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Arcturian Perspectives

Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

Arcturian Perspectives

Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

Planting seeds, eradicating weeds

Welcome to the New Year, linearly speaking that is. I AM Cammeron of Arcturus gathered together with many other kindred Spirits both incarnate, physically standing here with all of you, as well as many who are off-world doing what they do best… looking after each and every one of you who has chosen to BE of Service to the ever growing League of Extraordinary Earthizens here on God’s Earth Star planet. We must tell you one and all that We as a Collective are observing and studying the emotional flip-flops you are, well most of you are, going through at this time. Confusion has set into the minds and hearts of so many as the changes they were seeking have been coming into fruition, however slow and painful you may believe the changes to be. Doubt is entering even the stoutest hearts and minds when change has not occurred at a pace or in a manner in which the individuals believed they should. Life truly is a box of chocolates but many of you have chosen to admire the wrapping instead of the contents of the package. Now, so we are clear here, we are not chastising any of you nor are we trying to belittle any of your efforts. It is not easy to grasp and maintain a firm look at the non-ending, ever-changing story that unfolds before your very eyes. If you could take a glimpse back and ‘watch the movies’ that you all wrote, directed and are now in then of course you would know the potential outcome. However that is not allowed and for good reason. Peeking at the end of the book or movie before starting at the beginning raises false hopes and fosters illusions of what is real.

Many of you spend vast amounts of “Time,” that non existing illusion, trying to see tomorrow’s news today. However admirable the attempt may be the result in many cases has been one of disappointment and sorrow. Why has so much not come to pass as so many of you thought or prophesized? The times you are living in are not an ‘age’, they are the NOW. They are the Golden Now. Many of you forgot to LIVE IN the NOW, not for tomorrow, not in yesterday. This brings us to the reason why we are here with you NOW. It is Spring Cleaning Time. And yes, we are quite sure that many of you are not now in the springtime of your climate season. What we are referring to is simple in its purpose and directly impacts on how your future NOW moments may unfold for you.

Those of you who live in the northern continents, those of you who have heeded our advice and are planting your own vegetable gardens, know that NOW is the time for you to germinate many of your seeds for this upcoming spring and summer crops. What is true for nature is also true for you. Before your desires will be ready to bear fruit you must first tend to your crops. 2014 is the year where we would encourage each of you to the best of your ability to go through life without any unnecessary baggage clinging to you; no baggage holding you hostage to the ties that bind. Keeping things simple should be your new modus of operandi. Clear away the clutter, both in the practical sense as well as the Spiritual. Clear  your mind and intellect of the useless chatter and the game show idioms. We ask that you remember, remember, remember, why you are here now. It does not matter if you are a Starseed, a Walk-In or an Earthseed. No, it is not important to know what your precise mission in life is to be, what is important is that you try to be a shining example of God I AM. When in Spirit you catalog what knowledge you have acquired and appropriately store it where it belongs. The same goes for life in the practical world. Let go of the past, let go of regrets as well, as well as all should-of, would-of and could-ofs. They are holding you back. By now even the least astute among you should know that you can not turn back time. Be at peace with that. Deal with, revel in, and cherish your life as it currently is. It ended up that way for a reason; one which may not appear clear to many of you in your current stage of evolvement. Throw out the trash; it is clogging the pipeline to many peoples’ Spiritual wellbeing. Your telepathic and sentient abilities are the direct result of having a clear and open heart and mind. What another person can do, you can do also if you choose to get out of your own way.

In David’s earlier years he learned this lesson both the easy and the hard way. At first he embraced the lesson openly and clear mindedly; then he went through a phase where he and his intellect overanalyzed what he was hearing from God and his off-world family. Fortunately this only lasted for a brief period of time. To get to where he wanted to be he was willing to do all that it took, he accepted all the sage advice he was offered. He let go of the past, he severed relationships that no longer held any true meaning. He tossed out the physical baggage, his lifelong collections of memorabilia that were no longer the “new David.” He did so without questioning our reasons for doing so. Now he can live peacefully and relatively effortlessly with his Celestial, both of them with one foot in each world, the Spiritual as well as in the practical. He doesn’t cling on to the past with a death grip, living a life of regrets.

So what was some of our advice to him in his earlier years? Glad you asked. We suggested to him to release any possessions that was collected out of fear. We also suggested to him to go through his memorabilia, his photo collections, his Christmas and birthday card collection, his music collections and other possessions that served no higher purpose. We suggested that he discard his ‘toys’ that would no longer be relative to his new beginnings. He did so without trying to receive a monetary compensation for them. His time was now too valuable to waste on trivial pursuits. Quite often he simply gave to those who were in need. We suggested David change and alter his wardrobe to his now new and expansive expressions of himself. We suggested he add color, flair, and pizzazz, as well as a sprinkle of panache if it suits him to do so. Leave the past behind by Creating anew. He disposed of some or all of his possessions that truly no longer held any meaning in his life. We suggested to him to let go of old thought patterns and begin Creating some new ones with loftier purposes. In so doing he, as well as each of you, will be building an unshakeable foundation for his/your Higher Self to stand upon.

Why wait until spring, why not do your cleaning today instead of putting these important things off until tomorrow? If you are a procrastinator consider your membership to the procrastination club unequivocally revoked due to overpayment and overindulgence. It tis the season of your highest honors. Honor your Self by BE-ing the unchained melody.

