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New Light Messages September 2015

New Light Messages

September 2015

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know that, indeed, each act of caring, of helping the creatures, you see, however small, does expand compassion into your world exponentially, even to those who do serve to bring assistance to life, to balance within your world, and your own balance within your planetary system and beyond. We do say, for with each life saved there is a potential healing created. From the smallest lifeform to the largest, it does manifest as Grace, you see, Grace.

Know this: The warbirds are consumed with fury at the rejection of their attempt to generate and maintain conflict. Yes, their efforts to keep the gardens of Persia bereft of beauty and abundance are not yet finished, for they do yet plot to upend efforts to make peace, you see. From within the shadows they do plot to create an event falsely attributed to Iran and to those who would also foment conflict from within ancient walls of Persia. It shall not go unnoticed, for the hunger for peace, and the desperate need for healing by the Hand of Grace, grow stronger by each hour, by each day. Even in the midst of chaos there is a stronger yearning, growing for the upliftment, the healing that does come with peace and the Way of the Heart, you see. And so, from within the circle of warbirds there shall be a defector that shall expose and bring a halt to those dangerous plans to generate dissension.

As you do now approach another doorway in the cycle of seasons, as you do now approach the Equinox, you have the greatest opportunity to help bring about the exposure of such plans. You must begin now, daily; take time to pray that the warbirds shall be lifted to the altars of transformation and through The Hand of Grace they may be relieved of karmic patterns that do drive them toward the paths of destruction and the suffering of many.

With the turning of the coming season your vigil shall be most critical in contributing to the energies that shall *aid* those attempting to bring about the foundation for peace, peace. Though more chaos shall rage, do not be deflected from your post in the Eye of the Storm. For you and others like you do hold a greater, a far greater influence on the future of your planet than you could possibly imagine. We shall give further information regarding your vigil, but for now we do request daily prayers to uplift and transform the warbirds, that their plans shall be dismantled and discovered before they are brought into action.

We do say, as you approach the full moon there will be indeed greater pressure felt within the body, as there is a growing impact upon *all* bodies from those forces that have been generated within your atmosphere.

We do say: You would do well to drink more water, and indeed use the supports that have been given to sustain you in this time. Many you do already know. This one will be given further guidance as to those substances that will be of great support. Yet we do ask why, WHY do you not manipulate [massage] your feet upon retirement? Why do you forego that which would serve you so well? We do suggest that you resume this practice and maintain it most especially throughout this time, as you do prepare for the turning of the cycle of seasons (Equinox).

We shall now take our leave. We do offer blessings and loving assistance to each of you in this time, for it is indeed a time of great difficulty. Use your teaching well; remain in the Eye of the Storm; remain on the path of the Prince of Peace, and go with the Hand of Grace guiding you each step of the way, KNOWING that the Time of the Purple Sun and Way of the Heart shall be the Way of Light and Life within your world.

The blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of the Blue Light

She comes. The Lady is here. She does weep, weep, for the little ones, the suffering of so many who struggle to find a way in life, to find hope, help. She asks for you to continue your prayers to help the little ones, the young, to help all who struggle to find life. When their struggle is shared by ALL, it will be transformed, it will bring a change in an instant to radiant life lived in peace and beauty and love. It will be the change that will bond ALL people together. Do not forget the children; pray for their hope and salvation, their healing.

[Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands; then hands over heart.] Yes, thank you, my Lady. She offers blessings of the Holy One to ALL, and with Her hands She passes over Her own Blue Light of Grace and asks that you send it out into the world from the depths of your soul and heart, as She gives it to you. Yes, this is for all of us, for all of us.

Miracles, miracles, miracles will intervene. Much can yet be altered. Yes, *it can yet be altered*. So much suffering can be avoided if we help. Miracles are helped to come into form in your world by the helpers. Yes, WE are helpers!


Roundhead is dancing. He just popped in dancing. He’s going to show me a way I can hear when I’m dancing. Happy, he’s happy; it was a *good* time, yes, you did just fine, but more laughter, yes, will help you through these times. Okay (laughs). He’s telling me something: The future is *brighter* than you think. Don’t let your heart sink. Just keep on dancing, and remember –

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

And me.

I’m watching Roundhead. He’s doing something. It has something to do with helping us focus on being instruments of the magic. Happiness in hard times IS a form of magic, and you can make it happen!

I (Shamaan) hear “The saboteurs can be stopped.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages August 2013

New Light Messages

August 4, 2013

Greetings. We are among you in this circle. It is indeed a sacred circle, as are all that are joined in prayer, in meditative communion with the One, you see.

