Pleiadian method which Celestial brought with her when she Walked-In. We have written the process which will describe the movements necessary to perform the PUSH and we have placed them at the bottom of this writing. To those of you who have been following The Masters Messages as well as the Messengers in the New Light Messages you are aware that this upcoming autumn equinox is the tipping point for Earth and all of her inhabitants. What is left of disorganized chaos on this planet must be changed to organized chaos. What we all will be doing is an energetic movement which will be combined with the most brilliant Light you ever could possibly imagine. The lights and movements you use must be filled with the purest intent. Because of God and Creator’s intent Their wishes must be respected. You can develop your own intent of consciousness; think about what sentiments, what thoughts, what energy you want to put into the focus of your intent as you work with us on this exercise. In times past we ourselves were called on to undertake certain missions that God asked us to perform. But during those times it was to only be us. He was waiting the gridline intersection of the culmination of energies during the autumn equinox which could align with the Collective Consciousness, before He could issue the call to all of you to work together in unity. Now The Call has been issued!          

God asked us to post this for all of you, for you really ARE part of the Collective Consciousness. He said to tell you, “It is time for all of Us to push back the dark and reclaim the Earth. You are not to do it out of anger or hatred and do not do so to seek vengeance. If this is not done out of love all will be for naught. Do not do it for the glory and I urge you not to think in harmful terms. In essence what I would like you to do is to build a wall of people through linking heart, mind and Soul. In doing so you will be able to accomplish what you can not possibly do alone. Although I am well aware that many of you have tried to do so previously it was generally unsuccessfully and only lasted for brief moments of time. Be clear where your focus is directed in order to push back the dark. And then when the designated time comes collectively push them back into infinity and then let the Universe take it from there.”

Note. We encourage each of you to take as much time as needed before the event date and time to recharge your energy and clear your mind as much as possible. Be sure to drink several glasses of water for 48 hours before this occurs. God told us that yes, you may practice this technique on your own in privacy once you understand and feel comfortable with the energy formations. Think about anything you want to add to the thoughts you will be projecting and feel good about what you will be doing. While you are practicing the hand movements we suggest you take a notebook or tablet you can not possibly misplace and while you are still remembering exactly what you want to say, write them down. Do not think you will remember everything you want to say, because you won’t, please write it down. Then read and reread it as many times as necessary.

But no one is to do this on their own; it must be part of the collective venture. In this manner as God said “it will be the hearts, the minds, the Souls of people all over My world who will be able to assist, after all you said you wanted to.” Because this is being scheduled for 7 pm it means 7 pm your time regardless of what country you live in. This will culminate as an Omnipresent wave effect as it reverberates around the world. The fact that the Universe will be waiting to scoop up everything we throw off this world should cause each and every one of you to attain a naturally high feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. It will be interesting to see how many Walk-Ins and Starseeds are finally ready to put their energy where their truth lies.

Carol Tyrell at our suggestion spent several hours while visiting us and using her astrological data, beautifully put together a comprehensive but simple explanation of the energy of all the planets which will occur over the time of the equinox. As you read it, even if you don’t understand astrology, everyone should be able to see the powerful influences which we all receive from the planets themselves which will be aiding in this endeavor. You will all be able to feel that you are truly NOT alone.

Get in touch with the people who are on your face book, your email, Skype contacts, telephone contacts, etc. and send them a link to Project PUSH. No doubt you will have to send them a reminder of this as the event draws closer. If you have websites please post the link. Write the date and time of the PUSH on your calendars. You are going to be reaching out to the rest of the Collective Consciousness whether you are aware of it or not. There will be a great deal of unconscious telepathy at work. You wanted change, you wanted to be part of it, and you wanted to DO something. Take a stand now; stand in your truth for the time is now. Please be sure to print this out.

God, “This is a good method of doing what you can and teaching others to do what they can. In the end it will be fine. This is the time you have been prepared for.”

Celest and David

Astrological perspective of the Autumn Equinox 2013

The Moon and Uranus in Aries produces electrifying rapid changes rousing us out of the old cultural conditioning that has kept us in bondage due to our group perception (Mercury) of what we believe is reality.  We have a unique opportunity to pierce the veil. The higher and lower mind working in concert, allows us to see the Universal Truths (Jupiter) behind the illusions.

