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Written by Etaoqua

Economy: Debt slavery or ABUNDANCE? Our choice.

Current system: Debt slavery

Democracy = Capitalism = Slavery. Democracy is a bullying tactic using Money to enslave. A debt system enslaves all. “Haves” lending money to “have nots” is a tool to control the money supply, to control people. Central banks are private corporations controlling all governments. Wage earning is servitude, limiting creativity and destroying dreams. This system does not work.

Desirable System: Abundance

We are here to experience and to help each other. We are here to experience things, things that make us happy.  Earth is a planet of abundance without money. Earth provides everything we need. There is NO need for money, no need for a financial system, for a form of exchange.

Create a people system where people do everything and money does nothing.
Community is an extension of family. Create communities of abundance. It is time to heal.


Move to a people system where people do everything. Money does nothing
A transitional period is needed, and perhaps a global catalyzing event. Ubuntu can be a blueprint.

Use current system to replace itself. Money’s function is to destroy opposition. Use money carefully to free us from money. Without fighting anyone, take existing system and gently convert it so it benefits humanity. Heal all by modifying ways of thinking and speaking.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are responsible for cleaning up our own mess, for coming up with solutions, co-creators of our own reality, sovereign.

Forgive self, and others for what has been done up till now. Start focusing on similarities rather than differences, and begin to unify with others.  Fight no one. Decentralize government. Eliminate hierarchies. Shut down the Federal Reserve – create people’s banks as interim – tax free, interest free. Put into place community projects, public works.

Begin projects that benefit the entire community. Communities already exist. Small towns and villages can become models of abundance. Create beneficial community projects with everyone working a few hours a week. Abundance does not require a self sustaining community. “Self sustaining” destroys community by exclusion. Bartering skills, however, can be an interim tool.

A system of abundance does require political support. Create a political party. Elect the mayor/manager/supervisor and governing body. A mayor can change a whole town. Use the Achilles heel approach. Target smallest towns. Promise one benefit, such as free electricity for all, in return for working 3 hours/week. Eliminate taxes. Establish a public bank. Provide “free” labor to local businesses with 1/3 of benefits [profits] to the business; 2/3 to the community.

Restore tribal council(s). This can be an elders council using collective wisdom to decide policies best for all. Councils of peers, such as in M’hican system, is another option. Implement a minority ruled system. The number of minorities is infinite. Taking care of each minority benefits the whole community. In a minority driven system all are equally important, with each person respected.  Human nature is to create. Each one has a dream. An inclusive community allows dreams to manifest. Consensus is not needed if all are taken care of, reserving it for “big” issues where all have a stake.

Create a model that all can see working.

Eliminate competition which creates scarcity, prevents release of new technology, promotes secrecy. Turn competition into cooperation and collaboration. Develop symbiosis. Build unity consciousness, sharing & caring for each other. Resonate together, share knowledge, pool resources so everyone has everything needed.  No bills; free energy; free food [replicators], etc.

3-18-2017 Light & love, Etaoqua,

Etaoqua… IS a facilitator of “The Gatherings.”


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Symbolism from Visions

grow boxes

Symbolism from Visions

This is a true story

As God would say,”OK now,” here is where understanding symbolism in order to enrich your own understanding of such which enables you to teach others about symbolism comes into play. On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 28, I (Celest) went out to the front porch and cut all of the cherry tomatoes off their vines and brought them into the house. We grew them in a large “Grow Box” on the porch to see if it was still ok and possible for them to grow because we planted them late in the season. We had a hard freeze coming that night and we knew they had to come inside. Even though many of them were still green we knew we could place them in large casserole dishes inside and let them sit in the sun and they would quite naturally ripen on their own. So we did.

On Saturday Oct 31st. Halloween, about 8am, I was lying in bed wide awake and had a day vision which repeated itself. Remember this was Halloween. What I saw was that we were both, David and I, standing in the living room and “somehow” we knew that we had to OPEN THE FRONT DOOR so we did and standing there on the front porch was a “tomato tree” that was LOADED with tomatoes. It was 2-3 foot high, nice thick trunk and the bottom of the trunk had not been sawed level, there were angular type shaped bottoms of the tree. I saw very little leaves; instead they were all bright red tomatoes. We picked it up and carried it into the house and set it down. That vision was repeated to me a second time immediately after the first time.

