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Soul Matrix

Living within the Soul Matrix part 1


~Living within the Soul Matrix~

Part one

"Light always casts forth the Shadows,

yet the Shadows define the Light."

We are going to have a discussion with you on what light is, what dark is, what the light can do, what the dark can do, how the light casts forth the shadows, and how you can defend yourself from the dark Overlords.

"Light" is an evolved form of energy in motion, it is not static, it is an all-encompassing form of Sacred geometry which can and does assume various guises of matter. All Light particles possess their own level of vibration and frequency. Light in its natural state, is without limit, without constraint. The brilliance of light cannot be diminished in this sense, although it can be altered, enhanced, metamorphosized, projected into other forms of matter for the purpose of illumination and can form an extension of itself existing in tandem with any object. This is predicated upon the ability of that object(s) to maintain the proper light frequency as well as a certain decibel level. "Light," even Light that is just beginning to shine within an individual, is also an extension of energies composed of the Spirit World, Star Keepers and the individual person and reflects back to all others even though it has not fully developed yet. Even though it does not exist in its most pristine form, it still remains a matrix of Creator and God energy. Simply stated, you are an electric-cog within the Creation.

People need to understand that as their individualized level of light increases, then their purpose of Be-ing, that subtle, but critical understanding of "knowing" they are making a difference, even if it is only awareness on a subconscious level will in time raise to a conscious understanding. As the perceptions of each person alters, so does their ascension process. This is an integration of "knowing" and consciously "doing," all that can be done to subjugate the Beast and ultimately destroy it. They may not always be aware that they are in reality transcending to a higher dimension of mind, thought and Spirit while still remaining in the incarnational form. This is part of "walking with one foot in each world as their individualized selves."

This is a learning process; "life" is a learning process, a work in progress. Do not expect to understand it all overnight, do not expect others to do the work for you, and do not expect others to understand what you yourself are just beginning to. They cannot do this just because you believe it is important for them to believe as you do. Each must learn at their own speed, at their own level, that is the way it is. So accept the fact that you cannot "fix" anyone except yourself, always remember to remain passionately detached from things you cannot and should not change. Should you attempt to change things for another person, you may rob someone of a very valuable lesson that they came here to experience and hopefully overcome as part of their original Soul contract.

Are we as Light Weavers achieving continuity in our ascension into the higher frequencies and vibrations? Yes we are. Does this mean that everything is downhill and going to be easy from here on out? Don’t count on it, the Beast is being cornered and with its last dying breaths it is going to lash out, searching for all who have cracks in their psyches. It will be counting coup on everyone that it can. The dark energies are fighting for their own survival and they will take with them as many people as possible. Be prepared, allow no fear, no doubt, no greed or any other ego based issues to enter into your thoughts; your mind, body and Spirit are your own. Treat them accordingly.

If you are wondering how you can make a difference in defeating the congealed mass of darkness that has assailed this planet for so long, first, understand the dark. You cannot defeat that which you do not understand. The "dark" which is another term for the Illuminati, the dark Overlords and all of their minion, are simply energetic forms sans light that are composed of all lower vibrations and frequencies. They are the un-illuminated by choice. They breed to live and live to breed; this type of breeding process is an integration with people which has allowed them to continue as a type of "species." One that is dependent on either gathering people with dark minds, dark hearts and spirits into their fold, or using them sort of a "dark energy by proxy," in order to destroy the newbie Light Weavers and capture the most evolved ones. The dark forces’ best weapons are the weaknesses they perceive in people, whatever a person’s Achilles heel may be. For the dark energetic forms to enter ones life, a person must first open the door even it is only a crack, the crack could be self doubt, fear of success, fear of failure, an overabundance of ego genes or a self-created need for power and the control of other people, places and events.

You need to understand that this dark force cannot and would not exist on this planet without the collusion of many people. The dark forces are "here by invitation," this then brings us to the ongoing battle between the light and the dark which this time around, is for all the marbles. If each person would repel the dark force before that force has an opportunity to invade their lives, there would no longer be any dark on the planet that needed to be consumed by the light. The dark forces are parasitic; they need the light force of others to survive, they cannot sustain themselves without energies to feed upon.

