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New Light Messages

New Light Messages June 2016 #2

New Light Messages

June 19, 2016

Solstice Vigil, Abridged Version

Note from Celest and David: “We apologize for not posting this before the solstice, however we did not receive it until now. We ask you to remember what we have taught (reminded) you of and that is you CAN still participate/contribute to the energetic movement being Created/Manifested and put into motion by others on the solstice. All you need to do is to clear your mind and “send” yourself to that timeline/gridline intersection. If time is an illusion, which it is, and everything happens in The NOW then you should have no problem “being in two places at the same time.” We ask you to also remember that every thought, deed or action attracts similar thought forms and energies so your contributions are adding to “collective” of the energetic waves which were/are already in motion.”


In this time period that you do now live through, it is one of the most crucial, you see, crucial, not simply for people but for animals, for your Earth, your air, your water. All that does sustain life is at an extreme crossroads, as you do say. With every such cycle there does arise points in the rhythm of time that allow for the creation, the coming into form of miracles, interventions, which you do deem miracles. Yes, we do intervene in every expression of your world, for there is need of that which would inexplicably overcome, transcend even, to clear all blockages to the Way of the Heart. These happenstances, these unfoldings that do transcend forces of the shadow, those forces that would seek devastation for the sake of comfort, for the sake of convenience. It is not efficient to come up against these forces, for coming into contact with them does risk uncentering and removing you from the Eye of the Storm. We do say, do not challenge by coming into involvement with, even testing, such forces; rather, transform self into a channel through which *miracles can manifest*, through which miracles can come into your world and can lift the shadow from the seats of power, and lift the shadow from the hearts of those confused by fear; lift the shadow from even the very soul itself. As you know, many others and all present are so willing, willing, /willing/, we do say, to become as a channel through which miracles, miracles of Light may pour forth into your world. You then become co-creator. As Co-Creator, you do not MAKE a miracle, you CALL FORTH and ALLOW a miracle to express through you. Yes, and so it is.

Solstice does present an opportunity to offer self as a channel, to allow miracles to flow through. Yes, it is abundantly clear that many, many miracles are needed, you see, needed. And so in celebration of the turning of the cycle (solstice), indeed in alignment with the turning of the cycle, we do request that you increase your role, your ability to offer self as a channel, an instrument, an opportunity to bring into your world the power of the Holy One, who is the Source of miracles. Call, call. What would you have – breathe in the Light of the miraculous? What would you have – the Source, the Holy Creator relieve, uplift, heal? For what would you have a miracle be performed? Begin praying out of the heart of pure love, for you have been shown many times, not simply once but many times, that you and others like you who would hold to the Light may be channels for miracles. Remain centered in the Eye of the Storm. Indeed, yes, we are among you. You have been shown that as Co-Creator you may be the doorway, the channel, a means by which a miracle may be passed into this world. One among you is in need of such a miracle. You have called us; your call shall be answered. Know this: though a miracle may be called upon, it must be willingly received, TREASURED, to extend her life. We do say that in this turning of the cycles of your world, how many, many needs a miracle would be a welcome intervention. Remain centered in the Eye of the Storm.

A miracle, you see, would be an appropriate means by which a transformation bringing healing, protection, hope, love, etc., may be /triumphant/, we do say, TRIUMPHANT. You may accelerate this triumph by healing self, honoring the path. Use well your Soul’s choice to become as a Co-Creator. Use well that which you have been shown. Let doubt and judgment be enveloped by the Light of the Holy Creator of your holy source of Light, of Life, indeed of Love, and offer prayers for all that exists. Give your full, /full/ commitment, we do say. Yes, it is well; this one shall provide details, we do say, as each one is able to participate. So it shall be. Do not concern self with exactitude. Know this: Each moment in which you apply your full conscious awareness of your role, you do honor the cycle and this time of your life in which your Soul does reside.

Lady of Light

Thank you my Lady (hands over heart chakra).Call also for many miracles for the children, She asks.


Asparagus, asparagus, asparagus. Fret not about your clock; take the whole day to pray. Gather, gather in the evening (7:00pm MDT).

Herb soup, asparagus soup.

Solstice Prayers for the World and All In It!

The hour will not matter; time itself will be the stream that carries your prayers. Each hour, pause. Attend to your focus upon the call. Miracles await, miracles await. Oh, you /can’t/ be late. I see. Don’t worry about being late before or after solstice. Yes, I heard we are to gather at seven to set in motion a Creating form – of the miracles you have called upon. At the close of your gathering, celebrate, for The Light has won.

