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Updated 4-23-2018


It has come to our attention some of you have forgotten or never learned this simple technique so we are reposting it once again.
What you do or do not do with this information is up to each of you. Our wish and desire is you learn to USE the GIFTS that have been freely given to you!

Dictated by God and Sananda
Written by Celest and David
“Soul Intellect Test.”

“This deals with understanding if it is your Soul Voice communicating with you or your Intellect”

Ok , we have awaited the time when we would be permitted to address people who have not only a need to know about the importance of these issues, but especially when the times of massive energetic attacks by dark forces in the guise of the Light forces, would launch a tremendous onslaught against the innocent. The time is Now! We are writing this for those who are the initiates as well as for those who are already following the inner Knowing, yet can benefit by some other Spiritual knowledge they may not have. We firmly believe that there is never enough Universal Wisdom to know about and to put into practical everyday practice.

Most people have a major problem determining if their intellect is speaking to them or if it is Soul Voice. It is a “human condition,” one that is quite simple to rectify. Until a person becomes adept at discerning these important differences, they can easily misjudge the voices. Once that barrier is broken, it then can become a natural, non-stressful means of true communication.

One way that we know of that everyone can use is the “Soul Intellect Test.” We want you to bear in mind that this method cannot be controlled by your body or your mind. Here is the technique for finding the correct answer. Stand in an upright position, unless your circumstances are such that you need to be sitting instead, be barefoot, have your feet placed a bit of a distance from one another and close your eyes. Be RELAXED. While in this position raise both your arms so that each arm is extended straight in front of you, at chest height with the palms open and facing downwards. The arms need to be at a comfortable balanced level.

Think of an issue, or an answer that someone has given you, or perhaps an answer you yourself have arrived at, anything that you are seeking validation about; seeking to know the truthfulness of. Now if it is an issue, turn the issue into a question with an answer you think may be correct. Example: the issue is, “moving to a different state.” You as the potential “mover” want to know if in fact this is the right move for you. Turn it into a question. Be specific but don’t over-dramatize it. Remembering to keep your eyes closed, proceed to ask the question either verbally or non-verbally. Wait a few seconds after you have finished asking the question. Then keeping your body in the position we spoke of, just open your eyes and look at your hands and arms. One of 3 things will have happened. Either your right hand, right arm will be higher than the left or the left arm, left hand will be higher than the right or the arms will appear to be stuck in the same position.

Right arm=right hemisphere of the brain. Soul Voice.

Left arm=left hemisphere of the brain. Intellect.

“Both hands/arms are in the original position means,”= insecurity about receiving the correct answers, a person who has problems relaxing and allowing the truth process to reveal itself. No, it does not matter if a person is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. The “voices” cannot be manipulated. This is very important. Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.

Special Notice:

You cannot use this Soul Voice technique successfully if your mind remains within the intellectual mode of “thought processing.” If you have a background of studying/working in medicine, science, reiki, psychology, mathematics, logistics and so forth, or if you are cynical about what you do not understand “logically,” you may encounter problems as your intellect struggles to allow Soul Voice to “temporarily in most of these instances,” replace the “learned response/condition.” You will need to clear your mind of any thoughts other than the issues you wish to clarify from the “non-tangible realm.”

“Intellectual” people are the ones who most experience difficulties with this type of “clearing.” It is more difficult for them to learn to “blank” their minds than it is for other people. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Occasionally people who have studied “esoteric” teachings can encounter a “mind block” simply because this method of Soul Voice is so simple to activate. People have a tendency to feel that lessons must be complicated in order to be understood and “tangible.

1-First practice this attunement until you become comfortable with this process if it is unfamiliar to you. It may only require 1 or 2 attempts on your part, providing you have cleared your mind and are not trying to sabotage the process.

2-For those who have not used this technique before, in particular those initiates who are just beginning to explore the Higher Dimensional realities, you should know that it is by your becoming aware that the right arm is Soul Voice and the left is the intellect, that you are opening the channel of communication with Soul and that intellect may feel a tad confused by the surge of energy that Soul Voice always emits. The right arm corresponds with Soul and the left with intellect REGARDLESS of whether you are right handed or left handed.

3-You should always check to see if you have a “clear channel,” this simply means find out if there are any self-imposed blocks there by closing the eyes, entering into the stance we wrote about and asking Soul Voice to rise to acknowledge that it is indeed activated. This is where the right arm will respond. Do not expect it to always leap several feet just to prove its existence and its activation. Yet it will move! Before you can successfully obtain the answers to any issues, you must first understand the distinction between right and left arm. Remember do not look for “logic,” that is the realm of the intellect.