So we are not amiss, our earlier reference to “living in the northern hemisphere” was clearly as an example. Our suggestions are applicable to you wherever you may currently reside. Your course of actions will define the new you. Your intent of planting seeds instead of only tending weeds will benefit all of humanity. You are the New Children, the New People of the New Earth. Be not pattern makers, Be pattern breakers. Allow yourself to BE!!

While you are diligently cleaning house and removing all the cobwebs we ask that you focus intently on the suggestions your Guides and your Soul is making to you. If you feel the need to relocate please make sure you are not doing so out of fear. Whether it is fear of what is occurring or fear of what may come to be, it is still fear. You are Creating New Beginnings, not preparing for the End Times. Pay attention to the weather; many crops, and many former ways of life may not be possible to sustain this year as the Earth changes continue to alter people, places and things. Reconnect with nature; spread your feet on the ground when you can and wiggle your toes upon the ground. Hug a tree even if it is not the “cool,” the “IN” thing to do. There will be warming trends which will entice the plants and trees to prematurely begin their festive dance. It is not time for them to do so, do what you can to protect them. 

We will leave you with a thought that has been shared many times before in many different ways. If you are waiting for someone to come along and show you the way… the way has already been shown. If you are waiting for someone else to come along and do the work for you, then you have already made your non-commitment by your inability to commit. If you are waiting for the ones you have been waiting for, repeat after me, I AM the ONE I have been waiting for. If you believe what you say then your life will never again be the same.

As our beloved Celestial said the other day “Every culture on the planet is thinking about what is going on. They will not talk about it openly, however you can know with confidence they are aware to some degree or another that permanent change is here.” This is a good thing. It will make your job as well as ours a little bit easier if they continue to question, to question everything they have been taught, everything they are told, everything they bear witness to each and every day. Let naught a kernel of knowledge be left untended. You are the gardeners; you are the Caretakers of the jewel you reside on, of the life and lifeforms that you reside with. You are all ONE. NOW… I ask you to move in Unison.

Au revoir… Cammeron, David and all of Divinity.

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The Relativity of it All

Arcturian Perspectives

The Relativity of it All

It is of great interest watching all of you, specifically how you are all reacting to the news of the day. We are particularly interested in how you as Light Workers are faring with the upcoming anticipation of the end of this year. Many of you are still becoming complacent about your work, your teachings and most importantly how you are sharing what you each now know with others. Some are gleefully moving through life sharing their newfound old wisdom with others and sadly far too many of you are hiding your light under a bushel so to speak. Too afraid to come out of the closet and declare your independence from the moral decay suffered by many of your closest friends. This is much to our dismay. Let me remind you here: each of you chose or were chosen to be amongst the proud stouthearted Souls to venture fearlessly into this timeline awaiting this Universally important gridline intersection. You have received the teaching of the Masters of old, you have been privy to information that most of humanity sadly has ignored. Sadly some of you still are questioning yourselves, you question your level of knowledge and abilities. Some of you are wondering if you are good enough or even ready to step forward and take a stand for what you know to be right. Many others are reverting back into the fear mode, questioning and doubting what they have been taught, or more aptly put, been reminded of. They do so simply because the changes they are desirous of seeing manifest are taking longer than they think they should.

If everything in life revolved solely around just you maybe, just maybe, the world at large would have been shinny and vibrantly new by now. Take a deep breath now, some things you have within your power to change at will, others you do not. Become comfortable with that fact. You have within your grasp the ability to change your personal world for the better in every moment. You are in charge of your little sphere which is your sensory spectrum of how you view reality. Most of you have by now no doubt realized that you cannot even alter your spouse’s perspectives on life, nor should you. Interfering with another’s choices is not why you signed on to be here. You did however sign up to be A Beacon of Light, a shiny example of a God-Walker in full activation. You do remember the words “I AM” do you not? You do know what that means; I mean really means do you not? Take a stand, if the dust has been settling around and on you then shake yourself off and give LIFE another chance. You may be surprised at what you may feel and sense about all that you are capable of achieving.

This world is an interesting place, so small and yet for those who live here and call this place home this planet appears to be humongous. Nice word, I like that. To put things in perspective, this world, this galaxy is one small, and yes, very important aspect of the entire Creative Process. This Universe expands at will to service the ever-changing needs of the Divine Being that oversees her. Yet with all this power and very keen insight even this Being can not interfere for the most part, in the free expression of the children of Earth. There are codes we all live by, some our own, others Divinely decreed. You yourself have through the duration of your existence set up guidelines for yourself, what you consider to be acceptable behavior and certain thought patterns and what you consider to be moral/conscionable lines never to be crossed. This is your right, this is your duty. You may not like what you see others doing but you have to respect their freedom of choice to make their own decisions, no matter whether they are correct or not from your perspective. Many karmic roles are being played out right now and as such what you may perceive as unjust or inhumane may just be what those other Souls required to free themselves from the baggage of their past. They may well be the catalyst for the changes you know are coming, but this may not be abundantly apparent when you looking at the macrocosmic view of the larger picture.

