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elemental forces

New Light Messages June 2015

New Light Messages

June 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Know this: There is indeed a rare opportunity of convergence of forces uniting at the solstice of this your summer season. We do see three elements coming to union at that time. A fourth does join this trinity, as well: You do have celebration of Fathers Day upon that day while the moon is in that which represents purification, cleansing, correcting of earth matters (Virgo); while your Sun, representing the masculine principle, does enter Cancer, which is reflective, you see, of the feminine, soul force. There are indeed symbolic messages contained in this convergence, for you do see the conscious will of the mental principle, the masculine has sought complete dominion, control over all earth forces’ expression; dominion over that which is the feminine, the soul. Opportunity presents itself to correct, cleanse, realign, you see, the relationship between conscious will and elemental force (the Earth’s natural energies) to the physical plane, you see. Many more in your world do now become aware of the need for such realignment, for such reassessment of the relationship between will and nature’s way of the creative force. The way does unfold from within the creative force. Yes, now will many learn to sublimate the desire to dominate all the forces of nature by allowing the mental will to discern and choose the WAY; the way of the Heart, the way of Nature, the way of Soul, indeed, the way of Grace, Grace, we do say. For in this time it is seen that karma, consequence, results from dominance. Human will is a reality and does indeed generate much imbalance, much suffering. For with each layer of concrete, with each dam constructed, with each forest destroyed, the Way is lost.

And so you do have a rare opportunity as you move toward this solstice, to prepare the ceremony of the Sacred Pipe for those who do not recognize this opportunity or the need, for those who have forgotten the true role of the mental will. For it has become extremely clear in your world that imbalance has been created by those who refuse to follow the way and who seek to impose their will. It is for this reason that the Elder Brothers,* and elevated beings from beyond this world, the Masters of The Way have returned to help in this time to awaken and restore an awareness within the multitudes of the need for the feminine role of Grace, intuition which plays a role in the natural expression of the Way. It must be allowed, indeed, encouraged to become a guiding force within your world. Thus may the soul return to its critical position; thus may the creative force of human beings be allowed freedom to realign itself with the Spiritual element of existence.

And so, in preparation for your gathering to honor this convergence, we do say, inquire within as you prepare; inquire within self as to the balance between that which is conscious will, mental choice, you see, and that which is the way of the soul, of nature, of, indeed, Grace. For it is Grace that recognizes that which will elevate the soul, that which would cleanse and prepare the way for higher expression, emotion, intuition, and soul. Do think about these things, so that as you come together you will attain, not only for yourself, a balance that reflects your spiritual path, but also a reinforcement for others of the way to assist in realignment of will and the Way. In this manner you may help refine the choices and affirm the direction you have chosen, thus strengthen the Light of One within you and within the world.

Know this: It is your PURPOSE that is sacred in all things, all things created and given unto you for your sustenance, for your guidance, for your elevation and your growth. All things serve the Higher Good if your purpose is aligned with Higher Good – that which strives to express the highest manifestation of soul force. Know this and be at peace. We do say: As you gather together in the three-day period approaching solstice, pick an opportunity to go out into nature, to be in the world created for you, to commune with the Way; and in humility ask that you be shown Grace, that karmic patterns may be cleansed, and that you may find a higher relationship between conscious will and the creative Way, that you may reflect the harmony and beauty of your world as it was given unto you, and so indeed serve the Greater Good in achieving this new relationship. Do recall: As you establish a frequency of energetic flow from WITHIN, it does go out into the world and does strengthen that flow for multitudes. As it is within, so it is without; as above, so below. Go forth with this knowledge and do that, do that which you came to do; BE that which you did come to BE.

We are with you and stand ready to assist in every way needed. Call upon our assistance. Go now in the knowledge that the Light of the Holy One dwells within and all around, and shall guide you now and evermore on the path of the Prince of Peace with, indeed, the Lady of Grace going before you. We are with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Difficulties with wind will not abate soon.

Continuing earthquakes.

Many more dangers in the waters, excess waters, and more difficulty with ships.

Counter intense energies with laugher, laughter, laughter, smiles, smiles, but don’t lose sight of reality.


Dance in the morning,

dance in the evening,

dance at noontime.

Any time you dance it’ll be a prime time.

Roundhead is here, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.

Dancing, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.