4-After you have completed the transition of understanding left from right; think of a question, ask SOUL to give the yes or no answer. Keep it SIMPLE and ask that the right arm, Soul, will move as either a “yes,” or not move as a “no,” in response to your query. So if it is “yes” your arm will have fluctuated, if “no” it will not move. You can also ask your intellect for its answer using this same method, only address the intellect instead of the Soul. Sometimes intellect and Soul will have the same answer, other times, the answers will be distinctly different. You then decide which you choose to believe.

The people we have taught this to over the years have had no problems using this method. Of course many of them had to exorcise their prior conditioned ways of thinking in order to accept the simplicity and accuracy of this method. On rare occasions people in the medical and scientific fields have managed to overcome their mind blocks and not only incorporate this method into their understandings, they have gone on to teach it to others.

One man stands out among the ranks there, a psychologist on the east coast who only required one session of asking/receiving the answers from Soul, was successful immediately. When we asked him how he of all people managed to do this almost instantly, he replied,” I told myself I was in the front at a drive-in movie and staring at the big white blank screen, waiting for a movie to start that I had never seen or heard of before. That’s all I did.” Now THAT is simple!!!

To read the entire writing this was originally posted in please go to:


“The Gift” – A Christmas Day Event

“Everyone is invited – It IS a party of an Infinite Kind” – God


If you wish to know about what each of you as Advocates for Justice accomplished through your intents and thoughts and by participating in “The Gatherings” we suggest you read

The “Blue Star Transmission”

The Becoming and Periods of High Strangeness


We are calling for ALL Good Souls to Unite NOW and pass this message along. You WILL know who to.

Now is the time for all Good Souls to give other Good Souls who are not awakening a swift kick in the butt and tell them “shake it off and wake up, and get yourself in gear BEFORE New Years.”

(Received 12-30-16 from those who walk amongst you.)


The “New Light Messages” are now concluded.
We wish to thank Shamaan Eagle for all the great assistance she has been to humanity. May she now enjoy her future.


Earthstar Date 12-24-2016

12-25-16 The current “Blue Star Transmission” is

Your Place in the Sun and those who Walk amongst you


There is a hush going on all over this world and echoing throughout all the Universes. So if you are feeling Great Anticipation or a tingling sensation the likes of which you have never before felt… There IS a Reason.

AN EVENT is about to occur.

DETAILS WILL BE REVEALED on December 24th when we post Blue Star’s upcoming “BLUE STAR TRANSMISSION” and we encourage everyone to read all about it AS IT IS TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL.

We also recommend you tell everyone you know to also read all about this. This IS “ONE” of the times we have all been waiting for. So mark it on your calendars, write it on post-its or scribble it on the back of your hand or on your foreheads so you will be reminded each time you look in a mirror… so you don’t forget to check back.

WE are SO excited, and you will be too.


Earthstar Date 6-17-2016 

In case any of you have been too busy to notice, The Mother Ship is back and is sending out/ issuing her “musical” clarion call to all of us once again. No, that droning noise or overture music in your ears is not a wax buildup! Have fun and wave and send them your hello’s and salutations.

And Blue Star the Pleiadian wishes us to remind each of you:

“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.”



~ Let the Gatherings Begin ~


10-8-2015 – Important time sensitive material

“Kudos to the Mother Ship and Happy Anniversary”


Harvest Moon


“An important aspect of understanding MOON”

September 27th, Earth Star date 2015

Question – Tell me about this orange big moon that we are going to be looking at tonight. What is this about in terms of the spiritual and behind the seen side. I wanted to be ready for it. Is there something that I should be paying attention to? Is this a good time to try and manifest things into our lives?

Celest and David’s response – This moon is also called “the Harvest Moon.” The key term there is “HARVEST!” The magnetics of this moon are intensely strong and will affect all people, animals and land, waterways etc. in one manner or another. She is a powerful influence on the Spiritual life yet she also impacts on dark energies and unbalanced people. She causes them to expose themselves more for others to see who or what those dark people really are. Think of her as your big sister, ALL of you. She will be so close to the Earth that you may feel you can just reach out and touch her. If you all write a list for yourselves of what you want to achieve with her help, she will definitely see and be aware of you just as she is with all of us. Spiritually, she will help enhance your inner strengths. Moon is sadly overlooked by people who still believe the old “blood moon” myths. No, she is not a harbinger of doom, she is a bringer of just cause and an enactor of great changes. Think carefully about all that you each really want in life AND how you can give back to life for all that life gives to you. Remember too as we said she is the HARVEST MOON as well. Do not be surprised if you or maybe all of you experience different feelings and emotions as you speak with her tonight and KNOW that we ourselves will be standing with you all as well. Yes work on the manifestation as well. Remember, be LIMITLESS. BE Spatialness. This is about reaping and sowing during Harvest TIME.