Within each soul lies the potential to remain in the light and thus continually evolve. The "newbies," those who are just beginning to awaken are those who are at the greatest risk of being ensnared. It is the Creator’s wish that by allowing free expression, each individual can be responsible for their own choices. This brings us to" The False Prophets" that are ensnaring the newbies and causing consternation among many evolved Souls. The universal laws dictate that free expression be granted to everyone. We encourage all people to use great discretion when listening/reading/visiting those who proclaim themselves to be Prophets. All younger less evolved Souls should be cared for and nurtured by all true teachers on this planet, without expectations. Remember all souls, even those currently within the dark, have the right to come back into the light. It is their ultimate destiny.

There are many who have in the past been attracted to, or flirted with the dark. These are people who are now returning into the light per their Soul contracts. These ones should not be judged by anyone for the actions they performed while "Under the Influence," and should be wholeheartedly accepted for the contributions they are now making to society. The masses on this planet have been force fed, willingly led, and artfully deceived by those who are the Masters of Illusion. It is now time to remove the veils of deception they have cast in front of so many and start uncovering the truths. In this manner we can learn from the past and never have to repeat this type of history lesson again. It is also time to relearn the ancient teachings, those that should have been learned in early childhood.

Beware of those who are so involved in their own belief systems that they do not accept that others’ beliefs are important as well. Those who attempt to impress you with their knowledge; those whose sense of self-importance overshadows all else, are not acting in humanity’s best interest. Those who try to coerce you to changing your beliefs, those who belittle or demean people who you feel great respect for, should be avoided. Those who attempt to talk you into using drugs to heighten your clarity do not have your best interests at heart. "Never Have Sex with a Psychic Vampire." That’s another story.

When light in shown into the dark, the shadow effect of the dark may surround the light, but the illumination of the light matter will disclose anything moving in its path. Because each person is a Light, the illumination of each can reveal the things that go bump in the night. The stronger the Light within each Soul, the stronger the darkness is defined, yet the size shape and form of the light is actually what the dark reveals. Imagine a flashlight shining into a darkened room, if the beam is focused to a single area, there are shadows everywhere, now imagine that the light has been "turned up" by doubling or tripling the wattage of the bulb, now there is less space in the room for the dark to hide. With each Soul’s ever brightening auras Light, or knowledge of the truth comes into present tense, thus elongating the entire presence of light. When this happens the less places the dark has to hide and/or scurry off to. Those who are still fence sitting are casting forth the largest shadows and they do not even know it. Each and every one of these people are up for grabs at this point. Those of you who are shinning brightly may soon realize that light from other lights is mirrored back to individual lights. This is how light can be enhanced by others’ consciousness. It is only through invasive ways that the dark forces can attempt to cause your light to dim with the hope of extinguishing it completely.

Now on to the easy part, how to defend yourself from invasive attacks. Remember that you are Light, do not allow anyone to tell you that you are not. Be firm in your determination not to succumb to any predator force. Be willing to "stand up" for your beliefs, be willing to part from long time friends and if necessary, relatives who remain steadfast in their heavy, dense, negative mind thought. Decide if you have a desire to communicate with the Sprit world, if you do, be sure that you know how to do so correctly.

One of the tools the dark Overlords use against humanity is fear.

Fear is a "learned response," a "con-ditioned response," one that is not a natural aspect of your Soul Being. This is a manmade self-generated response birthed by lower life forms with hidden agendas. It is an anathema sensation to the Soul and Spirit of a true human being. Fear presents itself in many different forms; whatever fear form you yourself secretly have within your mind is part of an illusionary program designed to break the Spirit of the human race as a whole. Fear cannot exist without your acceptance of it. All phobias are fears, self-doubts, insecurities, even hatred is fear. Think about it. Just as fear cannot exist without your acceptance, neither can those of the dark forces exist without your willing participation in fear. Fear is crippling, debilitating and non-productive. All these are the catalysts that the Illuminati and their brethren encourage, in order to better exercise their dominion over humanity.

The more you believe in fear and fear based issues, the more you live in fear. The more you live in fear the easier it is to ensnare you and hurl you into the Shadow World. It is only when people shuck off the shackles of the dominating force of fear, that they truly find "a life." People always live in fear until they have completely saturated themselves with it. Then and only then, when they believe life is no longer worth living because they are laden with fear, are they willing to leave it behind and seek a different reality. Even then, millions and millions of people fail to vanquish fear because it is a known comfort zone, one that is "familiar" to them; one which has consumed them. They fail to realize that life is an endless array of possibilities and probabilities; all that it requires is for the PERSON to create the changes. Fear is "static energy," it is not "change."

