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January 2012 New Light Messages

Consciousness, miraculous, doorway, butterflies, birds, bats, tainted waters, guns, fireflies,

New Light Messages

January 22, 2012

We are among you in this sacred circle. We do join you. We must be brief, you see. In these days, in these hours, you will find much will change in a twinkling. It will seem as though an invisible hand has taken over as you do see the surprise outcome of the Pachyderms – one way becomes another, and so this is to be seen often, quite often in this year as the picture does unfold. It has been impacted by consciousness, by prayers, by readiness to surrender, to surrender you see. Yes, it is so.
In this time, those who do hold the Light must do so even when the way is unseen, unknown. Then the Great Mystery reveals its secrets in sudden surprise. Many shall find it so in this time, for the cleansing does require relinquishing control to allow all that does unfold. Sometimes it will be seen as miraculous, and other times inopportune. Yet know this: You must be prepared for
both. Yes, we do say in this year of drawing near to the end (of the great cycle), which is also the beginning – again predictability will take a back seat to the need of the moment, you see. Each one does alter through prayer, through consciousness, through spiritual commitment; each one does alter that circumstance according to need. And so we do say, in this hour it shall appear that the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] will reclaim the seat of power yet the flux, instability is such that in an instant a sudden change may occur. What must not change is your holding the Eye of the Storm. What must not change is your commitment to the Light of One. What must not change, you see, is your willingness, willingness, willingness, we do say, to serve in whatever manner you are called. Your willingness to serve the greater good must be maintained. Miraculous and spontaneous alteration is often the best course, as it might be in regards to war between Israel, Iran, and this land. Divine miraculous intervention may be created by the prayers of those who participate as co-creators.
Yes, we do call upon you in this time to direct your prayers to those who stand near to the doorway between worlds. The transition may be indeed miraculous; intervention blessed by the Hand of Grace to surrender all to willingness to be prepared for whatever comes.
The waters shall rise up again. Much will be thrown out of sync, as you do say. Unusual events upon the water and within those vehicles that do travel by air and water shall be seen in great number. Know this: ALL of the elements do now know the Hand of the Great Awakener – extreme and unusual will be the expression of each element. As co-creator, your role in this time of purification is to not attempt control, but to be prepared to respond in a manner that will serve the greater good of all; a manner that will bring upliftment and protection, and bring more to the path of the Way of the Heart. Be it so.
Know this: The frequencies, the energies that burden (bombard) your Earth and your own bodies will be very intense in the coming month and beyond, well into the early spring. Take care that you provide yourself with every opportunity to touch the earth, a tree, to become one with that force which does bring the life to all. Avail yourself of several opportunities within each day to be quiet, attentive to your breath, to indeed [feel] the life force which does pulse within you. Know this: The challenges before you will not be beyond you. You have been prepared and do carry within the strength and flexibility to respond in the highest manner. Do so, for this is the time your soul has awaited. Go forth with certainty that the Light of the Holy One emblazons your path and goes before you and shields you all around. The blessings of the Prince of Peace follow your every footstep. We now take our leave. Hold fast and steady in the Eye of the Storm. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light
[Shamaan raises her hands and holds them out in front of her.] Oh, radiant beautiful Light, the Blue Light of the Lady of Grace prepares the way. Be at peace, be at peace. Know that your prayers comfort, uplift, and ease the way. Be at peace. Be at peace. Yes, my Lady. [Shamaan drinks the sacred water.] And her hands come to rest over her heart. It shall be so. In the twinkling of an eye, it shall be so. Thank you. Yes.

Itchy feet, itchy feet. Can’t find the beat. Where oh where did the dancing shoes go? Yes, yes there needs to be some butts aglow.
Asparagus missing too? My goodness, did they go away with the dancing shoes?
Come now, come now, life isn’t all that tragic – surely you must be able to find a little magic! Well, well, don’t worry, things will be popping soon. You will move so fast you’ll think you’re going to swoon. You are coming to this time of quickly changing signs.
Dance, dance for the butterflies, the birds, the bees, the bats. They ALL need you to … Get your hat, get your coat, and go to the sunny side of the street.
Ah, the creatures of the air have much to bear; remember them in your prayers. And by all means let color flow into your life; strike your heart with delight. Much reason to do so this year. Yes, the time is near.
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend.
[Shamaan laughs and laughs.] He’s got an assembly line of buckets coming in!
Don’t forget to hum a tune! Yes, yes.
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend. So,
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
You can wear the bucket when you have to just remember to SING instead of being blue – oh no, not with the Light. Yes, I see. Okay, you can be blue in your mood or be blue in the Light. Make sure you choose aright! [Laughs] Yes, make sure you choose the one that’s right and that will keep you dancing with delight! Always dancing with delight [De-Light!]. He’s off – and dancing away.
The wild ones will be scarce this year but he will see that you find them! He’s off to find his dancing shoes yes, yes, so he can dance away your blues. Here is his rallying cry as he takes to the sky – ASPARAGUS! Bye, Roundhead.

Not many butterflies will be seen this year, but the pesky insects will swarm and multiply because of the many birds that have died, birds and bats.
Careful – tainted water in many places – carrying toxic traces, burgeoning micro-organisms – outbreaks. Wash hands. Make sure you wash. Yes, yes, wash well!
Many more rallying to protect the sea. More will come to the aid of those in need. The Way of the Heart grows wider, wider. Yes, the Light of many souls will grow brighter, in spite of the voices that shout out with hate. More will turn away, turn away from those who are so irate.
Oh, there is a chance – I see it – the Earth is suffering and the creatures of the earth will awaken the sleeping armies of Light. I see. Yes. We will have the help of high souls, Master souls who are out of sight but working beside us to heal the Earth’s plight.
The greater danger will come from those who follow the way of the gun. Send forth your prayers to those who return from war, for they no longer know who they are. Unstable minds, souls torn apart, (they) will find it hard, very hard to open the heart. They will need help. Yes, get them back to the land. Let them learn, learn again how to use their hands in planting and helping the soil, cleansing the water of all the oil. Yes, there is hope. Okay, I see. Bright help if the Descendent of the Pharaohs can launch the boat. Random violence can be turned into the healing silence, the blissful silence that comes from watching a plant grow.
One more: If you’ve been seeing fireflies glow, return them to the land. Let them cleanse bloody hands. Return them to the land [war veterans]. [Fireflies represent a light in the darkness, childhood innocence.]
Toxic gas release – accident – a shipping accident – a train or truck – I don’t know. Near the coming full moon. Pray, pray. Pray it away! It’s a truck. I think it can be prevented. I see a truck with a metallic body labeled gasoline but it’s a chemical gas – if released – it’s somewhere in the southeast – I can’t pinpoint where. Yes, pray that around a curve this truck keeps all its wheels on the ground. Pray that the 18 wheels will stay in contact with the pavement, right itself and not turn over. Near the full moon hold the vision. Pray that a miracle of Grace will erase that cloud of toxic gas.

Transmission received by Shamaan

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