If you happen to miss out on the actual “linear” timing of the eclipse remember you have the ability to visualize that time and place yourself within that imaging and then you too can take part in this wondrously gifted event of gridline intersections intertwining with destiny. In other words, you can go back and re-visit this imaging any time you want.


3-11-15 Special Notice – We are half way through the current God Book “Winter People who Ride the Wind.” We will remain focused on this until we have finished. The next On-line Summit will take place once we have concluded. We wish to thank those who have sent in questions for the next Summit and look forward to many more. So don’t be shy. All questions will be answered in the order they are received. Send your questions to with “Summit” in the subject line.


A Special Notice

Project PUSH has been an incredible success every time it has been performed. Each time individuals perform PUSH on their own for whatever reason, we have been told that their successes have been magnificent even if the PUSHers don’t know this.

God… there is a time to hold a person by the hand, to walk them through the gate and then the time to say… now go and do it on your own. Take what you have learned and continue keeping the momentum going. Over the next 6 to 12 months I will be calling upon the collective who will come to together to do a collective PUSH. I will have Celest and David post the information when and as the need arises. For now, do what you do, what you have learned to do and make a difference by being the difference during this crucial Autumn Equinox.”

All pushers, now is the time for each of you do it on your own. You can gather in groups, use social media contacts, connect with friends or simply do so by yourself. Nothing can stop you. Nothing will mitigate, nothing will lessen your success. We are going to spiritually continue to do our own PUSHes when we feel the need to do so. JOURNEY WELL!!!


5-2014 – Greetings Everyone… We have finished God’s latest book Advocates for Justice and are taking some much needed down time to deal with practical world issues. After we have sufficiently rested we will begin the process of finding the right venue to host more of the Online Summits. At this time we have not yet decided when to host the next Summit or the subject matter God, The Masters and the rest of Divinity will deem to be of importance for us to cover. We will update you when we know more. Until then, we encourage each of you to continue to do your “PUSH” movements as you feel inspired to do so and to continue to make a difference by remaining passionately detached as you bear witness to the changes which are sweeping through the hearts and minds of the people of this world. Go gracefully though each day and share the radiance of your Luminescent Self unconditionally.

Salude… Celestial and David


(From a reader) I need more sleep for a week now. 10 hours each night. It started from last week with the left side of my temple & face ached. Coffee, tea, chocolate are out of my life. They trigger the symptom. Then the need to rest more occurred. But it is kind of broken sleep, waking up every 2-3 hours. All the symptoms indicated as not unusual so I flow with them, just adjusting my life to accommodate them. Sorry if it sounds like reporting but I guess you’d like to know what is going on around the globe. Not that you have to comment on it if there is no comment or you are busy. I just want to show you how your post helps.

Thank u again. ^ ^

Good night, well, or good morning

Wimolrat J.(Wimolrat pu) in Thailand

Celest and David “Ok, here is what is happening. A lot of people are going through these things and they need to understand the cellular changes and that it is all happening at a cellular level which causes an individual’s frequency and vibration to be elevated in great part. These are also the people who are entering into a new phase of Super Consciousness and please do not underestimate the powerful currents of the ever-changing accelerating NOW (The Golden NOW) which can cause you to feel fatigued and sleepy. And diet changes are a natural/major part of the transformation. And yes, staying in the FLOW, remaining IN the Eye of the Storm and not resisting change is paramount to your integration with the new/higher frequencies you are experiencing and integrating with. And we wish everyone to understand that it is not imposing on us in the least for you to share your perceptions and your feelings and that keeping us updated on what you are becoming aware of in the locations, the countries, the environments you are living in is welcomed. This helps us greatly to be able to keep others informed so they do not think they are going crazy or not doing or feeling or sensing or dealing with changes correctly.

Now, … please pay attention to what we are going to tell you, …. We are beyond “the tip of the iceberg” we are NOW in the beginning of the completion of a major Earth Star cycle; expect the unexpected at ALL times now and BE AWARE of MORE weather changes! PLEASE remain strong in your faith, continue to LIVE your truths and allow nothing or no-thing to sway you from your destiny. We are with you always and in all ways.”

Salude… Celest and David.


** Special Note: (about the Blue Star Transmission” “Peoples’ Toys, worldly disarray and When AUTUMN Leaves“)

Blue Star was called home because there was no more good news to report. Currently he is on his own ship The Sedora. He is reconnoitering with other Star Keepers and they are stabilizing portals that will be needed this Autumn Equinox. Yes he will be returning to the Earth Star planet from time to time. But it is his walking tour that has been suspended as he reported in his latest transmission. Yes, the transmissions will be continuing and he will be coming in and out of this dimension.