If you want to change your views then WE have a suggestion for each of you. We have taught you to take one step at a time in your never-ending pursuit of your own personal evolution. We have taught you to always strive to look at the larger picture; many of you have done this quite satisfactorily. You have learned that there are many different meanings and perspectives to every event, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Now it is time to raise yourself up to the next level. Start examining how you present yourself. Look closely at the words you choose as the means to express yourself, either audibly or silently, telepathically, through your own mind thoughts. The phrase larger picture is the old way of viewing the grand scheme of the Creation Process. It is time to expand your consciousness and begin anew by altering the use of larger picture to the non-ending picture. Another fine example of what we are speaking about is the flagrant use of the term “The Golden Age.” Using the term age infers that this too shall pass. When in truth the more accurate way to portray what is and what will continue to be throughout all time from here on forward is to refer to these NOW moments as the beginning of “The Golden Now.” “Now” is forever, ages come and go. Words like thoughts carry a unique energy signature with them both audibly as well as energetically and does not depend on how they are used. Everything and I repeat everything is energy. Energies fluctuate and vibrate at different frequencies. You should try to listen to the harmonics of the Creation Process from time to time. The ensuing music will quite literally take your breath away. If you think images of “space” are inspiring, wait until you here them sing to you. Every fiber of your being will be instantaneously stimulated.

We encourage you to refrain from putting limitations on what is unlimited and yes this include what you as an immortal Soul are capable of achieving. For example: the word “galaxy” is quite limiting, thus implying that it has a beginning and an end. When in truth it expands and contracts as required, just as the Crystal City and the Akashic Records continuously do. Try rolling the word STELLAR off the end of your tongue. Notice how much smoother it flows and how much sweeter it tastes than the old boxy sound of galaxy. Humanity has a knack for putting labels on everything in an attempt to describe the indescribable. In time each of you will learn to express what you are trying to describe by the color, shape, tonal quality and geometric symbols the object or essence emanates. Reincarnation is a fabulously fluid term. As it implies, there is never an end. The same applies to all forms of energy, when an energy need ceases such as something that has run its practical course, it is merely transformed or transmuted. Nothing is ever wasted, no thought, no effort, nothing that is ever Created. Remember, remember your lessons. I ask you, can you tell me what is the difference between human and Hu-Man? Do you remember or have you not given it much thought? If you have not then I ask you, how do you know which best depicts you as you are here in this present NOW moment?

One of humanity’s favorite terms is that “history tends to repeat itself.” It appears to do so because so many still would rather live in the past then face an unknown future. The God of this Universe once suggested that you to look at yourself in the mirror and then step away and come back and take another look. Each time you do your perceptions will alter and the mirror holding the image of yourself will alter the reflection returning to you. The same applies to All That IS. Every time you look at something, anything, you are infusing it with new energies. This applies to both thought and matter. Do you really think that in every moment of your existence you are not evolving or de-evolving whichever the case may be? Human lifetimes are extremely brief. They are but a blink in your immortal Soul’s existence. When you rise out of bed each morning and look in the mirror and the same person continues to look back at you then you may want to alter what you feel or think about that image mimicking your every move. Put on your best smile, change your expression; shake off the doldrums that mortal life can impose upon even the most stouthearted. Try seeing, visualizing every tiny little aspect of life all around you in new ways. You clean the windshield on your cars to be able to see more clearly do you not? Then why should you not from time to time blink your eyes and offer  yourself the chance to see everything as it truly is in that moment. Life is about being busy doing nothing or everything all at the same time. We watch as those who are embracing life are being busy bustling about with bated breath in anticipation of stimulating enticements. Each time you look through the looking glass which is those eyes God blessed you with, All That IS is shape shifting and morphing right in front of your very eyes. This occurs in every moment because you took the time see a glimpse of All That IS as something shiny, translucent, luminescently effervescent and astoundingly new.

You are all Stellar Explorers on safari, on an exploration in search of and for the non-ending expansion of your immortal Souls. Free your mind, try listening to, or better yet, become one with your Soul Voice. Just quiet your mind, Soul will know what to do next. You want to change the world around you, then change yourself. One by one God’s work will be done. Be a pattern breaker rather than mildewing away in the dismally bleak depths of repetitious pattern making. Shock yourself awake by daring to have a new thought and then explore the possibility to that idea. New doors are opened by closing other ones. Possibilities abound for those who choose to live outside the box.

Let the Christ Consciousness, the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, permeate every cell of your being. Let the Light of All Lights be your Guiding Light so you yourself may become a Beacon of Light and inspiration for others to aspire to become. Find a way to be at peace with the choices others are continuing to make for themselves. The Earth changes will continue to unfold, people of all nations will continue to die for their beliefs until they have had enough of the experience. It is the way it is. Those among you who are the true way-showers know what these others have yet to learn, it is better to LIVE for your beliefs than die for them. Martyrs do not get extra credit here on this schoolhouse planet. That is a lesson unlearned. The children of the future will epitomize the true essence of the Divine consciousness, they are incarnating even now as we speak.  We encourage you to help us help you. The untold numbers of Star Keepers and those of the Angelic and Spiritual Realms are here, they are ready willing and able to help end this cycle of madness and self destruction the masses allowed to be set into motion so very, very long ago. Help us by being committed now to the thought that you will no longer feed the beast what it needs to survive here…. FEAR. Think, visualize, epitomize, become LOVE. Show others the way home, help us to help them.

