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New Light Messages September 2015

New Light Messages

September 2015

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know that, indeed, each act of caring, of helping the creatures, you see, however small, does expand compassion into your world exponentially, even to those who do serve to bring assistance to life, to balance within your world, and your own balance within your planetary system and beyond. We do say, for with each life saved there is a potential healing created. From the smallest lifeform to the largest, it does manifest as Grace, you see, Grace.

Know this: The warbirds are consumed with fury at the rejection of their attempt to generate and maintain conflict. Yes, their efforts to keep the gardens of Persia bereft of beauty and abundance are not yet finished, for they do yet plot to upend efforts to make peace, you see. From within the shadows they do plot to create an event falsely attributed to Iran and to those who would also foment conflict from within ancient walls of Persia. It shall not go unnoticed, for the hunger for peace, and the desperate need for healing by the Hand of Grace, grow stronger by each hour, by each day. Even in the midst of chaos there is a stronger yearning, growing for the upliftment, the healing that does come with peace and the Way of the Heart, you see. And so, from within the circle of warbirds there shall be a defector that shall expose and bring a halt to those dangerous plans to generate dissension.

As you do now approach another doorway in the cycle of seasons, as you do now approach the Equinox, you have the greatest opportunity to help bring about the exposure of such plans. You must begin now, daily; take time to pray that the warbirds shall be lifted to the altars of transformation and through The Hand of Grace they may be relieved of karmic patterns that do drive them toward the paths of destruction and the suffering of many.

With the turning of the coming season your vigil shall be most critical in contributing to the energies that shall *aid* those attempting to bring about the foundation for peace, peace. Though more chaos shall rage, do not be deflected from your post in the Eye of the Storm. For you and others like you do hold a greater, a far greater influence on the future of your planet than you could possibly imagine. We shall give further information regarding your vigil, but for now we do request daily prayers to uplift and transform the warbirds, that their plans shall be dismantled and discovered before they are brought into action.

We do say, as you approach the full moon there will be indeed greater pressure felt within the body, as there is a growing impact upon *all* bodies from those forces that have been generated within your atmosphere.

We do say: You would do well to drink more water, and indeed use the supports that have been given to sustain you in this time. Many you do already know. This one will be given further guidance as to those substances that will be of great support. Yet we do ask why, WHY do you not manipulate [massage] your feet upon retirement? Why do you forego that which would serve you so well? We do suggest that you resume this practice and maintain it most especially throughout this time, as you do prepare for the turning of the cycle of seasons (Equinox).

We shall now take our leave. We do offer blessings and loving assistance to each of you in this time, for it is indeed a time of great difficulty. Use your teaching well; remain in the Eye of the Storm; remain on the path of the Prince of Peace, and go with the Hand of Grace guiding you each step of the way, KNOWING that the Time of the Purple Sun and Way of the Heart shall be the Way of Light and Life within your world.

The blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of the Blue Light

She comes. The Lady is here. She does weep, weep, for the little ones, the suffering of so many who struggle to find a way in life, to find hope, help. She asks for you to continue your prayers to help the little ones, the young, to help all who struggle to find life. When their struggle is shared by ALL, it will be transformed, it will bring a change in an instant to radiant life lived in peace and beauty and love. It will be the change that will bond ALL people together. Do not forget the children; pray for their hope and salvation, their healing.

[Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands; then hands over heart.] Yes, thank you, my Lady. She offers blessings of the Holy One to ALL, and with Her hands She passes over Her own Blue Light of Grace and asks that you send it out into the world from the depths of your soul and heart, as She gives it to you. Yes, this is for all of us, for all of us.

Miracles, miracles, miracles will intervene. Much can yet be altered. Yes, *it can yet be altered*. So much suffering can be avoided if we help. Miracles are helped to come into form in your world by the helpers. Yes, WE are helpers!


Roundhead is dancing. He just popped in dancing. He’s going to show me a way I can hear when I’m dancing. Happy, he’s happy; it was a *good* time, yes, you did just fine, but more laughter, yes, will help you through these times. Okay (laughs). He’s telling me something: The future is *brighter* than you think. Don’t let your heart sink. Just keep on dancing, and remember –

Magic is all around you,

It’s all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you,

All around you,

And me.

I’m watching Roundhead. He’s doing something. It has something to do with helping us focus on being instruments of the magic. Happiness in hard times IS a form of magic, and you can make it happen!

I (Shamaan) hear “The saboteurs can be stopped.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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