The seeds planted in the 1960’s of social justice, evolutionary consciousness, the truth of love and peace (when Uranus and Pluto last came together) are challenging us at this point in time to put our money where our mouths are. The time for rhetoric is over. How are we Creating the next phase of evolution?  The dark shadow side must be recognized to be released, along with our own responsibility for allowing its continuation.  We have been given the opportunity to step into our power to banish that which no longer serves along with the strength to push back the dark (Saturn-Pluto).  The impressive joining of Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer supports us through deep emotional connection, along with the expanded support of higher guidance toward realizing the infinite possibilities ahead of us that are created by the power of our joining together.

Carol Tyrell Full Moon Magic/

PUSH Technique

Be sure to turn off all cell phones etc. when you are engaged in working on your part of the PUSH. You do not want to have any distractions.

Step one – Minds must be totally clear and focused. You can either sit or stand although we would suggest standing because the energy rises faster. It does not matter if your eyes are open or closed. You don’t need to do anything more than take slow even breaths during the procedure. Have a glass of good drinking water near you and if you have some sea salt, but only sea salt, put a tiny pinch beneath your tongue approximately 2 minutes before you begin. If you have a prayer of intent or your own Sacred Mantra you use before going into meditation or going into your own form of contact with Divinity, please say that after you take the sea salt. This will assist you in lifting and merging with your Soul Self and functions as a clearing of your energy. When standing we suggest you are barefoot and that you space your feet a little bit apart. Yes you could do this outside but we suggest you do it inside where there will be more privacy.

Step two – Learn the technique.

Have your right and left hands out in front of you with palms facing each other with elbows bent and be relaxed. Now make small circles with each hand both at the same time so that the hands are still close together, palms open and fingers splayed and think the thought collecting, collecting, collecting. Only three times. You want to circle your hands in opposite directions, right to right, left to left at the same time as if you were Creating two separate vortexes right out in front of you. What you are doing is literally drawing SuperConscious energy from the higher dimensions and magnetizing it to yourself.

Once you have collected the energy, but remember you only need to perform that motion three times, then move to the next step.

Now place the palms of your hands, facing away from you, with your arms extended straight outward with your arms and hands spaced apart as you would if you were trying to push someone away from you. Fingers should not be close together, they should be splayed apart.

Then bring your arms straight up in an upward motion so they are slightly higher than the top of your head. Next bring your arms downward in a circular motion as if you were following the contours of a full moon. Left arm going left, right arm going to the right, both at the same time. Bring your arms down still remaining in that full moon circular position until your hands are almost touching each other. Your palms should be facing each other and fingers still splayed apart as if you were completing a circle or getting ready to pick something up. At this point your arms and hands will be positioned downward in a natural way while still completing the circle. You should now be standing in an upright position with your hands facing each other somewhere down or near or below your groin, depending on how tall or short you are.

Now slowly begin to lift your hands upward with palms still facing each other but not touching. Bring them up to about chest level and then slowly turn your palms outward and extend your arms out in a definitive motion as if you were pushing someone or something away from you. If you do not see the brilliant White Light as you perform your procedure then visualize it. Many have the ability to see it but not everybody. This is when you begin to immediately, nonverbally or verbally, state your intentions, everything you have written down and probably memorized that you wish to say. Everyone needs to choose their own words. In this manner energy coalesces with energy so that everything you are stating becomes the energetic form of those thoughts which is already connecting with the matrix of this part of the procedure. And this part of the procedure is also connecting all of Divinity with your thoughts and your actions.

When you feel you are satisfied that you have pushed the dark energy out for the Universe to gather, this really should not take more than about five minutes, you will want to shake your wrists vigorously in order to sever that energetic connection so that you do not become overtired. Remember, that God and all the other Beings God spoke of will be accompanying you and engaged in their push as well. It must be a Collective Consciousness movement. Some people may actually feel the presence of Divinity as they do this. Some of you may become very lightheaded and have the sensation that you are either off planet or have risen above her. Many of you will find that you will feel extremely emotional and feel as if you may want to cry. Others will feel as if they are temporarily out of physical body. Actually, many of you will be out of physical body… but return you must.    