Special Notice: On December 18th. 2012, Hatonn informed us he would like us to begin posting his messages on our websites. Hatonn is director of communication between Earth and all points elsewhere during the era of Earth changes. He is a commander of an interstellar fleet and a communicator for those who cross the “Rainbow Bridge.” He will begin sending us his messages sometime in January or early February 2013. They will not be on a daily or weekly timeline, but they will be posted on a regular basis. (Note: we will be working with Hatonn when we have caught up on other projects we are currently envolved in. Sorry for any inconvience, we know many of you have been waiting for these messages to begin.)



We are here, there and everywhere!!

Cammeron of Arcturus speaking with David

People are trying too hard to attend the level of consciousness they “believe’ they need to achieve in every moment. Remember to keep everything simple, clear and focused. Ascension is multifold, it means raising ones awareness, ones understanding, embracing their intuitiveness and so much more.

Stop trying to put it (everything) into a box. Open the box and allow it to soar as your Spirit soars. You can not force your ascension, it must be allowed to progress naturally and without influence from energies that are in any way confined or restricted.

In every moment as long as you are doing the right thing for the right reason, as long as you are viewing everything with eyes wide open and heart and Spirit free from confines you are moving forward.

Be patient. Learn to accept that you are a Divine Being having a mortal experience. Learn to trust in yourself and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be at every moment.

Even moments of doubt and uncertainty are achievements if viewed properly and taking them into the proper context. Everything here, everything in life is a learning experience.

You cannot put limitations on anything or you stop the Universal flow, the ebb of the Creation processes flowing, soothing tides. Trust in yourself as All That IS trusts in you.

Cammeron – The future is written by those who are willing to embrace it!


Recent Quotes

God – You can’t shoot particle beams at the sun and not expect it to shoot back’ (referring to HAARP and chemtrails)

Celestial Blue Star – The less oxygen there is on this planet the louder sounds will be, especially for sensitives’

 Cammeron of Arcturus- Weather patterns have altered, The energy signatures have changed. Everyone needs to learn more about the influences to the human body, as well as to planetary stability, magnetics play.

Zaz – We are here to co-create Heaven on Earth

Celest – The use of slang words shows a de-volvement of the species

Celest Blue Star -Humanity is at a tipping point. What people don’t understand is that if they don’t break the cycle ….the cycle breaks you. Be a pattern breaker, not a pattern maker.


Planetary Conjunctions

The greatest of harmonies can come out of these types of conjunctions, for the people who live as true human beings. As for those who don’t …. Well, stay out of their way.

The conjunction we originally were talking about was the one occurring with Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, In this conjunction, when these planet will form a temporary alignment (Conjunction means close together) at an approximately 3 degrees separation of planets. This means that each individual energy that each planet has will be bombarding the Earth and the people. Astrologers we know and people who study astrology have been known to cringe when such a powerful alignment as this occurs. Planetary energies should be studied by everyone. You do not have to be an astrologer and you do not have to run into fear because of what you learn. Consider this to be furthering your education.

Here is what each planet’s energy is:

Mars – Planet of War. Heavy duty bombardment of contentious energies impacting upon the Earth and simultaneously upon people. People who live in harmony will be perplexed by what they witness as escalations of war mongers threatening or preparing to attack other countries occurs. However, people who are unstable – escalation of domestic violence, children turning against other children, road rage and everything else not nice.

Mercury – Planet of Communications. This close to Earth it can cause disruptions in any type of communication, electronic, verbal, anything at all. Yet it can also cause the mind to start mind linking unconsciously with like minded people. Of course this is only if it is not retrograde.

Saturn – The Great Teacher, harsh task master and karma. Saturn is the “in your face” planet. As the great teacher it issues you report cards on either what you are doing or failing to do. As the harsh taskmaster it can create situations which cause you to change the way you live, act and think. As karma, well, “payback is Saturn.” For people who are following their truths and at least trying to live the right way Saturn can be a great comforter and understanding teacher. Not harsh, and gives you rewards for what you are doing.

Venus – Planet of Love. This has to do with all relationships, friendships, family, and business relationships. Venus points out fractures in relationships and encourages you to leave the unhealthy ones. And if you do not, Venus gently hands you over to Saturn.

Jupiter – Planet of Empowerment. Jupiter is expansive thought, sentience without constraint, assists in building healthier lives. Jupiter embodies inspirations, energetic life and is very loving. However Jupiter does not tolerate procrastination well. Jupiter can stir the cauldron to nudge you when you need it. What you do with that nudging depends on whether or not you are sent to the great teacher.