There, that is our pep talk for the day. Do with it as you see fit. We will not lose any sleep this night if you choose to think us daft or insane. We know who we are and why we are here. We are an aspect of the greater I AM. We remember, we practice what we have been taught, what we know. We will still be here fighting the good fight when so many others have returned to where they came from.

Respectively, We are Cammeron and David, both of Arcturus.

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What is it Worth?

Arcturian Perspectives

earth day
What is it worth?

As the minutes tick away into hours and the hours lull their way into days, months and even years, one looming truth becomes readily apparent. It is that your visit to Earth this time around will inevitably come to an end. What you do with the time you have been gifted with is and always has been, up to you. Many years past I myself squandered away precious moments doing nothing beneficial for myself, much less for others. Why wouldn’t I? Nobody had ever taught me what I really needed to know about living life to the fullest. No one ever taught me that life had meaning. No one ever bothered to inform me that there was more to life than, turning 18 so I could legally live my life as I saw fit. I thought that meant I could serve my country best by enlisting (which I resisted), that standing up and being counted meant that I should vote and that being responsible meant that I should start paying taxes, get a mortgage and enter the system by enrolling in some form of health insurance program, get credit cards, go into debt and live the American dream. I thought true freedom came from being able to choose when I was going to take my vacation, what time I would go to bed, when and who I would fall in love with, and the final end all when all my philandering was done… settling down, raising a family, saving for retirement and then, finally, being able to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. How absurd.

The choice was always mine to make on every issue. Some, but certainly not all, of what I wish someone would have told me way back then is:

Reincarnation is real. If I had known that consciously back then, I wouldn’t have wasted so darn much time trying to cram it all into one lifetime. I was taught that when my time came I would either become worm food or if I was good, or bad enough whichever the case may be, that I would either earn my wings and go to heaven or someone would hand me my pitchfork and send me down-under to forevermore entice new recruits.

We are not alone in the Universe. Imagine the time the people of this world have wasted on hatred, bigotry, indifference, intolerance, deceit and abuse, to name but a few misdeeds. IF we had known that we have relatives from outside this physical realm, that most of them were benevolent and sincerely wished us all nothing but the best, then maybe, just maybe, we would not have been so utterly cruel and inhumane to one another. I don’t know about you, but the more I remember why I am here and about life other than here, the more I look forward to this final severance of inhuman behavior that the human race has been enduring and condoning for far too long. I look forward to expanding my consciousness, refocusing and relearning to be in tune with all forms/aspects of life and knowing why I should do this. I talk with my off-world “family” and God about this and so much more, very often and yes, these are two-way conversations, so please do not tell me I am delusional. One of my blessings for this lifetime is reacquainting myself with the ability to “see” and “hear” what most have chosen to forget. They have forgotten that they are able to do this too, or they choose to ignore this most natural way of Universal communication.

Then there was, "shhhhhh, God IS listening." Enough said on that, either you understand the full implications of this or you do not.

That learning about anything, from the trivial all the way to the monumental "ah ha," is something I should strive to do in every moment. I really wish someone would have taught me that the more I learned, and understood would show me that all of this newfound knowledge would not end up being wasted when this session of David experiencing yet another physical life ended. You see, what few seem to realize, is that everything you learn in this lifetime, whether you consciously remember it or not, you take with you into your next lifetime, for it becomes a permanent part of your eternal, yes, I did say "ETERNAL," Soul. Wow, talk about a revelation! Ever since I have awakened from my self-induced sleep walk I have read, I have listened, assimilated and understood whatever information I may have been learning about. No, I do not agree with everything I have heard and some of the beliefs that I used to have are now replaced with my new truths. This comes from utilizing my cognizant attributes by using personal discernment, something I know many Earthizens detest having to do. No, I do not remember everything. I have been informed repeatedly by God and my Spirit Guides and my off world Family that I do not need to, because it is all stored on my Soul’s hard drive. They keep encouraging me to absorb information and put into practice all that have learned and all I am privy to, NOW, know.

Another small fact that many have yet to realize is that when we, with our intent, consciously integrate into the timelessness of the NOW, that we are then living in the present. What this means is, what happened, yesterday, last year or many years ago, has already been. There is no need to revisit it, for it is over and done with. What really matters is what we do with the current Now moment we are embracing, for that is all there is. What we do with this moment gives birth to our next moment. And these moments are so precious, who has time (non-time) to loose?

God speaking… What saddens Me is people who in this lifetime will not reach their potential simply because they never tried. Ignorance is no excuse, the signs are all around you begging you to reach beyond your personal ambitions and make a contribution, one that is worthy of mention, to the rest of humanity at this time when it is needed most. Forget about the hunger problem for a moment, look at the larger picture. The people of planet Earth are starving for Spiritual tutoring. You have what it takes, it is up to you whether you deem yourself worthy of uttering the voice of sanity in a world that is devoid of it. My Children, you do not know what you know until you have put forth the effort to extract that information from your Soul’s archive, by opening your SELF up, rather than closing yourself off. 