In the most basic sense, this highly evolved energetic motion you have been engaged in is a process of collecting energy and then releasing it. In the downward spiral of your arms you are collecting energy, when you bring your arms upward you are essentially lifting the energy up much like a weightlifter does. Then when you are pushing your arms in the outward motion you are releasing that energy into a designated direction which has a designated vessel. That vessel is the Universe.

What most of you should be able to realize at this point is that during this technique, specifically when you are drawing the energy upward, is that you are drawing highly charged energetic particles of Spiritual energy from all of your chakras. The charka system will extend the totality of its energy thus enhancing all of the energy you are now Creating. Remember your thoughts are a vital part of that new energy.  A synchronicity will be birthed aligning itself with all others who are also using the push procedure.

In this manner, by all of us doing this at the same time and by having the purest intent and responding to THE CALL, Collective Consciousness as one unified force will deal a very serious blow to the dark. All of Divinity functions as Collective Consciousness at an extremely high level and exists in a constant state of organized chaos. Now so do you. You have entered into a state of grace, ONE that will never leave you.

This is what we are doing… can we count on your support? Now God is Saying, “We need to be a force to be reckoned with.” The shear numbers of people and your thoughts will indeed make a difference.

Please be sure to check this website on September 18th for any updates or additional comments from us.

Salude… Celest and David

All this material may be reprinted as long as it is linked back to the url above


Project DUW

Project “PUSH” translated into Dutch by Maria in the Netherlands

Project DUW

Belangrijke mededeling – Dit is tijd gevoelig materiaal.

This Event will take place on

September 20th, 2013 at 7:00 P.M in “your” time zone

Lichtwerkers en andere goede mensen praten vaak over hoe gefrustreerd ze zijn, sommigen zijn boos en sommigen zijn erg verdrietig over wat ze zouden willen doen  om deze planeet te helpen reinigen. Ze voelen zich gedwarsboomd. Ze willen iets doen om het Universum te helpen, om God te helpen in deze dagen van de laatste veldslag. Lichtwerkers zijn het dikwijls ook oneens met elkaar en zijn verwikkeld in andermans drama’s. Velen raken gewoon de weg kwijt. Ze geven het op. God vertelde ons onlangs  “Dat is volstrekt onaanvaardbaar”.  Op 25 juli 2013 om 21:30 op de vooravond van (Celest’s Walk-In Verjaardag) terwijl we een goede vriend op bezoek hadden uit Colorado, besloot God Celest een luide onverwachte boodschap te sturen. Dit is wat Hij zei. “Ik wil dat je Project DUW gaat maken”. Hij ging verder met uitleggen wat het is en waarom het MOET plaatsvinden.

“Project DUW” is de titel die Hij aan dit project heeft gegeven. Hij zei: “Wat Ik nu ga vertellen is waarom dit project een succes moet worden. De herfst-equinox van 22 september 2013 is het moment waarop alles  kritische massa zal bereiken. Om het voor de mensheid mogelijk te maken om een levensvorm te blijven die echt de bedoeling heeft zich te ontwikkelen, zullen specifieke acties die bepaalde reacties veroorzaken, MOETEN plaatsvinden. Vanwege de Universele Wet van Geen-Interferentie en Geen-Interventie moesten Wij een uitnodiging om jullie te helpen bij deze komende missie afwachten. Wijzelf, Ik spreek van Mijn Zelf en alle andere goddelijke wezens van buiten de Aarde, moeten ons houden aan Universele Wetten. Daarom vraag Ik Celest een missie, een project in gang te zetten, dat haar en David in staat zal stellen met het Collectieve Bewustzijn contact te maken. Dit Bewustzijn zal een nieuwe cyclus van grote veranderingen starten voor de Nieuwe Mensen en de Nieuwe Aarde. Omdat Celest gelijk instemde, net zoals David deed en onmiddellijk de uitnodiging stuurde aan ONS om met hen en de rest van het Collectieve Bewustzijn mee te doen, zullen Wij samen gelijk met jullie op werken. Samen kunnen en zullen We het verschil maken. De Schepper heeft een besluit genomen en dat is om de Sterrenzaden en Walk-Ins een kans te geven om samen te komen en de bestemming te vervullen, die voor hen is gekozen. Omdat WIJ allemaal zullen werken in een harmonieuze afstemming, zal een soort harmonische conversie plaatsvinden. Iedereen van Goddelijkheid zal hier deel van uitmaken. Dit omvat alle Meesters, de Boodschappers, Mijn Sterren Bewaarder Kinderen, Jezus, Maria, het Engelenrijk en alle anderen van het meest Almachtige ontwikkelde niveau zullen werken met iedereen, die zich aanmeldt om deel te nemen. Dit is een onderdeel van wat de missie inhoudt. “