Note: A contingent of the Elder Brothers (the Kogi tribe of Colombia) came to Colorado in late May to work with the indigenous peoples of the Four Corners Region.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /


New Light Messages Prayer Network

New Light Messages Prayer Network

April 6, 2014

Know this: It is so; indeed, the forces that are building, that you do refer to as planetary forces, are indeed unique, for it has been millennia, many millennia, you see, since such a pattern has manifest. In the following 12 – 14 days you will find extreme tension building within your plane of existence. Yes, there shall be increased potential for violent outbreak. Many shall feel increased discomfort in physical form, and it shall be experienced by many as though the physical body is under great pressure. As given, you must be like the bamboo in the storm; bend, you see, bend.

… the Great Awakener does force change. As given, the elemental forces* now continue to bear the Hand of the Great Awakener, where needed. And it is indeed needed in this time that does approach. … It is a time when focus upon prayer and the willingness to bring about the Hand of Grace to replace karma with love is greatly needed. Heed well the opportunity to do this from within your own lives, you see, for you are not separate from that which does unfold now throughout your world. It is for this reason that your prayers, vigils, actions, your commitment to spiritual growth makes a great difference in the greater whole, you see.

Beginning the 15th of this month through the 24th, additional prayers to be added to your usual proceedings – that the warbirds find no appetite among those they seek to rally to war. If there is no willing response to wage battle, the warbirds will recede back into the shadows.

Be extraordinarily careful in your goings about. Heed well your inner voice that will guide and protect. Physical injury will be a high possibility for many. You need not be among them.

Take note, take special note of your dreams in this time. Much information crucial to your soul’s development will be released in this time. It is an opportunity to accelerate, elevate, as you do say, the development of soul. If one does heed that which is given, you may follow the spiritual path without wavering, it will be so. Yet we do remind: Caution in movement, in temperament, in all ways as you do proceed – until beyond the 24th, and for some, further still. Know this: This time has been long in coming; do not let it pass unattended by your full attention, your full commitment to that which you have chosen and undertaken.

Hold forth in the Light of One, that for all the greater good may be done, and the Hand of Grace may sweep away all that obscures the Light and the Love of One.

Know that beauty does arise from a loving heart, and wisdom does arise from the loyal soul that does not waver in the face of challenge, difficulties.

__________ * As in fire; strong winds – tornadoes, etc.; floods – water shortages; earth movements – quakes, mudslides, dust storms; and the like, etc.


Yes, yes, asparagus, asparagus. … There is nasty stuff coming in, and asparagus takes it out. … Asparagus leads the parade of all things good for you. Besides, it makes you happy, too.

Two times for ten days. Elderberry juice, morning and night. Helps you feel strong for the good fight.

Someone full of love, light, and concern [a highly evolved soul emanating much compassion, kindness] – though not the Lady of Grace – she says, so little time to turn things around; so little time. The Great Hammer is being drawn closer by the chaos. Chaos in the electromagnetic shield of the Earth has affected it, and has reverberated further than you can imagine. Chaos has become like a magnet for the Great Hammer, and there is so little time to turn it away. What you do is more important than you have ever thought could be. Give it your best, your best.

Bones. Treat your bones with kindness in coming weeks. Roundhead: Don’t knock them around.

I heard, “Drink more water.” Not just for me, but others will be experiencing the need for more water.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages Jan 2014

New Light Messages

January 5, 2014

Greetings, yes we do join you in this sacred circle.  Many will find this year to be challenging, beyond expectations (due to the Grand Cardinal Cross transitions).  It shall offer testimony to your commitment to the path you tread.  We would have you know this:  Though it does not in this time appear crucial (to gather and store needed items), it shall be surprisingto discover how quickly the need does appear.  And so we do once again repeat:  Those items, as you do say, non-perishables, which shall be needed, should be accumulated.  This one must increase intake of blue-green algae (spirulina), as must others.  Each does benefit by increased intake at this time.  Those items that strengthen (the) body’s immune response should be also accumulated, for there shall be increased difficulty in growing and delivery of foodstuffs and resources required to support your health.  It [the difficulty] will be appearing slowly, yet increasing in velocity.

Far too few have yet to recognize the need for the ongoing Purification.  Greater upheaval in the Earth will soon be noted.  Those areas that have been used faithfully for growing of farm produce and the growing of food­ these areas shall be under siege – first flooding, then drought.  It shall be known soon that the manipulations upon the plant kingdom do cause great upheaval within plants and animals, and the winged creatures and the insects upon which you depend.  Greater harm does come to the bees, and all those forms of life that pollinate.

It is very important that you do not dance with the shadow in this time.  Let not your mind succumb to fear and worry, though there will be many instances that shall appear quite distressing.  Recall always:  It is a necessary passing of an old way that has oppressed and suppressed far too many.  Difficulties, yes, but new birth does follow. 