David continues… I remember well the first time I spoke publically in the venue which I now consider, I now know, to be my true mission for this lifetime. Commander Theda later commented that she thought she was going to have to whisk down from her ship and resuscitate me. The difference is, I at least put forth the effort. Yes I am still here, I was not consumed by the infernal flames of fear, although I do recall sweat breaking out on my brow. I think often about all those good Souls out there who have so much to offer and for so many of them, even the mere thought of venturing outside their known comfort zone ultimately paralyzes them. So what if what your perceptions of what you say or the way you say it is somehow wrong or not as well verbalized as someone else might have spoken. If we all wait patiently for someone else to say what is inherently on our minds we might all die prematurely from anticipation. If asked a question and you do not know the answer… just say that you do not know. There is no shame in that. My guess is though, that the next time you are asked the same question you will know the answer, for it will forever be lingering in the back of your mind until you find it.  

Looking back, there are so many things I wish someone who knew had taken the time to tell me. For example, if you take, take, take and never give, soon you will find the receiving well has dried up. If I had known what a delicate balance there is to nature, then maybe I would have thought about how my indelible imprint impacts upon this world and everything in it. Imagine if you will the positive impact you and I could have implemented on behalf of this world. Maybe we could have lessened the suffering this world has undergone waiting for all of us to mature; maybe we could have changed it just a little. We cannot change other people, that is up to them, we can however change ourselves for the better. That alone should be worth the effort. Who knows, inadvertently by doing so we may have saved someone else some unnecessary suffering and hardship by our willingness to teach by example.

So, I am venturing a guess that if you are reading this now you have figured out a few things that others have not yet realized. I ask you, what is it worth to you to do everything within your power to be an active participant in Creating solutions to what ails this world and stop turning a blind eye and contributing to the decadence, the malfeasance of Spirit? What is it worth to you get off the proverbial merry-go-round of a life in stasis and proactively move another step closer to GRADUATING from the Earth Star Walk? You cannot accomplish this by remaining shuttered in your cocoon. There is more to the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” than you may realize. It amazes me how many doctors there are on this planet, Dr. of this, Dr. of that. Would it not behoove you personally to strive for something just a little more lofty, say like a Universal doctorate proclaiming that you have earned a PHD in Life?

Are you willing to give up what is considered to be the acceptable norm? What I am referring to here is “life as you have come to accept it.” Take for example the monetary system as it is or the political infrastructure as it is. Are you willing to accept that the human being is not the dominate species overseeing this world? That statement should twist a few brain cells. Are you willing to accept the possibility that there is no separation between you and the God of this Universe? For that matter, is it not possible that there is a common bond between all of us that is greater than the simple fact that we are all human? If this is so would this change your perceptions of anyone/everyone you know or have never met? Bette Midler once said, “From a distance you look just like my friend.” What would it take to bring this thought into the hearts and minds of everyone, to bring it up close and make it personal?

What would it take for a person to retrain their thought patterns and what would it be worth to them? For example: the average human being assumes that almost everything on this world is here for them to do with as they please, why else would it be here? What would it take for people to stop assuming, to first consider the implications of their actions, and consider that the proper thing to do first is ask permission? This world is not ours to do with as we please. We all should know by now that it was this mentality that has currently brought the human race teetering on the brink of extinction.

We meet or hear from, so many people who want to know more about their new Light bodies. They want to know what this means to them and what it will take for them to integrate with the bodies. Light is noninvasive, it must be invited in. How do you invite it in? By living your life with eyes, heart, mind and Soul wide open. Yes, this in some ways leaves you vulnerable to hurt, disappointment and so on. Almost everyone who has ever worn the guise of a human being has lived with their mind, intellect and heart in protected mode to keep themselves from being hurt, rejected or belittled. Would it not be a good thing to stop giving our power over to others and assume our proper place at the table of life and reclaim our God-given rights? Until your heart is pure and your thoughts and your priorities are focused on All That IS, on the greater good, until you can accept that you are indeed Spiritual beings having a physical lifetime instead of physical beings in search of a Spiritual connection, it is unlikely that your body will be able to absorb enough Light into your cells to sustain itself in the higher frequencies, which is where Earth is heading. 

What is it worth to you to maintain your Spiritual equilibrium and ultimately ascend with our Beloved Earth? Procrastinating at this critical juncture in your life may just mean your being sent to a world where you will have to work even harder than you do here. Here, many people are trying to earn their parole; however on other planets, there may not be any parole venue available. I understand what many have yet to realize, all of us have spent many lifetimes preparing, training, and honing our skills to be ready for this one lifetime where the pinnacle of our existence, all our hopes and dreams culminate and serendipitously falls into perfect alignment with the Universal transcendence to restore this world.    

So again I ask you, what does having it all mean to you and what is it worth to you, to this world, to this Universe, for you to strive to attain it? I will let you define what having it all means to you. How you answer this will determine your current station in life and the evolutionary path you have embarked upon.

When life becomes difficult… remember to breathe.

Au revoir … David

Celestial Blue Star once said, “In times of desperation people believe in what they want to believe in”

David…. To those who let fear and desperation guide their every move… so be it. There is always next time around. Ask yourself, are your beliefs focused/centered in Soul Voice, or is this your intellect’s way of protecting you from yourself, in an act of desperation to preserve the illusion you have created for yourself?

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The Watchers

Arcturian Perspectives

The Watchers

The Watchers

Celest and I spend considerable time communicating with those who monitor this world. They keep us abreast of current and coming events that we have a need to know about. We talk privately about how all these beings from worlds much more advanced than this one currently is, must feel when they look upon the antics of the human race. Do they consider this to be some form of punishment? Are they involved in some type of masochism? Have they nothing better to do? I believe they would answer “NO,” to all the questions above. We should all feel blessed that they have the dedication to involve themselves in humanity’s societies.