Transmissions from “The Messengers” received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages June 2016

New Light Messages

June 2016


Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yet we would have you know this: In [these] days great challenge does come for many, many – most of your world are subject to these challenges. You will find unusual pressures, difficulties, challenges, you see, that do manifest in every portion of this world. It is indeed a trying time, yet one that does promise growth, you see, GROWTH. There will be a deepening of the separation between those who follow the shadow and those who are of the Light of One, and that deepening, strife, chaos, does extend into every corner. You may have peace only if you hold true to that Light. You must be true to your Spiritual commitment to the path of the Way of the Heart, and not allow your energies to be drawn off by any, any component of the shadow. We do say, a great many more shall find unusual conditions to standard at present.

Those elements (of your military’s and governments) that do proceed to toy with the forces of nature shall not be easily dissuaded to end their efforts at dominion soon, you see.

There will be great need to remain, remain on the path you have chosen; not merely for Spiritual growth, but for the physical, you see. IT IS CRITICAL to heed that which you do take into your body, critical to heed those energy forces that you subject yourself to. It is so in instances even where it cannot be avoided, there is the power of prayer. You must understand that we await to serve your greater good in every moment, every instance. You have but to CALL. It [help] shall be provided.

Know this: many do have difficulty believing that the body, that which is given to serving the Light of One, may be at risk due to unexpected, unusual events, may be. It is not only an individual peril but Soul-group peril that is at risk. It would behoove you to be constantly, constantly aware and in direct contact with that aspect of your consciousness that does generate the higher brain functions, such as INTUITION, RECEPTIVITY, OPENNESS, that would allow information to precede an event. It is far easier to avoid peril than to extract self from same. Yet in these times of challenge and difficulty, The Light still is the ALL of your existence. Your life still remains to be enjoyed. Yield not to fear, yet remain aware of the resources you have that are available to you. WE are such a resource.

As you do approach the solstice, know this: It is a most, we do say, most critical turning point. Much will be decided and put into motion that will impact most of your world’s population. Prayer, holding forth in the Light of One, expanding the circle of those who serve The Light of One, and living from the Way of the Heart will be your greatest strength to impact choices made by those in power. Direct choices toward peace, healing, healing, we do say, and compassion. More information is forthcoming about the solstice, but we must now take our leave. We do so with this blessing: reminding you we walk beside you in the path of the Prince of Peace and the Way of the Heart. We are your steadfast companions, guides, upon this path — resources to aid you in times of difficulty; you have but to call — for we serve The One, The One Source of Life, Light, and the greatest balm, LOVE. Be at peace. We are with you.

The Lady of Grace

The children. Blue Light, send them Blue Light everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. The children are in need. A single moment in prayer can save thousands.

Roundhead & Message

No time for Roundhead; eat chocolate instead.

“There are those who hear, but will not listen; there are those who look, but will not see.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages April 2016 #2

New Light Messages

April 10, 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we do see, it is not complete, though it is indeed a circle. (Several members of this onsite group were sick, so not present.) We shall be exceedingly brief.

In this time you shall find great need, we do say, to respond to the unexpected. It is a time of disintegration of the shadow forces. What might ordinarily be depended upon is dissolving. It is a time of upending, upending.

Much, much more is being done to your atmosphere than even you do imagine. It does disrupt much within and beyond your only home, your planet, you see.

Know this: In coming weeks, until the beginning of the following month, you see, much will be upended in this world. Many shall strive to maintain the ordinary, we do say; life shall not be ordinary. There will be a need for responding to the unexpected with grace, grace. It is indeed more than good humor; it is grace, compassion, and willingness. You must heed these ways if you would maintain the Eye of the Storm within these coming weeks, indeed months. It shall require an adaptation, a willingness to alter plans.

You must know the unexpected will challenge your bodies greatly. Remain focused on intention, intention; remain focused on intention and willingness. Though you may adapt to that which is called chaos, confusion, you shall find an easier passage in the end period of the coming month. You must maintain your commitment to the Light of One and maintain your position in the Eye of the Storm. The Way of the Heart shall be challenged, but it shall not be overcome. It shall appear as though the forces of the shadow will be victorious; IT IS NOT SO. Maintain your place; it is so crucial in this time.