It shall be very important to boost your immune response for coming months, yes, well into late spring and early summer.  Use all that has been given.

We do again repeat this, that you may know comfort:  We do stand with you. Protection is offered and, when requested, we give guidance.  Yet know this:  It is your chosen path.

You will wonder in coming months how, how to bear that which is before you.  We do say:  From within Eye of the Storm your burden is much less than might be.  Do not bemoan nor regret the chosen path.  It is a great honor, privilege, you see.  Your work from within the Eye of the Storm is to hold forth, hold forth in trust that the Light shall prevail above all else.  Know this:  The Light of One is eternal and shall prevail over all circumstances.  You are blessed and this is indeed a great opportunity to use that which is given to radiate the Light of One from within your soul, your heart, your mind, and indeed, into the world, that you may serve as we do, serve the Light that is indeed Love.  For this is the very essence of life.

It is so:  Many shall look around with shock, wonder, disturbed at the unfolding work of the elemental forces.  Yet the Hand of the Great Awakener is greatly amplified by the actions of those who take it upon themselves to challenge nature.  But soon, soon those who are frightened will find comfort in knowing and seeing that which follows the Hand of the Great Awakener is the Hand of Grace; and that healing, blessing, uplifting, awakening to Higher Self in the One Light shall ensue.  Know this and be comforted when your days seem full of struggle and difficulty.  Embrace one another and maintain your focus upon the Light.  You are too few.  Work to bring others into the Eye of the Storm that you who serve the Light will multiply and quicken the Time of the Purple Sun [the time of Peace, Harmony, Healing, and the Way of the Heart]. 

We do now take our leave with this blessing:  That you know the presence of the Holy One around you, within you, in every moment.  We walk with you upon the path of the Prince of Peace.  Go now and celebrate the glorious opportunity your soul is given.  Blessings of the Holy One now and evermore.  Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


From the Dog Star, Sirius:  Others of the Light come to assist in this time from Sirius, the Dog Star.  It is time for them to join forces with the light-workers.


Well, some dancing is good, but more is better.

He has a message that will be sung to be delivered.  No matter where you are this year, no matter what comes your way, remember, yes, yes, to sing:

Magic is all around you,
All around you,
Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,
All around you … and me!

Many buckets, but better to sing anyway.

That song – you put it on and it’s your protection – like an invisible cloak [from Harry Potter stories].  Protection is all around you.

More Messages and Visions

Silver, silver, colloidal silver.  I heard something about gathering silver:

Colloidal and Oxy-Silver – both!

There is much more to reveal, but it would require me to see things that I don’t need to see at the moment; nor is there a need for you to see it at the moment.  But it will be pivotal to your role as Keeper of the Eye of the Storm, to come to see clearly that which does unfold. 

I keep hearing, “Poor, poor Japan.”

Transmission received by Shamaan

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New Light Messages November 2013 #3

New Light Messages

November 2013 #3

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Yet we do address that which is indeed seen as the workings of fate. It is not so, for it is as you have been given many cycles ago: that which we do speak of is the Hand of the Great Awakener. As given, the Hand of the Great Awakener would be unleashed. As you do see, it is so. Yet many, many fail to understand, to see that the strength, the power with which the Great Awakener does strike has been greatly amplified by actions taken to attempt, as you do say, weather control. Know this: It is not solely manipulations that they do practice; rather, it is a form of attaining and maintaining dominion over all resources and, indeed, populations. Yes, it is so.

Yet, the elemental forces are indeed involved to a great extent. For indeed, the Purification must go forward to awaken hearts, inspire souls, and motivate the will to choose the path that shall indeed lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. Yes, we do say, as given: There does continue to be turmoil from within the waters, the wind, the fire – all elements will rise now, again and again, with great force. Do recall: From within the Eye of the Storm you may act in concert with the elemental forces. Yet you must know this: Do not ask that one direction or another be taken; rather, do ask that the direction taken will serve the Greater Good from the highest frequency. For it is not for you to determine, but to surrender to the One, the one Source, yet act as co-creator with one thought, one constant desire, held above all else: that the uplifting of the human soul, the healing of the human heart, and the awakening of the higher mind for all may be accomplished before the final strike by the Great Awakener. Only this shall bring an end to the reign of the shadow forces within your world. And the full radiance of the Light of the One Source will shine in every aspect, in every place, in every opened heart within your world. It is not yet seen if the greatest of destructions must occur; we will continue to work with you to help transform those forces that shape your world; not elemental forces, but those forces within government, those forces that are within financial and military. The greatest power you have to bring about this transformation is to maintain your place in the Eye of the Storm, and continue to unfold your own transformation. From the smaller act comes the greater influence in all things, in all things.