Change is a remarkable energetic form in its own right; it opens the doors of opportunities that are withheld from those who are riddled with fear. Change is a part of questioning and learning, in this manner you are gaining knowledge, without knowledge you are withholding the light. Withholding the light is in opposition to everything that defines your true essence. Working within the energetic flow of the Universe grants us the freedom to ascend above the mundane and we can flourish in a world that graces us with limitless resources and infinite possibilities.

What you can do to bring about change by abolishing fear:

Belief in yourself is first and foremost; believe in others ONLY when they have proven to your satisfaction that they are truly who they say they are, that they have no hidden agendas, nor axes to grind. Seeing fear for what it is-an "Illusionary Myth-Information Schema." Acknowledging that the destruction of fear can only enhance your life, is a major step in your transformation. Teaching others to forego fear is how you can impact on mass consciousness. This means that you must LIVE your truths, regardless of how the dark Overlords attempt to dissuade you.

Be aware though, the moment you take that first tiny step, declaring for all the world(s) to hear, "I am NOT afraid anymore, I refuse fear, I banish fear, I no longer live with fears," those of the un-illuminated will begin to cringe, they will then test your resolve repeatedly, because another one has awakened. As you do this for yourself and teach others to do this for themselves, the Light of ALL Lights grows in strength and sheer numbers within the shadows. The greater the constellation that contains the preponderance of light which shines its combined brilliance into the shadows, the less the dark can exist there. As the Law of Equal Attraction is incurred, the "like attracts like" then embodies and magnifies this Light Event. As this continues to happen in every "now moment," the last vestiges of the dark, malevolent energies will disintegrate or willingly choose to be absorbed into the LIGHT. We are not saying it will be easy, but it is certainly worth the effort. Practice makes perfect. Always keep yourself surrounded in white light and love energies and KNOW that you never walk alone.

Salude..Celest and David

One of the many reasons these pages came into existence
is because of the dream Celest had a few months ago.
There are many more, this is but one example of all that is transpiring

Here is my dream of 7am Tuesday morning Oct. 25.,05….

The Creator called out to me, I was then instantly taken to stand alongside of Him. We stood side by side on air, levitating far, far above the Earth star planet. He pointed to Earth and said "Look My child; see what it is that I have had to do now." I looked at the Earth and suddenly I saw areas all over this world where certain people have been encapsulated within huge crystal domes. He then said "I have had to do this in order to protect those that have yet to come into their destiny and those that have now approached their destiny. I can keep them safe this way. They do not see the domes, they do sense and feel much light, protection and at times, a "floating" sense, much they way the do in their "true home."

He then told me to look at all the other places he was pointing to. All over the Universes that suddenly appeared in front of me, there were worlds totally encapsulated in the domes, one dome for each selected world, as far as I could see. Many worlds were not covered, just as millions of people here on this planet are not encapsulated. I understood.

The Creator was looking quite stern and sad, his wide brow was deeply furrowed yet appeared to furrow even more so right in front of my eyes, as He looked over all those people and worlds that have not ….yet….earned the beauty and safety of the globe. The domes looked just like the type that you see over holidays; when you shake them up the snowflakes slowly move up and down.


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Soul Matrix part 2

"Matthew and Suzy Ward’s Special Edition"
part 2
February 19th, 2006

S: Hi, Matthew dear. I have the information you asked me to get and I’m ready to take your message.

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. You will see why it is necessary for this "special edition" message. You and people you have spoken with during the past few days have experienced unique intrusions by ones with dark agendas—this is happening all over Earth, and it is the reason I am departing from our usual format and timing. The importance of this message stands alone, and more so, it is within my priority that always has been to provide information to help you prepare spiritually for the changes at hand and those to come.

You cannot know the thunderous goings-on that aren’t apparent, and what is apparent may seem as dark as ever. A projection emerging even among some light workers is that it could be years before the status quo, or worse, in your world can be fixed; and in the opinion of the most pessimistic pragmatists, it’s too late to fix anything. Everything is being fixed, of course, and this will become evident more profoundly than you can imagine.