We shall be brief, yet we would have you know the danger of which we did speak (previously) does grow. Many do believe that we are beyond that point wherein the danger does arise. This is not so. For you shall see, as we have spoken: near the Autumn Equinox is when you shall reach critical point, as you do say, critical point. The world is mistaken in assuming that nuclear weapons are not in existence in the ancient land of Persia, Iran, in limited form, yes, but they do exist. That which has unfolded in Egypt has hardened the hearts of those who follow the Crescent Moon and Star. It is what we had hoped might not be, because the danger has indeed intensified; and so your vigil, which began at the Summer Solstice, must continue. You must in genuine prayer and hopefulness pray there will be no resort to such weapons.

You must continue to focus your prayers, you see, on PEACE, on a miraculous transformation of the heart for those who do dwell in the House of Abraham, for such a miraculous transformation may then spread throughout the world bringing healing, indeed, bringing hope. You must maintain your focus. Visit often the image of the sacred pipe. Hold it dear, hold it dear to your heart, your soul, as an emblem, you see. Believe in that emblem of a circle unbroken, a circle filled with love and forgiveness. Yes, we do say, forgiveness offers healing of body, mind, and heart and soul.

Know this: As you have seen arise in recent weeks, the threat presented by the Bear who has grown stubborn and ill at ease does indeed stir the threat presented by the Hungry Dragon. And the fact that Netanyahu grows restless ever moreso amplifies the danger. This comes at a time when Egypt has erupted and found no center (i.e., stability) that would allow it to overcome such angry division.

You may help provide the means through attunement to your spiritual center, through prayer and visualization of the co-creator, and of hope. Do not yield to doubt. Do not yield to fear. Do not yield to resignation – for there is yet the possibility that the gravest danger may indeed be avoided. Remain at your posts. Should there be a shift leading away from the danger, be assured we will inform you through this one.

[Pause] We do continue.

It will be difficult for this one to accept, yet there are those to whom we have bequeathed that which is of our being, our origins, you see. Many more who do not suspect have been so bequeathed. It is true. By this means we do elevate and give assistance to those who have chosen, and indeed been chosen, to serve the Light. Others of you may find the same.

We do beseech you: Do not dismiss the danger because it is not seen, heard, smelled, or felt. It does indeed loom and may yet be turned away. We do say the odds, as you say, are very slim. Do recall all that is needed is that one continue to go in the direction of resolution and dissolution of the danger. Remain focused within the Eye of the Storm. Maintain your prayers – most importantly upon Egypt, the Hungry Tiger [Pakistan], and upon all those who serve the Crescent Moon and Star. Pray that their hearts be softened, their eyes opened to the realization that they are one with the House of David within the House of Abraham, as you are all one in the House of Light, created by that which is, and always shall be, love.

We take our leave at this time, yet we are with you in all times. Go now upon the path that does lead to peace, the time of the Purple Sun. The Holy One does join you in each breath, each step you walk with the Prince of Peace, and all who have gone before you who have served the Way of the Heart in the Light of One. Know this and be comforted. Blessings of the Holy One to you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim. We are.

Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water and concludes with her hands folded over her heart.] Thank you, my Lady, thank you.

We will not forget. She does say, Do not forget your mission. So much rests with those who pray, who hold in their hearts the image of the sacred tree, dove, and crescent moon and star – the vision of peace and healing in the House of Abraham. So many souls could pass if we do not hold to our mission. Others like you around the world have been told. They too pray and hold the vision that the suffering may be lessened so much that joy will come easily at the dawning of the Purple Sun. Yes, yes.” She says, “Do not doubt your power to bring to this world Light and the peace that will heal centuries, centuries of sorrow. Do not doubt. Hold fast that the children, the little ones, the creatures, may be saved. It will be done. Thank you, my Lady.


Roundhead says his dancing shoes have grown lonely, oh so lonely – if only they had a dance or two – they wouldn’t be so blue.

Summer days are okay. Even in summer – especially now:

 Asparagus! Asparagus!

Yes, it (asparagus) may not be young – but then many things can be done to make it tender and sweet. It helps keep you on your feet.

You can’t give it up, Little Buttercup! None of you. All of you must stick like glue to the Egg of Magic. Yes, so don’t give up hope – things unfold slowly. But when you’re ready it will happen fast, and you will be aghast to find yourself among the trees – just where you always hoped to be. So …

Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic! Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home, Even when life looks tragic. Just remember to ride the wind, You can be sure, that he is your friend; soooo – Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic!

He’s running with the egg like it’s a football! He’s going to make a goal – TOUCHDOWN! That will break it!

Artichoke is good for you!

Yes, of course it’s hard (referring to hard times), that’s why you have to keep your spirit strong. These are the days in which you belong. You were called because in the past you volunteered; yes, so be of good cheer, however hard. It must be done – we have to begin to live as one.