We do request that you continue to hold Egypt, the land of the pyramids, in your prayers. Hold fast to the image – the crescent moon and star, the dove, and the rose – for as Egypt goes, so goes the whole land, the whole land within the House of Abraham. Shock upon shock shall unfold; do not waver. Do not yield to despair. Do not fall from your place within the Eye of the Storm.

Do continue to prepare, as you can, knowing there does indeed grow a powerful force of Light, a powerful force for the Way of the Heart, and a powerful force for healing the Earth, for She does stand, you see, as a symbol of the soul. Know this and continue your work as co-creator through prayer, through meditation, through your daily walk.

Before we take our leave we would give this one this message: Indeed there is substance to the message brought by 11:11. There are not three, but four (events); there are two more (two having passed already). Will they be necessary? Heed well, heed well the signs, that you may be guided in your daily walk, guided which prayers are most needed – when and where, indeed, for whom. This is your task as co-creator. Let gratitude go before you in your walk, in peace. Blessings of the Holy One shall be around you with every step. Yes, we do now take our leave. Recall this: We too are servants of the Blue Star.1 It is an honor to be among you, as you are among us. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Messages from Melchizedek

The Sun announces its full fury soon. Take care; it will be powerful. The Earth’s shield will weaken. Electrical bodies will be much affected. Ground upon the earth – your feet to the earth, your mind to the heavens. Maintain mental-emotional balance with music, with music. Peace be upon you, now and evermore. Melchizedek offers blessings from the heart of the One.


Well, when difficult times challenge your smile,

Sit down and think for awhile,

How many joys fill your life?

Yes, let your mind be free of strife By focusing,

yes, upon the good you have,

Oh, all the good things you have before you, before you,

And leave behind, yes, yes, and leave the worrisome things behind you. (Laughs)

He’ll be there to catch them, and turn them upside down. Okay.

You’ve got Roundhead

You’ve got Two-Bear

You’ve got Magic,

Who could ask for anything more?

Who – could – ask – for – anything – more? (sung more slowly)

Who could ask for anything more?

Even in a jar. Asparagus, asparagus. Even in a jar you’d be surprised what they can do. Even make gray skies blue, or seem that way. Oh, asparagus salad; pickled asparagus with all those lovely greens; tomato, tomato, how colorful. Delicious, and good for you. He will tell you much more of all the ways you can find asparagus.

Find a mushroom or two to put in the stew. Oh so good for you; celery root too. Before he goes, he’d like to say he too knows how to play (poker). He’s got his cards ready but not a penny he could find; he’ll have to get on the credit line, but he’ll make good, he’ll make good. His promises are kept.

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

That’s where you’ll meet … Many, many smiles.

Yes, a delicious one in many ways, maybe with mayonnaise. [Asparagus salad]

He has a mushroom cap on. Not just any cap on; it’s Lions Mane, by the way. [Lion’s Mane is good for the brain.]

Right. Good dancing last night. Thank you.

Visions & Messages

I see a tidal wave, like a tidal wave of events, not water; although, water is a concern too. Hold on to the bright Light, bright Light; going to turn out all right.

Great Hammer is not decided yet.

That was a very different energy. I have this image of a protective force, huge, massive, very loving, benevolent protective force, like a Mothership over us. I can’t explain it; very beautiful, full of love, full of love.

____________ 1 The New Light Messages were initiated when light from Supernova 1987A, the Blue Star, reached Earth.

(Note: Even though Shamaan did not message on 11/10/13, she spoke these words while coming back from a bit of a trance.)

November 10, 2013:

Melchizedek of the Golden Light will not abandon you. It has been spoken.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /


New Light Messages May 2013 #2

New Light Messages

May 2013 #2

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle; we shall be brief, you see. Yes, it is as given: The House of Abraham is torn asunder. He does grow ever more restless and driven to the edge of danger, danger, we do say, by the great warbird, Netanyahu, who rages with anger over ancient wrongs. He does stir more danger than he does know, for Persia does prepare, as does Turkey. Many shall be drawn (in) if there is no retreat by the warbirds. Egypt teeters close to the edge of erupting once again.