It could be said that that is both the "good news" and the "bad news," because the dark forces know their time is irrevocably up and ended in failure. They couldn’t keep Earth and all of her peoples bound in third density negativity as they intended and they know that any more attempts at massive terrorism to create worldwide chaos will continue to be foiled by ET technology. The ages-long battle between the light forces and the dark forces is for souls. Consequently, the energy streamers of the darkness are lashing out in peak frenzy and intensity to infiltrate as many Earth souls as possible while there’s still a window of opportunity to entice some out of the light and prevent others from ever seeing the light.

You may think that the greatest challenge you will encounter in the months ahead is the current and potentially even more oppressive measures taken by governments. No—those situations, along with the national leaders who hold onto power by various forms of intimidation, are being handled by the universal laws in motion. Your greatest challenge will be the people who will rebel against the truth that will be revealed about the origin and purpose of religions. Religion forms the belief system that extends to all facets of billions of lives, and the initial reaction for the majority of adherents will be total rejection of the revelations, which if accepted, would shatter the very foundation of their lives.

Consider how you would feel if suddenly information disclosed worldwide were akin to this: An eternity in heaven or hell follows death; the only close connections between you and anyone else are family ties and friendships; the only civilization in the universe is on Earth; when you talk to God, if you hear an answer, it’s from Satan; and if you believe differently from this, your whole life is based on lies. You KNOW this is not your truth, and your entire being would reject it. Those billions whose beliefs also are their very being don’t know that they are living in the veil devised by dark deceivers, and they will react the same as you would. If they are to make the journey with Earth into the higher densities, their reeducation into the cosmic and universal truths will be essential. And painful. For many, it will be too painful to keep on living in a world where the "anti-Christ" for the Christians, and by whatever other terms equally apply to those firmly in the grasp of other religions, has taken over the planet.

The intent of all souls in high light stations who speak to you through their receivers is to offer guidance to prepare you spiritually for this era of unprecedented changes on Earth. Some receivers have been deceived themselves; they believe that their sources are who they claim to be, but actually those sources are base entities DISinforming with the intent to create fear and confusion. This, too, will come to light, but in the meantime, disinformation sent out by well-meaning receivers generates energy streamers of fear and confusion that reach the masses who don’t even see those messages or any of the messages from the highly evolved souls, either.

Many, many people on Earth are foundering in the effects of that negative energy conflicting with the positive energy of the higher frequencies coming in. Quite aside from their fear that world conditions will worsen, they don’t understand what is happening to them personally. They are puzzled and frightened by the first glimmers of telepathic connections, physical anomalies, severe mood swings, and for some, a new restlessness about life and maybe even a mystifying sensation that they belong someplace other than Earth. Many have turned to drugs, prescription and "illegal," to escape their feelings, and they don’t know that the drugs are exacerbating the feelings. Souls in high stations constantly are sending forth light to all even as we must accept that some will refuse its self-empowerment and spiritual upliftment, and thus fall prey to the determined dark predators that are making their last stand with all the power they can muster.

I’m not speaking of bodies dying en masse, but of the en masse minds that don’t know they have the innate ability to resist the invasion of dark tentacles. Nor am I speaking of the recalcitrant souls who knowingly have chosen to remain in the dark camp, but rather I refer to the people who are most vulnerable to the stepped-up assaults by the darkness in its madness—madness in both rage and loss of sane reasoning. These people are the ones foundering in confusion, ignorance, fear and drugged escape—the newly awakening and the still unenlightened. Because of these "weighted odds," so to speak, I have been given leave to help make the playing field more level by requesting highly evolved souls on the planet to explain how you can identify both the dark souls and the unaware people through whom the dark entities are operating.

These unaware ones are NOT dark souls, but rather, due to the reasons I stated, are the most susceptible to dark influence. Among them are your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, medical care tenders, school teachers, service people—the spectrum of global society. Yes, you can help those whose lives you touch by letting your love and compassion flow out to them, but do not let your emotions be negatively affected by the characteristics and behavior of the lower energies that are operating through them. The darkness desperately wants you to fall into that trap, and they are ever on the lookout for lighted souls who become thus affected. Beings of light are the major targets on the dark agenda and pulling them out of the light is their greatest triumph.

Please understand that, no more now than before are we judging ANY souls, nor should you! They may be in the last phase of karmic completion that includes mastering the dark inclinations you see, and their next soul-level choice is embracing the light either in this embodiment or "graduating" into Nirvana. Or that may not be the case, but regardless, judgment of any other affects only the judge, and adversely. Further, the degree of darkness in an individual is not an issue; it isn’t necessary to try to "rate" any. This is solely a matter of your being able to recognize dark souls and the people through whom dark entities are working; the guidance is for your edification and protection. Darkness is contagious and your immunity to it comes from knowing how it is operating and recognizing its targets.