Bye, Roundhead. He wants all to know before he leaves:

You’ve got to see happy, You’ve got to be happy, You’ve got to feel happy, too!

Don’t give your mind over, You can’t just roll over To that old man, doom and gloom!

[Laughs] He’s falling over buckets! Enough song – just be happy and play – a little each day.

Strawberries. He popped in to say – more strawberries. Wash them well, he says.


I hear this phrase: “The Sea cries out for its children.”

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages June 2013

New Light Messages

June 2013

Greetings, we are with you in this sacred circle. As given, many do misunderstand the need for preparation. There is, indeed, a time factor to be considered, yes. The House of Abraham is aflame. There is a deepening of karmic anger; there is a widening of the dangers of war that may indeed engulf Turkey, Israel, Iran. The entire land of the beginning of your civilization, in this time, may become embroiled, you see. If Turkey does become embroiled, as has Lebanon, many things will go very badly (1). There, indeed, does lie the potential for nuclear weapon exchange. If this does occur, your world will be greatly changed, harmed. At this point the passage does grow more narrow in which transmutation might occur. Yet it does remain that, if by some truly small hope and much prayer, it may be mitigated. There are many, many who, as you say, stir the pot. For there is that potential for gain [monetarily] should the conflict widen. But there is no gain to be had. Know this and contemplate upon that which you shall need for some of your (several) months time. For it shall be more than the conflict that you must encounter and deflect, if possible. We shall hold to deflection. But know this: A greater conflagration does arise from those who are the manipulators of the sky in their futile effort to control that which is beyond, far beyond their capabilities. So consequences multiply. Shortages shall be seen in many things needed to sustain health through that which is your diet. Those items that you now use so casually, all those items and more will not be easy to obtain. Contemplate now.

There has been an acceleration, quickening, brought about by a deterioration of circumstances, both within the House of Abraham and within your natural world. These forces which have accelerated have moved up the time of grave danger. You will have merely the Solstice now (2), for that which is the Autumn Equinox [time] will be under siege from many conflicting forces that contribute to chaos. This is not given that you may increase your tensions, rather that it motivates actions, thoughts, prayers, actions again, in harmony with the Way of the Heart.

Yes, those elements that continue to stir divisions among followers of the Crescent Moon and Star and followers of the Sacred Heart, and Cross, and Dove ­ those very same elements do work to bring upheaval within the heart of the African continent. You must call upon the forces of Light, the Way of the Heart, to envelop ALL of that continent with the Blue Light. See the Blue Light radiating outward to encompass your world, your planet.

As you have seen, great challenges do come to physical body. If the House of Abraham remains aflame, greater physical discomforts shall ensue. These forces that do move the world toward confrontation of greater war may yet, we do say, MAY yet be stopped, or at the very least delayed to allow more to awaken their Higher consciousness within heart, mind, soul. It does not at this point appear probable, and yet the improbable may be accomplished by those who remain within the Eye of the Storm, remain focused upon that peace which all, all shall enjoy. From within the Eye of the Storm great accomplishments in discharging this danger can be accomplished. Don’t cease your prayers. Do not cease calling upon that which is your elemental force to assist in turning the tide away from destruction and toward Spirit within the heart of love, that which in earlier times was known as agape. We do beseech you to take opportunity to prepare. Consider well your needs.

We shall be with you, and others who hold the Eye of the Storm. We work with you to enable the Light of the Divine Heart to fill this world with peace, peace, peace, that Grace may erase Karma and replace it with Love. Go now; continue on the path of the Prince of Peace. Maintain your position, your focus within the Eye of the Storm, and do that which would allow you and others to remain focused on that which would bring peace and healing to your world.

Know this: Though we will not allow your planet to be destroyed, we cannot prevent great suffering and loss. Only you may help do this.

We do now take our leave. Blessings of the Holy One fill your life with such joy and promise that you never forget that Love is the ONLY power, the ONLY power, we do say. Go now on the path of peace, with blessings of the Light of One shining around you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

_______________ (1) From NLM, July 31, 2011: “Those who are of the Crescent Moon & Star do grow restless in Turkey. As has been given, hold in prayer that Turkey shall not draw near the conflicts raging in the lands of the Crescent Moon & Star.”

(2) From NLM, May 5, 2013: “The House of Abraham is torn asunder. He does grow ever more restless and driven to the edge of danger, danger, we do say, by the great warbird, Netanyahu, who rages with anger over ancient wrongs. He does stir more danger than he does know, for Persia does prepare, as does Turkey. Many shall be drawn (in) if there is no retreat by the warbirds. Egypt teeters close to the edge of erupting once again. Now you do see the importance, the need, for the Equinox Vigil. Know this: This same need shall grow exponentially as you do approach the pinnacle of the Sun, that which is the Solstice.”

