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New Light Messages November 2014 #2

New Light Messages

November 16, 2014


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yes, we would have you know: Now, prior to the new moon is the need for greater caution. Sufficient sleep is very crucial between now and the new moon. Caution in touching and using hands and items without cleaning them. Solar activity shall combine with wind force to challenge the body. There is also a rising tide of consciousness that does stem from anger and fear from those forces in conflict (war). Those who follow the Way of the Crescent Moon and Star bring danger and sorrow to a great many.

The envelope of your atmosphere will also be challenging to the body. Many more shall experience consequences in body from those forces that do contaminate your environment, atmosphere, you see. It shall appear to many within your medical sphere to be a great mystery surrounding symptoms that defy resources and understanding within your medical world. We do say: Use that which has been given well (e.g., recommendations of supplements, herbal and food-based health supports, dawn/twilight light, bare feet on the ground).

We also do say: The Angry Bear (Russia) presents danger to the world within this week. You must offer prayers, yes, prayers that the actions of the Angry Bear do not tilt the world to further war, conflict. Much more to be given, yet we must visit this one, as you do say, visit during the coming weeks, that an overextension now may be avoided. We do say: Heed well the needs of your body. We shall give to each that which is a helpfulness during this period. We do say: Pay heed to your quiet moments. We shall be with you in those times.

Next seven days we do recommend that which is known as elderberry, elderberry. Yes, know this: Your atmosphere will be greatly burdened by multitudes of highly charged particles and ­substances from your higher atmosphere and beyond. For this reason, we do say, heed well the needs of the body. Remain ever in the Eye of the Storm; remain, as ever, focused upon the Light that is your Source and the Source of All That Is. Remain, as ever, on the path of the Prince of Peace, and we do walk with you as allies in preparation for the time of the Purple Sun. Know this: May the blessings of the Holy One pour down and surround you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Dance in the morning, dance in the evening, dance at noontime. Dance in a circle, dance in a square, dance standing in line, dance any old time. Roundhead, Roundhead loves you, but he can’t stay. Learn to laugh, laugh, laugh The Roundhead Way!

He’s taken a lump of clay or mud, dirt, and shaped it into an egg. He blows on it and it comes to life, full of light. You can do the same: Use your gifts as co-creator; turn dirt into light, because even mud is full of life. Celebrate your challenges; they make you strong. Celebrate each moment, you can’t go wrong. Oh, okay, bye Roundhead, bye Roundhead. Medicine tea: he’ll give me the recipe (later). He’s dancing away. Yes, I see a crown of asparagus on his head, and a flowing cape of feathers. Now celebrate, make you light; they lift your mood. (The asparagus and higher mind, thoughts, prayers are represented by the feathers.)

Visions, Messages, More Roundhead

Water, drink more water. Dehydration possible this week. Don’t let moods shift like the winds; learn to bend, learn to bend. Thank you! thank you!

Chinese dragon, Chinese dragon gets embroiled. He says he’ll show me later.

China and Japan must come to the table in peace. Continuing conflict could destabilize more than they know, more than they know.

Roundhead: Bodies under strain from many aches and pains; preparing for the change, preparing for the change that comes to all, big or small. Soon the shadow force shall fail; then, once again, the Tree of Life grows tall.

Lots of electricity in the air coming up. Positive charges – get feet on the ground as much as you can, or stand by a tree.

The Light of Melchizedek protects and heals.

May Grace erase Karma and replace it with Love.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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