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New Light Messages November 2014

New Light Messages

November 9, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. Yet we would have you know; indeed, it is as given: Those who follow the Pachyderms (this is reference to the Middle Eastern countries) shall destroy themselves. Many, a great many shall recoil, recoil, we do say, in horror at what has been unleashed now due to inattentiveness. Do not despair though, for it shall appear that the Way of the Heart is blocked by the Pachyderms. It shall not be so. It shall appear that those who have attained power will be, as you do say, unchallenged. It is not so, yet it shall, indeed, take time before many more do awaken to see what has been stolen from them. It shall become clear that a danger to ALL has been unleashed. But we do say this: It must not come too late. Those who seek the Way of the Heart, who serve the Light of One, must continue, we say, continue to do all that can be done to turn the tide, awaken others, awaken those who have succumbed to the deceptions, to the disruptions, you see, that create a great imbalance. As those who have raged in the land of the Crescent Moon and Star have created horror and repulsion in the world by their actions, so shall the Pachyderms.

We do say, do not despair; yield not the Eye of the Storm to those who walk in the shadow. You must hold steady in the Light, knowing that which has been attained through the manipulations of the shadow shall fall. Go forth; carry brightly the Light within. Do that which does serve the great circle of life. The sacred circle of life must not be broken by those who seek to obtain great power, wealth, and high position through force, deception, indeed, through abuse of the Earth and all life upon it.

As given, much is held in the hands of the few. If you turn away in dismay, in despair, others will follow you, and thus the Time of the Purple Sun will be delayed, delayed, we do say, NOT STOPPED. Continue in prayers, in thoughts, in actions directed toward opening the hearts of others, awakening the Light of the thirteen cells of your star ancestors. Continue to hold forth in the knowledge that we stand with you and the Way of the Heart shall not be blocked.

We must now take our leave. We do say: Do hold in the Light the Descendant of the Pharoahs, that he may be strengthened to stand firmly for the Way of the Heart in the Light of One, that he may not be seduced, you see, seduced to appease those who would misuse power and resources. Go forth on the path of the Prince of Peace. We walk with you in the Light of the Holy One. May you know the strength, the courage that comes by walking in the presence of the Divine Source. Blessings of the Holy One do surround you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We are.

Lady of the Blue Light

She’s here, but I’m to speak for her, not with Her. Prayers, prayers are requested. The children suffer so. The Great Awakener will triple, triple activity. You may assist the work of the Great Awakener through prayer, through action, to stir awareness in others as to what does unfold.

Yes, yes. (Appears to drink the sacred water with hands cupped, then hands over heart.) To all, to all, yes, blessings of Her grace given to all around. Yes, doubt no more. At this time the atmospheric envelope does contribute greatly to muscle pain. Compound – California poppy, Jamaican dogwood, and corydalis; and copper on body, copper on body – will assist.


What? (Laughs) No dancing in the dance hall tonight. Okay, more chocolate, more everything – to make you happy, healthy, and sleep. Roundhead: Lighten up with a little play; lighten up with a little play. Find a way, find a way. Unusual times, yes. That’s why, he says, you must find a way to make the time to play, to play. Each, each (of us).

Pears and pomegranates, good for the season. Pears and pomegranates, good for the season.

Yes, both represent Love. Good for the season.

Be careful of the wind …. Glowing wind (radiation). Roundhead is busy running around with a great big spoon. He keeps repeating – healing comes from the Heart, healing comes from the Heart, healing comes from the Heart. He’s running around giving people, all people – and the Pachyderms – giving them a big spoonful of medicine. It’s not liquid, it’s Light, its glow is Light. It goes directly to the heart chakra; and then poof, they’re smiling.

Fun eventually comes to everyone; you just have to invite it in.


Something big is going to shift in the world. Yes, it’s the Earth. Something is shifting. It’s the magnetic poles, the poles. It will bring a lot of earthquake activity, topsoil moving, sliding, and cracks in the surface. Fault lines shifting in many places. Building pressure, shifting, and releasing. Tremors, even many beneath the sea (surface of the sea).

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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