The people you know and love may respond to the light emanating from you and from the ever-greater intensity beaming to Earth from myriad off-planet sources. But accepting the light is the choice of each individual—you can set the course only of your pathway, not any others’. You must be prepared to stay steadfast in the light even as you see people dear to you choose to leave the planet, either by soul contract completion or by refusing to accept the forthcoming revelations as the truth. You know that if it is the latter, they will enter a realm that offers them another chance to grow into the light that is continuously available.

The other option for people who cannot re-form the foundations of their life is to fight for their beliefs to prevail, and many will choose to do that. You must know that I tell you this to reinforce your spiritual resolve, NOT to inject a note of fear! At soul level you know that you chose this lifetime because you are experienced in dealing with rebellious populations, just as you are in reeducating ones who are willing to listen, and this experience will rise to your consciousness when it is needed.

So that you can distinguish between the dark souls and those through whom dark entities are working and thereby deal most effectively with all, I asked my mother to gather information that will assist in your identification and protection processes. And now, Mother, please add that and also the guidance for connecting telepathically with light beings and assuring that sources you reach are who they claim to be. Some readers may know this innately or may have learned it, those to whom this is new can benefit a great deal from it, and all who wish can make this guidance available to receptive people.

S: Matthew, I’m just going to write my notes and not take time to put them in literary fashion because I know you want this to go out.

The eyes are a direct reflection of the soul’s frequency. To distinguish between light-filled souls and dark, look into the eyes. The eyes of a lighted soul shine with aliveness; dark souls’ eyes are dull-dead, devoid of warmth or light. A person with a lighted soul can hold a steady gaze when talking with you; a person with an "ordinary" dark soul or is heavily influenced by darkness keeps glancing around, unable to meet the light in your eyes.

Strategic touching. Dark entities know that the nape of the neck and lower back are especially vulnerable to their entry into a body’s energy system. Someone who grasps you in either or both places probably is NOT being playful or affectionate—the darkness in them is trying to infiltrate you. This doesn’t come from that person’s intellect or conscious awareness; it’s an automatic response to their influencing dark entity’s attempt to interrupt your energy flow so its streamer tentacles can enter.

Tone of voice, choice of words, topics of conversations. Indications of dark entities working through a person are gossip; sarcastic, hurtful or boastful remarks; unjustified criticism or blame; monopolizing a conversation; in a large group, insensitivity to others’ conversations by speaking out loudly; obsession with talking about fearful subjects. When you’re listening to someone and can’t tell whether the person is speaking from ego or soul, mentally ask your soul and pay attention to your immediate reaction—it is instinct, one way the soul communicates with the consciousness. ALWAYS listen to your soul voice—it never lies. Soul knows when lies come from other sources and alerts you via your instinct, intuitive thoughts and sensations—trust them.

Characteristics; change of behavior. Controlling or intentionally harming others, torturing animals, uncontrollable anger, greed, dishonesty, insistence that only their beliefs are right, and egotism are obvious reflections of dark souls and dark entities operating through unaware people. Infiltration by those entities is evident in people who formerly did not exhibit those traits or condone the actions and suddenly their behavior includes one or more; a slight tendency toward the traits or actions and/or cracks in the psyche "invite" this.

The aura, like eyes, is a dead giveaway. Ask your soul to let you see the person’s aura (energy emanating from the body) and look two inches above the head. You may see only a fleeting glimpse of color, a form or geometric symbol; depending on what you see, you know whether light or dark energy is flowing from the body. A cross or some other symbol you feel is sacred will identify a lighted soul; if you are light energy-sensitive, you may see gold, white, blue or rainbow prisms around the person. The auras of dark souls are dark, corresponding in degree to their energy emanations, and any symbols you see will be the opposite of what you think of as good, or light—e.g., a small viper, a tail (may be lashing out), an inverted cross or a broken star. Look down, about two inches in front of the person’s feet, for the same kinds of symbols that are in the aura.

Radiated energy. Energy-sensitive people can feel warmth radiating from lighted souls and cold from dark ones. With the pretense of seeing something on the floor, feel the energy by the feet; dark energy at that point is icy cold. Icy cold hands (unless holding an iced drink) or clammy hands always is a tip-off to dark souls; if you mention their hands, they may say they’re nervous, not feeling well, etc.