Celest and I have been appalled by the actions of many of God’s Children here on this planet. How must the watchers feel having to bear witness to the unconscionable rape and incest, the death and destruction, the corruption, greed and quest for power that prevails here and leaves a dank stench upon the rest of humanity? Oh how primitive and barbaric the people of Earth must seem to them.

Imagine if you will, just for a moment, how it must feel to be them and to look upon this world that they once took such great pride and satisfaction in. They worked to Create the perfect world, paying attention to every little detail. Imagine the care they put forth to Create the perfect body, one that would do everything that the Soul occupying it would need it to do, one that could quite naturally fend off any illness and be constantly healing itself and making itself stronger and more nimble. Imagine the pride they must have felt in knowing that they had placed every type of life form in the perfectly designed environment for them to survive and thrive. Imagine how the Creator and the God of this Universe must have felt when their dream, their vision for this world and the human race was finally taken from the early manifestation stage and brought into everyday reality. What a joy that must have been, the parental pride must have shown right through as such an awe inspiring accomplishment began.

Now fast-forward to this world as it is today. Wars and conflicts erupting everywhere you look, people fighting over who owns the rights to some obscure patch of oil, while drought and famine threaten to wipe out entire cultures of people and other life forms. If you were the watchers, would you not feel shocked, dismayed and eventually even angry? Imagine returning and finding the world you had helped to Create that was so beautiful, and finding it in shatters with the remains putrid from abuse and neglect, essentially decomposing from the outside in… by those that you had entrusted to be the caretakers. How sad that must be. Was it unexpected? Once those of the Illuminati and their ilk infiltrated this world, no, it was not. You see, they used ego and greed, fear and insecurity, diversion and illusion to control humanity. They used their knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern all life forms everywhere against the human race because the people no longer abided by these rules. Inevitably they quite successfully manipulated the human race into believing that its different sects must always, always, remain, segregated, indecisive and completely at odds with itself. This the Illuminati did quite masterfully. There were a few things standing in their way; the Creation and the Creation Process and the individual Soul’s desire to break free from the bondage that it was enduring. Thanks to the due diligence of the watchers who so patiently attended to the needs of all Souls everywhere by accurately recording and relaying information, did the Illuminati plans for continual world domination begin to fail. (God is now saying that He has something He wishes to add.)

God… "My Children, please be aware that those who are the watchers are not only watching over this world. Their reach spans the cosmos and in this manner they are able to correctly determine when and where any life form may be about to rise above their current level of enlightenment. This in turn entitles those people to receive more immediate personal care from the others. Those others will soon present themselves to assist the newly awakened in finding new/better ways to raise the overall mass consciousness of their civilizations. You are at this critical juncture right now. Please do not waste this opportunity. Within your grasp is everything you ever dreamed of for yourself and the reunification of your races. I spoke in some detail about this in My latest books which My scribes Celestial and David just finished. (And Then God Said… Then I Said… Then He Said.. Volume Two and The Code) Please take the time to read and understand all I have to say, it will help you to better learn how you as a race, arrived at this turning point and where it is you must strive to go from here. Your civilization is not the first to go through this transition. The growing pains associated with any great leap in evolution are apparent to Us. Trust your instincts, be open and receptive, the watchers learn from your triumphs as well as your failures. That is all I wish to say, David, carry on now."

Just who are the watchers? They are the Earth Monitors who reside in Nirvana, they are the Spirit Guides of all incarnate Souls and Star Keepers from every Universe. They are from the Spirit and Angelic realms. They are the Masters, the Avatars, they are the fleets overhead in our skies. They are everywhere monitoring each of us, monitoring every event or non-event, they are aware of everything at all times. The saying “you can run but you can not hide” may now be coming to the minds of the paranoid, delusional or conspiracy minded. Hopefully this is not you.

The watchers are just that, they are here to gauge the changes in all of us. Yes, contrary to some people’s beliefs, they do grade our performances. After all this has always been a schoolhouse planet. By doing so they can filter information to us through our dream state or other venues so that we can know what areas it is that we need to work on. They also know which of us they can count on to assist them in reaching out to others. You see, they, unlike most of us, know ALL about us as individuals, they know our strengths as well as our weaknesses. They know what we are here to do, what we agreed to do, what we are capable of doing, what our goals and aspirations, and/or delusions may be at any given moment. They monitor our physical health, our mental state, our progress, our experiences and our accomplishments. They do so in order to share this information with other beings who may have need of this information. Such as those who are about to begin their Earth Star walks, as well as those Guides who have their own charges already here on Earth. The data they collect benefits untold millions of other Souls who will be assuming their roles here on Earth presently, or in the near future. Through the accumulation of this knowledge, these inbound Souls, their tutors and protectors will in turn be better prepared to deal with the realities of having a physical incarnation on this world, or any world for that matter.

