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Nutrition for the Soul

Nutrition for the Soul – Becoming: A Blending of Art and Science

Nutrition for the Soul

Message #1

“Becoming: A Blending of Art and Science”

(We wish to send a warm welcome to Janet Z. Janet is an Advocate for Justice, she is also a facilitator of “The Gatherings.” We look forward to her future insights and revelations… Salude, Celest and David)

I was recently gifted with a beautiful piece of art. This particular piece of art is a hand turned vase out of canary wood. My friend explained the whole process he took to get the end result. He took blocks of wood he handpicked, glued them together, put this on his wood lathe and with hand held tools cut a shape that is symmetrical around the axis of rotation, until the project was complete. This block of wood which looked like a plain piece of wood to start, in each turn of the wood, begins to show a beautiful grain. It takes time, patience, determination, and an intuitive feel to take something (in this case wood) raw and untouched and change it into something else.

This vase would never BE, or BE in my home, if he did not have the vision, and desire to work on such a piece of art to make his vision materialize. For the beauty of the wood to become “alive and emerge” from a block of wood, one needs to first visualize what it is he or she would like to Create. He will have to hold this in his mind and skillfully and intuitively follow the way through, with each and every turn, each and every NOW MOMENT. Wow such passion!

It is important to keep in mind that in some sense, he or she cannot be attached to controlling the exact outcome. This is not like the factory-made wood products, put out in large numbers by machines with set preprogrammed patterns. Factory made products are appropriate for many things that need specific dimensions such as medical equipment. Turning wood, however, is a form of art, and like most art is a blend of art and science. Being able to flow within each moment is what gives it character and uniqueness that can never be copied exactly again. In saying that it’s entirely possible that there will be times a project will get scraped and he will begin all over again.

Life has a way of teaching us new things we need to know and there is no other way then to experience it. It does not mean failure or disgust. It too is an example of deepening resilience, and fortitude. Do you have what it takes? There is nothing as beautiful and full of loving energy as human hand made art. This is true if it is a cook changing food into a meal, yarn into a scarf, or seeds into a garden.

Now perhaps we decide to use this process on ourselves and update who we “think” we are to whom we genuinely feel we are, and evolve out of our old programmed self.

Can it be done? Yes, step by step with one pointed focus and clarity, feeling and intuition and passionate detachment. It can! Can it benefit our life? Yes, if we practice a little every day, it works the very core of our being and I’m not talking physical core, although that will likely improve also!

Yours Truly, Soul

… Janet Z


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