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New Light Messages June 2013

New Light Messages

June 2013

Greetings, we are with you in this sacred circle. As given, many do misunderstand the need for preparation. There is, indeed, a time factor to be considered, yes. The House of Abraham is aflame. There is a deepening of karmic anger; there is a widening of the dangers of war that may indeed engulf Turkey, Israel, Iran. The entire land of the beginning of your civilization, in this time, may become embroiled, you see. If Turkey does become embroiled, as has Lebanon, many things will go very badly (1). There, indeed, does lie the potential for nuclear weapon exchange. If this does occur, your world will be greatly changed, harmed. At this point the passage does grow more narrow in which transmutation might occur. Yet it does remain that, if by some truly small hope and much prayer, it may be mitigated. There are many, many who, as you say, stir the pot. For there is that potential for gain [monetarily] should the conflict widen. But there is no gain to be had. Know this and contemplate upon that which you shall need for some of your (several) months time. For it shall be more than the conflict that you must encounter and deflect, if possible. We shall hold to deflection. But know this: A greater conflagration does arise from those who are the manipulators of the sky in their futile effort to control that which is beyond, far beyond their capabilities. So consequences multiply. Shortages shall be seen in many things needed to sustain health through that which is your diet. Those items that you now use so casually, all those items and more will not be easy to obtain. Contemplate now.

There has been an acceleration, quickening, brought about by a deterioration of circumstances, both within the House of Abraham and within your natural world. These forces which have accelerated have moved up the time of grave danger. You will have merely the Solstice now (2), for that which is the Autumn Equinox [time] will be under siege from many conflicting forces that contribute to chaos. This is not given that you may increase your tensions, rather that it motivates actions, thoughts, prayers, actions again, in harmony with the Way of the Heart.

Yes, those elements that continue to stir divisions among followers of the Crescent Moon and Star and followers of the Sacred Heart, and Cross, and Dove ­ those very same elements do work to bring upheaval within the heart of the African continent. You must call upon the forces of Light, the Way of the Heart, to envelop ALL of that continent with the Blue Light. See the Blue Light radiating outward to encompass your world, your planet.

As you have seen, great challenges do come to physical body. If the House of Abraham remains aflame, greater physical discomforts shall ensue. These forces that do move the world toward confrontation of greater war may yet, we do say, MAY yet be stopped, or at the very least delayed to allow more to awaken their Higher consciousness within heart, mind, soul. It does not at this point appear probable, and yet the improbable may be accomplished by those who remain within the Eye of the Storm, remain focused upon that peace which all, all shall enjoy. From within the Eye of the Storm great accomplishments in discharging this danger can be accomplished. Don’t cease your prayers. Do not cease calling upon that which is your elemental force to assist in turning the tide away from destruction and toward Spirit within the heart of love, that which in earlier times was known as agape. We do beseech you to take opportunity to prepare. Consider well your needs.

We shall be with you, and others who hold the Eye of the Storm. We work with you to enable the Light of the Divine Heart to fill this world with peace, peace, peace, that Grace may erase Karma and replace it with Love. Go now; continue on the path of the Prince of Peace. Maintain your position, your focus within the Eye of the Storm, and do that which would allow you and others to remain focused on that which would bring peace and healing to your world.

Know this: Though we will not allow your planet to be destroyed, we cannot prevent great suffering and loss. Only you may help do this.

We do now take our leave. Blessings of the Holy One fill your life with such joy and promise that you never forget that Love is the ONLY power, the ONLY power, we do say. Go now on the path of peace, with blessings of the Light of One shining around you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

_______________ (1) From NLM, July 31, 2011: “Those who are of the Crescent Moon & Star do grow restless in Turkey. As has been given, hold in prayer that Turkey shall not draw near the conflicts raging in the lands of the Crescent Moon & Star.”

(2) From NLM, May 5, 2013: “The House of Abraham is torn asunder. He does grow ever more restless and driven to the edge of danger, danger, we do say, by the great warbird, Netanyahu, who rages with anger over ancient wrongs. He does stir more danger than he does know, for Persia does prepare, as does Turkey. Many shall be drawn (in) if there is no retreat by the warbirds. Egypt teeters close to the edge of erupting once again. Now you do see the importance, the need, for the Equinox Vigil. Know this: This same need shall grow exponentially as you do approach the pinnacle of the Sun, that which is the Solstice.”

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