Both Celest and I know that life here is not always easy and that the actions of others can impact upon our physical and Spiritual wellbeing if we are not properly taking care of ourselves on all levels. We have the utmost admiration and compassion for those who choose to be here now to help all of us who are incarnate. The watchers’ realities are much more different than those of this world. Entrance into this realm must be harsh for them. To their credit, they are here to stay for the duration. They will be here long after the rest of us have left this world. Assist them by sharing with them your insights, your impressions of what has been and what you feel is in need of some attention. You are after all the one who is experiencing life…. in the flesh. If you do not have anything to say, if you have no opinions, then maybe you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cammeron of Arcturus is now saying to me “you can not twitter your way into heaven. Sometimes you need to come down from your ivory tower and get down, way down, into the trenches and heaven forbid get a little dirty to make a difference. If you make this your choice, then we will be the first ones down in the trenches with you.”

I Am David of Arcturus, I Am doing my part and I Am proud of it.

Arcturian Perspectives /

Archangel Michael – On a serious note

Arcturian Perspectives

Archangel Michael

On a serious note

I come to you today to speak my mind about some events that are troubling to not only me, but to others whom I consider to be my brothers and sisters. I am, we are, pleased that so many of you are beginning to renew your telepathic connections and are seeing firsthand the benefit to utilizing this Universally accepted form of communication. However, many of you are wandering into unknown territory and falsely believing that you can surf the Spiritual eddies with “the best of them” without first learning the basics. Although everyone has this ability, few among you have chosen to freely exercise this option in your current lifetime. Those that have, well let’s just say that more than not they are not using discernment and are being active participants in the promotion of the very things they despise. YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE WITH HIGHER SOURCES UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO CHECK YOUR SOURCES FIRST.

We are also distraught to see so many Earthizens reaching for the stars metaphorically speaking, not realizing that there are stars in closer proximity to you at all times. “What?” You say. Take it from me when I tell you that many, many good Souls at the level we ourselves are on are enthused by the fact that you are reaching out to the stars. We ourselves can be considered to be stars; for we shine on and are always in correct alignment, correct conjunction. I myself have hundreds upon hundreds of newbies reaching out to me all the time. Although it is a pleasure to speak with them, I assure you that not all who are reaching out to me or others such as myself are actually making the connection they think they are. Earthlings, well most of them, seem to want to attract someone who is on the top of their “A” list. By A-list I am speaking of familiar well-known entities whom they may or may not erroneously believe are special or above others. Everyone is SPECIAL!

It is time to stop segregating the camps and instead unite them. I can assure you that within your own realm the guides and teachers you have with you, are more than capable of reassuring you and confirming or denying questions that you are wrestling with in your minds, at any given moment. They trained for this moment, this lifetime of yours, just as you yourself prepared for this incarnation long, long before you ever reentered the Earth Star realm. If you understand this then it should be no shock to you to know that you paired yourself and grouped yourself with the best teachers, the best guides, the ones most suited to service your needs on the level you are on. They are the ones who understand you far better than you currently do yourself, and they are your first best hope for attaining the knowledge and wisdom you aspire to here in the present. If you do not believe this then you do not put much faith in yourself, because it was you and THEY who personally chose one another to be active participants in your human life experience.

So where am I going with all this? First you should know that we recognize that there are truly goodhearted people there on Earth who are trying to make subtle or blatant differences by sharing what is given to them in the form commonly known to you as “channeling.” What they fail to realize simply because they are in such a pell-mell thought process to do something great, to share something they erroneously believe to be above themselves, that they forget to question the information that is being received by them. Anyone from any Universe can whisper in your ears. Not all are of or from the Light. Check your sources, if you do not know how then for goodness sakes it is high time you learn. If I am offending any of you reading this then I say, good… for my message this day will remain in your mind. Whether you choose to follow through is as always, completely up to you. I hesitate to fathom a guess on who among you will become casualties of the misinformation war. If you are not among those who currently feel they are able to connect to inside sources for information, then I caution you that what applies to the ones who are, summarily also applies to you as well. If you can not use discernment and check the information you are reading on the internet and elsewhere, then you too are twice the fool. I am sorry if you believe I am being harsh here, however many of you may not know what I and others of my brethren know and this is that you have such little precious time left to “see the Light,” no pun intended, and recognize that the dark cleverly tries to hide in plain sight within the Light.

2012 is no longer knocking on your doorsteps, it has arrived and with great fanfare from this side of the veil. The choices you make each and every moment of the days to follow this one will define your very existence. If you are not mentally balanced and do not have a firm grasp on what IS truth, what IS reality, then you will be spun off course, I can assure you of this. Each of you has had many, many lifetimes, some of you hundreds to thousands of lifetimes to prepare yourself for “this one moment in time.” Are you ready? Are you sure? If doubt is creeping into your minds then it would be sensible to say that you need to find out where this fragmentation of fear is coming from. Odds are you have become complacent or perhaps even a little disillusioned because much of what YOU expected to have had happened by now, has yet to come into materialization there in the physical realm. More often than not this is due to reading information that is incorrect and listening to people who should not teach what they do not know, and you have inadvertently set up an obstacle for yourself. And it is up to you to recognize when this occurs and to do something about it. No obstacle is so monumental that it can not be overcome, remember this well. This lifetime is merely a blink in your eternal Soul. So stop being so serious during the times when you should be happy. You may miss out on opportunities that present themselves. Happy is as happy does.