“Het andere deel is wanneer jullie allemaal de instructies volgen gegeven door Celest en David over hoe de DUW moet doen. De gekozen datum van 20 september 2013 om 19:00 uur is wanneer PUSH moet beginnen. Als je jouw aandeel hebt voltooid, dan zal het Universum in actie komen en voor de rest zorgen. “

Celest en David – Deze DUW techniek is een Pleiadische methode die Celestial met zich mee bracht  toen ze Walked-In. We hebben het proces opgeschreven dat de bewegingen beschrijft die nodig zijn om de DUW uit te voeren en we hebben ze geplaatst aan het einde van dit schrijven. Aan degenen onder jullie die The Masters Messages hebben gevolgd evenals de boodschappen in de New Light Messages zullen zich bewust zijn dat de komende herfst equinox het omslagpunt is voor de Aarde en al haar bewoners. Wat nog rest van de ongeorganiseerde chaos op deze planeet moet worden veranderd in de georganiseerde chaos. Wat we allemaal zullen doen is een energetische beweging die zal worden gecombineerd met het meest briljante Licht dat jullie je ooit voor zou kunnen stellen. Het licht en bewegingen die je gebruikt moeten worden gevuld met de zuiverste intentie. Vanwege de intentie van God en de Schepper moeten hun wensen worden gerespecteerd. Jullie kunnen je eigen intentie van het bewustzijn ontwikkelen; denken over welke gevoelens, welke gedachten, welke energie je in het centrum van je intentie wilt zetten als je met ons werkt aan deze oefening. In het verleden zijn we zelf opgeroepen om bepaalde missies te ondernemen, die God ons gevraagd had om uit te voeren. Maar in die tijd moesten we dat alleen doen. Hij wachtte de rasterlijn kruising van de culminatie van energieën tijdens de herfst equinox af, die ons aan zou kunnen sluiten bij het Collectieve Bewustzijn, voordat hij de oproep kon doen aan jullie allen om samen te werken in eenheid. Nu is De Oproep uitgegaan!

God vraagt ​​ons om dit voor jullie allemaal te posten, want jullie ZIJN echt een deel van het Collectieve Bewustzijn. Hij vroeg me tegen jullie te zeggen, “Het is tijd voor ieder van ons om het duister terug te duwen en het de Aarde weer op te eisen. Je moet dit niet doen uit woede of haat en niet om wraak te nemen. Als dit niet gebeurt uit liefde, zal alles voor niets zijn. Doe het niet voor de glorie en Ik verzoek je dringend om niet te denken in schadelijke termen. Wat Ik in wezen zou willen dat jullie doen is om een muur van mensen op bouwen door middel van het koppelen van hart, gedachten en Ziel. Daarbij zullen jullie in staat om iets te bereiken wat je onmogelijk alleen kan doen. Hoewel Ik heel goed weet dat velen van jullie hebben geprobeerd om dit eerder te doen, het was dan over het algemeen niet succesvol en duurde slechts korte momenten van de tijd. Wees duidelijk dat je aandacht is gericht op het terug duwen van het duister. En dan wanneer de aangewezen tijd komt, duw ze collectief  terug in het oneindige en laat het Universum het van daar overnemen. “