We do say: Recall you are to merely ask and we shall be of service to each. We do now take our leave, and we call upon you to hold fast to the Light. Maintain in your heart, your mind, your steady focus on your Spiritual Source – it is LIGHT, it is Light of One emanating from the center of all existence.

We have assisted this one, as we shall assist each one. Go now on the path of the Prince of Peace, as the blessings of the Holy One shower upon you and go before you. Look to the unexpected, unusual within your sphere and sky within coming days. We are with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Visions, Messages

Upheavals. Tremendous upheavals.

I have these words: “Follow the Way of the Heart and you’ll follow Truth.”

Egypt, Egypt is drawn in.

Want to impress, not to forget the three moments of silence (mentioned in the March NLM). Even extend them, but don’t neglect them.

Bombardment of cosmic rays will cause confusion in coming few weeks.*

Deluge, rains, flooding.

The Great Awakener will be very active in coming weeks.

As you go about your days in coming weeks, be prepared to change direction if necessary. It may save much regret.


Remember to have asparagus. Radishes for stomach aid in digestion.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages April 2016

New Light Messages

April 2016


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle, although not complete in body (missing Roses & Sandra). It is complete in Spirit, you see. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know that the coming days of this week shall bring great intensity, as you do say. Those movements pertaining to the cosmos or heavens above (planets, etc.) shall be felt far more strongly by many, for the hand of the Great Awakener has been accelerated, indeed, intensified. It is necessary, you see, for those who do follow the path of the shadow, who do refuse to embrace the Way of the Heart, to embrace the natural world’s rhythms, and we do say, needs, have made it necessary to increase the activity, to increase the weight of the hand of the Great Awakener. Heed well in coming days a period of stillness, quiet, that you may not be caught up in this storm. It need not be extensive time; begin with three minutes. If done from a place of quiet and stillness, it will be sufficient to restore the balance within body, mind, and soul.

Know this: Upheaval, chaos shall continue to accelerate for those consumed by fear, fear and anger. They assist to create conditions in which the shadow force shall consume itself. Ally yourself with those of the Way of the Heart, with the path of peace; and when you do see those caught up in the storm caused by the shadow, use your Light to emanate compassion; offer your prayers to call for PEACE, COMPASSION, HEALING of the soul that karma may be erased and replaced by love!

We do conclude. You must see that those elements of your government who do stand staunchly in the shadow and refuse opportunities to embrace the Heart, are those who quicken the demise of the very thing they do seek – power, greed, arrogance. These things shall devour them. Remember your own path to compassion; do not celebrate their demise. Send forth prayers for healing and compassion. Send forth The Clarion Call that they be taken to the Altar of Transformation and awakened to their Higher Selves to experience the ecstasy, the beauty of an Open Heart. Do this and you shall */aid/* the coming of the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, as we have assisted this one, so we shall assist each one. Hold steady in the Eye of the Storm, even in the face of unpredictable circumstances, even in the face of SUDDEN CHANGE! Know that you are held in the Light of One, as you hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Go now upon the Path of the Prince of Peace. Know that the blessings of the Holy One shine upon you and are with you now and evermore. We do go with you, for in each moment we are present.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We ARE.

Visions, Messages, & More

The great cleansing is speeded up. Those who scar the sky do greater harm by speeding up the melting …

Roundhead wants us to dance. Just give it a chance. Yes, yes. (Pause)

Houses falling down. Cliffs collapsing. Flooding, flooding, flooding. Drying, drying, drying out in other places; faster, faster.

Beware, there are elements attempting to buy water resources from this region (San Luis Valley, Colorado). They are not from this country.

PRAY for the bears; they suffer so. Black, brown and white bears suffer so!

I see prayer flags fluttering in the wind. [It’s Tibet sending prayers to help strengthen the Way of the Heart.]

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages March 2016

New Light Messages

March 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, once again we must be brief, you see. Yes, you do experience this day that which is the expression of disruptive, discordant energies. That which does unfold, you see, is directed, indeed, deliberate frequency of electromagnetic energy emanating from within your sphere and beyond. These frequencies are manifested, you see, by that which is your technology, that which is known as wireless high-frequency radio signals. It is a dramatic increase of Earth being bathed, indeed invaded, we do say, by multiple sources. Those which do rotate within your spatial sphere as satellites and those that are manifested from that instrument, you do know as HAARP. There have been additional disruptive frequencies contributed by China and North Korea, as well as others.