The shadow riders and even your own intellect can feed you false information. The intellect can especially if it has not been well trained. It is a muscle, use it but do not rely solely on it. When faced with challenges first verify that they are real and not illusionary. Receiving new information, either directly or through others, is to be considered a challenge as well. If you feel they, these challenges, are verifiable then by all means do what you need to, to move through them and then permanently place them where they need to be, a distant memory in the past that no longer is deemed to be worthy of attention. Have you ever heard the expression, “do not make a mountain out of a molehill?” All obstacles are little; plant this firmly in your mind so that you never, ever begin to doubt it again. When faced with new to you challenges decide for yourself if they are worth confronting, if they are then by all means, go through them, over them or around them. Do whatever it takes for you to feel you have successfully navigated these unchartered waters. The more proficient you become at this task the greater the challenges will become. Many will come in the form of tests that will be set in front of you. Rest assured of this. You are climbing onto new plateaus, you know. And your Soul wishes to know if you are ready for them.

Much of what I am saying may seem to be repetitious, but out of necessity it must be so. There are many false prophets to contend with and many of them are using my name and the names of others who are like me, to promote their hate and discontent and imposing illusions upon the unstable, the unwise, as well as the innocent at heart. This will of course come to a conclusion in the future times of NOW, but not without many casualties of this war we are all fighting. The Illuminati doctrine that has been imposed upon Earth and her inhabitants since the beginning of the beginning is finally beginning to crack.

Some people learn, yet fail to teach others what they know. Newcomers to this new way of Spiritual thinking are floundering. This is happening because there are not enough of you teaching them TRUTH. The new ones are not learning about discernment, passionate detachment and everything else that goes along with living life as a true human being. This facsimile of life that so many people live must end, it will end. Do not allow yourself to among the fallen, captivated by sugarcoated visions of splendor. Learn to expect the unexpected and understand that all will not be as you wish for some time to come. These mountains of obstacles to forestall human evolution were not built in a day, nor will they be torn down, dissolved or transformed in one day either. You are helping to build a brand new world, do it right, do it for all the right reasons. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to root out evil and the tentacles it has placed deep within the hearts and minds of generation after generation of mankind.

Now, since I have said my piece and hopefully just because a channeled message is posted for you to read, you will read it, understand it and know it is true. Be wiser while you still can, for there is so very little time left for you to do otherwise. Your children’s children will benefit from the actions you take this day. If you do not know how to check the authenticity of information presented to you then…. Learn how. If you do not know what “remaining in the eye of the storm” means, then find out. If you think the Winds of Change only apply to others then you may wish to reset your Spiritual compass. If you still believe that the God Child NESARA is only here to bring each of you financial independence, then you need to check and see why it is you believe the way you do. If you think an apocalypse is the end of all life then you have been listening to too much rhetoric being espoused by end-timers and religious fundamentalists. If you think God is going to save you from yourself then think again, He expects you to know better. After all, you are half God, half man or half woman. If you have yet to comprehend that you were chosen to be here now and that this choosing requires, demands your fullest attention and dedication to service then learn to understand this now. I would love to tell all of you that it will be all downhill from here on out and that your lives will be easy, uncomplicated and unchallenged however that would not be the truth. Great change requires that the chang-ees be prepared to walk through, glide over or circumvent when need be, all obstacles that come before them. Each epic moment of change in every civilizations’ history, human or not, required great fortitude on the part of those who carved out the future of their planet as well as of their civilization. The Human Race will be no different. Try to see past the choices you do not understand and trust in the wisdom, sincerity, intent and unblemished love that The Creator and The God of this Universe has for all of you. Trust that the changes that are wreaking havoc upon this world are for the best. The world around you may appear to be in the throes of disorganized chaos, but it is not! You may be in that type of chaos, but this world is not. We know that you are all tired, but now is not the time to let up. Keep the momentum going; even if that means you have to make sacrifices.

The continents will continue to shift, mountains that have appeared inactive will have their voices heard once again. Oceans will rise and fall; weather patterns will continue to test both your patience and endurance. Many crops will fail, many species will cease to be and many others will evolve into finer expressions of themselves. Take nothing for granted; be aware of your surroundings at all times. Water will become a much sought-after commodity, do not be foolish and believe that just because you have a good source now that it will remain that way. The pinpricks into the Earth’s crust (drilling wells, siphoning the Earth’s blood) by this current generation of humans has destabilized the terrain both above and below. Know this, you are a stone’s throw away from having all you desire for Earth, our dearly beloved Terra, and all forms of life there, human or not. You just need to get there from here and you are all up for the challenge whether you know it or not. Those that doubt will be leaving much sooner than they had originally anticipated. Not to fret, Nirvana has room for all who tire, those who give up and those who pass over from choices that are not of their own making. Each Luminescent has seen to that.

Be the Gods and Goddesses, the Kings and Queens you all are. Know that you are special, but no more so than any other. Use your power wisely and rule yourself with a feather, not a whip. Be wise, be compassionate, be understanding when another asks you a question that may seem mundane or trivial to you. Kindness that was shown to you, show to others. Judge not lest you are prepared to judge yourself for it later. Reach out to all of us when you feel the need to, but know that the best guidance you need or seek, is to be found within or close at hand through the Spirit Guides you chose for yourself. I can, we can, answer your questions but we ask you to remember, we speak in God Code as well. Till next time I would like to thank David for taking the time out of his busy schedule with God to share this with you.

I Am… Michael, an Archangel of the Creation, beholden to none, beholden to all.

Received by David

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