Opmerking. We moedigen elk van jullie aan om zo veel tijd te nemen als nodig is voor de datum en de tijd van de gebeurtenis om je energie op te laden en je gedachten zo veel mogelijk leeg te maken. Zorg ervoor dat je een aantal glazen water te drinkt gedurende 48 uur voordat dit gebeurt. God vertelde ons dat: ja, jullie kunnen deze techniek oefenen in je eigen in privé omgeving als je het eenmaal begrijpt en je je comfortabel voelt met de energie formaties. Denk na over wat je wilt toevoegen aan de gedachten die je zult projecteren en voel je goed over wat je gaat doen. Terwijl je de handbewegingen oefent, raden wij je aan een notitieboekje of tablet te nemen dat je onmogelijk kwijt kan raken en terwijl je je precies herinnert wat je wilt zeggen, schrijf het op. Denk niet dat je je alles wat je wilt zeggen zult herinneren, want dat is niet zo, dus schrijf het asjeblieft op. Vervolgens lees je het en lees je het opnieuw zo vaak als nodig is.

Niemand moet dit alleen doen, maar het moet deel uitmaken van een collectieve onderneming. Op deze manier zo zei God “zullen het de harten, de gedachten, de Zielen van mensen zijn van over Mijn hele wereld, die in staat zullen zijn om te helpen, want uiteindelijk hadden jullie gezegd dat je dat graag wilde“. Omdat dit wordt gepland voor 19:00 uur, betekent het 19:00 uur in je eigen tijd, ongeacht in welk land je woont. Dit zal uitmonden als een Alomtegenwoordig golf effect als het weergalmt over de hele wereld. Het feit dat het heelal zal klaar staan om alles op te pakken wat we van deze wereld werpen moet een ieder van jullie leiden naar een van nature goed gevoel, een gevoel dat er iets bereikt is. Het zal interessant zijn om te zien hoeveel Walk-ins en Sterrenkinderen uiteindelijk klaar staan om hun energie te steken waar hun waarheid ligt.

Carol Tyrell maakte op onze suggestie gedurende verscheidene uren tijdens haar bezoek aan ons en met gebruik van haar astrologische gegevens, een prachtige  uitgebreide maar eenvoudige uitleg van de energie van alle planeten, die op zullen treden gedurende de tijd van de equinox. Als je het leest, zelfs als je astrologie niet begrijpt, moet iedereen in staat zijn om de krachtige invloeden te zien die we allemaal ontvangen van de planeten zelf die zullen helpen in dit streven. Jullie zullen allen in staat om te voelen, dat je in werkelijkheid NIET alleen bent.

Neem contact op met de mensen die hebt op je Facebook, in je e-mail, je Skype-contacten, je telefonische contacten, etc. en stuur ze een link naar Project DUW. Je zult ze ongetwijfeld een herinnering moeten zenden als het evenement dichterbij komt. Als je websites hebt, zet de link er in. Schrijf de datum en tijd van DUW in je agenda. Je zult contact maken met de rest van het Collectieve Bewustzijn of je je er nu bewust van bent of niet. Er zal heel veel onbewuste telepathie aan het werk zijn. Je wilde verandering, je wilde er deel van uit maken en je wilde iets doen. Kies nu een kant, sta ​​in je waarheid want de tijd is nu. Zorg ervoor dat je dit uitprint.

God: “Dit is een goede methode om te doen wat je kan en het te leren aan anderen om te doen wat zij kunnen. Uiteindelijk zal het goed komen. Dit is de tijd waarvoor je je hebt voorbereid. “

Celest en David

Astrologisch perspectief van de Herfst Equinox 2013

De Maan en Uranus in Ram produceren opwindende snelle veranderingen die ons wakker maken uit de oude culturele conditionering, die ons in slavernij heeft gehouden als gevolg van onze groep waarneming (Mercurius), van wat wij geloven dat de realiteit is. We hebben een unieke kans om de sluier te doorboren. Het hogere en lagere bewustzijn werken samen, laten ons de Universele Waarheden (Jupiter) zien achter de illusies.