It is time for another “OK now,” We mused about this on Halloween and put the pieces of the vision together. Halloween-“trick or treat”-I was shown the tomatoes because: they were the last thing we PLANTED that we needed and wanted for ourselves and we removed them and brought them inside. Symbolically-God used the tomatoes we removed for ourselves and gave us a “tomato tree” which symbolizes what we need and want for ourselves and intentionally gave it to us on HALLOWEEN. WE have entered into our TREAT time! The front door being opened by us-we were receptive to new opportunities and we OPENED THE DOOR to bring in more of our destinies. Healthy trees live long lives so He did not send us any tomato plants on Halloween, He sent us a TREE. This is also the “fruit of the tree.” It is also the fruit of our labors. So, “when is a tomato not a tomato?” That is what God asked us. We responded with, ”When it is symbolic of something else.”

P.S. This does not mean “that the tomato does not fall far from the tree.”

We offer this “Vision” to each of you to use as an example so that you too may continue to expand your awareness, your consciousness and use your own sentience’s when deciphering your own visions which you receive both in your awakened as well as during your dream states. Remember, seeing “Windows” or “Doors “ in your dreams are doors opening for you or windows of opportunity which has come knocking in your behalf. Divinity loves to use symbolism and deciphering the meanings can be quite an art form.

Note: We use the “Grow Box’s” for growing our vegetables each year, they are multifunctional, extremely simple to use and if necessary can be utilized all year round inside the home in a sunny area. To find out more about these you can just do a search on the internet for “Grow Box” or “Earth Box.” These we ourselves were “led to” many years ago and for so vastly many different reasons completely understand why.

Salude, Celest and David

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Things you can do to make this a better place

earth day every day

Things you can do to make this a better place

A Special Writing from Maria Nieuwenhuysen

Using the PUSH

Every time I hear or read about something that really makes me angry or disgusted, I take that honest emotion and use it for a PUSH. I know that I am changing the situation and I don’t get into an anger or despair. So I do a lot of PUSH-es (!!!), because we are all flooded with news about cruel and destructive plans or situations.

It is even better now that I have read in the latest God book (Winter People) that after the PUSH there is a vacuum that I can use to create what I want to see or to happen.

So e.g. when I see chem. trails. I can do a PUSH to help end the poisoning of our skies and afterwards I can visualize a clean healthy atmosphere full of life and oxygen.

Flooding with Light

A few months ago I saw a group of dark riders entering my neighborhood. Since then vandalism (and probably crime) has gone up. We had very noisy illegal motor races and sometimes the atmosphere is really threatening.

I wondered if there was anything I could do to counter this. After starting in the Winter People book I got an idea. I showered all the large apartment buildings in the area and all the other houses in light.

Of course I wondered whether it would work. That night I had a dream. In my dream a rather angry mob showed up in front of me and stated “we are not going to move!”. In this dream I almost engaged in a shouting match (!!!) but I quickly came to my senses. It was a large mob and I just removed myself from the scene. When I woke up I realized that I was shown those beings to let me know that it worked.  They felt the light and it threatened their way of life! Of course those beings don’t have to move, they can just grow and enjoy the light!

Then I got really bold and did the same with government buildings, universities, ministries, offices of large companies. Now I am even doing it with countries!!!

Imagine a very dark restaurant with lot of shady, very private nooks and crannies where people do business and suddenly the curtains are pulled open and bright lights go on and show everything that is going on. Can you imagine that it is so much more difficult for corruption to flourish in such an environment? Flooding this place with light has really “ruined” it for corrupted workers. Imagine doing this with a large financial institute!

Doing this kind of work brings the new paradise-like world closer and it makes me develop myself spiritually. Although it really takes very little time my Soul keeps showering me with compliments. Yes, it takes some energy to do that. There are days when I just don’t have enough energy to do it.