Other physical reactions. The negativity of dark energy streamers is very heavy and creates a heaviness in your sensations when you’re in the presence of dark souls or people under the influence of dark entities. Also a lighted soul usually starts to feel repulsed, and some will begin to feel their skin itching. Dark energy is parasitic; it drains your energy and uses it to refuel itself. After such an encounter, your body may need lots of water, sea salt or even sugar to spontaneously regenerate itself. You may feel a sudden stiffness as the chakras work to protect themselves against dark energy streamers or feel throbbing in your temple or third eye area. Chakras always instinctively act and react to protect the root system and alert you to the dark energy through physical sensations.

Levels of darkness. Dark forces attack their equal in the strength of light-filled beings. Lesser-strength entities will move away from bright light; they can’t bear to look into it or stay near its energy. The more light in a person, the stronger the entity sent to invade it; "tests" for light beings become correspondingly harder because new, stronger entities come. Dark souls and people through whom the stronger entities work have NO power over souls who stay steadfast in the light and know its greater power; your "safety net" is WITHIN, not in any external source. ALL levels of darkness can be defeated by knowledgeable action on your part.

The innocence of young children and animals gives them heightened sensitivity to energy. Pay attention to the reactions and body language of children who seem suspicious or express fear for themselves or others and animals that keep a wary eye on their animal and/or human family—they try to avoid people whose energy is dark and feel a need to protect others from dark energy around them.

Protection. You must be aggressive against the dark forces. Write out and memorize the following words, which were given by God; these exact words are essential because the vibration they carry is your protection. After you have memorized this command and practiced enough so that the exact words easily come to mind, the command will come immediately and automatically as a sensation and verbalizing no longer is necessary. Practice quieting your mind, then saying aloud or mentally:

"In the name of Jesus The Christ, I now command that if you are not of the highest, most evolved form of Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that you are to here and now disappear immediately and NEVER return."
Dark souls CANNOT disobey this command due to its vibrations.

The darkest souls are the most cunning, most determined; they seek a lighted person on one-to-one basis and engage in direct and steady eye contact, like a cobra, to mesmerize the person. To break the effects of their powerful gaze, think the word LIGHT with forcefulness. This command is essential in that situation; the dark soul can’t disobey its vibration, which is the light intensity equivalent of that soul’s darkness. This command isn’t a substitute for the other one that’s required for protection in other situations.

Checking Sources and Aligning Energy

Dictated by God and Sananda
Written by Celest and David

We have awaited the time when we would be permitted to address people who have not only a need to know about the importance of these issues, but especially when the times of massive energetic attacks by dark forces in the guise of the Light forces, would launch a tremendous onslaught against the innocent. The time is Now! We are writing this for those who are the initiates as well as for those who are already following the inner Knowing, yet can benefit by some other Spiritual knowledge they may not have. We firmly believe that there is never enough Universal Wisdom to know about and to put into practical everyday practice.

Most people have a major problem determining if their intellect is speaking to them or if it is Soul Voice. It is a "human condition," one that is quite simple to rectify. Until a person becomes adept at discerning these important differences, they can easily misjudge the voices. Once that barrier is broken, it then can become a natural, non-stressful means of true communication.

One way that we know of that everyone can use is the "Soul Intellect Test." We want you to bear in mind that this method cannot be controlled by your body or your mind. Here is the technique for finding the correct answer. Stand in an upright position, unless your circumstances are such that you need to be sitting instead, be barefoot, have your feet placed a bit of a distance from one another and close your eyes. Be RELAXED. While in this position raise both your arms so that each arm is extended straight in front of you, at chest height with the palms open and facing downwards. The arms need to be at a comfortable balanced level.

Think of an issue, or an answer that someone has given you, or perhaps an answer you yourself have arrived at, anything that you are seeking validation about; seeking to know the truthfulness of. Now if it is an issue, turn the issue into a question with an answer you think may be correct. Example: the issue is, "moving to a different state." You as the potential "mover" want to know if in fact this is the right move for you. Turn it into a question. Be specific but don’t over-dramatize it. Remembering to keep your eyes closed, proceed to ask the question either verbally or non-verbally. Wait a few seconds after you have finished asking the question. Then keeping your body in the position we spoke of, just open your eyes and look at your hands and arms. One of 3 things will have happened. Either your right hand, right arm will be higher than the left or the left arm, left hand will be higher than the right or the arms will appear to be stuck in the same position.