De zaden geplant in de jaren 1960 van sociale rechtvaardigheid, evolutionair bewustzijn, de waarheid van liefde en vrede (toen Uranus en Pluto voor het laatst samenkwamen) vormen voor ons op dit punt in de tijd een uitdaging om in de praktijk te brengen, waar we de mond van vol hebben. De tijd voor de retoriek is voorbij. Hoe creëren we de volgende fase van de evolutie? De duistere schaduw kant moet erkend worden losgelaten, samen met onze eigen verantwoordelijkheid voor het toestaan ​​van de voortzetting ervan. We hebben de kans gekregen om onze macht te gebruiken om uit te bannen dat wat niet ons langer dient, samen met de kracht om de duistere (Saturnus-Pluto) terug te duwen. De indrukwekkende verbinding van Neptunus in Vissen en Jupiter in Kreeft steunt ons door een diepe emotionele band, samen met de uitgebreide ondersteuning van hogere leiding in de richting van het realiseren van de oneindige mogelijkheden in de toekomst, die  worden gecreëerd door de kracht van onze samenwerking.

Carol Tyrell Full Moon Magic /

DUW Techniek

Zorg ervoor alle mobiele telefoons etc. uit te schakelen als je bezig bent met werken aan jouw aandeel van de DUW. Je wilt geen enkele afleiding te hebben.

Stap ėėn

Je gedachten moeten volstrekt helder en gericht te zijn. Je kunt zitten of staan, hoewel we zouden suggereren te gaan staan ​​omdat de energie dan sneller stijgt. Het maakt niet uit of je ogen open of gesloten zijn. Tijdens de procedure hoef je niets anders te doen dan langzaam en gelijkmatig te ademen. Houd een goed glas drinkwater in de buurt en als je het hebt, doe een heel klein beetje zeezout – maar alleen zeezout –onder je tong ongeveer 2 minuten voordat je begint. Als je een speciaal gebed of je eigen Heilige Mantra gebruikt voordat je in meditatie gaat of je eigen vorm van contact met de Goddelijkheid, zeg dat nadat je het zeezout hebt genomen. Dit zal je helpen bij het opstijgen en het samenvloeien met je Ziel Zelf en het functioneert als het schoon maken van je energie. Bij het staan ​​raden wij blote voeten aan en zet je voeten een beetje uit elkaar. Ja, je kan dit buiten te doen, maar we raden het je aan het binnen te doen voor wat meer privacy.

Stap twee – Leer de techniek.

Houd je rechter en linker hand uit voor je met de handpalmen naar elkaar toe en de ellebogen gebogen en ontspannen. Ga nu gelijktijdig kleine cirkels maken met elke hand, zodat de handen nog steeds dicht bij elkaar, handpalmen open en vingers gespreid en denk aan de gedachte verzamelen, verzamelen, verzamelen. Slechts drie keer. Je laat je handen cirkels maken in tegengestelde richting, de rechter naar rechts, de linker naar links, tegelijk alsof je voor je twee aparte vortexen maakt. Wat je letterlijk doet is Super Bewuste energie uit de hogere dimensies trekken en het magnetiseren naar jezelf.

Zodra je de energie hebt verzameld, maar vergeet niet dat het alleen nodig is om die beweging drie keer uit te voeren, ga dan naar de volgende stap.

Plaats nu de palmen van je handen van je af met je armen gestrekt naar voren met je armen en handen uit elkaar geplaatst, zoals je zou doen als je probeert om iemand van je af te duwen. De vingers mogen niet dicht bij elkaar zijn, ze moeten worden gespreid.

Dan breng je je armen recht omhoog in een opwaartse beweging, zodat ze iets hoger zijn dan de bovenkant van je hoofd. Breng vervolgens je armen naar beneden in een cirkelvormige beweging alsof je de contouren volgt van een volle maan. Linker arm gaat links, rechterarm naar rechts, beide tegelijk. Breng je armen naar beneden nog steeds in die volle maan cirkelvormige positie totdat je handen elkaar bijna raken. Je handpalmen moeten tegenover elkaar zijn en je vingers nog steeds gespreid uit elkaar alsof je een cirkel rond maakt of klaar bent om iets op te rapen. Op dit punt zijn je armen en handen op een natuurlijke manier naar beneden geplaatst, terwijl je toch de cirkel afrondt. Je zou nu moeten staan ​​in een rechtopstaande positie met je handen naar elkaar, ergens ter hoogte van of in de buurt van je lies, afhankelijk van hoe lang of kort je bent.