I don’t use this on people. They have to make their own choices. I use the pushes on events, ideas, plans, practices. I use the “flooding with light” on places and buildings.

God said in the Winter People book that it might take 10 to 15 years before the Earth is a safe place. That is not very long for the planet, but it is a long period for a human being. Maybe we can shorten this period???

If you want to join me in this, please let me know how you are doing.


Note from Celest and David: You may contact Maria by sending us an email to and we will gladly forward it on to her. We ourselves would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Also, we are in contact with many people who are still performing the PUSH technique on a regular basis, some as much as once a week. Every little PUSH in the right direction is making a difference whether you can see it or not. So PUSH on and know you are in great company!

If you do not know how or need a refresher on how to perform the PUSH techniques you may find the information on the following webpage

You may also wish to revisit the information on the following link as well

All information is stored on the website.

The next Online Summit will begin in July so if you have any questions you wish to submit please send them to us at . You will be able to submit questions during the Summit as well but if you have any already formatted in your mind please send them to us now so we can begin the answering process. Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.. Salude, Celest and David

Summit information is on the website.


Information about God’s latest (7th) book “Winter People who Ride the Wind” can be found at


Don’t forget to read Blue Stars latest transmission “When Prophecies collide with Illusionary Realities.”


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A Unique Moment on Earth

A Unique Moment on Earth

 December 21, 2012 Universal Time 11.11

By Maria –

Today a unique moment for the Earth and humanity took place. The cycle of about 26,000 years reached a turning point. The Earth crossed the equator plane of the Milky Way. The Sun, the Earth and the center of the Milky Way were on one straight line. Maybe this day will in the future become a planetary holiday!

Of course you don’t hear anything about this in the media. Only those on a mountain who are totally confused waiting for spaceships or the people who believe that the world will end today receive wide attention on television and in the newspapers. In this way the media are changing this unique event into a bizarre tale of disturbed people. They do not want people to really understand that this is a monumental event, a turning point in the history of mankind.

Tonight I received a message from the Earth. Yes, the Earth communicates with its residents. With all its inhabitants, so maybe you got that dream too. Sometimes the Earth uses dreams. The Earth explained that she had given mankind every opportunity to change their ways. She could easily have stopped all the violence against her and her Children (plants and animals) and remove humanity from her surface. But she didn’t, she had endless patience, but times are changing now. Violence, selfishness and destructions are no longer tolerated.

To experience the moment as consciously as possible I spent a few hours meditating around the time of the shift. There were indeed very strong waves of energy entering my body. Your body is restructured by this energy. I wonder what changes I will experience as a result and I am also curious about what others have experienced. One change in the level of consciousness has already taken place and trickles through the physical world. The dominance of the male disappears. According to the cycle, in the next 26,000 years it is the woman’s turn to be dominant, but God has determined in consultation with all parties that it is not going to happen. There will be equivalence. This removes the cornerstone of the duality and so humanity will be able to develop more easily to the next new level: the 5th dimension.

A while ago I heard on the radio a specialist on space travel talk about the benefits space travel can offer to humanity. When mankind has exhausted and destroyed the Earth, we can all go to another planet and when we have destroyed that one, we can go on to the next! What a vision! Humanity as the asocial, backward race of the galaxy, that leave behind nothing but devastated planets! No, mister specialist, that’s not going to happen. At least not on this planet.

Today a selection process has started. The Earth will select with the help of God the people that have enough spiritual development to remain on Earth and to become the beginning of the new version of humanity. The Earth will require a certain level of its inhabitants and those who fail this test will not continue here. When you look around, you will understand that many people will have to leave. This selection should be completed in a few years – 1, 2 or 3 years.

And not only the people who do not meet the new requirements will leave. There are also many people who traveled from other civilizations and have come to help raise the consciousness level of Earth for the 21 December 2012 event. Many of them feel that they have accomplished their task and want to return to their home planets. They also will quickly leave the Earth.

There are many scenario’s ready for the coming year. There is one main plan in which humanity and the Earth will come to a new version of  themselves. There are many variations possible in this scenario, because those who have chosen evil as their path, are fighting for their existence and will definitely try to take down with them as many people as possible. They also have freedom of  expression. And their choices – and the choices of the goodhearted people – can’t exactly be determined in advance.