Right arm=right hemisphere of the brain. Soul Voice.
Left arm=left hemisphere of the brain. Intellect.

"Both hands/arms are in the original position means"= insecurity about receiving the correct answers, a person who has problems relaxing and allowing the truth process to reveal itself. No, it does not matter if a person is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. The "voices" cannot be manipulated. This is very important. Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.

Special Notice:

You cannot use this Soul Voice technique successfully if your mind remains within the intellectual mode of "thought processing." If you have a background of studying/working in medicine, science, reiki, psychology, mathematics, logistics and so forth, or if you are cynical about what you do not understand "logically," you may encounter problems as your intellect struggles to allow Soul Voice to "temporarily in most of these instances," replace the "learned response/condition." You will need to clear your mind of any thoughts other than the issues you wish to clarify from the "non-tangible realm."

"Intellectual" people are the ones who most experience difficulties with this type of "clearing." It is more difficult for them to learn to "blank" their minds than it is for other people. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Occasionally people who have studied "esoteric" teachings can encounter a "mind block" simply because this method of Soul Voice is so simple to activate. People have a tendency to feel that lessons must be complicated in order to be understood and "tangible.

1-First practice this attunement until you become comfortable with this process if it is unfamiliar to you. It may only require 1 or 2 attempts on your part, providing you have cleared your mind and are not trying to sabotage the process.

2-For those who have not used this technique before, in particular those initiates who are just beginning to explore the Higher Dimensional realities, you should know that it is by your becoming aware that the right arm is Soul Voice and the left is the intellect, that you are opening the channel of communication with Soul and that intellect may feel a tad confused by the surge of energy that Soul Voice always emits. The right arm corresponds with Soul and the left with intellect REGARDLESS of whether you are right handed or left handed.

3-You should always check to see if you have a "clear channel," this simply means find out if there are any self-imposed blocks there by closing the eyes, entering into the stance we wrote about and asking Soul Voice to rise to acknowledge that it is indeed activated. This is where the right arm will respond. Do not expect it to always leap several feet just to prove its existence and its activation. Yet it will move! Before you can successfully obtain the answers to any issues, you must first understand the distinction between right and left arm. Remember do not look for "logic," that is the realm of the intellect.

4-After you have completed the transition of understanding left from right; think of a question, ask SOUL to give the yes or no answer. Keep it SIMPLE and ask that the right arm, Soul, will move as either a "yes," or not move as a "no," in response to your query. So if it is "yes" your arm will have fluctuated, if "no" it will not move. You can also ask your intellect for its answer using this same method, only address the intellect instead of the Soul. Sometimes intellect and Soul will have the same answer, other times, the answers will be distinctly different. You then decide which you choose to believe.

The people we have taught this to over the years have had no problems using this method. Of course many of them had to exorcise their prior conditioned ways of thinking in order to accept the simplicity and accuracy of this method. On rare occasions people in the medical and scientific fields have managed to overcome their mind blocks and not only incorporate this method into their understandings, they have gone on to teach it to others.

One man stands out among the ranks there, a psychologist on the east coast who only required one session of asking/receiving the answers from Soul, was successful immediately. When we asked him how he of all people managed to do this almost instantly, he replied," I told myself I was in the front at a drive-in movie and staring at the big white blank screen, waiting for a movie to start that I had never seen or heard of before. That’s all I did." Now THAT is simple!!!

Bridging the Gap

This technique merely requires concentration and focus; it functions as a wondrous way to alleviate and dissipate any and all interferences and interruptions in any "channeling" and interfacing with Higher Dimension entities and energy forms. It also means that those who are in contact with any of the Star Keeper Forces, (known on earth as extraterrestrials) can receive and transmit all pertinent information with great clarity and understanding. This eliminates a problem so many are encountering both here and in the Higher Dimensions, which is attempting to communicate through the density and the combustive energy of the third-dimension. It also eliminates the problem of not hearing all the words that are being sent to you.