Nu begin je langzaam om je handen omhoog te tillen met de palmen nog steeds tegenover elkaar, maar niet rakend. Breng ze tot op ongeveer borsthoogte en draai dan langzaam je handpalmen naar buiten en strek je armen uit in een besliste beweging, alsof je iemand of iets van je af duwt. Als je het stralende Witte Licht niet ziet als je je procedure uitvoert, visualiseer het dan. Velen hebben de mogelijkheid om het te zien, maar niet iedereen. Dit is wanneer je onmiddellijk begint om non-verbaal of verbaal, je bedoelingen uit te spreken, alles wat je hebt opgeschreven en waarschijnlijk uit je hoofd hebt geleerd dat je wilt zeggen. Iedereen moet zijn eigen woorden te kiezen. Op deze manier smelt energie samen met energie, zodat alles wat je uitspreekt, de energetische vorm van die gedachten wordt die een verbinding maakt met de matrix van dit deel van de procedure. En dit deel van de procedure maakt ook een verbinding tussen alle Goddelijkheid en je gedachten en je daden.

Wanneer je voelt dat je tevreden bent, dat je de duistere energie hebt weggeduwd zodat het Universum het op kan pakken – dit moet echt niet meer dan ongeveer vijf minuten duren – schud je je polsen krachtig om die energetische verbinding te verbreken, zodat je niet oververmoeid wordt. Denk er aan, dat God en alle andere Wezens waarover God sprak je zullen vergezellen en ook meehelpen met de duw. Het moet een beweging van het Collectieve Bewustzijn zijn. Sommige mensen kunnen werkelijk de aanwezigheid van het Goddelijke voelen, als ze dit doen. Sommigen van jullie kunnen duizelig worden en het gevoel hebben dat je ofwel van de planeet af bent of boven haar uit bent gestegen. Velen van jullie zullen merken dat ze zich heel emotioneel voelen en het gevoel hebben alsof ze zouden willen huilen. Anderen zullen het gevoel hebben alsof ze tijdelijk uit hun fysiek lichaam zijn. In feite zullen velen van jullie buiten je fysieke lichaam zijn… maar je moet toch weer terug komen.

In de meest elementaire zin, is deze hoogontwikkelde energieke beweging waar je mee bezig was een proces van het verzamelen van energie en vervolgens los te laten. In de neerwaartse spiraal van je armen verzamel je energie, wanneer je je armen omhoog brengt, til je in wezen de energie op als een gewichtheffer. Dan wanneer je je armen duwt in de beweging naar buiten, laat je die energie los in een aangewezen richting waar het in die aangewezen richting wordt het opvangen. Die opvang gebeurt door het Universum.

Wat de meeste van jullie in staat moeten zijn om te beseffen op dit punt is dat tijdens deze techniek, in het bijzonder wanneer je de energie omhoog trekt, dat je  sterk geladen energetische deeltjes van Spirituele energie uit al je chakra’s trekt. Het chakra systeem zal de totaliteit van zijn energie uitbreiden, dus op die manier alle energie die je nu Creëert vergroten. Denk er aan dat je gedachten een vitaal onderdeel zijn van die nieuwe energie. Een synchroniciteit wordt geboren bij het op een lijn komen van alle anderen die de duw-procedure gebruiken.

Op deze manier, doordat wij allemaal dit doen op hetzelfde moment en door het hebben van de zuiverste intentie en te reageren op DE OPROEP, zal het Collectieve Bewustzijn als een verenigde kracht een zeer zware klap toedienen aan het duister. Allen van Goddelijkheid functioneren als een Collectief Bewustzijn op een zeer hoog niveau en bestaan in een constante toestand van georganiseerde chaos. Dat doe jij nu ook. Je hebt een staat van genade bereikt, EEN die je nooit zal verlaten.

Dit is wat we aan het doen zijn … kunnen we rekenen op jouw steun? Nu zegt God, “We moeten een kracht zijn om rekening mee te houden”. Alleen al de aantallen mensen en jullie gedachten zullen inderdaad een verschil maken.

Zorg ervoor dat je deze website ( en ) op 18 september 2013  controleert  voor eventuele updates of aanvullende opmerkingen van ons.

Salude … Celest en David

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