There is a race, an accelerated effort to control circumstances, events, natural cycles, which began originally as attempts to manipulate and control these cycles but has become more effective in disrupting, /disturbing/ the cycles and continuing to do great harm throughout every level of life. Those which you do call the superpowers do generate forces that they cannot control, and these forces /exacerbate/, you see, that which is known as global warming, you see, climate change. Know this – far more than climate change is being affected. New lifeforms at the microscopic levels are being generated, and their impact shall be seen ever more frequently in coming months and, indeed, decades of cycles. There are aids that shall come into your sphere to assist in adapting, yet adaptation is not fully possible. Knowledge of these manipulating forces must come to consciousness throughout your world, that they may be terminated in time to prevent great disaster, you see.

As you do approach the equinox, you shall find great intensity in energy fields from within and without. And we do repeat: a time of stillness, quiet, in sitting daily – minimum of three minutes, preferably more – will be of great service. For there will be frequencies contributed from our resource to assist you in aligning your physical, mental, emotional energies to a higher, more harmonious frequency to override those that bring disruption, anxiety, contention, and conflict. We do say it is indeed as this one has surmised: Aberrant mental behavior is greatly influenced by these disruptive frequencies, and so you have circumstances of unexpected danger that do arise. Know this: You will find protection in the Eye of the Storm; you will find protection in achieving stillness; you will find protection in aligning higher consciousness with the frequencies we shall provide, and do even now. For know this: All, ALL, we do say, are affected, some more than others. You must stand firm in the Light of the Eye of the Storm and not allow mental despair, as you do say, to deflect you from your course.

You must be steady in the Eye of the Storm, *that you may assist others*. You may be a Light for others, as we are for you. Challenging times, yes, but not so much as shall be for the many who follow in coming decades. You may be an instrument to assist in alleviating the impact of these disruptive forces upon others.

We shall continue to assist, and we shall stand with you in the Eye of the Storm. As we will be there for you, so shall you be for others, for it will be the sole means by which a great many shall be saved, you see. Even now so many species do fade into nonexistence; so many future generations are distorted in their physical makeup by
that which does now unfold.

We do leave you with this knowledge. It is not too late to bring into awareness that which does unfold and may be stopped in time. It is not yet too late, we do say, though it is so that you do approach the point of no return rapidly. Remain steady; hold forth in the Eye of the Storm; allow the stillness to assist and help in bringing that which would heal, and help uplift.

(Pause) Yes, the frequency that shall assist is given. Remain RECEPTIVE within yourself and you shall be given same. As we do walk with you upon the path of the Prince of Peace, so shall we assist in times of need. CALL, (issue the Call) you have but to call to know that WE are with you. We do now take our leave.

May the blessings of the Holy One be felt by you as they do pour upon you, now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Many things to say, but Roundhead can’t stay.

Turnips, turnips, turnips and peas if you please.

More for coming time; the asparagus begins to climb to the sun.

Asparagus, yes, yes.

Dance, dance, where is the dance?

Keep your feet on the track; don’t turn back.

Asparagus, asparagus, lovely, lovely asparagus.

Does not allow toxins to remain.

Helps keep your light aflame, aflame; no poisons to darken the blood.

And keeps your thoughts out of the mud!

Yes, think asparagus for /breakfast/, too.

Yes, yes, it can help you. Delicious!

Lady of the Blue Light

The children need your prayers; */all/* species need prayers. They are slaughtering the buffalo; the mamas and the babies are being killed. No, no! (weeping silently, then hands cupped in bowl shape). Grace. Your Grace replaces karma with love. Your Grace could replace it with love everywhere.

(Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands and then places hands over heart chakra.)

Yes, my Lady. She says, “Be at peace, for those who carry the memory of the Earth as it once was – in beauty, harmony and balance with the way of life – shall return to help restore the way of life, of Grace and understanding of the One Source of life that serves all. Be at peace and pray for the little ones.

Messages, Visions

The light of the Blue Star (Supernova 1987A) still quickens the Spiritual evolution of those who have awakened, and it awakens those who still sleep.

I hear a single sentence: True love is suffering ended. Yes, it is Melchizedek (that I see); it is the Light of Melchizedek. “It’s my Light I see,” he says. Beautiful!

The mantle of the Earth! Big movements, big earthquakes coming. The mantle is destabilized, it seems, or shaken, or broken – big movements, coming.

Roundhead (again)

Roundhead is saying, “Hang on.

The ride is about to get interesting.”

He says, “More play, more play, makes it easier to stay with more play.”


Transmissions received by Shamaan

New Light Messages /