Now you do see the importance, the need, for the Equinox Vigil. Know this: This same need shall grow exponentially as you do approach the pinnacle of the Sun, that which is the Solstice. Many, many do awaken to that which does unfold as the Purification. More do see the chaos as indeed revealing the rot that lays below the foundation you see, of your civilized world. For it does now accelerate, once again, the hand of the Great Awakener. The elemental forces shall increase, and there will be a growing discomfort for many. Yet know this: The discomfort does lead to a choosing; multitudes will be drawn to the side that does work from within the Light. For it has become necessary to awaken those who slept and continue to sleep in blind comfort, unaware that the comfort their own destruction.

Now you shall see mountains tremble. Disturbances of Earth’s crust have released blocked lava flows, pent-up forces within the earth — it now shall begin to show greater activity. Do not be disturbed, nor find great remorse in the acceleration of the hand of the Great Awakener. It is indeed required for those who have remained resistant, obstinate in their path to awaken by choice. These forces would be abated – by their making a choice to take the path of The Way of the Heart.

We do say: In this time there shall be increasing numbers of those who raise their hands in question, and from those questions shall come awakening, awakening to that which does unfold (the purification, or ‘turning point’), though many more will continue to be driven to the edge. Those who are so rooted in resistance are far, far outnumbered by those who do now move inexorably toward the Light in the Eye of the Storm, yes, that Light in the Eye of the Storm.

Do not be turned aside from that which is unfolding, or difficulties in body; remain ever within the Eye of the Storm. Fix your gaze upon the abundance of your greater blessings with gratitude for your position, and with willingness to carry forth with resolve.

In this time the greater thing that may be done is to continue to hold in your prayers, in your thoughts, in your heart, prayers for the healing of the House of Abraham. The greater thing that may be done is to focus on the image given (Tree of Life, Dove, Crescent Moon, Star of David, Red Rose), and to call for the transformation on the altar of purification for those who continue to follow the path of war, the path of hatred, and the path of the shadow that consumes the soul. Hold fast; let not your thoughts be drawn towarddespair. A new dawn shall arise from this time of great struggle and difficulty in body, and the Earth itself.

Now we do say: Daily, daily, between now and the new moon [5/9/13], hold daily in your vision the image of the healing of the House of Abraham. Netanyahu, Assad, the rulers of Persia – all who are caught in the shadow. Place them on the altar of transformation. Let the Blue Light be seen radiating from above into their bodies, their minds, their souls, until the clear, pure Light, the Golden White Light of Melchizedek is seen as a result of purification by the Blue Light. Remain steady on the Path of the Heart. Let the passion for compassion guide your thoughts, rather than judgment, and you shall accomplish great healing, both within and without – for self and the world.

Before we take our leave we now would have you know: Each one, each one, is assisted as is this one [Shamaan]; so are each one. All within this soul circle may be so assisted, for you are needed. Were this not the case you would find far greater difficulties in body, even more so than you do. We offer our assistance to ALL who are willing to hold the Eye of the Storm, and to be a force for the Light – the Divine Light that brings love, healing, and peace to your world. Know this: Call upon us and we shall be of assistance whenever and however possible.

We shall now take our leave. Go now upon the path that does lead to the dawning of the Purple Sun, a time when ALL shall be as one in the Light of everlasting peace. Blessings of the Holy One do shower upon you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Pray, pray for the trees everywhere; their suffering is great. And for the children, the children: there is no karma that does not deserve Grace. Let Grace envelop the children, that Grace may lift their karma and replace it with love.

Visions & Roundhead

Difficulties with planes.

Mountains tremble. Quakes grow in number; many are from the disastrous effects of removing substances from underground …. channels.

‘Tis the season, Roundhead says, for asparagus, asparagus.

He’s still waiting to play. Take a day, any day, and play.

Drink more water.

Okay, can’t stay. You’ll find a greater need for soups during the week or two. Make you strong.

Knowledge will not bring the change your world needs; only the heart can bring the healing deeds. Yes, see from the heart in all things.

India. Upheavals in India.

Fortifiers being neglected; they are needed. (Fo-Ti, Eleuthero, Schizandra, Astragalus, perhaps sometimes Elderberry)

What about the Golan Heights? Somebody just told me, “Golan Heights.” [Common border between Syria and Israel.]

Poor Japan. More radiation released, oh no! I don’t understand why but I just heard Japan was chosen as the messenger to warn the world away, away from nuclear power, nuclear anything. Too many do not yet listen. Some more must come (radiation?).

I heard we are approaching the season of the Pleiades, rising in the opening of Isis in the Great Pyramid. As it rises to illuminate the chamber of Isis. Has something to do with the Nile and the unrest in Egypt.

New Light Messages /

(Note from Celest and David… you may wish to read the current “Masters” message, “Secrets of the Pyramids” at