According to the roadmap a new Antichrist will rise. We already have had many of them on Earth. In the Western world we lately had Stalin and Hitler, but in other parts of the world we had the Pol Pot regime, the terror regime in North Korea and many others. So nothing unique. He too will try to seduce mankind by pretending to offer a way out of the chaos. Just as Hitler did to the Germans. This figure will come from the Vatican. Will he succeed in recruiting in a number of Lightworkers? We must wait.

As the violence against the Earth is very extreme with chemtrails, fracking, genetically modified foods, HAARP, nuclear power plants and many other things we still know little about, it could also happen that the selection process must be accelerated because the life of the Earth is in danger. There are limits to freedom of expression.

For the coming year it remains imperative that everyone maintains a strong connection with his soul. That way you can remain free from fear. This is important because fear lowers your level. You can also get advice about the many dangers. Of course, you can trust that people who are on the right path – who continue to develop themselves – will be protected. The Earth regularly provides advice to its residents. The year 2013 will be a roller coaster for the inhabitants of the Earth. Again, it is not true that only less developed people will leave the Earth, many highly developed people will want to leave too.

Note from Celest and David: Maria is also translating all the God Books into Dutch. If you or you know someone who may benefit from these please email us at and we will give you more information.  

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Support for Lightworkers

spiritual waters2

Support for Lightworkers

Maria –

Many lightworkers are feeling weary. The future should be so bright, but paradise is still out of reach. What can you do?
•    Relish in all you have learned. For the first time in my life I feel like I am standing on a mountain, having a sweeping overview of the world. For the first time in my life I know why I am here and what I can do. I know what is coming. I am aligned with the future.
•    My healing powers are stronger than ever before. I am using the power of positive thinking. It works. My thoughts are clearer than ever before. I am regularly making new discoveries, some small, some big. For the first time in my life I am having visions of the future. I am also seeing dark shadows moving in the night. Not a glorious sight, but they were there all along. I am getting smarter.
•    Remember you are in a war situation. The war is reaching its climax.  The war is about the minds of the people. The dark side is doing all it can to drag as many unsuspecting people along as possible. God is sending light to increase awareness. What will people do? Let the light in and gain some new understanding? Acting on new found awareness is difficult. It takes courage. Friends and family often act like glue. They find it hard if people change. But If they do not kick their destructive habits now, they will have to do it in their next lives in the future. That will be much harder.
•    God is supporting the developing new awareness. The harvest is coming on very slow. Will they do it? God needs more time, because people need more time. Cutting it short would eliminate many people who might otherwise have a chance to make it.
•    Many light workers are fed up with the destruction, the corruption, the chaos and the loneliness. They want it to be over with. They want the new world. They want to see and experience everything they have been thinking about for so long. It is still too dangerous to start to form communities and group together. We would be such a big target!! Remember we have all been strategically placed, dotted all over the world, to be who we are, a light for all to experience. When the consequences of the destruction of the environment will start showing in the supply of food and water and panic will mount, we are needed where we are.
•    Lightworkers are under heavy attack from the dark side. Maybe they will not stumble and fall into darkness, but will they be all they can be? They are desperately needed for a few more years, as long as it takes. Can you stand and hold your light? Can you lean on your support group of angels, masters and guides? Yes, you NEED them. Ask them for support every day. Ask them for protection every night. They did not come with you because they had nothing else to do. They came with you because you need them and they want to help. If nobody wants to hear what you could teach them, you are still doing your job. You are part of the collective consciousness. You are lifting it and you can add to it. You might be standing as lonely as a lighthouse, but you are still a lighthouse. Probably the only one for the region. You may never know in this life, what you have accomplished, but you are doing so much more than you know. My guides explain this to me often in my dreams – I guess when I am feeling useless and lonely.
•    And while we wait for the new world to arrive, we can rise as high as we can. Think about how you will see this in 10 years. How you stood tall and held the light all alone in this corrosive environment and did not crumble into a fetal position. You were there and you did it!

Maria –

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