Messages received by Shamaan

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March 2012 New Light Messages #2

Magic eggs, Chako Canyon, kidneys, Israel, Iran, Russia, the shadow forces, souls leaving

New Light Messages

March 11, 2012

Note: The Vigil will begin at 10:15 pm, Monday evening, March 19th, which is the 2012 Vernal Equinox.

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief.

Yes, there are indeed many canaries such as this one [Shamaan] and shall be many more. You may find yourself among them, if not already so. But for the canaries, none might be saved. [It is always the canaries that give first warning.]

Yes, it is as given: The shadow force does continue to self-destruct. Yet it is crucial that you do not relax your efforts to hold the Light, for as the shadow does self-destruct, it may leave an opening. Let that opening be filled with Light – that which pours forth from the hearts of Light Bearers. For though the shadow force does destroy itself, it does not necessarily equate to victory. You may help choose what shall be an opening through which complete dissolution [of the shadow] does manifest. For the opportunity that the Light and the Way of the Heart may enter into the world with healing force does exist. It shall bring the Time of the Purple Sun into reality, you see.

In coming weeks do be aware that as the shadow in the world does reveal itself to the Great Awakener, know that within your own personality those aspects that are of the shadow shall come forth with great strength. See to it that they are immediately submitted to the Blue Light and transformed on the altar of transformation, that they may become additional resources for that which does serve the Light of Love, that which does serve the Greater Good. [Pause]
As you approach the Equinox – the vernal equinox – you shall see a quickening of unfolding events in the world. The House of Abraham trembles. The warbird who is Netanyahu [Prime Minister of Israel] becomes agitated at obstacles to his plan.

As you come to the Vigil, do spend some time each day contemplating the image given [Tree of Life, Dove, Star of David, Crescent Moon, Roses]. It is intended to heal at the deepest levels of soul symbolism. Each day, hold for a time – whether it be a few minutes or a few seconds – hold the image in your mind’s eye, and in prayer, that the House of Abraham shall be healed, united once again – brother to brother [Muslims and Jews]. Let the symbols within the image be releasing the power of the Blue Light to transform. Many are needed for this task, yet many become undermined by doubt and fear. In this hour, you cannot allow doubt and fear to dissuade you – for Light Bearers will be the factor to determine the direction taken by the end of this year. Know this: Remain at your post in the Eye of the Storm, for you shall indeed see much that will cause even you to tremble. Do not let go. Hold high the Light and remain as the beacon. Know that we have and shall always be at your side. [Pause]

Yes, each one is needed. As you gather at the turning of the season, know that the Light you hold ignites the flame of another era wherein the spiritual Light shall be the dominant force. We say spiritual, for no dogma is sufficient to embrace the Spirit of Life. Go now. Follow the footsteps of the masters. May the Holy One be seen in your every waking moment as a Presence surrounding, filling, and going before you, now and evermore. For it is so. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Dancing helps your hips, which in turn helps your knees, which in turn helps your toes, which in turn helps your nose, and so it goes from head to toe. Dancing is a medicine, don’t ya’ know.
Roundhead says it is the season for wearing of the green. But there won’t be a lot of that to be seen – so you’ll have to make up for it.

More boats in trouble.

More, more earthquakes soon – and strong ones.

I just saw a flood of souls leaving the earth. Numbers are huge.

Green beans – good for the kidneys.

This year [2012] is a year that will not be forgotten.
Chaco Canyon was the Machu Picchu of the Southwest – where those who kept intact the spiritual teachings retreated.
As you approach the Equinox Vigil, beware of contention – it will scramble your intention.

The Russian Bear is spoiling for trouble.

I heard the following message last Monday: Negative personality patterns are swirling to the surface and muddying the waters.

I recall seeing a vision of an ancient Hopi pictograph – carved in red sandstone. It had a single line that split into an upper line and a lower line. There were people on the top line and people on the lower line – it was a choice. Those that chose the upper path were rigid and stiff and filled with the ambition of ego. Those on the lower path, the people, were happy; they were carrying baskets of corn.

I heard the following message from Roundhead sometime last week:
Look for the egg of magic. He told me what it was. It contains your co-creator power. Within the egg is all potential – whatever you choose to create will be, for you are co-creators, you see. “Take it, and break it, and make it your own.” Break the shell that separates you from co-creation. Own it. I remember seeing hundreds of little scenarios that are all possibilities – it was like a hologram. And you can go like a laser and see this whole screen of all future possibilities; and only with higher consciousness is this egg of Light directed; and you can find the square that reflects what you want to co-create. Then it will manifest. If you can manifest what you need and want, you can co-create. Then you have opened the egg of magic. Even when life looks tragic.
Black holes are the incubator of matter. They are the beginning point of creation.

Messages received by Shamaan from The Messengers

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