Simply take 3 small breaths and release them through your nose; close your eyes and be sure you are completely barefoot before you begin Creating this Bridge. Using simple visualization, picture a pillar, one that is like the ancient roman pillars, in this manner it is huge and round, not any other shape. The pillar is transparent; its size is at least twice the size that you are. Place yourself within the middle of the pillar and be sure that it extends way past your feet, into the earth. The top should be many miles above your head, reaching into the "heavens." When you can see and feel this, call a golden-white light into the pillar, remember as you do so, the light permeates you as well.

When the light is in place, call upon" the gold dust of God" to interact and intermingle with the light in the pillar. You will be able to see or sense the dust filtering up and down your chamber; now simply ask the pillar (chamber) to begin the spiral and circular dance of connection. You should be able to see and/or feel the topmost energy reaching and expanding upward and outward as it searches for the coordinates to establish the golden bridge. Now if you are already in contact with specific beings, simply call their names. You will find that as you do so, they will immediately be able to communicate with you on a much deeper and easy to hear level.

If you are just beginning to connect with these beings, if this is still new to you, I encourage you as well as those who have more experience, to always, ALWAYS check your sources. [See "Checking Your Sources" below.] Be sure you really are connecting with who you think you are. When you have finished with the communication, simply state to yourself and those speaking with you, "I am signing off now." At that point the pillar will disappear until you require it again.

The more you use this method the faster the pillar will integrate with you. For some people the total integration may take place after the first use. Those of you who are used to "hearing" the "INCOMING" clues can immediately put up the pillar. Do not forget, this is important for the beings attempting to reach you as well.

Checking your Sources

Here are the methods for checking Sources and receiving a true determination of the essence of the Source. Please note, these are Sananda’s words. If you have been receiving messages from one that alleges to be an evolved Soul or if you believe that someone is receiving these messages, then each must determine whether or not the information they are receiving is from the "Most Highly Evolved Sources." Even the best-intentioned people can run amok and distribute mis-information if they do not know any better. In a very real sense, "The Source" is everything. All hinges upon the validity of truth; otherwise the information received is simply a replicated form of illusions. These are "strategically planned and executed illusions" that are dangerous and deadly, not only to those who believe them but also to the receiver of the information as well. Although we find it strange that so many accept at face value outpourings of demonic rhetoric, we do understand "the why."

You need to understand that under the auspices of Universal Law the dark forces cannot cross a barrier that the Creator has made. What this means is that when it comes to untruths and lies spoken by the dark forces to their unwitting contacts on Earth, that there is a simple and truthful method of validating the origin of the entities that are imparting or giving the information. Many entities deliberately disguise themselves as being of The Light and unless you investigate it carefully, you can be deceived. Because the time of the False Prophets is here, it is now their desperate attempt to destroy the slowly built, unified field of consciousness that is spreading across this planet. Under this Universal Law you can not only determine the origin, you can also destroy the False Prophet, meaning the entity that is controlling the person, not the person themself.

When you are receiving information check the source of the information by demanding: "I now demand in the name of Jesus the Christ to know if you are a being of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness; if you are a being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of The Creator, answer me yes or no."

At this point three things can happen, they will answer Yes, they will answer No or there will be silence. This law dictates that these beings can lie about anything, but they cannot lie about this. When you receive silence or a No, immediately go into the words: "I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then you are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. "

The words of Sananda are very clear. You do need to be aware of the importance of accuracy in the words themselves. They must be repeated as He has spoken them, they cannot be altered. It is very important for people to know how this force tries to interfere with the verbalization and even the remembrance of these words. So write them down and read them just as they are now written or you WILL make mistakes. We know, we have taught this and watched it happen almost immediately. This is not a mantra, it is not an invocation, these are The Words of Sananda and therefore they are the words of God as well. There are Universal Laws designed by The Creator and The Creation that uphold truth, that can and do destroy deceit when deemed appropriate.

Matthew’s Guidance for Novices in Telepathic Communication

The capacity for telepathic communion is your birthright, a province of your soul, so welcome it and use it wisely. Ask for protection of the Christed light prior to recording a transmission or receiving information away from a computer. Do not receive when you are ill or fatigued physically, emotionally or mentally or when you are feeling stressed or fearful or angry—your energy level is low in those conditions, making it easy for low level entities to enter your energy stream. Become self-confident but be humble about your new communication ability. Do not become egotistical or focus on fame and fortune; the energy attachments of those thoughts and feelings are certain to connect you with dark sources. Please share with other soul searchers the light-filled information you receive. If they are experiencing the beginnings of their own connections, advise them about these precautions.

Suzanne Ward